Golden Cross Society
Initiation Ritual for the Second Degree


Changing from the first or Initiatory; Degree to the Second Degree

Note: No Second or Third Degree Chamber should be opened except by a Most Noble Past Ruler, or Organizing Deputy, appointed by the Supreme Committee of Management. The Presiding Officer is designated Supreme Degree Master. Otherwise the regular Assembly officers are qualified to act in their usual stations, providing they are Third Degree Members.
SUP. D. M.:
Worthy Herald and Inspector General, you will advance and give me the Second Degree Pass-word, examine all present and report those without it.
W. H. or I. G.:
Supreme Degree Master, we find all present in possession of the Second Degree Pass-word.
SUP. D. M.:
Brothers and sisters, by supreme authority I now declare this chamber open in the Second Degree.
Worthy Herald and Inspector General will so notify the Sentinel, proceed to the ante-room and see if there be any candidates in waiting, if so, the Herald will report at once and the Inspector General will enter later accompanying the candidates.
Herald reports and the I. G. introduces candidates.
W. W.:
Who knocks there?
I. G.:
The Inspector General with pilgrims, desiring to strengthen their faith and learn more of the beauties of our brotherhood.
W. W.:
Supreme Degree Master, our Inspector General desires admission; he is in charge of pilgrims who desire to strengthen their faith and learn more of the beauties of our brotherhood.
SUP. D. M.:
Admit them.
W. W.:
Enter within our portals.
The members will form two columns from the door to the Supreme Degree Master's stand, through which the pilgrims slowly march led by the Inspector General who leans heavily on his staff. During this time an appropriate ode is sung.
I. G., halting in front of the altar:
Supreme Degree Master, I beg to present you these pilgrims who desire to know more of the beauties of our brotherhood.
SuP. D. M.:
Worthy pilgrims, you are doubly welcome to our midst. I take it for granted that you are good and true men and women; you must be known as such among your brothers and sisters or I doubt that would have been permitted to enter thus far into our mysteries. If you solemnly promise to preserve and keep the instructions of the Second Degree and not unlawfully reveal them, you may be placed in a position to take the obligation of this degree. Do you promise?
I do.
V. N. R.:
You will now receive the solemn obligation. Place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand.
I, , in the presence of my Heavenly Father, and these my brothers and sisters, do solemnly promise to obey the obligation of this degree, to keep sacred all the secrets, and be submissive to the Constitution and regulations of this Assembly and the Supreme Assembly. I furthermore promise to do all I can towards spreading the benefits of this Society among desirable persons. All this I pledge on the Holy Bible and, if I keep my pledge, may God reward me if I break it, may he punish me.
Pilgrims are presented to the Supreme Degree Master for closing instruction.
SUP. D. M.: There is in this degree a Hailing Sign, Grip and Pass-word. The Hailing Sign is given thus: Right hand on the left breast, then over the mouth and drop to the side. The Grip is given by first grasping the middle and forefingers and then the whole hand.
The Pass-word is, "Submission."
Having received the necessary instructions and taken the obligation of the Second Degree I pronounce you worthy to continue your Journey. You may now salute the chair, retire to the ante-room and be prepared to receive the Third Degree.
Three raps of the gavel.
SUP. D. M.:
Officers and members I now declare this Second Degree Chamber closed, and will proceed to open in the Third Degree.
One rap of the gavel.