Sigma Theta Tau
Initiation Ritual

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Introduction: Sigma Theta Tau, the international honor society of nursing, is an organization which provides opportunities and responsibilities to make definite contributions to schools of
nursing, to the profession of nursing, and to the health of the public worldwide. Sigma Theta Tau is a member of the American College of Honor Societies and demonstrates yearly that it
continues to achieve high standards of scholarship and leadership. The purposes of Sigma Theta Tau are:
Recognize superior achievement
Recognize the development of leadership qualities
Poster high professional standards
Encourage creative work
Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the Profession
Sigma Theta Tau was established in 1922 by six students at the Indiana University School of Nursing in Indianapolis to recognize scholarly achievement in nursing, at that time in the United States, university-based schools of nursing were few in number and their curricula resembled that of hospital-based nursing programs. The influence of higher education, the vision of nursing leaders, and the changes which occurred in the United States following world war I, gave rise to the concern for increasing the quality of nursing education. It was a time when new imperatives in health care in the United States were emerging. It was a time when nursing education was undergoing careful scrutiny by society.
Almost simultaneously with the establishment of Sigma Theta Tau came the publication of what was to become a long list of landmark studies of nursing and nursing education in the United States. These studies addressed educational issues in nursing and proposed new patterns for college-based nursing education. Thus, the increased support for the development of university-based nursing programs and the early development of Sigma Theta Tau share the same historical foundations.
It is doubtful that the students at Indiana University had any idea how important a force within international nursing their Honor Society would become. Their intention was to establish an organization that would advance excellence in American nursing education and the development of future nurse leaders.
They dreamed a dream, the actuality of that dream is now becoming evident beyond the boundaries of the United States . What they began has become our history, and our present and gives direction to the future. Over the years, Sigma Theta Tau has remained true to its original purposes, while developing futuristic programs that support nursing scholarship worldwide.
Sigma Theta Tau represents excellence in nursing. That excellence is reflected in the achievement of individual members. But it is also evidenced by the organization as a whole. As a collective of nurse leaders, Sigma Theta Tau actively promotes scholarship, inquiry, leadership, and quality nursing practice. Nursing education, nursing research, and nursing administration, it stands for the best in the profession and it is a force in shaping nursing’s future through the influence it exerts on professional nursing throughout the world.
Sigma Theta Tau, an international honor society, gives recognition to baccalaureate-and-higher-degree-prepared nurses and students who have demonstrated high academic achievement.
Outstanding personal characteristics and leadership abilities are also important characteristics of our membership. The character of the membership of Sigma Theta Tau, therefore, permits us to assist in the preparation of future leaders in nursing.
Membership in Sigma Theta Tau is an award for individual achievement.
As a result of its membership, Zeta Upsilon Chapter is able to support the purposes of Sigma Theta Tau by engaging in activities which are of an educational or scientific nature and is able to promote the purposes by cooperating with other charters and the governing council.
Will the persons who have been selected for induction into Zeta Upsilon Charter of Sigma Theta Tau please rise and come forward.
You are about to become members of Sigma Theta Tau, the fact that you are here indicates that you have considered seriously the objectives of this honor society and are prepared to work toward their fulfillment. The selection of new members is one of the most important obligations of the organization, the contributions which Sigma Theta Tau can make to nursing depends upon the wisdom and achievements of members who are selected. Candidates for membership are chosen upon demonstration of superior academic achievement, evidence of professional, and/or marked achievement in the field of nursing. In recognition of your achievement of the past and to encourage you in your work in the future, we acknowledge your right to become members of this international honor society of nursing.
President points to the Coat-of-Arms:  The symbolism of the Coat-of-Arms is expressive of the ideals of Sigma Theta Tau. The Lamp is the lamp of knowledge. The Pillars of Stone at the right and left denote strength of leadership. The Eye represents wisdom and discernment. The Stars are in recognition of the six founders of the society. The Scroll is that of learning. The Letters on the scroll are Sigma Theta Tau, the first letters of the Greek words: storga, tharos, tima─love, courage, honor.
President picks up a key: The Key is the symbol of scholarship. The Cup denotes the satisfaction of professional life, the Circle of gold our charge: storga, tharos, tima─love, courage, honor. The Lamp is the lamp of learning.
I now bestow upon you the honor, the privilege, and the responsibility of wearing the key of Sigma Theta Tau.
As your name is called, please come forward to receive your key and membership card. You will sign your name in the Zeta Upsilon Charter ''s permanent member record book.
President pins and congratulates members: Welcome to Sigma Theta Tau. This concludes the induction op members into Zeta Upsilon Charter of Sigma Theta Tau.