International Association of Steam, Hot Water and Power Pipe Fitters and Helpers


Opening Ceremony

The President Shall take the station at the hour chosen by the L.B. and say:
All those not entitled to sit with us will please retire, and the proper Officer will see that all present have the password and are entitled to sit with us.
Inspector examines all present and reports.
Bro. President, I find all present qualified to remain.
The President gives three raps of the gavel and all members will rise and the President will say:
I hereby declare this Local Branch to be open for the transaction of all business legally brought before it, at the same time cautioning all members to maintain order, for if disorderly conduct arises I shall at once close this Local Branch.
When done, President gives one rap and all members will be seated and the Order of Business will commence.
1. Roll call of Officers.
2. Reading minutes of the previous meeting and action thereon.
3. Clear the Secretary’s table of all correspondence and bills.
4. Committee reports on previous proposals and balloting for candidates.
Laws of the Ballot
The Inspector places the ballot box at the center and the Secretary will read off the names of the candidate or candidates, and the Inspector shall keep the members voting a respectful distance apart, so that one member cannot see the ballot cast by another member voting. When all have voted who wish, the Inspector shall display the ballot box to the Vice-President and then to the President.
First Ballot. In every Local Branch of three hundred members or less, three black balls are required to reject, and five black balls for every Local Branch of over three hundred members. The members depositing the same to give their reasons in writing at the next meeting, (which shall be a notified meeting) when they shall be read, the name of the party or parties making the charges being withheld.
Second Ballot. Alter the objections have been read, the President shall ask the question: Are the objections sufficient to reject the candidate? The members will then proceed to vote, and if a majority of the members present vote not to sustain the objections, the President shall declare the candidate elected, as the objections were not sustained. If the members depositing the black balls on the first ballot, do not give their reasons at the next meeting, the President shall declare the candidate duly elected. When a candidate is rejected by the laws of the ballot, no Local Branch can accept a proposition from him for six months.
5. Initiation.
6. Reports of Committees.
1st. Special Committees.
2d. Standing Committees.
7. Application for membership.
8. Finance. Draw orders for bills read. Collection of dues. Clear Financial Secretary’s and Treasurer’s tables.
9. Unfinished business.
10. New business.
Election of Officers and Installation of Officers always in order.
11. Adjournment.



The Inspector will retire to the ante-room with the list of Candidates furnished by the Recording secretary, and read the following Article of the By-Laws to each candidate.
Any member who may be detected in having entered a L.B. without the proper qualifications shall, when discovered, be expelled, and the money he has paid into the funds of the L.B. shall be forfeited.
After reading the above to the Candidate, the Inspector will ask the following questions.
Have you ever been a member of any L.B. of the I.A.? Have you ever been connected with any trade organization and severed your connection with same in an unlawful manner? Are you willing to obey all laws of the International Association and the L.B. to which you are attached?
If the candidate answers yes to either of the first two questions, the candidate cannot be initiated without his cast being thoroughly investigated.
The Inspector approaches the wicket and informs the Guard that the candidate is in waiting. The Guard then says aloud:
Bro. President, the Inspector awaits with the candidate.
The President gives three raps and all present will arise. The president then instructs the Guard to admit the candidate.
Bro. President, the candidate has satisfactorily answered all questions, and I recommend him for admission.
Place the candidate at the center and administer the pledge.
The Inspector places the candidate at the center, with directions to elevate the right hand.
The Inspector then administers the following pledge which the candidate repeats.
I do solemnly promise, on my honor as a man, in the presence of these members assembled, to uphold the principles and laws of the International -Association and the Local Branch to which I am attached. And during my connection with the Association, I will, to the best of my ability, endeavor at all times to advance its interests. I will regard all that transpires in the meetings of this L.B., or any other L.B. of the I.A., with which I may hereafter affiliate, as sacredly confidential; and I do further promise that I will endeavor to be present at all the regular and special meetings of my Local Branch, and pay all just claims necessary for its maintenance.
The President will then give one rap, and the members will then be seated.
The Inspector will present the candidate to the President, who will give him the password and instruct him bow to enter the meeting, etc.
To enter the L.B. while in session advance to the outer door and give an ordinary knock. The Sentinel will open the wicket and you will give the first word of the password. After being admitted to the ante-room you will approach the inner door and give the
balance of the password to the Guard, and if correct he will admit you, and you will then advance to the center of the room facing the President and salute him in the following manner: … . The President will answer you in a like manner, and you will then take your seat. If you wish to retire while the L.B. is in session, you can do so by approaching the center and delivering the same sign to the President, who will respond in the same manner shown. You will not, however, he allowed to retire during initiation, when a motion is being put or a vote taken.
We have also a sign of recognition which can be used when you are traveling. It is made in the following manner: …. The answer is made in a like manner by placing the …. Any member of the I.A. must answer this sign whenever he is challenged. In voting, the usual aye and nay is used.
In balloting for candidates, the ballot box is placed in the center, and all members present arc expected to vote. The white balls elect, the black reject. This Branch is known as the … Association, Local Branch No. …. Your monthly dues are … cents, and on your prompt payment of the same to the Financial Secretary will depend in a great measure your good standing in the Association.
The gavel is an emblem of authority. One rap calls the meeting to order and seats the members when standing three raps calls the members to their feet. If you will turn around you will observe the effect.
President gives three raps, all present arise; then one rap and all are seated.

Closing Ceremonies

If all are satisfied we will proceed to adjourn.
President gives three raps, and when all are standing will say:
By the power in me vested, I declare this L.B. closed until … at … o’clock; but if a special meeting is required, all members must be notified. We now stand adjourned.