I.U.O.M. – Scarlet Degree

Dit rituaal dateert uit de jaren zestig en wordt gebruikt door de I.U.O.M. in de Verenigde Staten.


W.M.: Officers, be upstanding and assist me to open the Lodge in the Scarlet Degree. Brothers all, brother deputy, what is the first and chief care in a Lodge of the Scarlet Degree?
D.M.: To see the Lodge is duly tiled.
W.M.: Order that duty to be done and report the case to me.
D.M.: Brother Junior Deacon, see the Lodge is duly tiled.
J.D.: Brother Deputy, the Lodge is duly tiled.
D.M.: Worshipful Master, the Lodge is duly tiled.
W.M.: Brother Senior Deacon, what is the next care in a Lodge of the Scarlet Degree?
S.D.: To see that every person present prove himself a brother of the Scarlet Degree by the sign of that degree.
W.M.: Direct that duty to be done, and should you or any brother present have any doubt, look with an eye of scrutiny.
S.D: Brothers, you are requested to prove yourselves Scarlet Men, by the sign of that degree.
Rise the Lodge of F.M.
S.D.: Worshipful Master, the brethren present having proved themselves Scarlet Men, by the sign of that Degree: I, in conformity with their example, demonstrate the same to you.
W.M..: Brother Deputy, Officers and Brothers all, our Lodge being duly proved by the sign of the Scarlet Degree let us, before I declare it opened, Invoke a blessing from the Supreme Grand of the Universe.




Chap.: May the blessing of Thee, O God! who delivered the Israelites from the wrath of Pharoah, be upon this Lodge.
All respond: Amen.
W.M.: Brother Deputy, Officers and Brothers all, I declare this Lodge duly opened for the purpose of the Scarlet Degree.

Preparation and Initiation of the Scarlet Order.

The Candidate waits in the anti-room while the Lodge is being opened, and is prepared by the Senior Deacon. He is not now hoodwinked; his left arm and right knee made bare and left heel slipshod. The S.D., with the Candidate, knocks at the door in the proper manner. The Junior Deacon, or Inner Guard, receives the Psw. of the degree and reports in the following manner: Worshipful Master, Brother ... is at the door of this Lodge, raised to the degree of an Entered Mechanic and has made such progress as we hope will recommend him to the higher degrees for which ceremony he now, comes properly prepared.
W.M.: How does he hope to obtain the privileges of such degrees?
J.D.: By the Help of God, the aid of the square and compasses, and the benefit of a password.
W.M.: We acknowledge the powerful aid by which he seeks it: Do you, brother Junior Deacon vouch that he is legally in possession of that password?
J.D.: I do, Most Worthy Master.
W.M.: Then let him be admitted in due form.
The Candidate will be conducted around the chairs three times (here first part of Ode may be sung) and is made to kneel on right knee, left foot forming a square at the foot of the altar.
ODE: Tune S. Gertrude Or “Onward Christian Soldiers.”
1. Forward be our watchword,
Steps and voices joined;
Seek the things before us,
Not a look behind:
Burns the fiery pillar
At our army’s head,
Who shall dream of shrinking
By our Captain led?
Forward through the desert,
Through the toil and strife,
Canaan lies before us,
Zion beams with light.
2. Far o’er yon horizon
Rise the city’s towers,
Where our God abideth: 
That fair home is ours;
Flash the streets with jasper,
Shine the gates with gold;
Flows the gladdening river
Shedding joys untold.
Thither, onward thither,
In the Spirit’s might;
Pilgrims to your country,
Forward into light.
Less.: AMOS, c 7, v. 8.



Chap.: We supplicate the continuation of Thy aid, O merciful Lord, on behalf of ourselves and of him who kneels before Thee. May the work begun In Thy name be continued to Thy glory and evermore establish in us obedience to Thy precepts.
All: So mote it be!
The Candidate is now raised and carried once more three times, past the chairs. that all should see he is properly prepared, during which time the 2nd part of the Ode may be sung, when he is again presented to the W.M. by the S.D.
S.D.: Worthy Master, I present to you Brother ..., who desires to be made a member of the Scarlet Order, for which he comes duly prepared.
W.M.: Your representation I acknowledge.
Brother ..., are you wishful to take up the Second or Scarlet Order?
Can.: I am.
WM.: It is necessary, before you are initiated a member of the Scarlet Order, that you prove yourself a brother of the Pink, which you cannot better demonstrate than by dividing or lettering the password of that degree:
Have you a grand password?
Can.: I have.
W.M.: Will you give it to me?
Can.: I will divide or letter it with you.
W.M.: Proceed, brother.
Can.: No, you proceed.
W.M.: E.
Can.: M.
W.M.: M.
Can.: A.
W.M.: N.
Can.: U.
W.M.: E.
Can.: L.
W.M.: Emmanuel.
Have you got a password to the Pink Degree, called the Entered Mechanic Degree?
Can.: I have.
W.M.: Will you give it to me?
Can.: I will divide or letter it with you.
W.M.: Proceed, brother.
Can.: No, you proceed.
W.M.: A.
Can.: L.
W.M.: P.
Can.: H
W.M.: A.
Can.: and
W.M.: O.
Can.: M.
W.M.: E.
Can.: G.
W.M.: A.
Can.: Alpha and Omega.
W.M.: Is there not a testword given to Entered Mechanics?
Can.: Yes, Right Worshipful.
W.M.:  Will you give me that word?
Can.: At my initiation I was taught to be cautious. but will letter or half with you, whichever you please to begin.
W.M.: B.
Can.: O.
W.M.: A.
Can.: Z.
W.M.: Boaz, as he was the Master of all Entered Mechanics.
Brother Senior Deacon, kindly conduct the Candidate to the Worthy Chaplain.
Chap. Less. 2nd (or 3rd) Chap. Joshua. After which the S.D. is directed to present the Can. to the W.M.
S.D.: Worthy Master, I present to you Brother ... for further Instruction.
W.M.: Brother ..., in all difficulties and dangers, in whom do you put your trust?
Can.: In God.
W.M.: Glad am I to find your faith so well founded. Do you pledge your honour as a man, and your fidelity as a Mechanic, that you are not actuated by any improper motives in taking up the second degree?
Can.: I do. Formalities.
W.M.: Brother, as in every case the degree of Mechanism is to be kept separate and distinct, another obligation will now be required of you. in many respects similar to the former: Are you willing to take it?
Can.: I am.
W.M.: Then you will kneel on your right knee, your left foot in the form of a square, your body erect, and place your right hand upon your heart, your left hand on the Volume of Sacred Laws, calling your name in full, and say after me:




I, ..., in the presence of the Grand Geometrician of the Universe and this Worshipful and Warranted Lodge of Fellow Mechanics, duly constituted, regularly assembled and properly dedicated, of my own free will and accord, do hereby and hereon most solemnly promise and swear, that I will always hail, conceal and never reveal any or either of the secrets or mysteries of or belonging to the second degree of Mechanism known by the name of Fellow Mechanics, any more than I would either of them to the uninitiated or the popular world who are Mechanics.
I further solemnly pledge myself to act as a true and faithful Mechanic, obey signs and maintain the principles inculcated in the first degree. All these points I most solemnly swear to obey, without evasion, equivocation or mental reservation of any kind; under no less a penalty on the violation of any of them, in addition to my former obligation, than to have my left breast torn open, my heart torn therefrom and given to the ravenous birds of the air, or the devouring beast of the field as a prey. So help me, Almighty God and keep me steadfast in this my great and solemn obligation of a Fellow Mechanic.
As a pledge of your fidelity and to render this a solemn obligation, which would otherwise be but a serious promise. I will thank you to seal it with jour lips twice on the Volume of the Sacred Law.
W.M.: Rise, newly obligated Fellow Mechanic.
Now, let me point out to your attention what we, as Mechanics, consider the three great though emblematical lights in Mechanism.
They are: The Volume of the Sacred Law, the Compasses and Square.
The volume is to rule and guide our faith, the square to regulate our actions, and the compasses to keep us in due bounds with all men, particularly so with a brother.
These are the three lesser lights in Mechanism, they are situated east, south and west, and are emblematical of the Sun, Moon and Master of the Lodge. The sun to rule the day, the moon to rule the night, and the Master to rule, govern, and instruct his Lodge.
You may now be intrusted with the sign of the second degree, whereby you may detect imposters who feign to be of the same order.
You will please give me the two-fold sign of the first degree. The sign is than given. Now take another step forward with die left foot which is the second step in Mechanism and on the centre of the breast place the first three fingers of the right hand, the meaning of which will be given in the Scarlet Lecture.
Candidate regaled is taken to the anti-room and resumes his dress and returns to the Lodge proper and presented by S.D. as previously done.




W.M.: Why do you wear the scarlet ribbon?
A: As a memorial of the tabernacle wherein the Israelites worshipped when in the wilderness.
W.M.: Of what form and construction was the tabernacle?
A: It was an oblong square executed with the greatest mechanical skill.
W.M.: Of what material was the tabernacle formed?
A: Of gold, silver, brass and imperishable wood, with various curtains of fine linen.
W.M.: From whence came the materials?
A: They were the free will gifts of those Israelites who loved virtue rather than vice.
W.M.: By whom was the tabernacle formed?
A: By the direction of Moses, according to the model shown him by the Lord on Mount Horeb; but all the fine mechanism was executed by two of the most skilful and wise in the mechanical art; of any, in all the tribes of Israelites. They were chosen by the Lord out of the tribes of Judah and Dan.
W.M.: What were in the tabernacle?
A: The Ark of the Covenant with the magnificent mercy seat placed thereon, on the top of which sat two cherubims, face to face, with their wings spread over the Ark from eastward to westward and they were beaten out of one piece of pure gold.
W.M.: Were these all that the tabernacle contained?
A: No, there were also the golden candlesticks, the golden altar and the altar of brass, with all the furniture thereto belonging.
W.M.: What did the Ark contained?
A: The book of the Law, Aaron’s rod that budded, blossomed and bore fruit in the wilderness, and the shewbread.
W.M.: What colour was the cover for the shewbread and the vessels’ of the sanctuary?
A.: Scarlet.
W.M.: What else did the Ark contain?
A: The testimony which God gave to Moses on the two tables of the Law.
W.M.: What did the two tables contain and of what were they made?
A: They were made of white marble and contained the ten commandments in Hebrew, as dictated to Moses by the Almighty, and thus divided the first four respecting our duty to God and the last six of our duty to man.
W.M.: Who constructed the Ark?
A: When Moses was ordered by God to construct the Ark, he made choice of Bezaleel the son of Uri of the tribe of Judah, the son of Miriam, sister to Moses.
He likewise choose Aholiab the son of Abishemek of the tribe of Dan, two able workmen for that purpose; upon these occasion the people of Israel showed so much order and zeal, that Moses was obliged, by the sound of the trumpet, to make it known that he had no further need for assistance. Moses likewise had particular directions for the number of vessels for the tabernacle.
W.M.: Were any of the Israelites allowed to enter the Holy Place?
A: No, none but the tribe of Levi, and not even them, unless they were regularly and duly initiated according to their order, under pain of death, for the Ark was placed in the holy of holies, the sanctum sanctorum.
W.M.: Have you received the password and sign of the Scarlet Order?
A.: I have.
W.M.: Will you give the sign and password to me?
A.: No, I will give them to none, only to a brother of the Scarlet Order, and not even to him, unless I have proved him to be so, but I will letter the password with you if you will be pleased to begin.
W.M.: A.
A: R.
W.M.: K.
A: Ark.
W.M.: Why is Ark your password?
A: Because Ark prepared the way of the Israelites, before they passed over Jordan.
W.M.: What is your sign?
A: I was taught to be cautious in giving that, but as I have proved you to be a brother, I will show it to you. The sign is then showed.
W.M.: What does it represent?
A: What the Ark contained, viz.: the book of the Law, Aaron’s rod, and the shewbread.
W.M.: Have you a test grip of this degree?
A: I have. Here given.
The grip is given by a distinct pressure of the thumb of your right hand, between the joints of the first and middle fingers of the right hand of a brother.
W.M.: Is there not a testword given when the test grip is received.
A: Yes, Right Worshipful.
W.M.: Will you give me that word?
A.: At my initiation I was taught to be cautious, but will letter or half it with you, if you will begin.
W.M.: M.
A: O.
W.M.: S.
A.: E.
W.M.: S. Why is Moses used as a testword?
A: Because he was the first Master who presided over a Lodge of this Order, when those two Excellent Mechanics, Aholiab and Bezaleel, performed their work in the wilderness; and there is a grand degree of this Order dedicated to Moses in memory of him, called Excellent Mechanics; also, when King David prepared a place for the Ark, he ordered the Priests and Levites to bring it from Obed-Edom, there was a great service appointed for the occasion, and the Levites appointed brethren of this degree to assist them as singers, with instruments of music, as you will find recorded in the 15 chap. 1 Chro. for our information.

The Charge 2nd Degree

W.M.: Brother ..., being advanced to the second degree of the Order, we congratulate you on your preferment; the internal, and not external, qualifications of man are what Mechanism regards.
As you increase in knowledge you will consequently improve in social intercourse. It is to recapitulate the duties, which as a mechanic you are now bound to discharge, or enlarge on the necessity of a strict adherence to them, as your own experience must have established their value. It may be sufficient to observe that your past behaviour and regular deportment have merited, the honour which we have conferred, and in your new character it is expected that you will not only conform to the principles of the order, but steadily persevere in the practice of every commendable virtue. The study of the liberal arts, that valuable branch of education, which tends so effectually to polish and adorn the mind, is earnestly recommended to your consideration, especially the science of geometry or mechanism (originally synonymous terms) is of a divine and moral, nature, and enriches with the most useful knowledge, while it proves the wonderful properties of nature, it demonstrates the more important truths of morality.
As the solemnity of our ceremonies requires a serious deportment, you are to be particularly attentive to your behaviour in our regular assemblies, you are to preserve our ancient usages and customs, sacred and inviolable, and induce others, by your example, to hold them in due veneration.
The laws and regulations of the order you are strenuously to support and maintain. You are not to pallate or aggravate the offence of our brethren, but in the decision of every trespass against our rules, judge with candour, admonish with friendship and reprehend with mercy.
As a Fellow Mechanic, in our private assemblies you may offer your sentiments and opinions on such subjects as are regularly introduced in the lecture under the superintendence of an experienced master, who will guard the landmarks against encroachments.
By this privilege you may improve your intellectual powers, qualify yourself to become a useful member of society, and like a skilful brother try to excel in what is good and great; all regular signs and summonses given and received, you are duly to honour and punctually obey. inasmuch as they consist with our professed principles, you are to encourage industry, and reward merit, supply the wants and relieve the necessities of brethren and fellows to the utmost of your power and ability, and on no account wrong them or see them wronged, but to apprise them of approaching dangers, and to view their interest as inseparable from your own. Such is the nature of your engagements as a Fellow-Mechanic and these duties you are now bound to observe.
Brother, take your seat.



W.M.: Officers be upstanding and assist me to close the Lodge in the Scarlet Degree.
Brother Deputy, of what form is every well regulated and duly constructed Lodge of the Independent United Order of Mechanics?
D.M.: Of an oblong square situated east and west.
W.M.: For what reason are they so situated?
D.M.: Because the tabernacle was formed due east und west and also the temple of Solomon, and so in every place of divine worship, or at least ought to be.
W.M.: Can you assign any other reason?
D.M.: Yes, three others. First, the Sun, the glory of creation, riseth in the east and setteth in the west; second, learning originated in the east and spread its gracious influence to the west; and the third and last reason is, that the gospel was first promulgated in the east and extended itself to the west.
W.M.: Brother Deputy, officers and brothers all, our lodge being of due form, let us, before I declare it closed, express our gratitude to the Supreme Grand above.




Chap.: Almighty God, maker of the Universe, we return Thee sincere thanks for all favours received at Thine hands, and mayest Thou Impress upon every brother’s heart that, wherever we are and whatever we do, Thine all-seeing eye beholds us.
All officers respond: Amen.
W.M.: I declare this Lodge duly closed, strictly forbidding all cursing, swearing or any profane language so long as we are assembled together.