Sigma Gamma Rho

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The induction ceremony should be a very dignified and meaningful service.
The Ceremony may be conducted by the Membership Intake Chair, Alumnae Advisor, or other designee.
The Obligations may be given in groups of two or three If there is a large number to be made.
The room shall be in semi-darkness.
Presiding Officer: We are here to receive new members into our fellowship.
The appointed guide shall bring in the prospective members who will stand in a line or semi-circle.
Presiding Officer reads from the Bible; 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13, then: Ye met the requirements thus far. Now, one by one, ye shall come into the inner circle.
Each candidate shall:
a} Kneel before the Presiding Officer.
b) Place both hands on the Bible
e) Repeat the Pledge led by the officer.
The Presiding Officer shall light her candle.
Each pledge shall light her candle from the one held by the Presiding Officer.
New Sorors, repeat in unison: I pledge myself to this Sorority to be true to its code, obey its rulings and keep faith with my sisters.
New Sorors shall be pinned with any symbolic ‘pin’, not the official badge.
Presiding Officer, shows each candidate the handclasp: I, Soror …, do greet you, Soror … as my sister in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, and to you I pledge my friendship and loyalty for all times. I bid you welcome.
Chapter Officers shall greet new Sorors in the same manner.
All Sorors shall greet all new Sorors with the handclasp.
A tea rose and gifts are to be given to each new Soror, and a reception should immediately follow the Induction Ceremony.
Ceremony should close with the Sigma Hymn.
Omega Rho Ceremony
NOTE: candles, including seven-candle candelabra, should be used instead of flowers.
Soft Music: "Love's Sweet Music"
Sorors stand in semi-circle with lighted candles.
Basileus holds two candles: We anchor our faith in the goodness and mercy of God. Our spirit becomes serene. As we commit ourselves to God our fear is removed. God is our refuge and fortress and as we face life with an unfaltering confidence and with great fortitude, we accept death with the assurance that God is at our side.
As the sunset of life falls, may we have faith and keep hope alive that we may ready ourselves for that which is to come. May love abide and calm the stormy sea of life to help us know and trust in the Great God that even death cannot harm us.
Scripture Reading ; St. John 11:25: "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in Me though he were dead, yet shall he live."
(NOTE: Either of the following Poems may be used:
Memorial Poem- "Lighted Candles"
Their candles burned night and day.
Helping others to see the way.
How God looks beyond the mere exterior.
And cast out thoughts that appear inferior.
They held their candles straight and tall,
A warmth was fell by one and all.
Their lives and glory to God's name
Yesterday, today, tomorrow the same.
Each was commissioned early in life
To serve well without any strife.
Their candles illumined at all times
In rain, snow or sunshine.
The rays of their candles were always bright;
And could be seen in the darkest night.
They were a tower of Strength upon whom one could trust;
Moving with case without any fuss.
Anchored deeply in God's Power
Sending light each minute and hour.
We thank you, God, for lights such as these,
And pray a blessing upon these spirits, please.
(SOROR RUBYE M. JAMISON, Psi Sigma. Kansas City . Missouri )
Poem - "Although the Curtain Falls"
There comes a time for all of us
When we must say good-bye,
But faith and hope and love and trust
Can never, never die
Although the curtain falls at last
Is that a cause to grieve?
The future's fairer than the past
If only we believe
And trust in God's eternal care
So when the Master calls
Let's say that life is still more fair
Although the curtain falls.
Basileus puts out the light of one of her candles: We, the Sorors of … Chapter, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, are saddened by the loss of our Soror …, who has been taken from us for a little while, but still ours to love and to remember. As the light of this candle is gone, so is the light of her life from our sorority. In the spirit of eternal love and sisterhood, we do commit this our Soror to Omega Rho, our chapter of departed Sorors.
Kind Heavenly Father , help us to bear the loss of our soror in the knowledge that Thou has claimed her spirit to be with Thine. May we remember the sweetness and generosity of her life and rejoice that we knew her. Will Thou comfort her dear ones and bless them?
May we be guided in thoughtful service, to them and may the ways of shared sorrow bind us all closer together through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Amen .
Close with Sorority Hymn.
Rhoer Ceremony
Leaders: You are about to witness the induction ceremony of these girls into the Rhoer Club. The organization is an affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, with the sole emphasis upon molding fine characters and beautiful personalities of our teenage youths . It is of extreme importance to stress high scholastic standards, active participation in cultural and civic circles and good clean recreational facilities. These are goals of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated.
Each girl will approach the platform with a lighted candle and say:
I am …
I attend … High School.
My hobby is …
Leader: Now you have met our girls.
Leader will face the girls arranged in a semi-circle.
Leader: What is your purpose here today?
Girls, in unison: We want to be active members of the Rhoers Club.
Leader: By what merits do you desire such action?
Girls: We are interested in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. We believe the sorority is interested in US.
Leader: We are and will make every effort to prove ourselves.
Girls: We agree to come to the meetings regularly.
Leader: Good.
Girls: We agree to improve our scholastic standards.
Leader: By that token you make yourselves eligible for scholarships.
Girls: We agree to be loyal to our church, to our home, to our school and to abide by the rules of the club.
Leader: By virtue of your promises you are members of this Rhoer Club.
Follow Induction Ceremony with short program.
Each member is presented the pin.
Philo Induction Ceremony
The President of Philos presides.
President gives introduction of new members.
President (or appointee) gives welcome, brief history and aims of the Philos.
Philo (Sigma) Advisor gives welcome brief history and programs of Sigma Gamma Rho .
Each new member is given a small candle and is asked to light her candle from the President’s candle.
NOTE: The president's candle is larger than those given the new members.
Close with Philo pledge and prayer.
Each new member shall be pinned and given a handbook and membership certificate.
I hereby pledge my wholehearted support to Sigma Philos; to cooperate in every way to uphold the standards for which this group was organized. I  will give my best always to further the cause morally, spiritually, and financially.
I shall at al times be loyal to Sigma Philos and at no time will I bring discredit to this organization.
Pearl Ceremony
Welcome by the presiding officer
Other portions of the ceremony may be read or led by the presiding officer or her designee.
Introduce officers and members
Sigma Creed (unison).
We believe in Sigma Gamma Rho, symbolized by royal blue and gold, which represent the true spirit of Sigma, a Sorority devoted to motivating youth to greater achievements, wholesome living, inspired actions, and exploring new horizons.
We represent women bound together in thought and effort toward common purposes of self-improvement, uplifting young people, and rendering service wherever needed.
We believe in service to one another, our sorors, our youth, our families, and our country.
We further believe that these things are possible through "Greater Service, Greater Progress”.
Presiding Officer: Ye have passed the requirements set forth. Now, one by one, ye shall come
into the inner circle and there prove that your lessons are well learned.
Candle Ceremony
The goals and purposes of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority are symbolized by the seven candles that you see in front of you.
First, I will light the royal blue candle. Repeal after me: Blue signifies duty and loyalty for which we all aspire.
Second, I will light the gold candle. Repeat after me: By adopting this color, we encourage high standards of scholarship.
Third, I will light the red candle. Repeat after me: Its rays point to an open field of education which allows us to make a more adequate contribution to the great work of the world.
Fourth, I will light the lavender candle. Repeat after me: This can signifies the light of faith, hope, and trust. Surely no nobler purpose can be pursued than to seek these attributes for others and ourselves.
Fifth, I will light the green candle, the light of action. Repeat after me: Green symbolizes life and growth. In adopting it we strive to make some contribution of service for growth and progress in the wider community.
Sixth, I will light the orange candle. Repeat after me: The orange candle is the symbol of the heart's fire. We must keep it aglow with understanding, tolerance, and love.
Seventh, I will light my while candle and ask that you light your white candle from mine.
Pause for lighting of individual white candles.
By lighting your white candles you are accepting the principles of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. I ask you as new members if you understand and accept the purposes of Sigma Gamma Rho.
New Members will repeat in unison: Yes, we have studied the aims and purposes of Sigma Gamma Rho and we accept them as a guide for our own endeavors.
Candles are extinguished.
Explanation of the Coat of Arms
The Lamp of Learning and The Quill symbolize Higher Education.
The Serpent of the Medical Staff symbolizes the slogan "United We Stand, Divided We Fall."
The Two Stars symbolize the virtues of Light and Achievement.
The Skull and Crossbones symbolize The Call.
The Fasces (bundle of Slicks containing an ax with the blade projecting) is the Symbol of Authority.
Explanation of the Official Badge (designated chapter member): The pin is an open book representing knowledge. The foundation of the whole pin is a torch, which represents the existence of the organization.
The beacons are rays that point to the open field of education. Ten pearls on the edge of the book signify our seven charter members and the three virtues: faith, hope, and love. The two rubies stand for light and achievement. The Sigma Gamma Rho member wears the official badge with the chapter guard pin.
Correct Wearing of the Official Badge: Place the thumb of the right hand on the thyroid cartilage at the base of the neck and extend the small finger diagonally downward over the heart. Place the open book in location and the chapter guard pin just below the sorority pin. The pin should always be worn with the torch pointing upward on the dress. The pin is never worn on an outer (top) coat, tee shirt, or with pants.
Pinning of New Sorors - to be performed by mentors
Pledge - to be repeated in unison
Slogan - to be repeated in unison
Sorority Hymn
Note: The Chapter should obtain a poster size picture of the coat of arms for use in the explanation of the shield.