The Hermetic Chapter of Spiritual Knight


Spiritual Knight is a form of Russian Rosicrucianism and Martinism, based on Ivan Vladimirovich Lopukhin and his ‘ideal man’, whose description can be found in his book The Spiritual Knight or Seeker of Wisdom, first published 1791. Lopukhin was a member of the Russian nobility with a distinguished military and civil career.
His other most notable work is Same Characteristics of the Interior Church, which brought together some of the philosophies of Martinism and the Qabalah (or Kabbalah) with his own more conventional principles of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is the background of these books and his beliefs that formed the basis of the Order and its associated Ritual. It is believed that the Ritual was first demonstrated in Moscow in the Burning Star Lodge, an old lodge dating back to 1784, of which Lopukhin was a member.
A.E. Waite wrote the introduction to D.H.S. Nicholson's translation of The Spiritual Knight or
Seeker of Wisdom (1912). The Order was established in England in the 1990s and there are six Chapters in England and one in USA.
Traditionally membership was taken only from fully culminated members of Hermetic Order of Martinists, however since the time of the present Grand Master, the restriction was lifted and it is now open to invited Master Masons. In reality most of the membership comes from either Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia or Hermetic Order of Martinists, but as stated in admission requirements, is by invitation only.

Admission requirements

Spiritual Knight is a completely independent Christian order and membership is by invitation only.
The Initiate is required to assent to the seven general rules for a seeker of wisdom. Amongst these are that he will undertake "A diligent exercise in the fear of God and a strict observance of the Commands of the Gospel"; and also "An unshaken obedience and fidelity to one's Sovereign, coupled with the especial duty of protecting his Throne ..."

Ritual & Officers

The Ritual is based on the writings of Lopukhin which was first published in 1791, and considered so secret that it was only produced in small numbers for distribution to senior Masons. There is only one degree in the Order.
Unlike any other Order or Degree, the Candidate is asked to contemplate on several symbols and items that are displayed on tables for his inspection, such as his apron.
The Officers of the Order are:
Senior Knight
Director of Ceremonies
The Order meets in Chapters. Chapters normally meet twice a year.
There were approximately 120 members of the Order in 2019.