Daughters of Isis

This female auxiliary to African-American Shriners, founded in 1910. Somewhat unusually, there is a shred of originality in the rituals, which are loosely based on the legends of the Egyptian goddess after whom the order is named, instead of being the usual milk-and-water Christianized version of a male ritual. The oath, in which the postulant agrees to a penalty of having her body sliced in 14 parts and thrown into a river, is also unusual in a women’s organization.
There is still the usual religious aspects of ritual, in which the candidate kisses the Bible three times, Al­Quran once, and a red stone once.
In 1979 there were 12,000 members in 184 “Courts” (lodges — the national lodge is the “Imperial Court”). Current membership figures are not available.

In Europe are five courts active, mainly in Germany.

On this site we have published a very early ritual of the predecessor of this order, the Independent Order Daughters of Osiris and Isis.