Order of the Iroquois

This order was organized in june 1896, by some of the representative citizens of Buffalo, N.Y., as a fraternal beneficiary society for men only. The ritualistic work of which seeks to perpetuate the name and fame of the Iroquois Confederation, associated with the early history of the country. What the Improved Order of Red Men have done for the Delaware Tribe the Lenni Lenape, the Order of the Iroquois seeks to do for the Tribe from which it takes its name. The society, while distinctly patriotic in its teachings, demands no religious or political tests from those who seek to join it. The prospectus of the Order bears upon the title page a cut of the noted Indian chief and orator, Red Jacket, who was one of the most conspicuous figures in the Iroquois Confederation. The cut of Red Jacket is also used as the design of the Supreme Lodge Seal and for gold buttons worn by members.

In august 1922 the society was absorbed by the Fraternal Home Insurance pf Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Initiation Ritual