Jewish War Veterans of United States of America
National Ladies Auxiliary


General Rules

There must be an AMERICAN FLAG at all meetings and public functions held under the auspices of this organization.
The use of GAVEL: One rap calls the Members to order and seats them when standing.
Two raps call up the Officers.
Three raps call up the entire Auxiliary.
Before the meeting is opened, a folded ALTAR CLOTH and a closed BIBLE should rest on ALTAR.
The ALTAR shall be draped as follows: Conductress places an ALTAR CLOTH upon the ALTAR with the blue field towards the President's station, and Chaplain places thereon a BIBLE (Old Testament) open facing the Sr. Vice President.
The ALTAR shall be placed at least one foot from the President's station; this area is sacred to the memory of our honored dead.
Officers will greatly facilitate the transaction of business by committing to memory the charges assigned to them.
Officers shall not read aloud the notes in parenthesis.
Color Bearers when carrying FLAGS do not salute or give pledge to the flag.
Officers and members in attendance at a meeting or function, whether in JWV A uniform or street clothes, salute the flag by placing the right hand over the heart.

Order of Business

1. Opening Ceremony.
2. Greeting of Guests.
3. Presentation of Official Visitors.
4. Reading of minutes of previous meeting.
5. Reading and referring of Petitions for Membership.
6. Report of Membership Committee.
7. Initiation of Members.
8. President's Report.
9. Reading of Communications.
10. Inquires for Veterans or Families of Veterans in distress.
11. Recess.
12. Payment of Dues to Treasurer.
13. Reports of Committees, standing and special.
14. Unfinished Business.
15. New Business.
16. Presentation of Bills by Secretary.
17. Announcement of disbursements and receipts in detail by Treasurer.
18. Good and Welfare.
19. Closing Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony

President (standing, gives one rap):
Sisters, this Auxiliary is called to order. The Officers will take their respective stations.
Officers will retire for the Officers Drill.
Color Bearers will secure and present the Colors.
When ready to enter, the Conductress will summon the Guard to ascertain whether the Color Bearers seek admission.
Madam President, the Color Bearers with the Colors.
You will admit them. (3 raps).
Madam Conductress, Patriotic Instructor and Chaplain, present yourselves at the altar. 
Madam Conductress, drape the Altar. Madam Chaplain, place the Bible in position.
Color Bearers take Altar positions. Chaplain will now offer the opening Prayer.
Chaplain (opening prayer):
Almighty God, we bow before Thee. Let Thy Spirit watch over us, and guide us so that this assembly will be, not merely a gesture, but rather a real experience for each of us.
Help us to feel Thy nearness in the business for which we are this day convened. Where we are wrong, make us willing to change and where we are right, make us easy to live with.
Bring the balm of Thine infinite mercy to our Comrades and Sisters in their hour of sickness
and distress.
Bless our Auxiliary and prosper us in our mission of Benevolence and Patriotism and
Better Understanding among peoples. Amen.
Madam Patriotic Instructor what are your duties? '
Patriotic Instructor:
To be most mindful of the duties of the Ladies Auxiliary, Jewish War Veterans of the United States. To see that our Flag is never desecrated and to teach the rising generation what this means; to assist our Comrades in all their undertakings.
Sisters, you will salute and pledge allegiance to the Flag.
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
President: We will now sing the 'Star Spangled Banner.'
(one rap).
Officers, take your stations.
Madam Secretary, you will call the roll of officers and Past Presidents.
Each officer arises and responds. President fills stations of absent officers as soon as vacancy is announced.
I now declare this meeting open for the transaction of such business as may properly come before it. Madam Guard, admit any Sisters who may be in waiting.
After meeting is opened, members take their seats without walking in front of rear Color Bearers.
If any visitors are present, the President gives 3 raps, and says:
The Sisters will join me in a cordial welcome to our visitors.

Initiation of Members

Madam Conductress, retire and ascertain if there are any ladies waiting to be admitted into membership in this Auxiliary.
Madam President, I find ... who desire to become members of this Auxiliary.
Madam Secretary, have the candidates been duly proposed and elected?
(Secretary answers yes or no).
Color Bearers, Attention! You will present yourselves with the Colors at the Altar.
Madam Conductress, you will retire with the Color Bearers and escort the candidates to the Altar.
(3 raps).
When wishing to enter, Conductress gives a double knock on door to call the attention of Guard, and says:
Conductress with candidates.
Guard (closes door):
Madam President, the Conductress with candidates.
Admit them.
(3 raps).
Guard opens door and Conductress enters with candidates, preceded by Color Bearers 1-2 and followed by the Color Bearers 3-4. The Conductress marches the column into the room halting at Altar facing the President in single line.
Madam President, I present. ... who have been elected to membership in this Auxiliary, and now await your instructions.
You have received a membership dues card which gives you the Aims and Objects of the Ladies Auxiliary, Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America. Your first responsibility is to acquaint yourselves with these Aims and Objects.
Ladies, are you prepared to take the obligation required of all who become members of this Auxiliary?
Each Candidate:
I am.
Color Bearers, take Altar position.
President (advances to front of Altar):
You will raise your right hand, and repeat after me the obligation of our organization, using your name where I use mine.


In the presence of the members of this organization here assembled, I, , solemnly promise that I will comply with all the laws, rules and usages of this organization. I will never wrong this organization nor any of its members, nor permit them to be wronged, if in my power to prevent it.
I do further pledge that to the best of my ability, I will aid all sick and distressed Sisters and Comrades, and their dependents.
I will never propose for membership any person not eligible according to our laws, nor one whom I know to be unworthy.
I will be faithful to the United States of America, obedient to its Laws and loyal to its Flag.
This obligation I promise to fulfill on my honor, so help me God!
You may lower your hands.
Madam Chaplain, you will offer the Prayer.
Chaplain comes to front of Altar facing the candidates.
Eternal Father, Let Thy Presence grace this meeting. Let the significance of this ritual fill us with simple faith and high resolve. We thank Thee for Thy mercies to these, Thy servants, who bow at this Altar. Soften their hearts to the appeal of the Comrades and Sisters in distress. Guide their steps in reverence to the graves of our heroic dead. Make their lives a memorial of patriotic labor for our Flag and our Country. Give them the strength of Thine arms to help the feeble, the broken and the persecuted. Let the spirit of the obligation they have here assumed dominate their lives. Amen.
(one rap).
Color Bearers, take your stations.
Madam Sr. Vice President you will now instruct the candidates on proper procedure.
Candidates, about face.
Madam Sr. Vice President, I present the candidates for your instructions.
Sr. Vice President:
In wishing to enter the meeting while in session, you will give three raps on the door. The Guard will then admit you to meeting. In crossing the floor, do not pass between the Altar and the President. This space is sacred to the memory of our departed Sisters and Comrades. All officers should be addressed by their official titles, and all members as 'Sisters.' 
Sr. Vice President:
Madam Conductress, you will present the candidates to the President for final instructions.
Conductress (instructs candidates to about face at Altar):
Madam President I present the candidates for your final instructions.
I will now instruct you in the use of the gavel.
 1 rap - seats the entire Auxiliary when standing.
2 raps - call on the Officers to rise.
3 raps - call up the entire Auxiliary.
We trust that what you have experienced here this evening will not pass from your mind like a dream, but that its impression will remain with you throughout life. You are received into this auxiliary with equal rights of all other members and you are expected to assume equal responsibility. Each member should respond to any call for relief or assistance of any member of this auxiliary or any Comrade of the organization, who is in need. We sincerely trust that you have been impressed with the importance of your regard for the obligation you have taken tonight, and that your association with us will strengthen you for the duties of life.
President: This concludes your instructions and I am happy to welcome you as members of Ladies Auxiliary No ..., Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America.
Sisters, I have the pleasure of introducing our new members .... The Auxiliary will be at recess for a few minutes in order to greet them.
Closing Ceremony

There being no further business to come before this Auxiliary, we will proceed
with the closing ceremony.
Madam Sr. Vice President, what are the purposes of our organization?
Sr. Vice President:
Benevolence, Patriotism and Comradeship.
Madam Jr. Vice President, how shall each Sister be judged?
Jr. Vice President:
By faithful service and loyalty.
Color Bearers will advance to the Altar with the Colors.
(3 raps).
Color Bearers with Colors, Chaplain, Patriotic Instructor and Conductress will advance to the Altar.
Chaplain will offer the closing Prayer. Color Bearers take Altar position.
Chaplain (Closing Prayer):
Heavenly Father, we ask Thy blessings upon these, Thy children,
who humbly bow before Thee. May prosperity and peace encompass us and enfold our beloved United States of America. Bless our Auxiliary. Prosper us in our endeavors to safeguard our American Way of Life.
Grant us the will and the strength to aid all sick and distressed Comrades, Sisters and their families.
We ask Thy blessing upon us all. Amen.
Chaplain remains at Altar.
We will now sing 'God Bless America.'
Color Bearers will retire the Colors.
Chaplain will take the Bible. Conductress will fold the Altar-Cloth and collect the rituals.
President will pause until the Chaplain and Conductress have obeyed her instructions.
By virtue of the power vested in me, I now declare this meeting closed, to reopen at the call of the chair, on (give date of meeting).