Zeta Phi Beta
Initiation Ritual


Ritual Ceremony I
Introductory Remarks
Basileus: This meeting has been called for the purpose of taking in new members into our beloved Sorority. Through this experience they are to begin their understanding of the goals and objectives of the sorority. They will further understand the programs designed for implementation of those goals and objectives. It is our hope that they will be dedicated and committed to the principles upon which the sorority was founded and to the ideals of scholarship., sisterly love, service and finer womanhood.
The ‘neophytes’ will understand the true meaning of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority only when they witness and share in the common bonds of Sisterly Love and Finer Womanhood exercised by Zetas. I therefore charge each … chapter member to carry herself in such a manner that our new sorors will see, through example, the commitment of dedicated Sorors.
National Prayer
The National Prayer shall be repeated in unison: Oh Lord. Our Heavenly Father, we come to thank Thee for the blessings Thou has bestowed upon us. We ask Thee to be our shield of protection and to make our lives such that they may be examples for others to follow. Help us at all times to be kind and honest, and to do those things which are pleasing in Thy sight. All of these things we ask in Thy name. Amen.
All business of the Sorority relating to the new member should be conducted at this time with the following outline as suggested agenda:
A. All reports
B. Communications from National Headquarters
C. Possible Instructions
D. Recommendations for approval
The Order of Ceremony
The National Sorority Hymn shall be played and sung softly while the aspirants are led into the room by the Membership Coordinator. They shall stand in front of their seats with the Membership Coordinator at one end and the First Anti-Basileus at the other until the Basileus declares the meeting open for the Ritualistic Service.
Basileus: In accordance with the Constitution of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and by the virtue of the power vested in me, by the body, I do hereby declare this meeting open for the intake of New Members . Will the Grammateus please read the names of the persons. The candidate (aspirant) will answer 'here' to their name.
Grammateus: Most worthy officers and sorors, the following named persons have been duly chosen for membership in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and having met the requirements are ready to be received into our Sorority. Read the names of the candidates.
Basileus: Do you come here of your own accord to become a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated?
Candidates: I do.
Basileus: Are you willing to take upon yourself the responsibilities, obligations, and trusts of this sorority, and to be obedient to its laws and regulations? The obligations are many and varied. It will be your responsibility to attend all meetings, regular and called; to support all projects with your time, talent and finance; to study and learn all guidelines, Constitution, Handbooks, Rituals etc.
Are you willing to abide by and assume these responsibilities?
Candidates: I am.
Basileus: we are a group of college women organized as a sister greek-letter organization to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, do hereby bind ourselves together for the purpose of promoting the cause of education by encouraging the highest standards of scholarship through scientific, literary, cultural, and educational programs: promoting charitable projects on college campuses and within the community, fostering the spirit of sisterly love and promoting the ideal of Finer Womanhood?
1. Are you willing to accept this concept? Answer.
2. Are you willing to commit yourself to fostering the ideals and objectives of the sorority? Answer.
3. Do you understand that you must give of your time and talents in promoting and in the implementing of programs of the Sorority? Answer.
4. Are you willing to contribute financially to the developments and execution of the program of the sorority? Answer.
5. Are you willing to serve in leadership roles if elected or appointed? Answer.
6. Are you willing to participate on the State, Regional, and National levels as well as in the local chapter?
7. Realizing that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is a community-conscious action oriented organization, are you willing to extend your services in promotion and developments of charitable and educational projects? Answer.
Basileus: Soror Grammateus, what is your recommendation regarding these candidates?
Grammateus: Most Worthy Basilaeus, these candidates have satisfactorily stood the tests required of them. They are now ready for instructions.
Remove Blindfolds.
Basileus: Zeta has been written upon your hearts and minds. You are now ready to receive the light of Zeta.
Each candidate lights her candle from the one on the table.
Basileus: This candle represents the light of Zeta which is to ever keep burning within your hearts. Soror First Anti-Basileus will now give you the flower.
First Anti-Basileus pins the while rose above the heart of each candidate: The white rose is the emblem of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, It represents purity and truth. It is yours to hold, honor, and love and I charge you to keep this emblem ever before you.
Basileus: Soror Grammateus or Membership Coordinator will now place the Zeta Bar Pins.
Grammateus or Membership Coordinator: This Zeta Bar Pin is to be worn at the apex of the heart. It is to be returned to the chapter upon receipt of the official sorority pin at the end of your course of study.
Basileus: Do you understand these provisions and promise to abide by them?
Candidates: I Do
Basileus: Now you come to the most serious part of the intake process, 'taking the Oath'. I admonish you to think of the words you will repeat after me. Think of what you are saying and what they mean, for truly, this oath must be your constant guide for as long as you live, ‘Once a Zeta, always a Zeta.’
Candidates, kneel, place right hand on heart and left hand on the Bible. Repeat after me: 'I hereby pledge myself to be loyal to every rule and regulation of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. I will conduct myself at all times in such a manner as will not bring reproach upon my sisters. Should I be guilty of wrong-doing, I will willingly accept any corrections given me by my sisters. I will strive at all times to exhibit the highest levels of culture, to put forth zeal for those things which stand for righteousness and hold within my heart a love which will unite us as one. God grant that I may ever have the spirit of democracy for all my fellowmen and keep this Oath before me daily.
Basileus: Having taken this oath, I now pronounce you member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and present to you the Interim Membership Card signifying your membership.
The Basileus or an assigned soror: You are charged to remember the oath you have solemnly taken and to always practice sisterly love in your relationships with all of your sorors realizing that love can best be understood by what we do, not what we say.
As Scholars, hold fast to the understanding that you must continue to learn and explore for new truths to that you may live effectively in the future.
As leaders, you are charged to serve your fellow human beings in every area of endeavor and contribute to the community. Remember that Zeta is a community-conscious, action-oriented organization, and above all, remember that as members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, you should always keep God in your life and exemplify the qualities of Finer Womanhood for you are always ‘Zeta's Image’.
I charge you to go forth holding high the light of Zeta that the world might know that you are a Zeta Woman with all principles and standards befitting a fine woman of service!
As New Members, your final charge will be to embark upon the educational training process. Apply yourself and endeavor to learn more about your sorority's history, internal operation, and structure. This learning process will enable you to become knowledgeable about Zeta Phi Beta Sorority's mission our communities. Upon completion of your Course of Study, the official membership documents and information will be presented.
Basileus: Soror Grammateus will give you copies of the song, National Prayer, and other materials.
All close by singing the last stanza of the sorority song.
The remainder of the evening may be spent in any form of entertainment that the initiating chapter has decided upon in honor of the new sorors. This must be well planned and organized representing Zeta's image and style,
Ritual Ceremony II
Upon completion of the Course of Study, the chapter will present the neophytes with the official sorority pin, financial membership card, Handbook and Constitution, and membership Certificate and sorority's secrets. This ceremony is a closed session. A Ceremonial Banquet or some other form of celebration following the ceremony can be opened to the public.
Order of Business
Follows the same format and preparation required for Ritual Ceremony I.
Basileus: This meeting is called to order for the purpose of completing the ceremonial requirement for membership into Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
National Prayer (in unison).
Basileus: Soror First Anti-Basileus will now remove the Zeta Bar Pin and replace it with the official sorority pin.
Basileus: This pin is to be worn at the apex of the heart. It bears the letters Zeta for Zeal, Phi for Scholarship, and Beta for Sisterly Love, the three principles of our Sorority. Your pin is property of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, but is yours to have, cherish, and wear unless for good cause you are expelled from the sorority. If you should change chapters, then the guard will be changed. The five pearls in the center represent the five founders of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.
The center one or all of the five pearls may be replaced by other stones if you so desire. Your pin is not to be worn by, sold, or given to anyone else without the consent of the national body. In case of death, if it is your wish, the pin may be given to another soror. Otherwise, it is to be returned to the national body.
Basileus: Soror First Anti-Basileus will give you the sign of recognition, the motto, the password, the grip, and the colors.
First Anti-Basileus: The sign of recognition: Place the right hand over the heart and withdraw quickly. The mono: 'Omnia Vincit Labore: All is conquered by labor'. The password: 'Open Sesame ', The grip of the sorority and fraternity: clasp soror by right hand with little finger between little finger and third finger, and the thumb between the thumb and the first finger of the soror, press twice. The answer: one press. All done with the left hand covering the action. Colors: royal blue and white.
The Sorors will pass around and give each new soror the grip.
Close by singing the first and last stanza of the sorority song.