International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers



Two raps of the gavel: The lodge will be called to order.
Three raps: Members will rise.
One rap: Members will be seated.
At the hour appointed the President will give one rap of the gavel.
Members, we are about to open the Lodge. All those not qualified to participate in the meeting will please retire.
All persons not members, will then withdraw.
No member shall be admitted until the Lodge is declared open for business by the President.
Officers and Members, please take your respective stations. The Conductor will please inspect the due books to see that all present are qualified, and the Inside Sentinel will please see that the door is properly secured.
The Conductor will commence at the right of the President and examine the due book of each one present. Those whose due books do not show good standing will be reported to the President, who shall decide whether they are qualified to remain while the Lodge is in session.
Mr. (or Madam) President, I find all present duly qualified to remain.
Two raps of the gavel.
Officers and Members, I expect to have the assistance of each one present in preserving order. Let your remarks be confined to the question before the Lodge and entirely free from personal attacks, in order that harmony may prevail and the transaction of business be speedy and effective. I now declare this Lodge duly opened for all business lawfully brought before it.
The President may call for a moment of silent prayer, if the Lodge so desires.
One rap of the gavel.



Any eligible candidate working at the trade or in any branch or subdivision thereof, and receiving the minimum rate of wages paid in the locality, may be admitted to membership in the Local Lodge having jurisdiction, after complying with the Constitution of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the Local Lodge Bylaws.
Brother (or Sister) Sentinel, you will please ascertain if there are any candidates awaiting initiation.
Mr. (or Madam) President, there are ... candidate(s) in waiting.
The Financial Secretary or Deputy will please retire to the anteroom and ascertain if the candidate awaiting has paid the admission fee in full.
Mr. (or Madam) President, the admission fee has been paid in full.
Brother (or Sister) Conductor, please introduce the candidate who is in waiting.
Conductor brings the candidate to the President’s chair.
Mr. (or Madam) President, I have the pleasure of introducing to you …, who has complied all requirements of our Association and is now ready to accept membership in our Association.
My Friend, do you agree to enroll yourself in this Association, and to promote its principles and interests in every lawful way?
Candidate answers:
When ready to give the obligation, the President will order the members to stand and remain standing until the completion thereof.
Raise your right hand and repeat after me the following obligation: Before the members of this Lodge, I promise to obey the laws of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, promote its interests, further its principles, attend its local meetings, take part in its deliberations, and discharge all duties imposed upon me by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and will promptly pay all dues and assessments lawfully levied upon me.
I promise to treat as sacred the business of this Association and all its transactions of which I may be aware, and not reveal them to any other than members.
I will remain true to the principles of trade unionism.
My duty and obligation to this Association shall at all times take precedence and be faithfully discharged in all matters pertaining thereto.
I further promise that I will never propose for membership in this Association any other than a competent candidate.
Should I cease to be a member of this Association I shall, nevertheless, consider this a binding obligation.
To all of the foregoing I pledge my sacred word of honor.
This obligation may be repeated by or read to the candidate at the discretion of the presiding officer, providing that the candidate repeats the obligation in the last paragraph.
One rap of the gavel.
Local Lodges having special work may introduce it here.
Conductor will here introduce the newly obligated member to the Past President for instructions.
Brother (or Sister) Past President, I have the pleasure to introduce to you our newly obligated member for final instructions.
Member … mention name, in behalf of this Lodge I congratulate you on joining our Association and extend a hearty welcome. As a member of this Association you are entitled to all rights and privileges pertaining thereto and have undertaken certain responsibilities and obligations which I trust you will never cease to observe.
It is your duty to attend each meeting of this Lodge and take part in its deliberations for the welfare of the trade. You can best equip yourself for this activity by getting acquainted with our Constitution and Bylaws, copy of which I herewith place in your hands. Our publications will be mailed to your home.
I trust that you will never decline a duty imposed upon you by this Lodge or refuse to do work of the trade, our motto being, "Retain all work of our trade."


The Past President will here refer to the Constitution of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and read and explain the Sections covering unemployment stamps, strike and victimization benefits and such other benefits as may be provided by the Local Lodge, and the requirements to qualify for such benefits.
All benefits are contingent upon your good-standing membership. Should you at any time allow yourself to become 3 months in arrears, you automatically cancel your membership in the Association and you will then have to pay a reinstatement fee, after which your benefits will again start as in the case of a new member.
I will now instruct you in other membership procedures of our Association.
When you wish to enter a lodge meeting, you will give at the door, the signal in this manner: …. The door will be marked, "I.A.M.A.W., Lodge No. .. ," signifying that the Lodge is in session within.
The Sentinel will open the door and you will pass in your due book for identification. The Sentinel will examine your due book and, if in good standing, you will be admitted.
When inside the Lodge room, you will proceed to the center, face the President and give the sign of courtesy in this manner: …. The President will recognize you in a like manner, …, and you will then take your seat.
Should you leave the jurisdiction of this Lodge, it will be to your interest to have your dues paid up to date, as your due book is the only identification or evidence of your membership standing that will be accepted in any other Local Lodge.
In voting you will use the words "Yes" or "No’’.
The monthly dues of this Lodge are ….
You will learn the rules of the Association by studying the Constitution and by frequently attending our meetings.
The Conductor takes the newly obligated members to the President, who shall address the Lodge as follows:
Members, I now take much pleasure in introducing to you our newly obligated member, who shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of our Association while complying with our laws and promptly paying all dues and assessments.