Golden Cross Society
Installation Ritual for Officers


Note: The proper officer to perform this ceremony is the Supreme Ruler or his Organizing Deputy. The Assembly having previously elected its officers according to the Constitution, and made the necessary preparations, the Noble Ruler will say:
Most Supreme Ruler (or Supreme Deputy). It is with peculiar pleasure that I welcome you within our portals and we hope that you will find a pure and invigorating atmosphere pervading our Assembly during your stay with us. It will give us added pleasure to assist you in any manner that you may direct.
I beg to surrender you the gavel, place you at the head of our Assembly and await your pleasure.
SUP. R.:
Noble Ruler, officers and members, I am delighted to be in your midst, and the honor you do me is a source of much gratification. Your present officers have closed their term of office and I trust that their duties have been performed with due regard to the laws of this Society and credit to themselves.
Worthy Record Keeper, you will read the names of the newly elected officers, and we will proceed with the installation as soon as the officers present themselves at the altar.
Note: As the names of the officers elect are called they will rise and advance to the altar where the Herald and Inspector General will be in waiting to place them in a position according to their "stands" and say:
W. H.:
Supreme Ruler, we present at the altar to be installed by you, those worthy brothers and sisters who have been elected officers of this Assembly for the ensuing term.
SUP. R.:
Worthy Record Keeper, have the officers elected been chosen in accordance with our laws and usages, and are they financially and otherwise qualified?
The answers being in the affirmative, the Supreme Ruler proceeds.
SUP. R.:
Worthy officers you have been elected to preside over this Assembly for the ensuing term, to your keeping will be confided its secrets, harmony and prosperity. Are each of you impressed with its great importance and responsibility?
We are.
SUP. R.:
You will place your left hand upon the Bible and raise your right hand and repeat after me the obligations of an officer of the Golden Cross Society.
I, , do most solemnly promise, at this sacred altar, in the presence of the Almighty God and these my brothers and sisters as witnesses, that I will discharge all the duties devolving upon me as an officer of this Assembly in strict accordance with the laws rules, constitution, by-laws, and usages of the Supreme Assembly and this Assembly, and should any books, papers, or other property, by whatever name called, belonging to the Supreme Assembly, be placed in my keeping, I promise to keep the same subject to the orders of the Supreme Assembly and this Assembly, and to deliver to my successor in office, or those authorized to receive them, everything in my possession belonging to the office or Assembly; and I furthermore promise, that I will avoid and discourage all disputes and quarrels; be firm, temperate and respectful in my intercourse with the members, and do all in my power to promote the general good of this order.
To the faithful performance of these, my obligations, I plegde my sacred honor.
SUP. R.:
Inspector General and Herald will conduct the officers to their stations and supply them with the emblems of their office.
I now declare the officers of Assembly No. Golden Cross Society of America, duly elected, installed, and fully authorized to enter upon the discharge of the duties of their several offices for the beginning and ending or until their successors are duly elected and installed.