Juvenile Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry
Initiation Ritual



Master, calls to order. The Master should stand, after the Grange is called to order, during the opening ceremony, and each officer as he takes part should stand while speaking:
The time for opening the Grange has arrived, officers will take their places, and members will be seated.
Worthy Overseer, are all present qualified to remain with us?
The Stewards will ascertain.
Steward, replies to Overseer:
My assistants will make examination and report.
Assistant Steward and Lady Assistant Steward rise, take -their staves, which should always be carried in the right hand, and proceed directly to the altar. The Assistant Steward opens the Bible, then each faces about to the Overseer, the Assistant Steward turning squarely to his right, while the Lady Assistant Steward turns squarely to her left, and they proceed to the Overseer in the same line as they came to the altar. The Overseer instructs the Lady Assistant Steward first, then the Assistant Steward, when each proceeds to take up the word.
Each member should rise and give the word in a whisper. Should a member be found without the word, the Assistant should say:
Worthy Master, Brother (or Sister) … without the word.
The Master will direct such a one to approach the chair and be instructed. The Assistant continues taking up the word and does not re-examine the member who has been instructed by the Master.
The Assistant Steward and Lady Assistant Steward meet in front of Ceres (omitting to take the word from the Master), then pass directly down the hall to the cloth, when the Lady Assistant Steward says:
All on the left are correct, Worthy Overseer.
Then the Assistant Steward reports:
The same on the right Worthy Overseer.
They then take their seats.
Opening song is being sung.
Worthy Steward, inform the Gate-Keeper that I am about to open the Grange.
Worthy Gate-Keeper, the Worthy Master is about to open the Grange. Please close the gate.
Worthy Steward, the gate is closed.
Worthy Master, the gate is closed.
Worthy Chaplain, as no work can prosper without the favor of God, we will unite with you, and invoke His aid.
Calls up.
Our Father who art in Heaven, we thank Thee that we are again permitted to meet together. Help us to heed the counsel, of our parents and teachers. Help us to control our spirits, and to do to others as we would have them do to us; and as we grow in years, may we gain in knowledge and usefulness. May we be worthy members of this Grange, and of society. May we live exemplary lives, honor our parents, and do good to others. We ask all in Thy holy name. Amen!
All respond:
God grant our prayer.
Please join in the salutation.
I now declare the Grange open and ready for work. Worthy Steward, inform the Gate-Keeper.
Worthy Gate-Keeper; the Grange is now open and ready for work.
Calls down.



The Assistant Steward conducts the candidate—if a boy—and the Lady Assistant Steward—if a girl. The Matron, Candidates, Stewards, and Secretary assemble in the Preparation Room. The Secretary enrolls the names of the candidates, and then returns to his desk. The Matron prepares the Candidates and gives all necessary instructions. Officers should stand when giving the lectures, rising as candidates approach the station. The plural number is used in the work, but when there is but one candidate the singular number should be substituted and the gender made to correspond with the sex. All being ready, the Steward enters the hall, and the Gate-Keeper gives several low raps in quick succession upon the door.
Worthy Overseer, there are strangers at the gate.
See who they are, and ascertain what they desire.
The Steward opens the door and says:
Who comes?
Assistant Steward:
Worthy Overseer, Candidates who have been elected to membership, and now come to claim their reward.
Admit them.
Master calls up, and the candidates are conducted to Overseer. As they enter the hall, the members in unison exclaim
"Welcome, welcome to our Order," and as candidates are conducted slowly once around the hall the members sing a verse of the Welcome Song.
Assistant Steward:
Worthy Overseer, the candidates have en rolled their names, and have received the welcome of our members. They now come to you for further instruction.
Overseer. Do you seek admission to our Order, with a desire for improvement, and to cultivate a love for the farm and the home?
I do.
Then you are qualified, and can proceed. Conduct them to the Chaplain.
Youth is the springtime of life; and habits formed in youth, like seed sown in spring, will bear fruit after their kind. Therefore let us guard against evil habits, and strive to do good.
Assistant Steward:
Now let us approach the Worthy Master.
My friends, you have chosen wisely. With us you will ever find friends. In your search for the good, the beautiful, and the true, may you never falter. You will now be conducted to the altar and prepared to give the pledge.
Candidates are conducted to the altar, and stand facing it, with the right hand over the region of the heart.
Overseer calls up.
The Master then approaches the altar, and says:
I will read the pledge so that you will clearly understand it. Reads it through entire. I will now read it in short sentences, and you will repeat it after me. He then reads the sentences in a slow, clear voice, as punctuated, stopping at each pause long enough for the candidates to repeat the same.
I solemnly promise that I will obey all the rules of the Order; that I will never reveal any of its words or signs nor tell anything that may occur in a Juvenile Grange except to a member.
I further promise that I will endeavor to heed the advice of my parents and teachers; and will not knowingly wrong a brother or sister of this Order. I will try to avoid bad company intemperate habits the use of tobacco and all intoxicating drink; and will guard against the sinful habit of taking the name of God in vain.
Members all respond:
We will help each other to keep the pledge.
Overseer calls down.

Master, Pomona, Flora and Ceres will now welcome you.
The Master steps aside and the Graces step slowly forward, keeping step, to a point half way between their stations and the altar. After delivering their charges they step slowly backward until they reach their stations.
I welcome you to our Order, because I believe you are truthful and honest, and will endeavor to prove yourselves worthy members. I present you with this luscious fruit. Pauses, and hands specimen—as an apple, orange, or some other variety—to the Assistant Steward, who presents one to each candidate. Remember, that we must sow good seed, and prune the young tree with care, if we would gather good fruits.
I welcome you, because the influence of this Order will make you more beloved by your parents, and esteemed by others. My offering is flowers. Pauses, and passes them to the Steward, who hands a flower to each candidate. Remember that without blossoms there can be no fruit.
I welcome you, because your presence here will do us good, and we can do you good; and together we can strive to do good to others; and to live pure and exemplary lives. Behold this golden grain; and remember that as we sow, so also shall we reap.
All respond:
Welcome! Thrice welcome!
Master returns to the altar.
I will now instruct you in the signal, password, sign and salutation, voting sign, use of the gavel, grip, and sign of recognition.
After the instructions, the Master resumes his seat and the Matron steps to the altar.
My young friends, your companions believe that you are worthy and will keep your pledge. They are confident that you will strive to be ever truthful, brave, honorable, forbearing, gentle, loving and kind. Think what a good world this would be if everybody would keep such a pledge! May God help you to be faithful in these good resolves, and to press forward in the beautiful path of life you have this day chosen, I now decorate you with the emblem of our Order.
Pins a Juvenile Grange button on each.
Master calls up.
Let as sing a song of welcome to our new members.
The singing should not be omitted unless necessity compels it. Members of the Subordinate Grange may become honorary members and be present and help in the singing.
I now proclaim you members of … (Name of Grange) Juvenile, No. …
At some future time the Worthy Matron will review with you the lessons you have this day received.
Your Brothers and Sisters will now greet you, and for that purpose I declare a recess.
The Matron should have charge of the Degree Work. She should induce the Officers to commit the lectures, and have them practice in reciting them. This discipline will be valuable to the children. The Officers should be stationed as in a Subordinate Grange, the altar in the same position, with an open Bible upon it. Pomona, Flora, and Gores should be crowned with appropriate wreaths, and fruits, flowers, and grain placed before them. They should wear white dresses with slip-on aprons of voile, green for Pomona, pink for Flora, and yellow for Ceres. The hair ribbons may match the aprons. Each carries a small basket, Pomona fruit, Flora flowers, and Ceres grain.
The stage should be decorated and made as attractive as possible. As there is but one gate to
be guarded, meetings may be held in private houses, when more convenient to do so.


Worthy Overseer, is the work of this meeting completed?
It is, Worthy Master.
As our work is completed the Steward will collect the emblems and see that they are properly secured.
Calls up.
Closing song is being sung.
While the Stewart collects the emblems the Assistant Steward and Lady Steward will proceed to the altar and the Assistant Steward will close the Bible, in the same manner as in the opening ceremony.
Matron, benediction:
May the blessing of Heaven rest upon us.
All respond:
The Grange is now closed.