Order of the Sons of Jonadab


Opening Services

One rap.
Worthy Guide, what is the time?
Worthy Chief, the alarm has sounded; the brothers wait, though, perchance, there are strangers to the outer court.
Worthy Guide, you will ascertain if all the brothers are loyal and true, and conduct strangers to the outer court.
The Guide takes up the password; reports to the Chief all brothers not possessed of, or who are incorrect in the password; conducts strangers to the outer-court, and sees that each brother is clothed in proper regalia.
Worthy Chief, the strangers have departed, and all present remain firm and true to our vows.
Two raps.
The labors of the day are accomplished; the shadows of evening have fallen around us; and we meet here to commune, one with another, on matters which pertain to our mutual benefit, and to advance the cause we advocate. Let the spirit of brotherly love pervade our discussions, leading us to higher aims and nobler purposes, that we may, at all times and in all places, search out and embrace the beautiful, the true, and the good of human life, and prove to the world that we are Jonadabs in word, thought and deed.
Worthy Vice-Chief, why are the portals closed and Watchmen placed on guard?
Worthy Chief that the Council may receive warning ere the stranger cometh, and to guard against the approach of foes.
Worthy Past Chief, what of the night?
Past Chief:
Worthy Chief, the night is advancing; afar in the distance rises the morning star, harbinger of a glorious day for all true Jonadabs.
Worthy Patriarch, what speaks the morning star from his far off home?
Worthy Chief, that star speaks to us of the morning which will dawn when the night has passed. It teaches us that we are but shadows floating for a moment o’er the sea of time, soon to be dissipated by the light of eternity. It bids us at all times, and in all places, strive to scatter blossoms, not thorns, around the pathway of those with whom we meet. It bids us shun all that will debase, degrade or pollute us with evil, and strive to lead each other onward and upward in UNITY, CONCORD and POWER.
Three raps
Let us now unite in singing No ... of our opening hymns.
1. Brothers, we meet hero, a loyal temperance band;
Firmly united may we ever stand;
Meet to commune with each other this glad hour;
Meet here in Unity, Concord and Power.
Sing we the praise of our Father above
Fountain of wisdom, of truth, and of love.
Asking his blessing to guide us aright,
Watch o’er each brother assembled to night.
While we the past review,
Let etch the pledge renew
Proving to the world we are Jonadabs true.
2. Faithful friends again we meet,
Gladly each kind face to greet.
We extend a brother’s hand
To out faithful temperance band.
Temperance! Star of Hope, still shine
On this holy work of thine
Beacon light of heart and home,
Bid each straying wander come
As in the olden time, the tribes obeyed the voice of Jonadab, their Father, so let us all now bow in reverence while the Worthy Patriarch implores the blessing of our Heavenly Father to rest upon us, and upon our Order.
Heavenly Father, may Thy blessing rest upon the labors of this evening. May all we do or say glorify Thee, and advance the cause we advocate. May a spirit of brotherly love pervade our discussions, and we be strengthened in The pledge of total abstinence to the advancement of our Order. Roll back, we pray Thee, the folding leaves of darkness which now encircle the drunkards heart, and grant that the light of temperance and truth may enter therein. Protect us through life, and when our work on earth is ended may we all meet in that great Council above, where changes never come.
Hear and answer us for Thy name-sake. Amen.
By authority duly invested in me, I now declare this Council open for the transaction of its appropriate business.
One rap.


First Part

Worthy Guide, are there strangers approaching our portals?
Worthy Chief, I will retire to the outer court and ascertain.
The Guide retires; on his return to the chamber he advances to the altar, facing the Chief, salutes that officer and reports, giving the name of the candidate or candidates if more than one.
Worthy Chief, I find … approaching.
Worthy Recording Secretary, has the stranger named been duly accounted for?
Recording Secretary:
Worthy Chief, the stranger has given us notice of his coming, and all is well.
Worthy Patriarch, the Worthy Guide reports a stranger approaching. You will accompany him to the outer court and receive his message.
The Patriarch and Guide salute and retire.
The Guide will say to the candidate:
Have you ever been a member of the Order of the Sons of Jonadab? Have you ever, prior to this occasion, made application for membership?
If the candidate answers "no" than G. will say:
I have then to introduce you to our Worthy Patriarch. But if the candidate answers "yes,’’ the Worthy Patriarch will return to the Council chamber, and the Guide will inquire if the candidate, the name, numbers and locations of the Council to which he was formerly attached, also to the cause of his withdrawal of the same, and report the answers to the Council, after informing the candidate that action on his application will be deferred for one month; but in case of confessed expulsion for violation on of pledge, the Guide will inform the candidate that the laws of the Order forbid his initiation. At the conclusion of this interview the Guide will report the facts to the Council, in order that the Council of which the candidate was formerly a member may be communicated with. The candidate answering "no," the Worthy Patriarch shall say:
Are you prepared, to take upon yourself a solemn and binding obligation not to use as a beverage, not to make, buy, or sell, to be used as such, anything that can intoxicate, and to discountenance the use, manufacture, purchase, or sale of any intoxicating beverage so LONG AS. YOU LIVE; also, not to divulge any part of the secret work of the Sons of Jonadab to those not entitled to receive the same and to do all in your power to advance and promote the interests of this Council and Order into which you ask admission? I beg of you to ponder well upon this matter before you answer. An obligation like this, which, though it does not conflict with your religions or political opinions, is to endure your life-time, should not be hastily or thoughtlessly assumed. A short pause. Are you prepared to take such an obligation?
I am. Should he answer "no," he cannot be initiated.
It is well; it will be administered to you during the ceremony.
The Patriarch returns to the Council chamber, advances to the altar, facing the Chief, salutes that officer and reports:
Worthy Chief the stranger who knocks at our door hath proven himself worthy.
In the outer court the Guide prepares the candidate by placing over his eyes the blindfold; conducts him to the inner door at which he gives three separate and distinct raps. The Inside Watchman opens the wicket.
Inside Watchman:
Who knocks at our portals? Who seeks admission into our peaceful retreat?
The Guide, with a stranger who desires to unite with us in our warfare against the common enemy: intemperance.
Inside Watchman:
Has the stranger proven himself worthy?
He has.
Inside Watchman:
You will wait for a moment until I can report your approach to our Chief.
Closes wicket.

Worthy Chief, the Guide approaches our portals asking admission for one who, seeks light amid darkness, and who desires to be instructed in the mysteries of our order. Shall the portals be opened?
Brothers, the impression made by these ceremonies should be deep and lasting; let us therefore so demean ourselves that these solemn services may not be rendered in vain. I would request the preservation of silence during the ceremonies. The Inside Watchman will inform the Worthy Guide that the Council awaits his coming.
The Inside Watchman opens wide the door, the Guide, leading the Candidate, enters, marches slowly once around the room, bringing the candidate in front of the altar, facing the Worthy Chief.
Immediately on the Candidate being admitted to the Chamber, the following ode will be sung by one of four voices.

Hark! Methinks I hear a footstep
Softly fall upon mine ear;
‘Tis the coming of a stranger;
Rise, and bid him welcome here.
Three raps.
Then will be sung by the full Council:

Welcome! Welcome! to the stranger;
Welcome to our glorious band;
Gathered here from every station,
Jonadabs around you stand.
May the darkness which surrounds him,
From his pathway disappear;
May the light from Temperance beaming
Shine around him bright and clear.
Welcome! Welcome! welcome to our band.
Welcome! welcome! to the stranger;
Welcome! Welecome! to our band.
See! See! how he gropes in darkness;
O’er him shines no friendly ray.
Guide! guide! Guide his trembling footsteps;
Lead him safely on his way.
Welcome! welcome! to the stranger:
Welcome! welcome! to our band.
One rap.
Worthy Chief, it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce to you Mr. …, who desires to unite with our Council, and be numbered among the Sons of Jonadab.
I am happy, indeed, to welcome Mr. …, and as he has expressed through you, Worthy Guide, a desire to prove himself worthy to become a Son of Jonadab, I shall assist him to the utmost of my power.
To the candidate:
You, sir, will be required to take upon yourself the pledge of the Sons of Jonadab, and also to assume a solemn and binding obligation; one which we have all taken, and which, I assure you, will not in any way conflict with the duties you owe your God, your country or yourself. Are you willing to assume this pledge and obligation?
I am.
Worthy Guide, you will conduct the candidate to the Worthy Past Chief, who will administer to him the pledge of the Sons of Jonadab.
The Guide conducts the candidate to the front of the chair of the Past Chief.
Worthy Past Chief, I present to you Mr. …, to whom, by direction of our Worthy Chief, you will administer the pledge of the Sons of Jonadab.
Past Chief, to candidate:
You will please repeat after me the following pledge:
After the personal pronoun "I" you will please give your name in full. I, …, hereby declare that I will forever abstain from the use of all intoxicating liquors, and will not give, nor offer them to others, except in religious ceremonies, or when prescribed in good faith by a medical practitioner. I will not engage in the traffic of the same, and in all suitable ways will discountenance their use, manufacture and sale; and to the utmost of my power will endeavor to spread the principles of abstinence from all intoxicating liquors.
To which I pledge my most sacred honor.
Hereafter you will be required to sign this pledge.
The Worthy Guide will now conduct you to the altar.
The Guide conducts the candidate to the front of the altar, facing the Chief. The Past Chief and the Patriarch take positions at each side of the altar, immediately in front of their respective chairs. While the candidate is being conducted around the room to the altar, the Assistant Guide will light the vestral lamps on each side of the bible en the altar, and the gaslights will be lowered.
Past Chief:
Worthy Chief, the candidate awaits your pleasure.
Three raps.
The brethren assemble around the altar in form of a horse-shoe. the fight resting in Front of the Financial Secretary’s desk, the left in front of the Recording Secretary’s desk, the end being left open to allow the Chief to pass to the altar. When the Chief has passed to the altar the circle is closed and the chain formed.
The obligation will now be administered to you in the presence of the Sons of Jonadab. You will place your right hand upon your left breast with your left hand raised level to the shoulder, palm to the front, and repeat after me the covenant or obligation, giving your name in full after the pronoun "I."


I, …,in the presence of Almighty God, and encircled by the Sons of Jonadab, do in this most solemn manner, renew my pledge of total abstinence from all intoxicating drinks, and do promise, covenant and agree that I will never divulge, or cause to be divulged to any person not legally entitled to know the same, any of the secret ceremonies, signs, symbols, words arid tokens of the Order of the Sons of Jonadab; nor relate circumstances occurring in the Council chamber to persons not members of the Order. Also, that I will conform to and abide by all the laws, rules and regulations of the Subordinate Council of which I may be a member; obey the officers of the same, and render obedience to the constitution, laws and edicts of the Grand and Sovereign Council to which I may become attached. Also, that I will not aid nor assist in the formation of, nor sit ill a Council purporting to be a Council of the Sons of Jonadab, unless the same is in possession of a legal and unforfeited charter granted by the Sovereign Council, or by a Grand Council of the Order of the Sons of Jonadab, of which this Council forms a part.
Also, that I will not knowingly wrong or defraud a Council of the Sons of Jonadab, nor a brother of the Order, nor defame a brother’s character, but will apprise him of approaching danger that he may guard against the same. Also, that I will aid and assist worthy brothers who are in distress, so far as lies in my power without injury to myself That I will keep inviolate the secrets of a brother Jonadab when communicated to me as such, except that I shall not he required to aid or secrete a brother in the performance of any illegal, or criminal act against either the Order or State.
All of which I most solemnly promise, declare and affirm, without hesitation, mental reservation, or self evasion of mind in me whatever, So help me God.
Remember the pledge, forever: so shall it be well with you.


Merciful Father, unto whom all hearts are open and from whom no secret can he concealed, we implore thy blessing to rest upon and abide with our friend who has just taken upon himself our most solemn and binding obligation, and whose influences and energies are henceforth to be united with ours in the noble work of this organization. Grant unto him the aid of Thy Holy Spirit to keep this vow sacred until the end of life. Bless us in this addition to our numbers, and may this beloved Order prove a blessing to our hand, and an honor to Thy holy name. Go with us through all the changing scenes of life, and when it pleases Thee to gather us to our fathers, may we be admitted into Thy Kingdom above, and to Thy great name he glory and dominion, now and forever. Amen.
The scene changes. Light comes amid darkness. The Worthy Guide will now remove the blindfold from the stranger’s eyes.
All sing:
High heaven that heard this solemn vow,
That vow renewed may dimly hear;
‘Till in life’s latest hour we bow,
And bless, in death, a bond so dear.
One rap.
After the council is seated the Guide conducts the candidate to the front of the chair of the Worthy Patriarch; while he is being so conducted, the lights will he gradually raised, so that when he reaches the chair of the Patriarch there will be full light; the Assistant Guide will extinguish the vestral lights on the altar.
Worthy Patriarch! The night has departed; the glorious star of temperance now lights the strangers path, who comes to you for instructions.
My Friend! The pledge and obligation which you have this night, of your own free will and accord, voluntarily assumed, are taken for life, and can not be broken without subjecting you to expulsion from our Order, never again to be admitted to our Council.
When you entered this chamber you were deprived of the inestimable boon of sight. You had to grope your way in darkness, typical of that darkness which surrounds those who have fallen so low in the drunkard’s path, that reason, itself, is almost dethroned.
The welfare of this Council and Order are now yours. You should carry our principles through all the walks of life, at all times, and in all places, and endeavor to spread the same throughout the earth, even to the remotest islands of the sea. Our intercourse with each other should be marked with generosity, frankness and confidence. To the erring from the paths of rectitude, let us impart warning and instruction, thereby cementing more firmly the bonds which bind us together. We must be honest: "an honest man is the noblest work of God." We should be honest to our neighbors and to ourselves. Be charitable to all. The simplest act performed in the true spirit of charity, bears with it an aspect of beauty and sublimity. Like an Angel of Mercy, charity goes forth with healing in its wings.
We would that the sweet and sacred influences which cluster around the word "home," might ever be felt by you, not only within your own circle but that in our Council here, we might meet as brothers of one family, and here stand by each other, not only in the bright hours of prosperity and power, but in those days when darkness encircles our path, and we are wrapt in a gloom, perchance deeper far than that of midnight. We are creatures of trial and misfortune, sickness and death. To-day we are strong and mighty, but, alas! Ere the morrow cometh, we may sink before the ravages of disease. Wherever misfortune and trials are found, wherever want and sorrow are known; wherever disease and death may come, be it yours to strengthen the feeble, cheer the faint, and comfort these who mourn, remembering that
There’s no heart but hath its anguish,
Tomes of hopes and fears;
There’s no eye ne’er dimmed by sadness,
Never wet by tears,
All around where’er we wander,
Broken beauty lies
Let hand clasp hand when trouble cometh; Here Patriarch and Guide will clasp hands.
Let eye to eye reply.
My friend, when the dark hours of trial come to you, as they must come to all; when storms and tempests sweep along your pathway, we would hope that you might here find a haven of refuge, here find rest. And at the last, when earth and earthly scenes shall fade forever from your view─When you shall exchange the Council below for "that Home beyond the sky and shall stand in the presence of the Great Patriarch of all─may it be found that you have gathered:
Sheaves of grain which never faileth,
Treasures which shall ne’er decay.
A slight pause.

The Worthy Guide will again conduct you to the altar.
Guide conducts the candidate around the Altar, stopping in front, facing the Chief.
Three raps.
My friend, having finished the first part of our service, the Worthy Guide will conduct you to the outer court, where you will be waited upon by our Secretary, who will present to you the pledge that you have taken, for your signature, also the Constitution of this Council, which you will likewise be required to sign. You will then, be prepared by the Worthy Guide for the second part.
The Guide conducts the Candidate to the outer court.
One rap.


Second Part

The Secretary having obtained the signature of the Candidate to the Pledge and Constitution, returns to the chamber.
My friend, stand firm: and fear not, for by the manner in which you conduct yourself you will be judged by those who have passed before you, and who are now members of this Council. Are you prepared to advance?
I am.
The Guide, with Candidate, advances to the inner door, at which he gives three raps; the Inside Watchman opens the wicket.
Inside Watchman:
What is the means this alarm?
The stranger has signified his desire to be further instructed in the mysteries of our Order.
Inside Watchman closes this wicket.
Inside Watchman:
Worthy Chief, the Worthy Guide again approaches our portals, leading the stranger. Shall he be admitted?
Brethren, let the lessons we have learned from Jonadab of old be rehearsed in the stranger’s ears, that he may be strengthened and encouraged to walk in the paths of sobriety, virtue, and peace. The portals will be opened.
The Inside Watchmen opens wide the door.
Three raps.
The Guide, with the candidate, enters, marches slowly once around the room and to the front of the altar, facing the Chief, the brethren meanwhile singing:

Rise, brothers, rise in brand array,
And bid the stranger welcome here,
That he in confidence may stay
And learn our mysteries without fear
True Jonadab may he become,
Our solemn pledge to keep for aye;
In every guise, firm foes to rum
May he and we forever stay.
One rap.
Two raps.
And I set before the sons of the house of Rechab, pots full of wine, and cups and I said unto them drink ye wine.
Past Chief:
But they said we will drink no wine, for Jonadab, the son of Rechab, our Father, commanded us saying, "Ye shall drink no wine, neither ye nor your sons, forever."
Thus have we obeyed the voice of Jonadab, our father, in all that he hath charged us, "to drink no wine all our days, we, our wives, our sons, nor our daughters."
"Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel; because ye have obeyed the commandments of Jonadab your father, and kept all his precepts and done according unto all that he hath commanded you: therefore, thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, Jonadab, the son of Rechab, shall not want a man to stand before me forever."
One rap.
The Worthy Chief advances to the altar.
My friend, the words you have just heard are a narrative of the blessing promised to the first tribe of Jonadab,
The members of this organization strive to be as they were, and are, and have taken their history as a guiding-star.
In advancing you further in the mysteries of the Sons of Jonadab, we repose implicit confidence in your honor and integrity, to keep inviolate all the secrets confided to you. We would commend to your earnest attention and careful study our emblems; and believing that you will never have cause to regret having associated yourself with us in our warfare against the giant evil intemperance, I have now to place you in charge of our W. Guide, that you may be conducted to our W. Vice Chief for further instruction and advancement.
Guide conducts the candidate to the Vice Chief, marching around the altar; the Chief remains at the altar until they have passed.
W. Vice Chief, I am directed by our Chief to present to you Mr. … for further instruction and advancement in our mysteries.
Vice Chief:
My friend, you see in my hand a small and familiar instrument, of which we have made a careful study, and to it have assigned a prominent place in our initiatory service, and adopted it as one of our emblems.
Observe the …, when not held in place by the … are utterly useless; but when Properly held together it is an instrument of great power, considering it’s size, and of untold usefulness. The … are therefore an emblem of unity. Relying upon our individual strength we fail, but by the help of a divine power and the consciousness of the honesty and justice of our cause, as well as fortified and encouraged by each other, we are enabled to fight successfully, the enemies of our common peace, happiness and prosperity thus verifying the old and familiar adage, ‘in union there is strength’. As individual temperance men we may, with Propriety, be compared to the disconnected …, almost powerless for good; but riveted together by the undying principles of virtue, purity and strength, engaged in one common cause against a common enemy, we wield a power not only adequate to our own preservation but to the utter defeat of our wily adversary. Then, my brother, be instructed by this simple instrument; sever, at once, your connection with all who would tempt you to your ruin, and may your conduct from to-night prove a power in the reformation of the unfortunate inebriate, and redound to the honor and glory of the Sons of Jonadab.
The Vice Chief hands to the Candidate or Candidates a ‘link’.

Receive this link; and as you shall add it to our chain, there to remain so long as you are faithful to our pledge and covenant, may new resolutions be registered down deep in the innermost recesses of your heart, to stand firm and true to our principles which are the dignity and glory of man.
A slight pause.

Worthy Guide, the Worthy Past Chief awaits the coming of the stranger.
The Guide conducts the Candidate to the Past Chief, passing around the altar.
Guide: Worthy Past Chief, I present. to you Mr. …, who is still searching for knowledge.
Past Chief: My friend, the mystic chain which binds us hand in hand and heart to heart in this order has been purified in the crucible of Temperance and Humanity, of Truth and Justice. Its links are formed of the purest of gold, and studded with gems both rich and rare.
The chain as an emblem of our order, is typical of its membership; each link representing an individual member; and as this chain is formed by link firmly clasped to link, so we, in this organization, are bound together by ties which should never be sundered. Around the link in the Jonadab Chain should be entwined, these rare jewels whose luster never dims. Friendship and Love should blend in sweet accord with Hope and Charity, while over and above all we behold the bright eye of Faith shedding her resplendent rays.
This little acorn, bursting its shell, sent forth its tender leaves, which rapidly gathered life and strength from the atmosphere, and grew in beauty and power, until at length we beheld the giant oak stand forth in all its pride and greatness: the King of the Forest.
Amid the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold, amid the storms and tempests which swept over and around that noble tree, it stood firm and true, growing in majesty and strength, until in the moment of the twinkling of an eye, the swift hurricane came and laid the mighty giant low, never again to rise. So there are those, who, coming within our circle, seem for a time to grow in beauty and strength, and whose feet, we think, are so firmly placed upon the rock of temperance that they can withstand the temptations which are so constantly lurking around them on every side─but, alas! in an evil hour they yield to the enchanting powers of the wily adversary and fall. And as this link falls The Past Chief should have in his hand a link, which should at this point, fall to the floor to remain until after the close of the Initiation to the floor there to remain so, in like manner, they Pass from our Council and Order, never again to be as of old; never again to cross our threshold and commune as brother with brother; their link is forever severed from our chain; they have gone, they have all passed by, never to return.
The link which you bear in your hand you will now affix to our chain, in token of your connection with our Order.
The Candidate places the link given to him by the Vice Chief in the chain.

We bid you guard with a jealous eye, this link, that no act of your life from this hour shall tarnish the same; that the bright and resplendent rays which emanate from those glorious jewels which adorn the Jonadab Chain, may grow brighter and purer until the world is redeemed from the curse of intemperance, and men shall every where live purer, better, and nobler lives.
And now, Brother, may your link not only remain firmly clasped in our chain through life, but, at the last, when the dark winged angel of death in his journey o’er earth shall stoop, and with his icy fingers unclasp your link from our earthly chain, may it be but transferred to that endless chain whose glories can never fade: everlasting: eternal in the heavens.
A slight pause.

The Worthy Guide will now lead you to the altar, that you may be instructed in the secret work of our order.
The Guide conducts the Candidate to the altar, facing the Chief; the Patriarch descends from his chair and takes position at the altar, facing the candidate.
Brother, it will afford me pleasure to explain further to you the mysteries of our order.
I will now give you the grip peculiar to the sons of Jonadab ; also the sign on entering and leaving the Council, the voting sign, and the sign of recognition. The grip is made by closing the … over the … finger, and using the remaining … to grasp the hand, in this manner give the grip.
The sign of salutation on entering and leaving the Council is made by ….
When you desire to enter a Council of the Sons of Jonadab, while it is in session, you will give one rap at the outer door: this will be answered through the wicket, by the outside watchman, to whom you will give your name, and the name and number of the Council of which you, are a member, thus: Bro. … of … council No. …. You will also give him the first half of the password, …, this will admit you to the outer court you will then clothe yourself in proper regalia, after which you will advance to the inner dour and give two raps: this will be answered from the wicket by the inside watchman to whom you will repeat your name, and the name of your Council, together with the last half of the password. On being admitted to the Council Chamber you will advance to the altar, facing the Past Chief, who sits at my right and salute that officer: thus gives the sign he will acknowledge your salutation by a similar sign, after which you will take your seat. Should you at any time during the session of the Council wish to retire, you will salute the Past Chief in the same manner as on entering. On his returning the salutation you will be at liberty to leave the Council.
The voting sign is made by …. This sign is used, affirmatively and negatively, in voting upon all questions brought before the Council under the regular order of business. In voting on applications for membership, the ball ballot is used; it is also used in voting for the expulsion, or other punishment, of a brother who may have been convicted of a violation of his pledge or covenant. In electing the officers of the Council the paper ballot is used.
The sign of recognition is made by …, this means that you have forever closed your lips against all that can intoxicate.
The answer to this sign is made by …, this signifies that I too have cast behind me all evil habits, and all associations that might tend to lead me back to my cups. Should you after having given this sign and received the answer, wish to apply a still further test, you will say "do you …" if the reply is "I am …" you will advance your right hand in the position of the grip. If the party to whom you so offer your hind returns the grip, you may be reasonably sure that you are in the presence of a member of the Order of the Sons of Jonadab.
These are all the signs and instructions which it is my duty and pleasure to explain to you.
Over our altar you behold an emblem, the …. It has been placed there not only to bid you keep ward and watch over your passions and appetites, but to remind you that the eye of God rested upon you when you solemnly entered into our covenant and took our pledge. It also tells you that the eyes of your brethren, though unseen, are constantly fixed upon you, zealously watching to guard the integrity of our Order, and to detect and bring to light every violation of the holy compact you have this night entered into with them.
The Patriarch steps to the side of the altar in front of his chair and faces the Chief.
Worthy Chief, the lessons have been explained; what remains to be done?
Three raps.
Chief to the Candidate:
My brother, it yet remains that you should be conducted to the Pillar of Reflection, there to behold the object upon which you are to labor, and may you have strength, firmness, and resolution to complete the work allotted to you by the Great Chief above. Worthy Patriarch, take charge of the brother, and conduct him to the Pillar of Reflection.
The Patriarch, followed by the Guide leading the Candidate will march once slowly around the room, stopping in front of the Pillar of Reflection. While the Candidate is being conducted, the organ should play solemn music – marching time; on reaching the P. of R.
Brother, if you are desirous of beholding the Pillar of Reflection, we will draw aside the veil.
The Guide and Asst. Guide expose to view the Pillar of Reflection.
Behold the object of your labor! Yourself! And remember that "man was created in the image of his Maker;" and that although he has fallen from his high estate, his case is not without a remedy. If, therefore, we would enjoy pleasures which shall endure throughout all time, we should never weary in well doing. Ponder, my brother, upon these thoughts, and may the records of eternity show that you have turned them to good account.
W. Chief:
Now, Worthy Patriarch, show and explain to him the Pillar of Instruction, that he may learn life’s lesson ere time hath fled.
Behold the Pillar of Instruction.
The Guide and Ass’t Guide expose to view the Pillar of Instruction.
Chant, to be sung by choir, or, if no choir, to be spoken slowly and solemnly:

I know that my Redeemer liveth and that He shall stand at the latter day, upon the earth.
And though, after my skin worms destroy this Body, yet in my flesh shall I see God.
Now learn that your labor can only end with life, and that if it be properly performed, you may hope for a blissful immortality. The body is but the casket containing a jewel which sparkles with immortal brilliancy. Such, my brother, is the state to which we are all hastening. Let us, therefore, so improve the remainder of our precious time on earth, that when our weak and frail bodies shall, like this solemn memento, become cold in death, and moulder in the dust, our disembodied spirits may soar aloft to the realms of everlasting Life, Light, and Happiness.
Chant, to be sung or spoken as above:
I am the Resurrection and the Life, he that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live. Amen.
God of Mercy, Heavenly Father,
Thou whose love thy creatures share,
We would now commend, this brother,
To thy kind paternal care.
Strengthen, guard, and keep him ever
May he glory in love’s chain,
Till its links thy angels sever,
Ne’er on earth to clasp again
While the hymn is being sung the Guide conducts the candidate around the room and to the front of the chair of the Worthy Chief.
The Worthy Chief descends to the floor.
Brother, the tribe from which our name is taken are simple Sons of the Desert; but they are honest and sincere; they keep pledged faith with the stranger within their tents so long as he dwells with them. As an earnest of their sincerity they offer bread and salt; and I now present to you the pledged emblems of our faithful band.
The Worthy Chief presents the bread and salt.

In furnishing you with the pass word; the key of admission to the council; permit me to caution you against the abuse of the same, for the success and prosperity of our order depends upon the fidelity of the members to its mysteries and secrets. The password is … gives it in a whisper. This will, at all times during the current term admit you into this or any other Council of the Sons of Jonadab. The gavel, the emblem of the Worthy Chief’s authority, is used to call the Council to order, to call up the officers, to call the brethren to their feet, and re-seat them; thus: one rap calls the Council to order, two raps calls up the officers, three raps calls the brethren to their feet, and one rap re-seats them.
Brother, for and in the name of the Sons of Jonadab I cordially welcome you to our circle shake hands cordially, and invest you with the regalia worn by every brother. It is hoped that you will ever wear this badge with profit to yourself, and honor to us places regalia on him.
The worthy Chief assumes his proper station.

The ordeal through which you have passed is designed and intended to impress the novice with a deep sense of the responsibility resting on him as a member of the great human family and my hope is, that the services this evening will stimulate and encourage you to go forth clothed in the panoply of the Sons and followers of Jonadab, with a full and fixed determination to battle in the holy cause of Temperance and Humanity, and thereby reflect honor and credit upon this Council.
You are now bound to us by sacred ties. Our brotherly love should reach you in sickness and in health; living or dying, so long as you remain true to our covenant. As travelers by the same way-side, your watchful care must be upon us, so shall we lighten the burdens of life and smooth the pathway for weaker feet.
Place upon your lips the seal of silence: to none but this brotherhood may you speak of the workings of our order: for upon such circumspection is based the influence and success of our labor.
Write the pledge upon the pages of your heart, and remember NEVER to weary in well doing; that the future bring you no regret.
Pleasant, cheering words, mingled with thoughtful courteous deeds, will ever be like the soft glimmer of starlight in the memory of all these with whom we meet. The givers may come and go, leaving only the gold and the purple of their association behind them, but we shall still inhale the fragrance of these rare flowers which will ever bloom, and ripen in the gardens ne’er touched by the frosts of winter; the beautiful, the eternal gardens of memory.
And now, brother, may the bright and glorious morning star ever shine over and around your pathway, leading you onward and upward in all that is pure, beautiful and true, until at length you shall catch the re echo of that marvelous strain which was heard when the morning stars sang together for joy; and may that song still echo, en re echo, until the whole world shall sing the wondrous theme, and man is redeemed from the thralldom of Intemperance and Vice.
A slight pause.

Worthy Vice-Chief, the Council awaits your summons.
The Vice Chief gives three raps, and advances to the front of the altar, the Past Chief and Patriarch take places at the side of the altar; the brethren assemble around the altar, and form the chain by linking arms, and clasping the fingers of the hands in front.
Vice Chief:
Worthy Guide, are there links to be added to our chain to night?
Worthy Vice-Chief, A brother seeks entrance into our mystic circle.
Brethren, we have found this brother worthy. Are you ready to receive him?
The Council:
We are.
The Guide conducts the brother to the front of the chair of the Past Chief, and places him in the chain; the chain is opened at that part immediately in front of the chair of the Chief to admit of the passage of that officer to the altar; the Chief advances to the altar, when the chain is again closed.
Brothers! the new link which is this night added to our chain, we commend to your watchful care. Guard it with a jealous eye that its lustre may never be dimmed, but, rather that the jewels of our Order may grow brighter and brighter, and the world behold in this new link a Jonadab in word, thought and deed.
Brethren, do you each again renew your vows to remain firm and true to the principles of the Order of the Sons of Jonadab?
The Council:
We do.
Brothers, it is well.
A pause.

I now declare a recess until the sound of the gavel that the brethren may have an opportunity to form the acquaintance of our new brother.
One rap.


Closing services

Worthy Financial Secretary, what do you report this evening.
Financial Secretary:
Worthy Chief, I have received $ ….
Worthy Past Chief, Does the morning star still shed its glorious light about our pathway?
Past Chief:
Worthy Chief, it does. Its beams grow brighter and more beautiful as the night advances.
Chief: Worthy Vice Chief, as we walk in the light of that wondrous star whither should our thoughts be led?
Vice Chief:
Worthy Chief, we should bow in adoration of Him whose glory that star reflects, and who has led us to become followers of Jonadab of old.
Three raps.
Worthy Patriarch, we pause, that thou mayest guide our thoughts in prayer.
Father in Heaven! As it becomes us to return thanks for the benefits we have received and close our labors in peace, accept, now, the offering of praise we present to Thee, for all the precious gifts of Thy providence and love. Vouchsafe to us Thy protecting care amid the changing scenes of life. Go with us hence, keep us firm in our faith and help us to "remember the pledge forever, so that it may be well with us." Bless us as the followers of Jonadab, while we live, and in the hour of death save and receive us, we ask, for Thy names-sake, Amen.
The brethren will please sing No. … of our closing hymns.
1. Our labors are completed now,
The time for parting come;
O may that radiant morning star
Guide us in safety home.
Sing, brothers sing, to all a kind good night;
To all a kind good night.
O strike again that wondrous lyre,
Down deep in every heart .
And while the grand old anthem rings,
Let each perform his part
Sing, brother sing, to all a kind good night;
To all a kind good night.
2. By the labor of love may our meetings be blest,
‘Tis the hour of parting now calls us to rest;
We bid you God-speed in this great work of ours,
That strews life’s dark pathway with hopes brightest flowers.
Good night, good, good night,
We will sing to each other, a cheerful good night.
Brethren, we are again to retire from this secluded spot. Amid the busy scenes of the world in which we move, let us not forget that we are bound together by sacred ties, and if any of us should unhappily be tempted to yield, and we find our spirit falter in the course we are pursuing, let us remember our vows, here solemnly registered, and may a remembrance of them lead us to reject the evil and choose the good.
The Council:
Remember the pledge forever so shall it be well with you.
I now declare this Council closed until ….