Sigma Sigma Sigma
Initiation Ritual


Triangle Degree
This is the most sacred and beautiful of all Sigma Sigma Sigma rites - when placement of the Triangle badge over each initiate's heart makes her a member of the inner circle forever.
The entire Chapter initiates each pledge as the unisons and spirit of the ceremonial signify.
To interpret this ritual in all of its classic Grecian beauty is, however, the high duty and privilege of the Tri Sigma officers.
May they always remember: '' A PERFECT initiation is the divine right of every pledge...".
General Instructions
(1) The C.R. and Sentinel are responsible for setting up the Initiation Room.
(2) It is advisable to have access to three rooms for-an-initiation if possible: the INITIATION ROOM itself; an adjoining room or private hall (which may be closed off) for the PREPARATION ROOM; and a WAITING ROOM in which candidates may sit until their Initiations begin.
(3) Necessary articles for the initiation ceremony are:
5 tables of uniform size
5 table covers (see Instruction No.5 below)
5 altar covers
15 candles
15 candle holders
1 pillow and L.S. Shrine pillow cover
Bible with the Triangle badge and the Colors.
Badges with Colors for each initiate
6 robes. thongs. and headbands
Sorority banner
Loving cup
Grape juice
Folding screens for doors, if necessary, to insure privacy
2 blindfolds
Ferns, palms, flowers, vines to enhance beauty of the room.
(4) The altars for the initiation ceremony form an arc and are arranged with regard to each other, as follows: L.S. in the middle, C.T. and C.R. on the right, S.C. and S.R. on the left.
Members are seated in the foreground, thereby completing the symbolic circle. The Cupbearer stands in the background at the left of the L.S.
(5) Over each altar table is first placed a white cloth covering:
Upon request, the National Ceremonials Chairman will furnish simple instructions for making table covers that are neat and easily slipped over the tables. If Chapter does not have these, sheets may be used to cover the tables. The sheets are to reach the floor and are neatly pinned to present a tailored appearance.
The altar cover is placed over the white covering just described. The symbols on the altar covers are as follows:
L.S. Clasped hands ─ Shrine of Love
C.R. Crown ─ Shrine of Wisdom
C.T. Scales ─ Shrine of Power
S.C. Anchor ─ Shrine of Hope
S.R Torch ─ Shrine of Faith
On each altar are placed .three candles arranged in the form of a triangle, The base of this triangle is at front of the table, and the apex points to the officer. The candles are placed far enough back on the shrine so there is ABSOLUTELY NO DANGER of the initiate coming in contact with them.
One white and two purple (or vice versa) candles are used on each shrine if purple candles are available; if not, all white are used. Every time the Initiation Room (the Temple of Wisdom ) is prepared for initiation NEW candles are used. When many are to be initiated, tall fresh candles are to be available for replacing those which burn low, replacing ALL on an altar at the same time to maintain the beauty of uniformity.
Low crystal candleholders of a uniform size and style are used as a substitute for the traditional skull holders, if these are not available.
One Ritual Book is placed on each shrine.
On the floor in front of the Love Shrine is placed a pillow with the clasped hands pillow cover on it.
(6) In addition to the candles and Ritual Book on the Love Shrine, there are also placed:
(a) The Bible opened at the 13th Chapter of First Corinthians.
(b) Triangle badge and Colors on the open Bible
(e) Triangle badge and Colors for each initiate (badges are loaned by Chapter members' for new initiates).
(7) The banner of Sigma Sigma Sigma is placed on the wall behind the Love Shrine, high enough to be seen by the members.
(8) The loving cup is filled with grape juice (not too close to the top so spilling is avoided) and p aced in readiness on a small table outside of the initiation circle. NEVER ON THE
(9) Ferns, palms, flowers, or vines add much to the atmosphere of the initiation ceremony and may be used as extensively as desired.
(10) Officers dress in the robes of their offices, the Cupbearer wearing the K.G. robe with the cape, white side showing, and the purple headband.
(11) All other members and candidates are to be in WHITE DRESSES AND SHOES. If Chapter follows tradition of candidates wearing white formal gowns for initiation, then members also wear white formal dress (preferably with covered shoulders).
(12) If hallways or rooms adjoining the Initiation Room are used by other than Sigmas, folding screens across the doorways will help insure privacy. The Sentinel and a member appointed by her stand guard at the entrance to the Initiation Room AT ALL TIMES. The Sentinel also designates members to guard any other doors to the room.
(13) Two blindfolds expedite the ceremony, since one candidate can be prepared in the Preparation Room as the initiation of her predecessor is being concluded.
(14) if more than several candidates are initiated, members may remain seated during the ritual until the initiate approaches the Love Shrine. Then ALL rise and remain standing during the remainder of the ceremony. NO NOISE IS MADE IN RISING FROM CHAIRS.
If only a few candidates are initiated, the room is cleared of chairs and everyone stands. This increases appreciation of the seriousness of the initiation ritual and makes it more impressive for the initiates.
(15) OFFICERS STAND THROUGHOUT THE INITIATION CEREMONY regardless of the number to be initiated.
Chairs are NOT placed behind the officer shrines as they are unnecessary and detract from the beauty of the setting.
(16) ONLY ONE GIRL IS INITIATED AT A TIME. When there is more than one candidate, each one is initiated SEPARATELY to "A." Then the initiate is seated by the C.R. outside the arc of shrines and apart from the fully initiated members. When the last candidate has gone through the ritual to "A." the C.R. brings all the others to join her before the Love Shrine, places them in a semi-circle and the remainder of the initiation is given to all initiates as a group.
The number thus fully initiated at one time depends upon how many can conveniently stand in a semi-circle before the L.S. Ideally, no more than six to nine should be initiated without closing with the Cup Ceremony, for with too many the charge loses its effectiveness. When initiating a large pledge class, the C.R. uses discretion in planning the number of initiates in each complete initiation. After each complete initiation is concluded. the new sisters are greeted and seated with other members, the officers may sit quietly while the Sentinel refreshes all shrines and replaces candles, if necessary. Then the initiation of the next group begins.
(17) SOFT music may be played as the candidate is led into the room and UNTIL THE C.R. STARTS CONDUCTING HER TO THE SHRINES. It is NOT to be played during the ceremony proper, however, as it distracts from the service and makes it difficult to hear words being spoken.
(18) The C.R., the C.T., the S.C., and the S.R. are required to memorize their readings, although they have copy before them; the L.S. is required to be familiar with the entire ritual and to memorize- especially important parts of the ritual, particularly the welcome after the blindfold is removed and the charge to the Chapter which precedes the CUP CEREMONY.
Members memorize the UNlSONS.
(19) The Chapter officers' titles are always given in full. The WHOLE TITLE is spoken, NOT "SISTER L.S.
(20) The pledge pin is removed from the candidate's breast and the Triangle, badge with Colors is pinned on the initiate. THERE IS SILENCE, DURING THIS PART OF THE RITUAL. The Sorority's Colors are worn by the initiate for three days after initiation.
Special Instructions
Candidates for initiation are to sit QUIETLY in the Waiting Room, which is just as near the Preparation Room and the Initiation Room as possible. If wait is long, Sentinel explains the significance of an INDIVIDUAL INITIATION, inspiring candidates to appreciate its value, and the Chapters effort to make this experience completely personal and beautiful.
The Sentinel takes candidates one at a time from Waiting Room to Preparation Room where she loosens the safety catch on the candidate's pledge pin (for easier removal later) and blindfolds the candidate before giving her into the charge of the C.R. It is reassuring to the candidate to have the Sentinel' explain that the Vice-President (NOT C.R.) will lead her carefully while blindfolded. THE CANDIDATE IS NEVER TO SEE THE C.R. (OR ANY OFFICER) IN ROBE until the blindfold is removed near the end of the initiation ceremony.
It is well for the Sentinel to instruct the candidate that she is to stand at all times unless she is particularly told to kneel or unless the C.R. indicates kneeling with a pressure on the arm.
She may also wish to remind the candidate that questions will be asked of her and that she should respond without prompting.
The C.R. takes charge of the blindfolded candidate in the Preparation Room (which is adjoining the Initiation Room) while the Sentinel returns to her post INSIDE the door of the Initiation Room.
THE C.R. ATTENDS THE CANDIDATE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CEREMONY. In conducting the candidate into the room and from shrine to shrine, the C.R. grasps the left elbow (NOT the forearm) of the candidate and guides her firmly. THE C.R. NEVER PUTS ARM AROUND CANDIDATE, but indicates by gentle pressure when she is to kneel.
An alert C.R. makes every minute count to prevent a long drawn out ceremony. Immediately after each unison she can begin to conduct the candidate to the next shrine, simultaneously with the L.S.'s instruction to do so. The C.R. lifts the hem of the candidate's dress over her heels when she kneels at the Love Shrine to make her more comfortable and to expedite graceful rising without accident.
In order to facilitate the Cup Ceremony which climaxes the initiation and to make it beautifully impressive and dignified, it is important for the Chapter to be reminded to form the Chapter circle properly.
Ritual in Preparation Room
C.R. to the candidate: Must we interpret your presence here today/tonight as an evidence that you would enter the mystic bonds of Sigma Sigma Sigma?
Candidate: Yes.
C.R.: Then I must lead you into the Temple .of Wisdom.
The C.R. gives the sorority knock **    **    ** upon the door between the Preparation Room and the Initiation Room. The Sentinel acknowledges the knock with one tap * and then opens the door, and the pass is exchanged.
Sentinel: Sigma
C.R.: S.
Sentinel: Sigma
C.R.: S.
Sentinel: Sigma
C.R.: S.
Ritual in Initiation Room
The C.R. and candidate enter the Initiation Room, with the candidate always on the C.R.'s right. THE MINUTE THE CANDIDATE ENTERS THE ROOM UNTIL THE CEREMONY IS ENTIRELY COMPLETED, SHE IS THE FOCUS OF ALL ATTENTION.
The C.R. with the candidate enters the arc of shrines between the C.T. and the S.R. and begins speaking so that she and the candidate will be directly in front of the Love Shrine when she finishes the sentence.
C.R.: Sister L.S., I bring into our temple one from the outer world, who seeks the Shrine of Wisdom.
L.S.: Sister C.R., has she the pass?
C.R.: She has it not, but I will give it for her.
L.S.: Sigma.
C.R.: S.
L.S.: Sigma.
C.R.: S.
L.S.: Sigma.
C.R.: S.
L.S.: Is it your purpose in entering our order to be admitted into fellowship and to pursue Wisdom and to become a better woman?
Candidate: It is.
L.S.: Then, Sister C.R., lead her to the Shrine of Wisdom and explain its meaning.
C.R. takes candidate by her left arm gently, guides her to turn left, and leads her to the Shrine of Wisdom. The C.R. takes her place BEHIND this shrine, and gives her reading. This, as is the case with ALL shrines, is given from MEMORY. SPEAKING rather than merely READING, all officers parts increases effectiveness, not only for initiates but for all members who are not blindfolded throughout the service and can see the officer's interest in rendering her reading effectively.
C.R.: Wisdom is greater than the human mind can comprehend. Fame, Fortune and Attainment are subservient to her, and those who prove themselves worthy before her shrine may command them at will. With her blessing, you will understand what I. now hidden from your understanding, and you will be given to guide others along the upward path. Wisdom stands before you. In her eyes shines the clear light of learning, before which only truth can stand. It is wisdom which brings the capacity for clear vision. But vision comes only through struggle, a struggle that lifts us above the mist of ignorance, selfishness and greed into the clear light of truth and freedom.
C.R. leaves her shrine and resumes her position at the left side of the candidate.
L.S.: Sister C.T. will you please explain the Shrine of Power?
C.R. and candidate TURN LEFT, WALK TO THE C.R.'S SHRINE. C.R. steps back.
C.T.: High Power sits on her throne, a queen with gem-encircled brow. In her hand she holds the world-moving scepter, and at her feet are the tablets of law and the scales and the sword of justice. Let your desire be to be powerful among your fellowmen in all that is good and pure and just. If you would attain this power among your fellowmen, you must first be master of yourself-your thoughts and your deeds. Such mastery comes only through the exercise of self-control and the highest will power.
C.R. takes candidate by her left arm gently and begins moving to the next shrine.
L.S.: Sister S.R. will you please explain the Shrine of Faith?
S.R.: Faith bids us follow the gleam that leads us ever onward and upward, never doubting the radiant guide. In her hands she bears a light, small perhaps, but ever clear and constant. Let that light of Faith be your polar star. Just as the magnet's contact with the needle gives it a power that makes it ever constant to the pole, so may Faith ever lead you in duty's path. Then at last, when the stormy voyage is over, by Faith shall you enter into the harbor of peace.
C.R. and Candidate move on to the Shrine of Hope.
L.S.: Sister S.C. will you now explain the Shrine of Hope.
S.C.: You are now standing at Hope's Shrine. In her bands she holds an anchor, strong enough to hold through every tempest. She leads us on when all the way seems dark, and bids us see the sun through the clouds that strive to hide its face. She points to another life for which this life is only a preparation, and bids us ever rise to higher, better things.
C.R. takes candidate by her left arm and they begin moving to the Love Shrine.
S.C.: But let us pass on, guided by our highest officer, Sister L.S. to the high Shrine of Love.
THE CANDIDATE IS KEPT STANDING UNTIL THE L.S. TELLS HER TO KNEEL. The C.R. returns to her shrine and stands BEHIND it until time to assist the candidate again.
L.S.: Love is the greatest of all virtues─without her  all others are nothing─"for now abideth Faith, Hope and Love, these three, but the greatest of these is Love." Power unless it be tempered by Love can accomplish little. Wisdom goes hand in band with Love when she accomplishes her largest work. Faith is doubly strong when united with Love and Hope gains color and beauty when, hand in band with Love, she leads us along the upward way. Love is gentle, long-suffering, patient. She prompts our noblest deeds and directs our purest thoughts.
Love is of a triune nature─Love of self. Love for our fellowmen, and Love for God. These three, when we carry them to no foolish extreme, produce a well-rounded life, full of pure thoughts, high ideals and good works. Our love for ourselves must not take the form of a selfish desire to gratify worldly ambition. Self-love must mean self-respect in order that we may hold ourselves above all that is unworthy.
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength; and with all thy mind." This is the first commandment; and the second is like unto it─"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," And again we have from God's word. the following: "If a man love not his fellowman. whom he hath seen, how can he love ,God wbom he hath not seen?" Love for God must be our inspiration to love and serve our fellowman.
True Love SEEKS to express itself through service and will not be denied. He loveth best who serveth best God and fellowman. Love then, IN ITS HIGHEST FORM should regulate our Jives, mould our thoughts and purify our deeds.
As L.S. says: ''... should regulate our lives, mould our thoughts and purify our deeds, the C.R. steps to the candidate's left side, takes her left arm and indicates by gentle pressure that she is to kneel just as the L.S, says "Kneeling then at Love's Shrine." C.R. assists candidate in placing her right hand on her heart and left hand on the Bible, sees that her dress is not caught on her heels. and then returns to her position BEHIND the shrine of Wisdom.  
KNEELING then at Love's Shrine, with your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the Bible, open at the 13th chapter of First Corinthians, and having on it the colors and the badge of Sigma Sigma Sigma, repeat after me the following oath:
I, , of my own free will, voluntarily before Almighty God, and these witnesses, do solemnly and sincerely swear, that I will never reveal any of the secrets of this Sorority to any person or persons of the world, except to true and lawful Sigma Sigma Sigmas, to whom such secrets rightfully belong.
That I will in all things strive to reflect honor on the order whose vows I am now taking, and that I will obey her laws and reverence her teachings.
That I will never speak evil of a sister's good name, nor that of her family, and that with the member of this order. I will strive to live in love, peace and harmony.
That in my conduct, I will strive to live as a Sigma Sigma Sigma should and that next to my duty to God and my family, I shall feel myself bound to my sisters in Sigma Sigma Sigma.  All these vows I promise and swear on my word of honor, and on the Holy Bible in which I believe and on the badge of this Sorority, whose vows I am now taking. And I pray that God will in all things give me grace and strength to keep and perform the same.
So help me God and keep me STEADFAST through life. Amen.
UNISON, to be sung softly. in harmony if desired:
Sigma, royal Mother,
Take this daughter new
Guide her with thy counsel,
Keep her always true
Sigma, bind us closer,
Bind with every tie
To thy noble standards,
Sisters, till we die.
C.R. leaves her shrine and moves to candidate's left side.
L.S.:You will now rise from your knees.
C.R. assists candidate in rising. C.R. then removes the pledge pin and puts on the Triangle badge and Colors.
L.S.: Wisdom and Power unite with Faith, Hope and Love in removing from your eyes the cover of darkness and bid you hail the clear light of truth, that you may see the path of duty, and that you may have the grace and strength to walk steadfastly therein.
Just as we remove C.R. unpins blindfold but holds it on the cover from your eyes, letting the light C.R. lets blind fold fall reach them, so shall Wisdom dispel the clouds of ignorance.
C.R. removes the blindfold. and goes to her shrine if there is but one initiate. If there are more initiates to follow, C.R. remains with the candidate until L.S.; reads to end of first paragraph and then C.R. seats the candidate outside the shrine area and apart from the initiated members.
L.S., from memory; catches eye of candidate and smiles at her: And now I welcome you into the mystic; bonds of our sisterhood, and declare that you here stand a worthy and lawful Sigma Sigma Sigma and I charge that you act as such. You have taken upon yourself a most solemn and binding obligation, one that does not affect your duty to God and to your family, and one which, if you observe, will make you a better woman. You should always try to perfect the teachings of this order to which you now belong. Now these bonds of friendship which unite us as a band of sisters are perfected, and the cement of sisterly love is spread-that cement which unites us as sisters always.
If more than one candidate is being initiated, C.R. leaves last initiate at Love Shrine and goes to seated new initiates. She quietly requests that they follow her to the Love Shrine where she places them with the last initiate in a semi-circle before the shrine to receive the charge as a group.
L.S.: And now it becomes my duty to bid you live in peace, harmony and good fellowship with all true sisters of this order. Never give your sisters any cause to doubt your sincerity, fidelity or motives, but so endeavor to live that you will be an ornament to our order, whose solemn vows we have ALL taken.
Speaking to all the Chapter: Sisters, if we all do this, then can Sigma Sigma Sigma, our mother, pointing to her children, say as did the mother of the Grachii, pointing to her children, "These are my jewels." And, as the badge of our Sorority is made beautiful by having its pure gold, set with gems and jewels, so will our order, in all her purity, shine because of the honorable women who strive to obey its precepts and follow its teachings.
Then shall our noble order accomplish its highest mission, and we shall realize the meaning of "Sorores simper sumus." We are sisters always, not for a day or a school term only, but sisters forever - "Faithful unto death." Sisters, "sans puer et sans reproche" - without fear and without reproach.
But one thing I must admonish you speaking both to Chapter and new members to urge upon others that which we ourselves do not strive to realize is unworthy of our sisterhood. To embody the virtues, to which our hearts amid these sacred walls have now turned, is to be the effort of our lives.
Tis an assured good
To seek the noblest - 'tis your only vision
Now you have seen it, for that higher vision
Poisons all meaner choice for evermore."
To new members: WE GREET YOU WITH JOYOUS ACCLAIM. We bid you go forth to impart by the contagion of YOUR OWN PERSONALITY these high truths for which our order stands. For what you ARE will be THE MEASURE OF YOUR INFLUENCE. It will speak louder than your knowledge, clearer than your deeds.
Wisdom, Faith, Hope and Love will reveal their Power ONLY as the self is under the firm control of the spirit in which they make their home.
And now, as you go forth from this our shrine to the storm and the stress and the peril of life, remember this:
"Not all the wild, huge untamed elements
Have force to reach thee:
Though the seas were piled
In weltering mountains on thy course,
Forget it not, and full of peace,
As if the south wind whispered warm,
Wait thou till storm and tumult cease,"
Ritual For Cup Ceremony
(1) The Cupbearer is the youngest member of the Chapter in age. She serves in this capacity until a younger member is initiated into the Chapter to whom this honor passes.
(2) The cup is one of the oldest symbols of friendship, and to drink from the same cup is to accept each other as members of a family do. The offering of the cup is an old form of hospitality, and in our Grecian setting symbolizes the end of the ceremony of acceptance. Members do not actually drink from the cup but gracefully appear to do so in order to give the form real meaning.
(3) When offering the grape juice to members, the Cupbearer takes care to hold the cup UP TO THE LIPS of each member, holding the cup high enough so that no awkward ducking of the head or bending of the neck by the member is necessary. When the cup is offered in this way and members do not attempt to drink from it, the impressiveness of the ceremony is not spoiled by mishaps. The Cupbearer moves from member to member with erect dignity. Presenting the cup toward the lips of each member properly is essential in enhancing the circle's effect of Grecian grace and beauty. Receiving the cup with composed dignity on the part of the member is just as essential.
(4) The Chapter is reminded of the Cup Ceremony by the C.R. before the initiation ritual commences. The C.R. also reviews the simple way TO FORM THE CIRCLE so that the Cupbearer may pass the cup with ease, as follows:
(a) THE OFFICERS stand together, appearing in their robes as a Grecian frieze behind and on either side of the Love Shrine.
(b) NATIONAL OFFICER(S), if present, stand next to the Chapter officers AT THE LEFT OF THE L.S.
(c) ALUMNAE, if present. take a place next to the officers AT THE RIGHT OF THE L.S.
(d) MEMBERS join the circle next to the alumnae.
(e) NEW INITIATES are placed by the L.S. in the circle between the members TO THE RIGHT OF THE OFFICERS.
C.R. announces in advance if the shrines are to be moved toward center of room QUIETLY, SMOOTHLY (keeping their semi-circle arrangement) while circle is being formed. SHRINES ARE NOT MOVED AT ALL unless the room is very crowded and more space is needed for entering initiates into the circle without awkwardness and for easy movement. Avoid moving shrines because this detracts from the setting and is dangerous with lighted candles.
(5) PASSING THE CUP (to be memorized) Cupbearer stands in the circle to the left of the S.R. until summoned by the L.S.
When the CUPBEARER leaves the circle to get the loving cup from the small table outside the circle, she does so WITHOUT BREAKING THE CIRCLE by stepping slightly backward and joining the hands of those on either side of her. THE CIRCLE IS NEVER BROKEN.
After getting the loving cup: the Cupbearer steps inside the circle WITHOUT BREAKING IT by going under the arms of two members.
The cup is always offered FIRST TO THE ACTING L.S.
NEXT, TO ANY NATIONAL OFFICER(S) PRESENT, beginning with the national officer farthest from the L.S. Moving onward ALWAYS TO HER LEFT the Cupbearer offers the cup NEXT TO THE CHAPTER OFFICERS as they stand in the circle - the S.R.. S.C., C.R., and C.T. THEN TO THE ALUMNAE AND COLLEGIATE MEMBERS, excepting the new initiates, completing the cup service for previously initiated members when she reaches the national officer(s) or the S.R. If national officer(s) are not present, Cupbearer offers the cup to Chapter officers after the L.S. beginning with the S.R.
The Cupbearer moves around the circle from the S.R.'s position to the left to present the cup to each of the new initiates as they have been placed in the circle.
Then the Cupbearer returns directly to the LS., who steps inside the circle (joining hands behind her WITHOUT BREAKINGTHE CIRCLE ). L.S. accepts the cup and offers it toward the lips of the Cupbearer, who is the last member to receive the cup.
Cupbearer then takes the cup from the L.S. and returns it to its place on the small table outside the circle before she rejoins the circle to the left of the S.R. The L.S. has also stepped back into the circle.
Cup Ceremony
L.S. steps from behind her shrine. If there is but one initiate, she may lead her; if more, she says: Please come with me. She takes initiates OUTSIDE the arc formed by the shrines to the right of the Love Shrine, has them turn around to face the members - an important moment when initiates see the five shrines for the first time which signals members to form a circle.
When all have joined hand., the L.S, takes hands of a new initiate and places them on the joined hands of the two members ON THE RIGHT nearest the officers, NEVER BETWEEN TWO OFFICERS as this would destroy the Grecian frieze effect made by the officers in their robes.
L.S., speaking to group as a whole: This chain has never been broken, save as I break it now, to enter a new link.
Speaking to initiate: Ponder well your responsibility in this chain.
L.S. enters each new initiate into me chain in the same manner. After all are entered in the circle, which has gradually expanded to include the new member(s), the L.S. takes her place among the officers behind the Love Shrine.
L.S.: Cupbearer, bring the cup and let us pledge our vows.
Cupbearer conducts Cup Ceremony.
As soon as the Cupbearer has returned to the circle, members stand quietly and begin singing all three verses and chorus of "Stately and Royal.".
Stately and royal. Sigma stands a queen so fair;
Faithful and loyal, We her daughters swear
To protect her ever, E'er to wave her colors high,
To forsake her never, Faithful till we die.
Dear steadfast mother, We would gather at thy feet,
Loving each-other, Learn thy teachings sweet;
Learn thy mystic meaning, Tread thy paths' of virtue bright;
Harvest reaping, gleaning, In the fields of right.
Go onward. Sigma, Ever strive to higher rise;
No stain or stigma On thy fair name lies;
Let each daughter ever Strive to do her best for thee,
That no stain may ever On thy fair name be,
Sigma, Sigma. Sigma, Ever true to thee we'll be.
Sisters to each other, Daughters good to thee.
L.S. at close of final chorus: Sisters, let us greet our new sister(s), and welcome her (them) into the bonds of our order.
Circle is broken then-NEVER UNTIL L.S. GIVES THIS INSTRUCTION - and the initiate(s) greeted. When this has been done, the L.S. asks Sentinel to take charge of initiates again. The Sentinel takes them to another room while the Initiation Room is dismantled, supplies put away. and robes removed. This is the Sentinel's responsibility assisted by a special committee.
DISROBING AND DISMANTLING DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL AFTER THE NEW INITIATES HAVE LEFT THE ROOM. The Temple of Wisdom , perfect as it was when the cover was first removed from each initiate's eyes remains lovely in order that remembrance is unspoiled and beautiful.