Lions of the World


Opening Ceremonies

The Loyal Instructor will give two roars from the trumpet, and call the Lions to order.
Loyal Instructor:
Conductor, what are your duties?
Loyal Instructor, to ascertain whether all the Lions in the Jungle are qualified to remain, to prepare cubs for initiation and to remain within the sound of the Lions roar.
Conductor, please ascertain whether the Lions now assembled here are in good standing; if visitors are present, where they hail from, and their mission.
Conductor, after taking up the pass-word, will then communicate the same to the Loyal Instructor.
Conductor, since the word is correct, I declare this Jungle of Lions open and ready for business; you will prepare the altar.
By placing the Holy Bible upon the altar, open, the image of a lion resting thereon.


Initiation Ceremonies

Loyal Instructor:
Conductor, you will retire to the ante-room and duly prepare the cubs for reception into our Jungle. Conductor retires.
Outer door obligation given to cub by Conductor.
I, , do solemnly promise and vow on my word of honor that I will never reveal the secrets or mysteries of this order to any one in the known world not a Lion; that I will not attach my blame to them for the acts or expressions during the ceremonies of initiation, in which I am about to engage.
Conductor will then hoodwink the cub, remove his shoes and hose, and put the harness on him, and tell him, when he is asked his name, to give any name but his own. Conductor and cub advance to the door of the Jungle.
Conductor gives proper alarm.
Inner Guard demands:
Who comes there?
A cub, who prays the protection of the Lions in their Jungle.
I.G. catches cub by both shoulders, shakes him:
How dare you attempt to penetrate our lair in this our secret Jungle. Cub, what is your name?
Cand. answers
Conductor, is her properly prepared and vowed for by passing our secret ballot?
He is.
Conductor, before passing, are you ready for the Test?
Test me.
Test communicated.
You have demonstrated the Test. Enter with your cub.
Conductor then leads the cub to Loyal Instructor.
Cub, what do you mean by breaking the laws of nature by appearing before this Jungle with things that do not belong to you?
Give cub time to explain.
Further, why did you tell a falsehood, on entering the Jungle, by giving your wrong name?
Let some good talker come forward and make two separate charges. Then state that the Order was brought into being to test the character of a man before being made a Lion.
Will then proceed to smooth the troubled waters by defending the cub.
The secret initiation will take place.
Well done, thou good and faithful cub. You must now assume a powerful and binding obligation, but I can assure you therein contained is nothing that will conflict your duty to your country, politics or religion. With this assurance on my part, are you willing to assume the obligation and link yourself with us?
Cub answers:
I will.
Then pronounce your name and repeat after me. See that candidate is in proper form.
I, pronounce his name, do solemnly promise and declare, in the presence of these Lions present and the most merciful Grand Architect of Heaven and earth, on my sacred word of honor that I will never reveal to any other person or persons, unless they have been legally and lawfully initiated in this Order, any secrets whatsoever of this degree or of this Order under the penalty of not only being dishonored, but consent to be condemned, cast out, and despised by the whole universe.
I will not speak evil of a brother Lion or any member of his family, or suffer the same to be done.
I promise to visit the sick, especially when called on to do so by any member of the Sick Committee, when in my power to act.
I will assist in the obsequies of the deceased Lions, and render their widows and orphans such assistance as my circumstances will permit.
I will never debauch, or suffer it to be done by others, any of his female relations, but will protect their chastity and virtue when in my power to do so.
I further promise and vow that I will not take part in organizing any other Order of Lions or branch of same not holding constitutional authority from the Supreme Jungle of Lions located in Richmond, Va.
I further promise and declare that I will never fight or combat with my brother Lions, but will at all times defend him against all his enemies who seek the destruction of his person, his business, peace or prosperity, nor suffer others to reflect discredit on his good name, character, or his business. I will be just, upright and benevolent to all my fellow Lions, and will at any time aid and relieve them in adversity and distress as fully as is in my power to do so. Should I violate this, my solemn obligation, may I be condemned and despised by the whole universe, and may the Supreme Architect of Heaven and earth aid me in fulfilling the same.
Loyal Instructor:
The Conductor will now present the cub to the Vice-Instructor for further advancement.
After the Vice-Instructor has given the cub the secret work, the Treasurer and the Vice-Instructor will proceed to the side of the Loyal Instructor, the Vice-Instructor to the right and Treasurer to the left.
Loyal Instructor:
Our motto is composed of three words: Honor, Charity and Justice, and the noblest emotions of the human heart have been begotten in the exercise of these virtues. The races which have practices them are alone the great ones of history and to-day.
Honor. Its pursuit inspires to noblest endeavor. For its defence man will give even his life, and count the cost as naught. It is the fairest flower of manly life; it is to the character of woman what the perfume is to the rose. Without it there is no greatness in life; no true manhood; no goodness. It gladdens and beautifies the living; it makes death glorious.
Charity. "The greatest of these is charity", said Paul from his prison cell nearly two thousand years ago. And to-day it is as true as it was at the beginning of our ear. Charity is the grace that beautifies every other virtue. Its restraining hand forever prevents the imposition of the strong upon the weak. It dries the tears of the orphan and widow. It buildeth the home of the homeless; it soothes the pain of the sick; it setteth the feet of the outcast in the path of right living and righteousness. It is the twin sister of mercy, the noblest attribute of kings. It smoothes the pathway to the grave for saint and sinner alike.
Loyal Instructor:
Justice. Her seat is in the bosom of God. The man who is forever true to her principles in his intercourse with the world must be true to himself, to his brother-man and to his God who made him and planted in his bosom the love of right. It is the corner stone of all righteous law; the bedrock of jurisprudence; the arbiter between king and subject; the shield of the good man forever. Let the voice of justice be drowned, and red war rages the earth; thrones totter and nations perish. She is blind, but in her scales she weighs every human act, whether it be good or whether it be evil. Cherish her teachings, obey her dictyates, and your end will be that of the man who walked upright among his fellows.
Then follows the regular routine of business.


Closing Ceremonies

Loyal Instructor:
Has any Lion present anything to offer for the good of the Order? If not I give notice that this Jungle of Lions is about to be closed in due form.
Inner Guard, give notice to the Outer Guard that we are about to close this Jungle of Lions.
Inner Guard:
Loyal Instructor, your order has been made known.
Master of Ceremonies, remove the emblems from the altar and collect the jewels, and may the Supreme Loyal Instructor of the universe fill us with joy and prosperity.
Arise; we will sing the closing ode.