Pi Kappa Delta
Initiation Ritual

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The members of Pi Kappa Delta, all wearing black gowns, will assemble themselves In the form of a large triangle (with one open side); the Cancellarius holding a lighted candle, at the top of the triangle; the Triangularius holding a lighted candle at the angle to the left of the Cancellarius; the Malleatorius, holding a lighted candle, at the angle to the right of the Cancellarius.
The Triangularius will also hold in one hand a triangle (and the Malleatorius a representation of the Pi Kappa Delta key; The Cancellarius shall hold a gavel.) Seats for the candidates, to the required number, will be placed (just outside of the lines of the triangle between the Malleatorius and the Triangularius). The other brethren of the Order will seat themselves along the other two sides of the triangle. Two guards will remain without with the candidates and will blindfold them.
When all is in readiness, let deep silence fall upon the Order. After a due pause, let the Malleatorius give three slow knocks upon the door to signify that all is in readiness. The guards without will reply with three soft knocks. The Triangularius will open the door. The guards will lead the candidates slowly to their appointed places, after which they will take their places in the triangle. Silence will be observed for a little time. Then will follow in order:
Ritual of Initiation
Cancellarius: Hear ye the words of the Philosopher: "Persuasion is the chief end of Rhetoric. The art of the lawyer, the art of the orator, and the art of the conversationalist, may be called in one word the art of Persuasion. This Persuasion, or faith, is one of the faculties of the soul."
"Yet hold it more humane, more heavenly, first,
By winning words to conquer willing hearts,
And make persuasion do the work of fear."
Malleatorius: Hear ye the words of the Poet: "A thing of Beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Pull of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
"Beauty is truth, and truth beauty—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
Triangularius: Hear ye the words of the Sage:
"Justice is a virtue of the soul, distributing that which each person deserves. Justice is Truth in action. There is no virtue so truly great and godlike as Justice."
"But the sunshine rays shall light the sky,
As round and round we run;
Truth shall ever come uppermost.
And Justice shall be done.”
At the conclusion of the reading of these passages, let there be a pause during which Malleatorius and Triangularius will remove the bandages from the eyes of the candidates.
Cancellarius: Brethren of our beloved Order, we are assembled for the purpose of receiving into our number these persons naming them. That they may know better the high ideals for which our Order stands, let us rehearse in your and their presence some of its alms and purposes.
Recognizing that in the instrument of speech man has been granted a wondrous power which from time immemorial he has exercised either for the betterment of his fellows or for their destruction; and realizing the great influence that he wields and the deep responsibility resting upon him who possesses in high degree this power, it has seemed good to the founders of this Order to band together into one group such men (and women) in this our beloved Alma Mater as have demonstrated their ability to use effectively this gift, and such as at the same time by their walk and conversation have given evidence of sterling worth of character and of high ideals in life.
Upon such as belong to the Order, therefore, rests the duty of furthering within our collegiate halls, by all lawful means In their power, the advancement of those great arts of speech practiced in high/ perfection down through the ages. Upon us rests the obligation of raising high standards and of maintaining worthy ideals; of promoting the spirit of fair play and broad-mindedness in all our relations; and of being to our best selves true that we may not then be false to any man.
I have spoken.
Brethern: Thou hast spoken.
Malleatorius, addressing the candidates: Ye have heard from the most eminent, the Cancellarius, of the high ideals of our Order, and of the deep responsibilities resting upon those who take the vows of entrance into lts ranks. Is it, therefore, your desire to be initiated further into the mysteries and into the full membership of the Order?
Candidates: That is our desire.
Triangularlus, addressing the candidates: Most eminent and worthy Cancellarius, having duly investigated, I am satisfied as to the sound principles and high ideals of this neophyte, and have found in his past conduct evidence of fitness for membership in Our Order. Therefore, I do hereby present them to you for initiation into our most solemn mysteries and to take the vow required for membership.
Triangularius and Malleatorius bring the candidates forward.
Cancellarius: Brethren of our Order, ye have heard how these persons have been questioned by our brother Malleatorius and commended to us by our brother Triangularius. If any one of you knows any just reason why these persons should not be admitted to our Order, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.
Pause. If there be no objection, Cancellarius will proceed.
Cancellarius: Attend, then, and repeat this vow of obligation and allegiance to Pi Kappa Delta: I, …, in the presence of the Great Unseen and these my visible witnesses,  solemnly vow upon my sacred honor that I will at all times cheerfully abide by the constitution and the rules and regulations of Pi Kappa Delta; that I will neglect no reasonable opportunity to promote forensic endeavor; That I will be fair, honest, and courteous toward all rivals and opponents; that I will work in every laudable way to further the interests of Pi Kappa Delta;  that I will cherish its members in bonds of friendship, and that I will ever strive in a manner worthy of the high ideals of character which it represents.
Cancellarius: Brethren of our noble Order, the neophytes have spoken the vow of obligation.
Brethren: They have spoken.
Cancellarius: Hear, now, from our brother Triangularius, the mystery of the triangle, of the three candles, and of the three letters.
Triangularius: Attend. O neophytes. The first candle and letter signify "Peitho," or the art of Persuasion, that greatest of arts wielded by the tongue of man. In joining our Order you do pledge yourself to use your influence to promote the arts of human speech, more especially in this your Alma Mater, for the edifying of your fellows and for the well-being of the community.
The second candle and letter signify "Kale," or beautiful, a word which reminds us of Beauty, the greatest of all arts, the ideal whose ultimate realization will be found only in Heaven. In joining our Order you do pledge yourself, so far as in you lies, to strive after this ideal in your life and in your work, and to help those who likewise strive.
The third candle and letter signify "Dikaia," or Just, a word which reminds us of Justice. In joining our Order you do pledge yourself to stand for fair play and broadmindedness, and to promote that spirit as far as your influence may extend.
Hear ye further the significance of the triangle. The triangle is in architectural art the symbol of strength and endurance, in musical art an instrument of beauty and harmony, and in mathematical science a design, just and accurate. To the members of Pi Kappa Delta the triangle symbolizes the strength and endurance of our Order, the beauty and harmony of its fellowship, and the just and accurate design upon which it honors the followers of persuasion. Behold, the brethren of Pi Kappa Delta stand before you and represent the triangle.
You stand without the triangle, but in becoming a member of Pi Kappa Delta you are admitted into it.
I have spoken.
Brethren: Thou hast spoken.
Cancellarius: The mysteries of the three letters Pi Kappa Delta, the initial letters of "Peitho, Kale, Dikaia," the Greek phrase signifying the art of persuasion, beautiful and just, and of the triangle have now been revealed in your hearing. Attend again and hear from our brother Malleatorius the signification and deep symbolism of our key.
Malleatorius: Attend, O neophytes. — This, the key, as ye well know, is that which unlocks or opens, so in our high Order it is symbolic of the fact that the forensic endeavor which we promote opens, to those who engage therein, the door of opportunity to enter upon a broader, fuller life, and to use their influence toward the realization of high ideals.
The parts of the key have also deep significance. Mark ye this well. The ring is a symbol of Unity, of the bond of brotherhood. By it we are drawn together in truest friendship, being thereby given strength to accomplish things which none can do alone.
The ring also symbolizes eternity, signifying that the influence of endeavor toward high ideals can never die.
The upper set which denotes the order to which a brother belongs is symbolic of Coherence. By this symbol are our actions harmoniously co-ordinated.
The Eye, the emblem of vision, is the symbol of Clearness, an essential quality in those arts which we practice and uphold. It also has deep fraternal meaning. As brethren it means that we endeavor to see eye to eye with one another, and that we cultivate that sympathy and breadth of mental and spiritual vision which will lead us individually and corporately to a higher plane of thought and action. Inasmuch as the Diamond is the brightest and clearest of all gems, it is fitting that it should be worn only by those who have farthest advanced in our great Order.
The heavy Point denotes Emphasis. It further signifies that we, the brethren of this Order, do endeavor, so far as in us lies, to emphasize those things for which the Order stands.
Hence you see that in this our key we have united all those qualities which are the foundation stones of the Art of Rhetoric as expounded by that Ancient Sage of Greece, Aristotle—may his name be held in generation by our Order. Ye do likewise understand that the symbols relate most weightily to ourselves as brethren of the Order, and that he who pronounces the vows of Pi Kappa Delta highly resolves to live his life in accordance with its ideals.
I have spoken.
Brethren: Thou hast spoken.
Cancellarius: Do ye understand, then, the high ideals and aims of Peitho Kale Dikaia, to which you have vowed allegiance.
Candidates: We do.
Then drop on one knee, holding both hands out with palms upward. Cancellarius comes down. Triangularius and Malleatorius go to right and left of Cancellarius. They give the triangle and the gavel to Cancellarius, who lays them on the open hands of candidates and then placing tips of fingers on candidates' shoulders says:
Cancellarius: Finally, brother, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think of these things.
Taking the triangle in his left hand he holds it above candidate’s head, and with gavel in his right hand, he touches candidate's left shoulder, saying, "Peitho"; touching his head, he says "Kale"; touching his right shoulder, he says "Dikaia," He then gives gavel to Triangularius, and crossing his hands grasps candidate by both hands and helps his to his feet, saying: Rise, …, I greet thee as my brother and as a brother of the Order of Peitho, Kale, Dikaia.
Cancellarius, after all candidates are upon their feet: Brethren of the Order, welcome this brother and give him the double handshake of love and honor. I have spoken.
Brethren: Thou hast spoken.
Triangularius and Malleatorius take each new brother around to each of the brethren for greeting and the double handshake, repeating, Peitho, Kale, Dikaia. The double handshake is given with the hands crossed, three times, repeating the words "Peitho, Kale, Dikaia" at each shake. The grip may be taught at this time. In giving it, two members In shaking hands extend their index fingers up to one another's wrists, giving with these fingers three slight taps.
They then take the new members back to a seat.