Phi Mu
Initiation Ritual


Pledging Ritual
PRESIDENT, **   ***   *: The chapter will please come to order.
Gives signal to members to rise.
Our pledges will now be brought in.
PRESIDENT: We are here today to pledge these new sisters to Phi Mu. Let us begin our service by repeating the Lord's Prayer in unison.
Please be seated.
That you may understand the organization to which you are pledging yourselves, you will hear a brief history of Phi Mu.
Chapter Historian shall read the following historical sketch:
HISTORIAN: Phi Mu, the second oldest secret organization for women in our country, was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, on the fourth day of January, 1852, and two months later, on March fourth, 1852, formal announcement of the founding was made. March fourth is always celebrated by Phi Mu in memory of her three Founders, Mary Dupont Lines,
Mary Myrick Daniel, and Martha Hardaway Redding. The organization when first founded was called the Philomathean Society, and this name was kept until August twenty-third, 1904, when a charter was obtained from the State of Georgia and a second chapter was installed as Beta Chapter or Phi Mu Fraternity al Hollins College, Hollins, Virginia. Since then, always keeping true to the ideals of her Founders, Phi Mu has extended from South to North, from East to West and now has … collegiate chapters, … alumnae chapters and clubs, and more than … members.
Through the devoted efforts of her members Phi Mu Fraternity has grown into a strong national organization. Phi Mus may point with pride to the honored place their Fraternity holds in the National Panhellenic Conference.
TREASURER: A sound financial program has been developed through the establishment of reserve and endowment funds, among which are the Alpha Memorial Fund and Social Service Fund. Loans from the Alpha Memorial Fund have enabled many worthy members to complete their undergraduate studies or to enter graduate work; scholarships have offered special opportunities to a limited number of qualified and outstanding members. The Social Service Fund has made possible a national and international social service program, while members at the local level support a country-wide program of "Service to Children."
Because the spirit of Phi Mu inspires her members to serve others, a Three-Star Service Program was adopted at the Centennial Convention in 1952. This Program unifies Phi Mu's social service activities on the international, national, and local levels; honors our three Founders; and symbolizes three attributes─Love, because it is the basis of service; Aid, because the needy and unfortunate look to us for help; Faith. Because without it no World can
PRESIDENT: You who are pledging yourselves this day to Phi Mu, have you thought seriously of the meaning of the word "pledge"? A pledge is a promise, a security, a contract. The worth of any pledge is the honor of the one who gives it. The achievements of devoted, able and cultured women, for over five score years, stand behind the pledge to Phi Mu makes to you. What stands behind your pledge to Phi Mu? The vigor and high courage, the eagerness and undaunted confidence of youth─these priceless forces are yours to place behind your given word. Your pledge is. a promise of Service, of Sacrifice, and of Loyalty.
PLEDGE DIRECTOR: Service for Phi Mu. How can we serve Phi Mu? By devoting our hearts, our hands, and our minds to the fulfillment of her high ideals. By willing service in maintaining secrecy regarding Fraternity Ritual and by cheerful obedience to Fraternity rulings. We can also serve in the wide circle of college life by adhering to Phi Mu’s high standards and thus reflect honor upon our Fraternity.
TREASURER: Sacrifice for Phi Mu. Sacrifice of smaller more personal aims when by so doing the larger aims of the Fraternity may be accomplished.
SECRETARY: Loyalty to Phi Mu. Loyalty to the ideals and traditions of Phi Mu; desire to enhance the beauty of Fraternity relationship through deep loyalty to every member of this chapter; seeking personally after true knowledge, since through love of wisdom and right thinking is one given the vision true loyalty.
PRESIDENT: And now, as you give your pledge and enter our Fraternity, are you prepared to assimilate the meanings of our Bond, to join in the pleasures of our Sisterhood with joy, to perform all duties required of you with pride, and to accept your share in those greater claims which humanity will make upon you as a college fraternity woman, with willingness of service, which precludes all thought of self?
Have plegde list ready.
PRESIDENT calls pledge group, one by one, to altar using full name: , come to the altar, wait for her to come to altar, place your right hand on the Book or God and repeat after me: I, … full name, do solemnly promise on my word or honor, to keep the pledge which I now make to Phi Mu, to be guided by its precepts, to uphold its ideals, and to perform, conscientiously, all the duties entrusted to my care. I, considering myself in honor bound to this Sisterhood, shall do all in my power to be worthy of this trust.
Above oath shall be given to each pledge alone.
PRESIDENT: Before we give you the outward symbol of the pledge which you have just taken you will hear the Creed, by which all the sisters of our Bond are striving to mold their lives and which will henceforth be your Creed.
The Chaplain shall read the creed.
PRESIDENT: You will now come to the altar to receive the emblem of our trust.
All pledges come forward and stand in a row before the altar. While the Pledge Director pins on their pledge pins, the President continues: As the expression of the compact made this day we entrust to you this shield, which symbolizes our protection to you. Upon it is the Greek letter Phi, the first letter of the Greek word Famezo, which means “promise.”
When all have received pins, the President continues: Guard it carefully for it is the key which unlocks the door of deep mysteries and abiding truths.
And now we place in your hand a candle, rose tinted with the hue of promise and lacking only the spark that will set it alight. Approach the Grecian lamp, which through the ages has symbolized physical, intellectual and spiritual light, and touch your candle to the golden flame. May this be the visible token of the kindling within your hearts of that spiritual fire of loyalty to this Sisterhood and to the ideals for which it stands.
When pledges have filed to tha altar, receiving from the Chapter President an unlighted candle and lighting it at the lamp, President shall signal chapter to rise and the Pledge Director and Secretary shall lead pledges to form a circle (do not join hands) with the chapter members in the outer aisles of the chapel. All shall remain  standing in this circle while a member sings “A Pledge to Phi Mu”.
PRESIDENT: You, who have today pledged your word to this Sisterhood, come nigh and place your lighted candle on the altar of Phi Mu.
The Pledge Director and Secretary shall again lead the pledges to the altar where each shall place her candle in candlestick. They shall be led back to the corcle and members shall sing softly and slowly the Benediction. Sing only the song. Do not repeat the words of the Mizpah. Members nearest the exit shall then quietly lead the procession by twos from the room. Soft recessional music is suggested.
Initiation Ritual
President, Spirit of Phi Mu, and Doorkeeper shall take their places alone in the room, with President standing behind the Phi Mu altar and Sprirt of Phi Mu behind the Alumnae Shrine. Members shall be admitted one by one, giving knock and password to door keeper. Each, when she has entered the room shall give the sign to the President, who will give it simultaneously with her. Both pronouncing the words “One Hand, One Heart, One Destiny.” Members shall be seated immediately upon entering or, if participating officers, shall take their assigned stations. When all have entered:
PRESIDENT: Sisters, we of … Chapter of Phi Mu have met today to initiate … number pledges into our Bond. We all know the depth and sacredness that this companionship has had for us; and in order that it may mean as much to each of our initiates, we must by our reverence and promptness make the impression of this service vital and lasting. Will the guards please conduct the pledges to us.
The guards shall leave the room. When there are less than eight initiates, only one guard and one pledge at a time shall be admitted by the Doorkeeper; when there are eight or more initiates, two gueards and two pledges shall be admitted at the same time by the Doorkeeper. Guards shall conduct the initiates to the room and give the knock as a signal to the Doorkeeper. The Doorkeeper shall give the sign (gestures only) to the President as a signal that the initiates are waiting. The President shall give the sign (gestures only) in return. Immediately the chapter, remaining seated, shall sing the “Initiation Song” before the initiates are conducted into the room.
Ath the conclusion of the song, The Doorkeeper shall admit guards and pledges, guards having given the password, Song may be sung as many times as chapter deems advisable, but must be sung at least once before pledges are admitted and again after all have entered. If not sung for each entrance, Doorkeeper shall admit guards and pledges following return of sign by President.
GUARD, giving sign to President:Full name of pledge, Faithful Sisters, who desires to be received into the Bond of Phi Mu.
2nd GUARD repeats procedure followed by first guard.
CHAPTER, seated and not making gestures for the sign: One Hand, One Heart, One Destiny.
PRESIDENT: Please repeat after me, the following vow: “I do solemnly promise, on my word of honor, to keep strictly secret all the proceedings of this initiation.
Guards shall conduct pledges to chairs rseserved for initiates and seat them. The foregoing ceremony shall be repeated until all are admitted. Soft music shall be played all through the entrance ceremony.
PRESIDENT: You have signified your desire, to enter the Bond at Phi Mu. In taking this step, you assume new responsibilities and may enjoy the privileges of a new relationship. With us you form a sacred covenant. In order that you may understand the solemnity of this covenant, our Chaplain will read to you the passage of Scripture from which Phi Mu derives her inspiration, and you shall learn of its associations with our Fraternity.
CHAPLAIN reads Genesis 31: 44-46; 48, 49 ; 52.
CHAPLAIN: The covenant is the covenant which you are entering today. It is vital and enduring. It is the promise of loyalty and service which you give to Phi Mu.
“And Jacob took a Stone" … the stone upon which Phi Mu is founded is the rock of purity of thought and earnestness of purpose.
And as the brethren took stones and made an heap, so will Phi Mu grow stronger and greater through the efforts of even the least of us. The allegiance which you pledge to Phi Mu is the covenant which you make with this chapter this day. The faithfulness which you pledge to us extends to all Phi Mus everywhere. And the promise you give to each one is embodied in this passage of the Scripture: "I will not pass over this heap to thee and thou shall not pass over this heap to me for harm." This is our Bond.
The key word of these verses is "Mizpah", which in Hebrew means "watch.” "The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent, one from another."
"Go thou thy way and I go mine,
Apart yet not afar;
Only a thin veil hangs between
The pathways where we are.
And God keep watch 'tween thee and me,
This is my prayer;
He looketh thy way, He looketh mine,
And keeps us near.
I'll leave thee to the care of Him
Who canes for thee and me,"
PRESIDENT:  In loving respect to our Founders, and in recognition of the debt we owe to them and to those who have since kept pure Spirit of Phi Mu, let us turn our eyes to the Alumnae Shrine.
Gives knocks as signal for all to rise. Guards shall remove blindfolds and lead initiates to form semi-circle in front of alumnae shrine.
SPIRIT OF PHI MU: I represent the Spirit of Phi Mu ─ the spirit which lives in the hearts of her alumnae. In their behalf I bid you welcome to our ranks. Since 1852 the Spirit of Phi Mu has been preserved with loving care. Noble women have upheld her ideals, built her strong and true and brought into her Bond, new Sisters who recognize and appreciate the beauty and strength of lasting union. See that you are worthy of the confidence placed in you, so that in the days to come you may take your place with honor among the alumnae of Our Fraternity. I now touch with fire these pure white candles in token of the light which Phi Mu kindle in our hearts and in loving recognition of these our Founders: she lights candles with Grecian lamp, mentioning a name as each one catches the flame Mary Dupont Lines, Mary Myrick Daniel, and Martha Hardaway Redding.
In humility of spirit, loftiness of purpose and sincerity of heart may you emulate these Philomatheans in service, and in pursuit of knowledge, and in nobility of character. May the lives of our alumnae be an inspiration to you, and may their blessing rest upon you.
President gives signal to the chapter to be seated.
Guards will return pledges to their seats, but keep them standing facing the Phi Mu altar.
PRESIDENT: Pledges of … Chapter, please repeat together the Creed of Phi Mu.
President may repeat Creed with initiates.
PRESIDENT: Do you accept this Creed as a guide for noble living?
President gives signal to be seated; guards prepare to conduct the pledges to the altar as they are called by the President; guards will remain standing behind the pledges as the Oath is taken. Soft music shall be played during the entire time the Oath is being given to the initiates.
PRESIDENT: full name, come to the Phi Mu Altar, wait for pledge to reach altar.
Kneel, place you r hand upon the Book of God, and repeat after me:
"I, full name, do solemnly promise/ to be worthy/ of the honor and trust/ given into my keeping./ I shall always endeavor/ by purity of thought,/ earnestness of purpose,/ and willing service/ to attain Phi Mu's ideal─Noble Womanhood./ I shall remember the covenant/ which I have entered this night/ and which binds me to these sisters/ for all time/ in love and service./ I accept and promise/ to abide by the laws of this Fraternity./ I promise/ to the utmost of my ability/ and unto the end of my days/ to promote the interests/ and to up hold the dignity/ of this, my Fraternity/ pledging to her my loving allegiance.
When each initiate shall have received the Oath of Allegiance, the President continues.
PRESIDENT:  Now that you have pledged allegiance to our Bond, it is your right to learn of the deeper meanings embodied in Phi Mu's Ritual. Remember that the truths you learn tonight of Phi Mu are the Fraternity's secrets and see that you guard them well. The knock, the password, the sign, the flower, and the colors will now be revealed to you.
RECORDING SECRETARY, steps forward from her place ans stands between the altars: The knock is **   ***   *. It is always given guardedly before entering a room where Phi Mu is holding a service or a meeting.
Our password is "Mizpah", meaning "watch." This serves to remind us of the secrecy with which we must guard Phi Mu's mysteries. After giving the knock and before entering the room, you must give this password in a low voice to the Doorkeeper.
Our sign is … she shall make the sign, pronouncing the words as she does so One Hand, One Heart, One Destiny, the secret motto of Phi Mu. After being admitted by the Doorkeeper you must make this sign to the President who will respond in the same manner.
Phi Mu's flower is the rose carnation, which in the language of flowers means Woman's Love or Sisterhood.
You have already had the privilege of wearing the rose and white. Now you will learn their meaning. The rose symbolizes the social aspects of our companionship, and the confidence which enables us to trust our sisters not only with our sorrows, but with our hopes and joys as well. The white symbolizes the depth of purpose which underlies the joys of fraternity, comradeship and the purity of character which is our ideal. Together they form the Bond of Friendship which unites all Phi Mus.
PRESIDENT: You will now learn the symbols of our coat-of-arms.
PLEDGE DIRECTOR, stands behind the small altar upon which stands framed copy of coat-of-arms, lighted by a single 16-inch white candle in star shaped candle block. She points to the symbols of the coat-of-arms as she speaks of them: Besides the flower and colors, Phi Mu is known among other fraternities by the  coat-of-arms and badge. The insignia or Phi Mu are the lions; the shield; the three stars; the lamp; the badge; the hans, the heart, the colors, and the metal; and the bond bearing our open motto.
Before you is Phi Mu’s coat-of-arms. Two lions uphold the shield bearing the most sacred symbols of our Fraternity. They typify strength; the strength of the individual member and of the whole Fraternity. It is the strength of purpose, the moral and spiritual strength of her members, which makes it possible for Phi Mu to hold her high place in the Fraternity World. It is the strength of a great ideal which holds Phi Mus one to the other. Keep strong hands, strong hearts and strong ideals. Strong girls make strong chapters, and in her chapters lies the strength of Phi Mu, which alone keeps unblemished the fair shield upheld by the lions. The shield is the symbol of protection which Phi Mu offers to each of us.
Upon the shield are emblazoned three golden stars against a red background as symbols of the secret motto of Phi Mu; One Hand ─ the hand of perfect friendship; One Heart ─ full of love for our sisters; and One Destiny ─ Ideal Womanhood. Below the stars upon the shield is the badge. The lamp of knowledge crowns the shield, shedding its light over the lions and the badge. Below the lamp is the torse or “wreath of colors", bespeaking the romantic aspects of group life, "Or" and "gules" and "sable" shine forth upon our arms. "Or" which is the gold of the sun, stands for light and learning and the nobility of our purpose; "gules" is the rose colored symbol of courage; "sable" is black, the color of night, and symbolic of the secrecy, with which we must guard Phi Mu's mysteries.
At the feet of the lions, binding them together, is the bond bearing our open motto “Les Soeurs Fideles” or “Faithful Sisters.” As this bond unites, the lions, showing that in union alone there is strength, so the Faithful Sisters of Phi Mu are bound one to another to uphold the shield and lamp and to guard forever the ideals of our Fraternity.
PRESIDENT:  The symbols of our badge will now be revealed to you.
TREASURER, stands behind the small altar upon which stands a framed copy of the badge, lighted by a single 16-inch white candle in star shaped crystal candle block; she shall point to the symbols as she speaks of them:  Our badge is a small golden shield, overlaid with a black shield bearing two bonds, a hand clasping a heart, and the two Greek letters─Phi Mu. These signs are a mystery to others. The odd shape of our badge is due to its formation from four hearts─those of the three Founders and yours fused in the fire of love and welded into one.
Four hearts are to be outlined with small pointer or finger.
The two bonds symbolize the covenant made again today, and the chain of loving hearts which are joined in Phi Mu. From South to North it reaches, from East to West, and each of us is but a link. Watch, therefore, that your link in the great chain be ever strong and bright. The hand clasping the heart is the hand of Phi Mu , which tenderly and firmly holds your heart within its clasp, protecting you from all unworthiness and shielding you with its strength.
The three stars represent our three Founders who, feeling the need of true sisterly companionship, organized our Fraternity so long ago. Just as the beams of distant stars reach and guide us on our way, so the inspiration of the comradeship of those three Faithful Sisters has come to us through all the years. Their memory must ever be an incentive to you and whenever you look at the three stars may they be a reminder of the three Ideals upon which our Fraternity is founded─Love, Honor, and Truth.
President gives the knock as signal to members to rise; she then steps from behind the altar and stands in the gateway to the altar. Chapter members standing in outer circle shall join hands, moving to altar rail where hands may be joined across the rail with officers who have come forward, but inside the altar rail, thus forming a complete circle, with the president and the initiates, with their guards directly behind them, inside the circle, in order that the effect of keeping the outside world from looking in upon the revelation may be brought about.
PRESIDENT, **   ***   *: … Chapter, I bid you form the Circle of Unity around these new sisters that we may reveal to them the most solemn secrets of Phi Mu.
As the President personally holds the revelation card for a brief time before each initiate, she says:
Look with reverent eyes upon this revelation of the meaning of Phi Mu . . . words Eternal Friendship too sacred ever to be spoken or written except in this way and at such time.
President shall pronounce the words in Greek en English very slowly.
PRESIDENT: Study this Sign carefully. Let these words be indelibly impressed upon your minds and engraved upon your hearts so that they shall be a living part of you forever.
When all initiates shall have studied the sign, the President shall return it to the altar, where he shall light it from the three candles in silver candlesticks and burn it to ashes in the large silver bowl. In order that initiates shall see the procedure, officers shall return to their stations behind the altars. When the sign has been completely burned to ashes:
PRESIDEN: Let these ashes takes a few in her fingers and lets them fall slowly back into the bowl impress upon you the secrecy with which those words must always be guarded.
The President shall give the knock as a signal to the chapter members that they may be seated. When all are seated the guards shall signify to their initiates that they shall stand. As the President places the headband on each initiate, each guard shall adjust it properly on the head of the initiate. As the President vests the initiates with the bands she resumes speaking:
PRESIDENT: By virtue of the authority vested in me as President of … Chapter, and in recognition of your admission to membership in our Bond, I now invest you with these three Grecian headbands, which shall henceforth consecrate you to the three ideals of Phi Mu─Love, Honor, Truth.
After all have received the headbands, the President continues:
I now give you the grip, which is the seal of our Bond , in acknowledgment of your claim to the full rights and privileges of Phi Mu.
While the President is giving the grip to all initiates the chapter shall continue to sing “The Grip Song”.
PRESIDENT: And now as the outward symbol of your allegiance to our Bond and of Phi Mu's acceptance or your pledged oath, you will receive the badge of our Sisterhood. In giving you this badge we entrust to you Phi Mu’s most sacred emblem. We give it to you unblemished because we think you worthy of the trust. See that you keep it fair. Let your best self for this is the obligation that Phi Mu imposes in giving her supreme emblem into your keeping.
The Pledge Director shall remove the pledge pins, replacing them with the badges which shall be handed to her from the silver jewel case on the altar by the Treasurer. Each initiate, conducted by her guard, shall step in front of the altar to be pinned. When pins are all exchanged, the President shall resume:
PRESIDENT:: This badge is the symbol of all that is true and good, noble and uplifting. Wear it always directly over your heart, and always bear in mind those high ideals for which it stands. May it ever be your shield against all unworthiness and the lamp lighting you to greater heights. May Phi Mu ever be the hand that clasps your heart, protecting its purest sentiments and directing its inclinations, so that you may grow to be the noblest woman that it is possible for you to become.
The President shall step around into the gateway, the Pledge Director, and other officers shall stand on either side of the altars but not in front of them.
PRESIDENT: I now declare you members of Phi Mu Fraternity. Remember that you stand on the rock of truth, that the lions will guard your footsteps through life and that you have placed your heart forever in the safe-keeping of Phi Mu. Here, upon Phi Mu's altar stand three lighted candles symbolic of the candles by which. not long ago, you pledged to Phi Mu your service . . . sacrifice . . . and loyalty, still glowing in the beauty of your faithfulness to our Sisterhood. Never let the way grow dark through any fault of yours, and though you guard our mysteries with the secrecy of darkness, let your pathway be illuminated with the glory of your continued service and loyalty to Phi Mu
The President shall give the knock as a signal fro the members to stand.
Approach, now, Phi Mu’s altar, where in its own language, the carnation reveals our deep and abiding love for you ─ the spirit of our Circle of Unity.
Members in a circle shall move again to the altar rail, leaving a space on either side of the alumnae shrine for initiates and guards to join the circle at that point. As initiate receives a carnation, she with her guard, will proceed to the rear of the room taking her place in Circle of Unity as indicated above. Officers shall step to the altar rail and join hands with members nearest the rail. When the Circle of Unity is complete, including the new initiates, the President shall say:
PRESIDENT: May the Lord watch between me and thee.
MEMBERS: While we are absent, one from another.
"Holy Father, great and true,
Look upon our dear Phi Mu
And until we meet once more
Grant thy blessing, we implore.
Two designated members nearest the exit shall lead the recessional, all following with bowed heads singing very softly.
Until the last member has left the room, the humming shall continue, and there shall be no greeting of new members until the last one has left the initiation room and closed the door.