Daughters of Mokanna


Line of March of Incoming Officers
The Receiving M.C.O. escorted by the Marshal on her right enters, and proceeds to a position in front of Lalla’s station; then east squaring the Altar on the South. The Receiving M.C.O. bows to Marshal, who returns the bow, then assumes her station in the East. The Marshal proceeds
her station and is seated. The Rec.M.C.O. must be a P.M.C.O. She shall be appointed by the M.C.O. to serve either for one meeting or for the entire year. New Caldrons having no P.M.C.O. ,all officers will enter uninvited.
Rec.M.C.O.: Daughter Marshal, you will retire and invite the Mighty Chosen One and her officers to enter.
The Marshal will follow her line of march in retiring to the entrance.
Marshal: It is the wish of the Receiving Mighty Chosen One that the Mighty Chosen One and her officers enter.
The Marshal takes her place in line. Receiving Mighty Chosen One gives 3 raps of the gavel as they enter.
While lag is escorted to the East members stand and place right hand over the left breast and at all times when flag is in motion.
To carry the Flag — Place the right arm straight down by the side with the right hand placed firmly on the staff. Place the left arm across the body and with the left hand grasp the staff so that it will be supported against the right side and at an angle of forty-five degrees. The staff is carried at the right side, not in front.
The officers in the incoming march may enter from one or two doors. The flag bearer always precedes the officers and enters from the southwest door. Whenever possible Officers never enter until Flag Bearer reaches Lalla’s station in her line of march. If only one door is used, entrance should be from the southwest door, when available. If they enter from two doors both lines of officers meet in West in front of Lalla’s station, then march east squaring the Altar on the west side only, to a position in front of Mighty Chosen One’s station, leaving space to pass between lines of officers and at foot of dais. The Flag Bearer proceeds from Lalla’s station (squaring Altar on the south side) in her line of march, east and north to Flag Bearers station and places the flag in standard. She steps back one step facing south east, and gives military salute while giving tribute, dropping her hand before joining in giving Pledge of Allegiance. She then steps into position in front of her station.
Flag Bearer: Flag of the free heart’s hope and home!
By angel’s hands to valor given,
Thy stars have lit the welkin dome,
And all thy hues were born in heaven.
Forever float that standard sheathe!
Where breathes the foe that falls before us,
With freedom’s soil beneath our feet,
And freedom’s banner floating o’er us!
Rec.M.C.O.: You will unite with me in pledging allegiance to the flag.
The M.C.O. passes through the line of officers and advances to the East assisted to her station on south side of pedestal by the Rec.M.C.O. The M.C.O. faces the Rec.M.C.O. as she passes between the Rec.M.C.O. and pedestal.
The Rec.M.C.O. takes her place at the left of the M.C.O.
Officers bow in unison as Mighty Chosen One faces them from the East, then Mighty Chosen One bows.
Jr.P.M.C.O. and Marshal face and pass through line of officers to their stations. As they reach their stations Rodevil and Zulaika face and pass through line of officers to their stations. As they reach their stations, Namourna and Zulette counter march, pass the Altar and west to Lalla’s station. Lalla and Directress face and pass through line of officers to their stations. Namourna turns south to aisle and east. Ishta stops at her station Zulette turns north to aisle and east. Yusuf stops at her station.
Namourna and Zulette meet in the East, turn and march west, squaring the Altar, to Lalla’s station and proceed to stations of Morgianna and Zeldina at the entrance. Namourna and Zulette face as Morgianna and Zeldina pass between them and go to their stations. Namourna and Zulette continue to their stations.
Gavel *.
Mighty Chosen One, standing: Daughter Morgianna, go thou now and close all portals to our valley.
Morgianna will close all portals and return to her station.
Morgianna: Mighty Chosen One, the portals to our valley are closed.
Morgianna has charge (at all times) of opening and, closing all portals during Caldron Meeting.
Mighty Chosen One: It is well. Gavel *.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughters of Mokanna, the call to prayer has long been sounded from the minarets, the moonlight falls in tender radiance upon the rose, and Allah smiles upon his children.
Daughter Namourna, ever faithful, ever watchful, are our portals safe from plying eyes?
Namourna: Mighty Chosen One, the portals are safely guarded, the guides are at their posts and we are ready to proceed.
Mighty Chosen One: It is well. Go thou, with Daughter Zulette to aid thee and ascertain if all present are entitled to remain.
Namourna and Zulette rise, take one step forward as their names arc called, face each other, meet and squaring the Altar, proceed cast to the M.C.O.’s station and each give pass to the M.C.O. Namourna steps up and gives pass to M.C.O., backs to position, and remains facing East while Zulette does the same..
Namourna receives pass from Rec.M.C.O. while at the same time Zulette receives pass from Junior P.M.C.O. Namourna turns right, Zulette turns left, take two steps west and proceed at the same time, south and north respectively, to aisles. Namourna stands a few feet in front of Rodeval’s station, facing west where she receives the pass from Rodeval and Marshal, also Ariah, Morgianna and Zeldina, if they are in her line of march. At the same time, Zulette has taken position a few feet in front of Zulaika’s station, facing west, receives pass from Zulaika and Flag Bearer, also Ariah, Morgianna and Zeldina, if they are in her line of march. While Namourna is in the same position, members east of Ishta’s station, (back row preceding) will proceed west to Ishita’s station, march east to Namourna, led by Ishta, giving pass as they circle her on her right side, return to their seats and be seated. Simultaneously Zulette is receiving pass from members east of Yusuf’s station, (back row preceding) who march west to Yusuf’s station, then east to Zulette, led by Yusuf, give pass as they circle her on her left.
If there is more than one rrisv of members seated in the room, Yusuf and Ishta, in leading members back to their seats, will pass in front of the last row of seats.
When all members east of Ishta’s and Yusuf’s stations have given pass, Namourna proceeds to Ishta’s station and Zulette to Yusuf’s station. In this position, all members, west of Ishta’s station to end of hall, led by member seated farthest west, will give pass to Namourna as they circle her on her right. While at the same time, members on the opposite side of the room, march to Zulette and give pass as they circle her on her left.
Namourna and Zulette then march west to southwest and northsvest corner of hall, facing north and south respectively.
In taking pass from Morgianna and Zeldina, Morgianna steps to door as Namourna starts from Ishta’s station, gives two raps and is answered with two raps by Zeldina. Morgianna opens door, Zeldina enters and guards door while Morgianna gives pass. If door is in the southwest corner of the room, pass is given to Namourna, if in the northwest corner the pass is given to Zulette. Morgianna circles as she gives pass, then returns to door to guard it, while Zeldina gives pass.
Namourna and Zulette then proceed to a position a few feet behind their stations, facing north and south respectively. Members in the west of hall, south of Directress led by Directress will circle Namourna on her right, give pass. Members in the west of hall, north of Lalla’s station and led by Lalla will circle Zulette on her left, give pass and return to their seats. All members seated in the balcony follow members in the west of hall.
Namourna and Zulette in giving any floor work using both sides of hall will always proceed east or west at the same time Namourna and Zulette must be able to vouch for all from whom they receive pass and will not be able to do so if members are not facing them when pass is given.
If a member is without pass, she will proceed East to Mighty Chosen Ones station and Mighty Chosen One will give her the pass if she can vouch for her. The member then gives pass to Namourna or Zulette so they can vouch for all present.
Any stranger Namourni or Zulette cannot vouch for, Namourna or Zulette will say: Mighty Chosen One—a stranger not vouched for.
Any member present may vouch for a visitor in the following form: Mighty Chosen One, I vouch for the Daughter.
If no one vouches for the visitor, she must retire for examination.
Mighty Chosen One will appoint a committee of two to examine the visitor. The committee and visitor will retire to a place of secrecy.
Namourna and Zulette will continue taking the pass. The committee returns, proceeds a few feet in front of Lalla’s station, makes a report to the Mighty Chosen One, and if the examination is satisfactory, they will retire and return with the visitor and from west of room in front of Lalla’s station, introduce visitor to the Mighty Chosen One and seat visitor.
Mighty Chosen One welcomes visitor in few words.
Namourna and Zulette meet and proceed to Altar, when all are vouched for.
Namourna: Mighty Chosen One, I am satisfied that all present are Daughters of Mokanna.
Mighty Chosen One: Art thou, too, satisfied, Daughter Zulette?
Zulette: I, too, am satisfied, Mighty Chosen One.
Mighty Chosen One: Then let the sign be given that all may see.
Namourna and Zulette in unison will give the sign. M.C.O. responds with scanning sign.
Mighty Chosen One’s left hand goes up in response to sign as soon as officer giving the sign starts to bow. Hands of both come down at the same time.
Mighty Chosen One: What is the message of the sign?
Namourna: That the arms of love shelter every true Daughter of Mokanna.
Mighty Chosen One: The sign is right, the answer is well given. Now let us make our invocation to our Heavenly Father.
Gavel ***.
Namourna and Zulette step back two steps and remain in poisition. Ishta leaves her station, going north to the Altar and gives the sign before opening the Bible in regular form. The M.C.O. respond to the sign.
Three movements are given in opening the Bible in regular forms.
1. With both hands, raise the Bible on its back.
2. Open to place and lower right hand slowly, keeping hands on the edge of the Bible.
3. Slowly lower the left hand. Ishta kneels at Altar.
If a Caldron has declared a recess and is called from labor to rest the M.C.O. will instruct Ishia to attend at the Altar. Ishia will close the Bible informally.
M.C.O. will then say: Daughter Marshal, you will declare this Caldron from labor to rest to reconvene ... (time).
Marshall will stand at her station, raise her left hand and say: By order of the M.C.O. I declare this Caldron from labor to rest to reconvene ... (time). 
In order to reconvene the M.C.O. will instruct the Marshal to declare the Caldron from rest to labor and Ishta will be instructed to attend at the Altar. The Bible is opened informally by opening it about the center with the left hand and lowering left side slowly. No sign is given Ishta: O, Thou Great Preserver of earth and heaven, mighty in Thy power and tender in Thy love, Bless us, Thy Children, as we bow in homage before Thee. Guide us in the way that leads to paradise. Be near unto us when our feet shall falter and when the tempter is nigh. Teach us to know the beauty. Of the rose and the wondrous radiance of the stars. Make us to know Thy will that we may serve Thee in living kindness. Help us in all our aspirations towards the good, the beautiful and the true. And wilt Thou, O God, bestow Thy blessing upon those who seek entrance into our mysteries, that they may share with us the joy of being true Daughters of Mokanna. In Thy name we ask it. Amen.
Caldion in unison: May the peace of God abide with us.
Ishta goes south to station and remains standing. Then Namourna and Zulette face each other in turning and proceed west to their stations and remain standing.
Mighty Chosen One: We will now sing our opening song.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughter Morgianna, at inner portal, is all well at thy station?
Morgianna: All is well, Mighty Chosen One.
Mighty Chosen One: And now, by the power vested in me, I declare ... Caldron, Number ..., Daughters of Mokanna, duly opened for the transaction of business. Daughter Morgianna, you will so inform Daughter Zeldina.
Morgianna gives two raps, answered by two raps from Zeldina, Morgianna invites Zeldina to enter unless there are candidates waiting.
Gavel *.
Each candidate will sign the by-laws and receive her Fez prior to the initiation.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughter Marshal, you will retire.
Marshal gives sign and retires.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughter Morgianna, you will see if strangers are in waiting to enter our valley.
Morgianna takes one step forward and proceeds to door, gives two raps which are answered by Zeldrina with two raps. Morgianna opens the door.
Morgianna: It is the wish of the Mighty Chosen One to ascertain if strangers are in waiting.
Zeldina: Strangers are in waiting.
Morgianna returns to her station.
Morgianna: Mighty Chosen One, strangers are in waiting. They crave an audience with thy messengers that they may make known the purpose of their visit.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughter Rodeval, are the strangers of good report?
Rodeval: Mighty Chosen One, they are of good report.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughters Namourna and Zulette, you will go as my trusted messengers and hold converse with the strangers.
Namourna and Zulette will retire to the anteroom, by first facing each other and proceeding on line of march to the Altar, giving the sign of the Order to the Mighty Chosen One who will respond with the scanning Sign.
Morgianna gives two raps and Zeldina answers with two raps.
Marshal will place the candidates who are to receive the entire work at the end of the line. When Namourna and Zulette are ready to enter with all the candidates, Zeldina will give two raps.
Morgianna: Again the alarm is sounded, Mighty Chosen One.
Mighty Chosen One: You will attend the alarm and report.
Morgianna gives two raps, opens the door and learns the close of the alarm and reports: Namourna and Zulette, thy messengers, having tidings for thee. The strangers are with them.
Mighty Chosen One: Let them enter.
Namourna and Zulette will enter with the candidates (the Marshal following at the end of line,) They march once around the hall to Altar from the west.
Namourna and Zulette shall arrange the candidates in semi-circles facing the M.C.O. Each candidate shall place her right hand on her heart and her left hand on the Bible. If not able to have each candidate place her hand on the Bible, place left hand on left shoulder of another candidate. Namourna and Zulette shall stand east of the Altar (on their respective sides) facing the candidates during the obligation. The Marshal shall assist and take her position behind them during the obligation.
Namourna: Mighty Chosen One, the candidates are in position to receive our obligation.
Gavel ***.
The Mighty Chosen One goes to a position on east side of Altar and faces candidates.
Mighty Chosen One: Repeat after me this solemn obligation.
I, freely and of my own accord, sincerely promise that I will keep forever secret all that may transpire during my initiation and that I will never reveal to any person, not a member, any of the secrets of the Daughters of Mokanna. Furthermore, that I will never knowingly propose for membership, any one, unless she shall he the wife, widow, daughter, legally adopted daughter, granddaughter, mother or sister of a Veiled Prophet of the Enchanted Realm. I will never countenance the initiation of one I know not to be so related.
That I will obey the laws, rules and edicts of the Order, now in force, or that may hereafter be enacted. That I will not affiliate with or recognize any organization claiming to be a part of the Daughters of Mokanna, unless it recognizes the Supreme Caldron organized at Rock Island, Illinois, on June 5th, 1919.
All of which I sincerely promise to keep and to do. Should I knowingly violate this obligation, may I be pointed out as a person bereft of honor and debarred from the society of all who are noble and true. May God keep me steadfast in fidelity to my obligation as a Daughter of Mokanna.
Mighty Chosen One returns to her station. Gavel *.
Mighty Chosen One: Go thou now to the several stations and receive the admonitions of Mokanna.
The number of candidates to be taken through floor work is optional.
Namourna and Zulette shall arrange the candidates in two’s facing the west. Namourna and Zulette, with the candidates selected to receive the floorwork immediately following them in the line, shal proceed swest to Lalla’s station, north to line of march and east of Zuleika’s station where the floor work is given. On this line of march, on the north side, all candidates (not taking the floor work) are seated. The Marshal shall assist in the seating and remain with the seated candidates (If the class is small, 6 or less, the M.C.O., at her discretion, may dispense with the assistance of the Marshal, who shall follow the candidates from the Altar to Lalla’s station, then to her own station in the S.E. and be seated.
Namourna and Zulette, side by side, will lead candidates to the several stations. The officer at each station will stand and give her work, beginning with Zulaika. Namourna and Zulette face officers each time in giving work and see that candidates form two straight lines. Use soft music. There should be nothing to detract from the work, officers should give work with much thought and in a manner to give a lasting impression. In leaving Zulaika’s station, Namourna and Zulette turn south and west, squaring Altar on north and west, proceed east and south to Rodeval’s station. Face east and give work; proceed west to Ishta’s station, then diagonal to northwest corner of room to north aisle, east to Yusuf’s station, face north and give work. Proceed diagonal to southwest corner of room to aisle where Namourna and Zulette change places. Proceed east to Ishta’s station, face south and give work, then east to Rodevals station, north to aisle, west and south to Lalla’s station. Remain in double line facing west while Lalla and Directress give work. Proceed to south aisle; then east and north to Mighty Chosen One’s station; face east while Jr.P.M.C.O. and M.C.O give work
Zulaika: Who are these strangers?
Namourna: Pilgrims from the outer world on their way to the land of the great Mokanna. They would receive from you words of wisdom emblematical of your station.
Zulaika: When troubles come and stormy grow the skies,
Hope’s splendid star will o’er our pathway rise,
Be this your hope in every passing hour,
As swift unfolds Mokanna’s mystic power.
Rodeval: Who are these strangers?
Namourna: They are seekers of the Golden Talisman and they implore thy blessing upon their journey.
Rodeval: Sweet Charity, we feel thy presence near,
To hush the sob and dry the orphan’s tear;
Mark well thy words when sorrow brims the eye,
For words, kind words, can never, never die.
Yusuf: Who are these strangers?
Namourna: They come from the land of ... (use name of Caldron) to brave the dangers of the great desert; they crave encouragement from thee.
Yusuf: We walk with faith within a strange land,
And see the veil uplifted by her hand,
So having seen the isle of sweet delight,
Go on and on into the realms of light.
Ishta: Who ire these strangers?
Namourna: Strangers they are indeed, but worthy of our friendship.
They ask guidance at this station.
Ishta: Let virtue rule in all thy earthly ways,
And on thy brow shall rest the victor’s Bays,
And then shall God upon His throne above,
Enfold thee in the tendrils of his love.
Lalla and Directress rise and are seated at the same time.
Lalla: Who are these strangers?
Namourna:  They are of good report and are candidates for our mysteries. Give them light upon their way.
Lalla: Take time for thought; like Prudence be thou wise.
Lest hasty deeds bring sorrow to thine eyes;
Far better go where laughter fills the air,
Than dwell within the portals of despair.
Directress: Who are these strangers?
Namourna: Pilgrims from the outer world on their way to the land of the great Mokanna.
Directress: What greater deed can fortitude proclaim
Than praise of one, who guards a woman’s name,
So thou must guard the brave, the fair, the young,
From all attacks of gossips’ bitter tongue.
M.C.O. and Jr P.M C.O. rise and are seated at the same time.
Jr. P.M.C.O.: Who are these strangers?
Namourna: They come in search of that which is greater than all earthly treasures and lasts beyond the grave — Eternal Truth.
Jr. P.M.C.O.: Thou must be true thyself
If thou the truth wouldst teach;
Thy soul must overflow, if thou
Another’s soul wouldst reach
It needs the overflow of heart
To give the lips lull speech.
Think truly and thy thoughts
Shall the world’s famine feed;
Speak truly and each word of thine
Shall be a fruitful seed.
Live truly and thy life shall be
A great and noble creed.
Mighty Chosen One: Who are these strangers?
Namourna: Mighty Chosen One, these wayfarers seek to obey thy gracious will. At thy command they go upon a long and perilous journey, but before taking their departure, they pay homage to the power and beauty of this station.
Mighty Chosen One: Be lust to all, be just to friend and foe
And Heaven will bless the Justice you bestow,
And when the scales close to the balance ride,
Let fall your weight upon the mercy side.
Namourna and Zulette with the floor work candidates proceed north to the line of march, west and south to Lalla’s station, picking up the seated candidates in the line of march, then east to the Altar, where the candidates form a semi-circle.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughters, it is now my pleasure to greet you as Daughters of Mokanna, and to instruct you in the secret work of the Order, which, together with all you will see and experience during your initiation, must be kept forever secret from those who are not members of this Order.
Namourna takes advantageous position south and east of altar facing candidates. Mighty Chosen One and Namourna then exemplify Secret Work as instructed by form.
Namourna and Zulette then lead candidates by twos from Altar to M.C.O. (who has stepped down to line of march) where the candidates receive the pass, then proceed north and west to Lalla’s station and east to the Altar, seating all candidates along the north line of march except those selected for the ritualistic work. The Marshal shall assist in the seating, then following the line of march, she shall proceed directly to her station and be seated.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughters, thus far your courage has been proven and we wish you well. Now you must go where hidden danger lurk, and where there is no escape. Should the heart grow faint with terror, in your search for the Golden Talisman, if fear now grips your soul, it is not too late to repent and retrace your steps. But the choice must remain with you. Are you still of good cheer and ready for the test?
Candidates (in unison): I am.
Optional — blindfolds or veils.
Mighty Chosen One: Then you must be blindfolded and grope your way in darkness and in silence until the borderland is reached.
Here the selected candidates must be blindfolded. The blindfolds have previously been left at the foot of the Altar in readiness.
Mighty Chosen One: Now you will be veiled and send your way in silence until the borderland is reached.
Here the selected candidates will have veils and robes placed on them, which have been previously left at the foot of the Altar in readiness. It is suggested that soft music be played during this time. When candidates are ready the Mighty Chosen One will continue.
Mighty Chosen One: May Allah bless your journey. Follow your guides until you reach the borderland, where Loila and Zelpha, bright spirits of the desert will be your companions through the long and toilsome hours.
Namourna and Zulette will conduct the candidates to a point midway between the Altar and the station of the Mighty Chosen One, squaring Altar on west and east sides. Here they will be met by Loila and Zelpha, who will come through a side door from behind the stage to the Mighty Chosen One’s station and West toward the Altar.
After candidates have been blindfolded or veiled, candidate following Namourna will place her left hand upon Namourna’s left shoulder and candidate following Zulette will place her right hand on Zulette’s right shoulder.
Loila and  Zelpha will take immediate charge of the candidates and conduct them once around the hall and exit through the stage door. Namourna and Zulette will follow candidates and be seated as they arrive at their stations.
All is now ready for Act 2 — The Desert Scene. As the curtain is raised, Loila and Zelpha, with the candidates are in the wings. The stage should be arranged to represent the desert, with wind and storm effect, the lights thin and everything in keeping with a gloomy, bandit infested desert.
Act 2 — Desert Scene
The curtain rises, disclosing the seene of the great desert. This scene would be greatly enhanced by the portrayal of an oasis. Palms, a small tent, an open well (supposedly made of stone) and a water carrier or urn placed on it or near it, such as the Arabs use. The two guides Loila and Zelpha and the selected candidates are seen just coming upon the stage as the curtain rises. Costumes needed will be for the two guides and the robber band (four or more) that come into the scene. The blindfolds should be removed from the candidates before entering the stage. If veils and robes are used do not remove until all cast work is finished.
Zelpha: Pilgrims, we are now upon the Great Desert, whose dreary wastes impress us with a sense of danger and desolation. A long journey lies before us, and we require courage and the guidance of Allah.
Loila: Then, like all the faithful, let us turn our faces toward Mecca and implore Allah’s gracious aid.
All will kneel. Only Loila and Zelpha salaam slowly as if in silent prayer (to be portrayed reverently)
Zelpha: Now let us continue on our way, braving all dangers in search of the Golden Talisman.
The party continues to march, going across the stage and entering again by a new entrance, filling the scene with movement.
Suddenly, Loila, shading her eyes with her hands, discovers what proves to be a band of robbers in the distance.
Loila: Behold! Yonder upon the desert is a hand of Arabians — strangers like ourselves. Their camels are coming this way. Let us pause for we are weak and weary, and must have water to quench our thirst.
Zelpha: I, too, am faint and weary, and would have water to drink. As thou sayest, let us wait and ask the strangers it they know about the Talisman we are seeking.
The wayfarers throw themselves down to rest in the center of the stage. A noise is heard off stage indicating the coming of the robber band — and suddenly with much shouting and brandishing of weapons, the robbers rush in and surround the pilgrims. The hand will seize the candidate, as they are the ones to have the adventure.
There must be a great deal of action to make thin scene realistic. The Directress must use great care in the selection of the robbers and they must be well drilled.
Abdallab (robber chief): Yield to us or thou shall die, give us they treasures whatever they are.
Zelphi (speaking for candidates): Oh! Great Chieftain of the desert, these pilgrim have neither
gold or silver. Their lives alone are all they have to give unto thee. They are seeking for the greatest of all treasures, the Golden Talisman.
Abdallah: Thou liest! Not for a paltry thing are ye seeking upon the desert, where soon the blackness of night will cover all. Give us what we ask or the heads of these thy companions shall fall upon the desert sands.
Zelpha: Alas! We have nothing to give, I tell thee. If it s the will of Allah that they must die, let thy vengeance fall upon me and Loila as well, as we have brought them to their unhappy fate.
Abdallah: Ho! El Mahdi, my trusty wielder of the sword, off with the heads of these who seek Golden Baubles in the sands of the desert.
The sword wielder with much action lifts his sword to strike, when suddenly one of the robbers cries out —
Chief Robber: Hold! O Mighty Abdallah, let me plead for these wayfarers. Let us not be hasty in putting them to the sword, for I, too, have beard of this Talisman they seek. Perchance we may share it with them.
Abdallah: Well, so be it then. Their lives are spared until the morrow — but they must tell us more of this great treasure.
Zelpha: That which we seek is greater than all earthly treasures. It lasts beyond the grave— it is eternal.
Abdallah: If this be true, I wish we, too, might find this Talisman — since all earthly things end in the dust and silence of the tomb.
Loila: Then take us under thy protection, O Abdallah, and guide us to the court of the Great Saladin, for it is there we must go to gain tidings of the Talisman.
Abdallah: That I will do. Tomorrow we shall be upon our journey. But night is now upon the desert, and we must rest. Here we will light our campfire and refresh ourselves with the good things wherewith our camels are laden. Let us hasten with our meal, that we may have time for entertainment ere the night is too far spent.
Here all should be busy preparing for the supper at the campfire. All sit down to seat — amid jollity and laughter. While candidates are having their refreshments, a lone Arabian comes slowly upon the scene singing ‘By the Shalimar’ or any appropriate song. At the chorus, six or eight or as many as necessary form a background swaying back and forth to the time of the music. They may join in chorus if they care to. All should be dressed in Arabians. Sheets over the heads and allowed to fall loosely with a hand around the forehead to hold it in place makes a very good robe. Some kind of Arabian dance would add a great deal to this scene.
After the meal there is opportunity for all kinds of entertainment, such as dancing, singing, music, etc , and each Caldron will use their skill in arranging this entertainment. The lights should grow gradually dimmer and suddenly their is a strong flash of lightning and a terrific storm, and wind, thunder and lightning will close the scene.
Miscellaneous entertainment to be given at this time, as Altar is removed and stage is arranged for the Court scene.
Act 3 — Court of Saladin
The curtain rises on a gorgeous court scene, showing Aladin, the King, seated on his throne with guards, court attendants and ladies of the Harem, on the stage. Included among the attendants should be Boolo Boo Boolo, an Ethiopian slave woman, to lend ‘color’ to the scene. She should be a fat Ethiopian, blackened up and wear heavy ear-rings and gaudy ornaments. In this scene, the stage furniture, costumes, light, music, etc., should be in keeping with the dreamy splendor of a traditional Oriental court. There is absolutely no limit to the possibilities afforded for the introduction of beautiful effects in this scene.
Here a dance should be given by a dancing girl.
Saladin (caressing dancing girl): Pretty one, thy dance hath pleased me well. Thy beauty too is good to look upon. Rest thou here and refresh thyself, for I would have thee near me.
Oriana should be reclining on a couch some distance from the King. The couch should be covered with an oriental covering and incense burning. The use of floor lamps makes the scene effective.
Oriana (King’s favorite displays a jealous disposition): Am I not in thy thoughts, O Saladin? Am I not beautiful like this dancing girl? Or have I lost favor in thy sight because I, forsooth, can neither dance nor sing?
Saladin: Art thou not the rose of all my Harem, sweet Oriana?
Oriana: But roses have thorns, O King, when they are plucked too rudely in the garden. I would that Allah had endowed me with the gift to entertain thee as hath this dancer.
Saladin: Allah bath made thee beautiful, my Oriana. Let that be thine endowment. And as for song, have ye not heard that the Bird of Paradise, beautiful of plumage beyond all feathered songsters, cannot sing a single note?
Oriana: Aye, I have heard it so, my master, but this dancing girl I fear that she hath captivated thee with her dance, if not by her beauty.
Saladin (in a gay mood): Let neither love tine jealousy trouble thee, my Harem Rose. The heart of Saladin is joyous in the hour of victory. We have overcome our enemies. Peace reigns from the Euphrates to the great riser called the ... (give the name of the Caldron). And after the toil and privations of war, what a blessed thing is peace.
Here sounds of confusion and struggling are heard off stage. Saladin rises in alarm at the sound. The court waits in suspense to see what is going to happen. Suddenly Mustapha the Captain of the guard, rushes on the stage with Abdallah, the robber chief of the desert scene, whom he has captured outside. He will forcibly throw Abdallah at the foot of Saladins throne. Saladin is seated and remains seated until curtain is closed.
Mustapha (to Abdallah): Lie there, thou desert thief, until the Great Saladin shall pronounce thy fate. By Allah, thou art a valiant fighter — but I have conquered thee.
Saladin: Mustapha, what is the meaning of this disturbance, and why have you brought this captive?
Mustapha: O Mighty Saladin! This is Abdallah, the robber chief. There is a price upon his head for he has killed and robbed many travelers upon the desert. He attacked your caravan, but recently on my way to Mecca, I discovered him and his companions in the garden, demanding an audience with thee; and, fearing that he might have designs upon thy life, I disarmed him before he could gain entrance to thy court.
Saladin (to Abdallah): Art thou indeed the robber chief?
Absallah: I am Abdallah, a child of the desert. I am the robber chief. But I shall rob and kill no more. I have seen a great light upon the desert and I would learn of thee—
Here the courtiers interrupt Abdallah’s story and cry: HE IS A ROBBER, A MURDERER, AWAY WITH HIM! LET HIM DIE
Loila (rising and appealing to Saladin): Oh, Mighty Saladin, I crave mercy for Abdallah. He befriended me and my companions, sparing our lives upon the desert, appeasing our hunger and guiding us to thy court where we have come in search of the Golden Talisman..
Saladin: Whence came ye and who told ye of the Golden Talisman?
Zelpha: We came from the land of ... (name of Caldron) where the Mighty Chosen One directed us to thy court to seek the Golden Talisman at thy hands, O Great and Mighty Saladin.
Loila: We are Daughters of Mokanna.
Saladin: As Daughters of Mokanna, ye are welcome to the court of Saladin. No harm shall befall thee here, and as for Abdallah, and his companions, since they have guarded thee on thy journey, their lives shall be spared in reward of their good deeds. Tarry with us until the morrow and be partakers of our pleasures. Before thy return to the Mighty Chosen One, I will tell thee of the Golden Talisman.
Here the program of entertainment shall be given, as arranged by the programming Committee. After the program Saladin will say: Now I will disclose to thee the secret of the Golden Talisman. May it guard thee through all thy earthly pilgrimages.
The thing ye seek, not having found,
Is not a jewel of the mind,
Is not a golden amulet,
Is not a ruby, red as wine.
It is no mystic talisman,
Such as of old the Magi sought,
Nor gem encrusted coronet,
By hand of cunning workman wrought.
If these be objects of thy quest,
Across the desert’s burning sands,
Then vain hath been thy pilgrimage
For ye return with empty hands.
No child of great Mokanna, thou,
If things like these thy thoughts inspire,
For gone is all thy worthiness,
As gone are Ninevah and Tyre.
But lo! The Golden Talisman
Is TRUTH, eternal, boundless, free,
Deep as the seas of Allah’s love,
And this, the prize, I give to thee
Return unto the Mighty Chosen One,
Blessed by the guerdon thou hast won,
And now let joy my court attend,
Until the rose shall meet the sun.
Loila and Zelpha, with their pilgrims, returns immediately and are seated with the other candidates. Without further delay Namourna rises at her station and reports.
Namourna: Mighty Chosen One, thy messengers have executed thy command. They have guided these pilgrims through the dangers of the desert, arriving at last at the court of Saladin, where they have found the Golden Talisman.
Mighty Chosen One: Their mission has been well performed, and their journey has ended happily.
Mighty Chosen One then extends an informal greeting to the candidates. The Caldron wilt then be closed in regular form.
Closing Ceremony
Mighty Chosen One: Daughter Lalla, is there any other business to come before the Caldron?
Lalla: The business of this meeting has been completed, Mighty Chosen One.
Mighty Chosen One: Daughter Ishta will attend at the Altar. Gavel ***.
Ishta: And now, O God, great giver of life and light, who maketh the flowers to bloom and the waters to gush forth from the earth, we again how in adoration before Thy Great Name. Bless us as we go from this place of meeting. Grant us, we beseech Thee, the wisdom to know Thy Will. Teach us to walk in the ways of Love and Righteousness. Keep us ever mindful of our duties to one another, and fill our hearts with the spirit of gentleness and peace, that we may serve Thee. And let Truth be the guiding star on our earthly pilgrimage. Protect us from all danger and vouchsafe to us life everlasting with Thee. In Thy Great Name, we ask it, and to Thy Glory. Amen.
Caldron in unison: May the peace of God abide with us.
Ishta closes the Bible in regular form and slowly gives the sign. Mighty Chosen One responds to the sign and Ishta returns to her station.
To close the Bible in regular form requires three movements:
1. Raise right cover of Bible.
2. Raise left cover of Bible.
3. Place Bible center of Altar.

In declaring a recess, the Bible shall be closed informally by raising the left side with the left hand and closing the Bible slowly. No sign is given.
Mighty Chosen One: We will unite in singing our closing song.
Mighty Chosen One: And now by the power vested in me, I declare ... Caldron, Number ..., Daughters of Mokanna, closed. Gavel *.
Any appropriate out-going march may be used at this time.