Theta Chi
Initiation Ritual


New Member Ceremony
A. Preparations
The New Member Ceremony is purposely kept brief and simple so that it will not detract from the formal ritualistic works associated with initiation and conduct of meetings. It may be used in the presence of the Chapter for one or more new member candidates. None of the ritualistic ceremonies or terminology of the Private Ritual should be revealed. Non-member guests, such as parents, may attend this Ceremony. Appropriate attire for Brothers and New Member Candidates is coat and tie.
1. Personnel required:
a. President, Secretary, Chaplain, Recruitment Chairman, Marshal and Chapter Advisor.
b. If there are a large number of new members, additional Brothers may be designated to assist with the New member emblems.
c. During the entire Ceremony, the Brothers should stand forming a Hollow Square WITHOUT arms crossed. If non-members are present, they may remain seated, in an appropriate location, throughout the Ceremony (See Stations of Officers).
d. The New Member Candidates should be assembled in an adjoining room and be assembled to enter in alphabetical order by last name.
2. Properties required:
- Theta Chi Flag
- Altar of Theta Chi (See Page 9, Private Ritual)
- United States Flag
- 3 tall red tapered candles, unlit
- Canadian Flag
- New member Emblems, 1 for each New Member
- One red carnation in a bud vase
- Bible, opened to Genesis 1:1
- One large red candle, at least three inches in diameter, (to remain lit during ceremony)
- Gavel
3. List of New Members’ names, in alphabetical order, with hometown, and state or province.
B. Script for the New Member Ceremony
An asterisk * denotes one rap of the gavel
PRESIDENT, *: Brother Recruitment Chairman, is all in readiness for the New Member Ceremony?
RECRUITMENT CHAIRMAN: Yes, the New Member Candidates are assembled and await further instruction.
PRESIDENT, to assembled guests, if any, omit if no guests are present: I welcome our guests to this Ceremony by which we formalize the commitment between our Chapter and our New Members. We are pleased that you are here to witness this special event. As these men begin their journey with us, we will ask them to state their commitment, we will declare our support for them, and we will celebrate their decision to join us.
Brother Recruitment Chairman, conduct the New Member Candidates before the Altar of Theta Chi Fraternity.
Recruitment Chairman retires to bring the candidates into the meeting room, assembled in alphabetical order by last name, facing the Altar. More than one line may be used depending on the number of candidates. Candidates will remain standing throughout the Ceremony.
RECRUITMENT CHAIRMAN, addressing the Candidates: New Member Candidates, I am pleased to present Brother …, President of … Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity.
PRESIDENT, addressing the Candidates: We welcome you to this moment in the history of
Theta Chi Fraternity and express our happiness that on this day you have chosen to follow in our footsteps. It is a lifetime journey on which you embark, but let me assure you that you will not walk alone, nor will you walk in darkness. You will walk with all the men of Theta Chi Fraternity who believe in and exemplify the values of our Brotherhood.
We are not just another group on this campus. Rather, we are a Brotherhood bound together by a sincere desire to grow in excellence in every aspect of our lives. The environment of this excellence is a personal development of honor and integrity. It is a Brotherhood that cares for its members. We will call on you to give well of your talents and gifts, and we expect you to call us to that same challenge. In this we live our Brotherhood’s motto of “The Helping Hand.”
This is a day to rejoice, for once again we begin the process of adding new strength to our membership. Brother Secretary, please call the roll of the men who first offered their Pledge to our Fraternity and those who come before us today.
SECRETARY: Frederick Norton Freeman, Claremont , New Hampshire , April 10, 1856;
Arthur Chase, Bellows Falls , Vermont , April 10, 1856;
Edward Bancroft Williston, Sand Diego , California , April 11, 1856;
Lorenzo Potter, Elkhorn , Wisconsin , April 11, 1856.
These were our first Brothers. On this day, those who will follow are asked to take one step forward as his name is called.
The Secretary reads the list of new member candidates, including their full name and hometown.
PRESIDENT: Gentlemen, there are purposes to this Fraternity of which you are about to become a New  Member. Many can be found in our Creed. Listen as my Brothers join me in reciting the Creed of Theta Chi Fraternity.
ALL BROTHERS: I believe in Theta Chi, its traditions and its ideals. Born of sturdy manhood, Nurtured by  resolute men, ennobled by high and sacred purpose, it has taken its place among the educational institutions of America as a promoter of knowledge, an advancer of culture, and a builder of character.
It inspires true friendship; teaches Truth, Temperance and Tolerance, extols virtue, exacts Harmony and extends a helping hand to all who seek it.
I believe in the primacy of Alma Mater; in the usefulness of my Fraternity, in its influence and its accomplishments and I shall do all in my power to perpetuate its ideals, thereby serving my God, my country, and my fellow man.
PRESIDENT, pause: Thank you, Brothers. Pause, then speaking to Candidates. New Member
Candidates, I understand that each of you have expressed your desire to become a New Member of Theta Chi Fraternity at … (Name of institution.) If so, answer, “I have.”
PRESIDENT: The use of the term “Pledge”, as derived from the word, means a promise or oath. You will now be asked to make a solemn Pledge as to your desire to join Theta Chi Fraternity and to your future conduct as a New Member. I can assure you that this will not restrain you in any manner form serving your Alma Mater loyally, or living as a valued citizen, and as an honorable gentleman. With this assurance, are you willing to make this Pledge and become a New Member? If so, answer, “I am.”
PRESIDENT: The Chaplain will now administer the Pledge.
CHAPLAIN: For your understanding, I will first recite the Pledge in full.
“I (State your name in full) will accept my New member emblem of Theta Chi Fraternity, and all those things, consistent with honor, for which it stands. I agree to wear it at all appropriate times until such time as I may be allowed to wear the Badge of Theta Chi. I agree to abide by all of the rules of this Fraternity in the same manner as a member; to conduct myself at all times as a gentleman, and to honor my country, my Alma Mater and this Fraternity.”
Candidate(s), please repeat after me:
“I (Name in full)/ will accept my New member emblem/ of Theta Chi Fraternity,/ and all those things,/ consistent with honor,/ for which it stands./ I agree to wear it at all appropriate times/ until such time as I may be allowed/ to wear the Badge of Theta Chi./ I agree to abide by/ all of the rules of this Fraternity/ in the same manner as a member;/ to conduct myself/ at all times as a gentleman,/ and to honor my country, my Alma Mater and this Fraternity.”
ALL BROTHERS: We are witnesses to this, your solemn Pledge.
PRESIDENT: In consideration of the solemn Pledge you have made, it is my pleasure and privilege as President of … Chapter, duly constituted under the By-Laws of our International Fraternity, to accept your pledge to honor Theta Chi Fraternity. Therefore, in the name of this Chapter and by the virtue of my authority as Chapter President, I hereby present you with your New Member emblem as a symbol of your acceptance as a New Member of Theta Chi Fraternity.
The President, assisted by the Marshal, affixes the New Member emblems. The New Member emblem is worn over the heart in the same location as is the Badge of Theta Chi.
PRESIDENT:  Full membership in Theta Chi Fraternity is for life. It is therefore customary that alumni participate in many of our activities by contributing their experience, talents and knowledge. Our Chapter Advisor, Financial Advisor, Faculty Advisor and alumni board members will consult with us in many of our Chapter affairs Brother , (Title) , you will address our New Members.
This following section should, ideally, be presented by the Chapter Advisor. If this is not possible, another advisor or alumnus may do so.
CHAPTER ADVISOR: During your time as a New Member, and later as an initiated member of our Fraternity, much will be expected of you. I charge you to be cognizant of your obligation to your Alma Mater, upon which this Fraternity depends. Be diligent in your studies that you may bring honor to yourself and to your Chapter. Learn about our Fraternity and the principles for which it stands. The Brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity are here to teach, guide and assist you. Call upon them. Their actions will demonstrate to you the true meaning of Brotherhood.
PRESIDENT:  Brother Chaplain, you will lead us in prayer.
CHAPLAIN:  Gracious and loving God, we ask Your blessing on our New Members, their families and on  our Brotherhood. Guide us on this journey we have begun together. Grant us vision and hope, patience and accountability, and give us insight to the tradition of Brother helping Brother in mind and heart and spirit. We ask this in Your name. Amen.
PRESIDENT, to assembled guests, if any; omit the first sentence if no guests are present: You are now New Members of … Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity. The success or failure of the goals of this Chapter depend upon the effort and conduct of each of us. You may rest assured that the helping hand of Theta Chi will always be available at your request. Welcome and congratulations to each of you.
“There is a destiny that makes us Brothers. None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.”
As President of … Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity and on behalf of all its members, I wish to acknowledge and thank our guests for witnessing this Ceremony. Each New Member made choices that brought him to this campus and to this Fraternity. The initiated members of this Chapter made the same choices. I wish to assure those assembled here today that it is our avowed purpose to enhance the dignity of those choices. Pause. Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater.
This concludes the work of the New Member Ceremony. Love and respect all of your Brothers. Please join me in welcoming our New Members. *.