Golden Cross Society
Initiation Ritual for the First or Initiatory Degree


Opening Ceremony

At the hour for opening, or as soon thereafter as practicable, the Noble Ruler takes the chair and calls to order. *.
N. R.:
I will thank all present to come to order.
All persons who have not received the Initiatory Degree of the Golden Cross Society will please retire to the ante-room.
N. R.:
Worthy Warden, I will thank you to take charge of the door and permit none to enter or
retire during the opening, closing, or Initiatory Services, except by permission of the chair or the N. V. Ruler.
Noble Ruler, I have taken charge of the door and will obey your command.
N. R.:
All Officers will be in their Stations. Worthy Record-Keeper, call the Roll of Officers. Officers present will rise and report as their names are called. N. R. fills the vacancies for the
N. R.:
The Herald and Inspector General will report to me the pass-word for the present term, then examine all present, and report at once all without it.
The Herald and Inspector General then advance to the Noble Ruler and gives him the pass-word and then examine those present.
W. H.:
Noble Ruler, I find all qualified on your right.
I. G.:
Noble Ruler, I find all qualified on your left.
N. R., rising:
All being qualified I shall proceed to open ... Assembly No ... in regular (or special) meeting.
* *. Officers rise, * * *. All Members rise. The Initiatory Sign is then given.
N. R.:
All members are requested to join in singing our opening ode.
After which:
N. R.:
We will now listen to the words of our Worthy Prelate. Heads bowed hands resting on the breast.
We invoke the Great Ruler of the Universe, the Creator of all that exists, to look with kindness and mercy upon this gathering of his children.
May we all have an bumble sense of our littleness as compared with the glory of God and the greatness of his works. Teach us Heavenly Father to know that we should not undertake any duty without first recognizing Thy righteous authority, and asking Thy blessing.
Give us hope, courage, and the knowledge that will teach us how great a work we can accomplish when our labors are directed to the services of God and the welfare of our follow man. May hatred, passion, selfishness, and wrangling have no place in this our Assembly.
Let peace, friendship, and fraternal feeling dwell within our midst. Lead us in our thoughts and deliberations this .... All this we ask in His name, Amen.
All respond:
N. R.:
Noble Vice-Ruler, I ask your aid in preserving order and conducting the business of this meeting; I now commit to your keeping the door of the Assembly, assisted by the Worthy Warden.
I shall endeavor to perform my duty, Noble Ruler.
N. R.:
Herald, you will proclaim the opening of the Assembly.
By the direction of our Noble Ruler, I proclaim this Assembly opened for business. All are enjoined to give heed to the proceedings.
* of the Noble Ruler's gavel seats all members.

Order of Business

1. Roll call of officers, and absentees noted.
2. Reading of minutes.
3. Financial roll and collection of dues
4. Report on applications, by Investigation Committee.
5. Voting on applications proposed for membership.
6. Initiation of candidates.
7. Report from Sick Committee.
8 Communications and bills.
9. Reports.
10. Candidates for Degrees.
]11. Business-unfinished-new.
12. What have you to propose for the good of the Assembly?
13. Receipts of the meeting.
14. Close.

Applications How received
Note.-Application must be presented, together with half of the entrance fee at least one meeting previous to the appearance of the applicant, who will be notified to be present at the following meeting, with the remainder of the entrance fee, if the Investigating Committee reports favorably. (Investigating Committee will see the applicant prior to the following meeting, when applicant is to be initiated.)
N. R.:
Are there any applicants for membership'?
Worthy Record Keeper here reads the application if any.
N. R.:
You have heard the reading of the application. Are you prepared to vote?
If no objections are offered, the Noble Ruler will say: Those in favor of receiving the application and referring same to the Investigating Committee will answer, Yea. Those oppose, Nay.
N. R. declares the vote.
N. R.:
The Investigating Committee will please perform its duty before our next regular meeting, and if favorable instruct the applicant when to present himself for initiation.
If not satisfied with the applicant for any cause, the Investigating Committee will state plainly the objections.

Initiatory Degree
N. R.:
Herald you will proceed to the ante-room and ascertain if any candidates are waiting for initiation and report.
Herald makes the usual sign and retires, returns and reports.
N. R.:
Worthy Record Keeper, have these candidates been duly elected and qualified?
Worthy Record Keeper responds.
N. R.:
We are about to initiate into this Assembly the following candidates: (naming the candidates.) The Inspector General will please prepare the candidates, and when ready, we will proceed with the initiation.
The Herald, assisted by the Officers and Members will prepare the Assembly room for the initiation.
INSPECTOR GENERAL, to the candidates in the anteroom:
My friend, we learn that you are in waiting for the purpose of being initiated into the glorious mysteries of our beloved order and becoming a part of our mystic brotherhood. Be assured that if you were not of good report you could not have reached this ante-room.
The candidate is here blindfolded.

You may advance with me, do as you are directed and fear no danger.
Inspector General then advances with the candidates and alarms the door with four loud knocks, which will be answered by the Worthy Warden with three knocks, seven in all.
W. W.:
Who comes there?
I. G.:
Your Inspector General with candidates for initiation.
W. W.:
Noble Ruler, the Inspector General is without, accompanied by candidates for initiation.
N. R.:
Admit them.
W. W.:
By the direction of the Noble Ruler, I admit you, enter and welcome.
Three raps of the gavel. The door is thrown open with a heavy sound, the Inspector General enters with the candidates and proceeds slowly around the room leaning heavily on his staff.
Perfect silence should be maintained at this time, or an appropriate ode may be sung. Halts before the Noble Vice Ruler, and exclaims:
You will hear the words of our Noble Vice Ruler.
N. V. R.:
Stranger, we welcome you to our midst. We are banded together here to help suffering humanity, by co-operation, promote a healthy union, social culture, and look after the general welfare of our members.
I perceive that you are blindfolded, this should be a reminder that we came into the world ignorant of all things, past, present, and future. While this illustrates your condition then, it is also emblematic of your condition now, since you are in darkness as to the future trials and ordeals through which you may have to pase on your pilgrimage. Once upon a time a philosopher was asked, from whom be received his first lessons of wisdom. He replied, "from a poor blind beggar, who never took a step until he had first felt the ground before him." I therefore place in your hands this staff which we trust may serve you in like manner. Should your pathway become dark and unsafe apply your staff and examine the ground before taking the next step.
You will now be presented to our Most Noble Past Ruler who will assist you on your journey.
Candidate is then brought before the M. N. P. R.
M. N. P. R.:
My friend, you have heard the words of our Noble Vice Regent, which I am sure have impressed you, and may they sink deep into your heart.
I must hasten you on your journey, but before doing so I will confide to your keeping the grip and pass-word of our order. Do you solemnly promise to communicate them to none but members of our order, or pilgrims in the manner authorized by its laws and usages?
Candidate responds:
I do.
The grip and pass-word are here given.
Then pass slowly once around the Assembly room and halt in front of the Noble Ruler and say:
G. Noble Ruler, I have in my charge a worthy pilgrim, who has travelled the circuit of our Assembly room, passing the stations of Noble Vice Ruler, and the Most Noble Past Ruler, where he (or they have) has received wholesome instructions, encouragement, and assistance; I now bring him (or them) before you for further instructions.
N. R.:
Pilgrim, I offer you the hand of fellowship, will you give me the pass-word?
N. R.:
And four.
Are seven.
N. R.:
You will now be placed in a position to take the solemn obligation of our Brotherhood.
The Inspector General will place the candidate in a kneeling position at the altR, facing the Noble Ruler, with the right hand elevated and the left hand on the Bible. The members forming a circle about the candidate and amid rejoicing and hand clapping the Inspector
General will cause the bandage to fall from the candidate's eyes.
One rap of the gavel and all members are seated.
N. R.:
I congratulate you on being restored to light and liberty, all of which is highly necessary in view of the nature of the sacred obligation you are about to assume. Are you willing to take the solemn obligation of our order, with the assurance on our part, that it contains nothing that will conflict with your duty to your God, family or country?
I am.
N. R.:
You will then repeat after me:
I, (each calling, his or her name), do most solemnly promise, that I will not reveal any of the secrets or private works of the Golden Cross Society except in the manner prescribed by its laws and usages.
I will to the utmost of my ability support and defend the laws, rules and regulations of this order and respect and obey the lawful authority of its officers.
I further promise in the presence of these my brethren and sisters, as witnesses, that I will obey all summons or orders of my Assembly and the Supreme Assembly whether written or verbal, when issued by the proper officers; be faithful and true to these my brethren and sisters, and ever ready to extend a helping hand. And may our Heavenly Father aid me to keep steadfastly this sacred pledge.
Officers and members all respond:
So may it be, and we will ever assist thee.
N. R.:
Worthy Brother, the Inspector General will now clothe you with the regalia of our order, which you are entitled to wear, and I pray that you may wear it with honor to yourself and profit to our cause; never allowing it to become soiled with dishonor.
Three raps of the gavel and all the members rise.
In the name of the Supreme Assembly of the Golden Cross Society of America, and by virtue of authority vested in me by the charter the ... Assembly No. , I do hereby declare you duly initiated and entitled to all the rights and honors of a member of the Golden Cross Society.
Members are here fully instructed as to the Signs, Signals, and pass-word of the First or Initiatory Degree, and the manner of entering the Assembly room.
N. R.:
Brothers and sisters, it is with peculiar pleasure, that I present to you our newly initiated brother (sister) and in order that all may have an opportunity to extend personal greetings I will ask the worthy Herald to proclaim a five minutes recess.
By the direction of our Noble Ruler I declare a, five minutes recess for the purpose stated.
After recess the Assembly is called to order by the Noble Ruler and business is resumed at "No. 7 Order of Business."

Explanatory Lectures, Degrees, Installation Ceremony, and Key to the Private Work of the Order
Your attention is especially directed to the Signs, Grips, Token, Pass-Words, and Usages by which members of the Order are enabled to recognize and hold intercourse one with the other, and to work together intelligently, in organized bodies. It is highly important that the member thoroughly acquaint himself with the pass-words and grips. The pass-words are general and annual. The general pass-word consists of five words and is given by the Most Noble Past Ruler at the time the Initiatory Degree is conferred. The Annual Pass-word is changed annually, and consists of two separate parts, each part containing two or more words. The first half is given at the outer door of the ante-room, and the second half at the inner door of the Assembly room. The same pass-word may also be used as a traveling pass-word by the
Member when visiting other jurisdictions, providing he accompanies it with his financial card.
Signals: In addition to the pass-words it is necessary, in order to gain admission to the Assembly to give the proper signals or knocks. At the ante-room door four knocks should be given, and at the inner door three knocks. On entering the ante-room, members should cloth themselves with proper regalia.
Salutation or Hailing Sign: The Salutation Sign is made on entering the room. The member advances to the center of the room facing the Noble Ruler, and directly over the altar, addresses the officers and members by bringing the right hand rapidly to a horizontal position, touching the heart, lips, and forehead successively, which is to express the idea that the welfare of the Assembly and its members are always in the heart, on the lips, and in the thoughts. The member will then make a slight bow (which the presiding officer acknowledges by a slight waive of the gavel) and say I greet yon sisters and brothers, then takes his seat.
Voting Sign: The first part of the Salutation Sign may be used as a Voting Sign, should the members prefer, instead of the "aye or nay" plan of voting.
Grip: The grip is given by the ordinary grasp of the right hand, each pressing the thumb on the
knuckles of the little finger and forefinger, which should be done so quickly that a stranger could not detect or even suspect that the grip was being given.
Distress Sign: This being a United Brotherhood, all members should hold a fraternal feeling toward each other, with reciprocal claims on the one hand and duties on the other; the right to claim immediate aid when in absolute distress, ans the duty to fly to the rescue of a fellow member when in need of assistance.
The Distress Sign is given by using the last part of the Salutation Sign, which is, to press the right hand to the forehead as if in great pain or mental agony, after the lapse of a few seconds and the friend's attention has been gained, the sign is again repeated quickly, in order that the member hailed may be sure that no mistake is made in corning to the rescue. When the member hailed comes within speaking distance he will say, "On the lips," and you reply, "In the heart."

The Emblems of the Golden Cross Society are: The Bible, Cross, Altar, Gavel and Staff

Members will find it both important and interesting to acquaint themselves with the significations of the various emblems.

The Bible is the foundation of our Order and represents law, history, unity, wisdom, and knowledge. Its presence with us should bear the same relation as salt to meat -preserves us- also remind us of the ever present God, whose recording angel is keeping a strict account of 0ur acts and deeds.
The Cross - The Symbol or trade-mark of our Order is a Cross supporting a mother and her babe who are about to be swept away by the overwhelming current of misfortune, that remorseless enemy of the great human family. We are reminded that the "Cross of Jesus" stands out in the darkness as a guide to all mankind, and that we must cheerfully bear crosses and trials if we would obtain a blessing in this life and a crown beyond the grave.
The Staff, is to remind us that it is not safe to travel without a guide guide for our heart, tongue and feet.
The Altar, from time immemorial, has been a place for offering prayers and sacrifices. We, too, use it as a shrine for prayer, and for offering our solemn vows or oblogations.
The Gavel, the symbol of power and authority, should always be obeyed when used by the proper officers in the discharge of their sworn duties.
One rap of the gavel call to order or seats the members if standing, two raps call up officers only, three rap call up the entire Assembly.


N. R.:
Brothers and Sisters, it now becomes my duty to adjourn this Assembly until our next regular meeting which will take place on ... unless sooner called in special meeting, according to our rules. I will thank the Officers and Members to give attention and assist in closing the meeting.
* * * of the Noble Ruler's gavel calls all members to their feet.
Please sing the closing Ode. This done.
N. R.:
All members will please bow their heads and reverently heed the words of our Worthy Prelate.
Heavenly Father, again we ask Thy blessings and invoke Thy peace and favor upon us until we meet again. May improper motives find no lodgement in our hearts; and we ask Thee to remember our Assembly and its needs, everywhere. We ask Thy special blessings upon the poor and the distressed without the folds. Incline our hearts to good deed, and give us strength and means to perform them. Amen.
All respond:
Amen, Amen.
N. R.:
Worthy Officers and Members, I now declare this Assembly adjourned.