Golden Cross Society
Initiation Ritual for the Third or Supreme Degree


SUP. D. M.: All members who have not received the Third Degree, will please retire to the ante-room.
Worthy Herald and Inspector General you will please advance and give me the Third Degree Pass-word, examine all present, and report any found without it.
All present being in possession of the Third Degree Pass-word the D. M. proceeds:
I will thank the Vice Degree Master to open the Chamber in the Third or Supreme Degree.
V. D. M., ***:
All will please give the Third Degree Hailing Sign.
V. D. M.:
Supreme Degree Master, I declare the Chamber properly opened in the Third Degree.
SUP. D. M.:
The same is my will and pleasure.
Worthy Warden, you will so inform the Worthy Sentinel.
SUP. D. M.:
Worthy Inspector General, you will proceed to the ante-room and introduce the pilgrims. When ready the Inspector General gives three loud knocks.
W. W.:
Who is there?
I. G.:
Pilgrims, desiring to complete their journey tbrough the mysteries of our beloved order.
W. W.:
Supreme Degree Master, our Inspector General is without accompanied by pilgrims who desire to complete their journey through the mysteries of our beloved Order.
SUP. D. M.:
Bid them enter within our portals.
Members forming a double column from the door to the Supreme Degree Master's stand, through which the pilgrims are marched and halted in front of the Supreme Degree Master.
I. G.:
Supreme Degree Master, I present you these pilgrims for the purpose of receiving the mysteries of Third Degree.
SUP. D. M.:
Pilgrims you are thrice welcome within our portals and we trust that, we will prove a blessing to you and you to us. You will place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand.
V. D. M.:
Dear Pilgrims, do you promise to preserve and keep sacred the instructions of this degree and never unlawfully disclose them, and also remember the solemn obligation of the Second Degree? Will you regard that obligation as equally binding in this Degree?
I do, and if I remember and keep my pledge may God help and reward me; if I break it, may He punish me.
Members all respond:
So may it be! So may it be! So may it be!
Pilgrims take one step back.
SUP. D. M.:
Beloved pilgrims, you have pursued your journey patiently and you are now at the entrance of the Third Degree. As I do not desire to make these ceremonies burdensome to you, I will briefly instruct you in the Signs, Grips, Pass-words and Token of this Degree.
The grip is given by the usual grasp of the right hand in a firm manner, with the thumb pressing the knuckle of the middle finger.
The Hailing Sign is given by clasping the hands in front of you and pressing them to the heart, letting them fall to the side.
The Token is the word "Remember".
The Pass-word is "Self Control".
SUP. D. M.:
My dear brothers and sisters, I trust that you have been deeply impressed with what you have seen and heard and may its teachings sink deep into each of your hearts, and may you prove valuable assistance to this Assembly and our brotherhood. Lifting a glass of water previously provided.
In this pure, sparkling water, I desire that we pledge ourselves anew to dwell together in peace and harmony, and that we will at all times labor for the upbuilding of this Order and promulgate its teachings.
SUP. D.M. takes a sip of water and Inspector General then passes the water to each newly degreed member.
SUP. D. M.:
On behalf Supreme Assembly of the Golden Cross Society of America, and by the authority in me vested I declare you full members of the Assembly No. . You may now salute the chair and take your seats among the members.