Phi Delta Delta
Initiation Ritual

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Initiation Service
The Phi Delta Delta is conducted from memory by the five Chapter Officers, High Priestess, Priestess, Registrar, Chancellor and Chaplain, who wear the authorized gown of the Fraternity, and who stand behind the altar in the order given below. The customary setting is given below but some deviations from this are permissible to meet conditions peculiar to the locality in which the initiation is held. The room is softly lighted, preferably only by the candles on and in back of the altar. There may be soft music, if desired.
Sponsor gives five knocks; a doorkeeper opens the door. Members of the fraternity are standing grouped around the room facing the altar. Sponsor leads candidate into room and up to chancellor, then steps away. Chancellor thereupon leads  candidate before high priestess and says: Before you, High Priestess, is Candidate ..., who according to our custom, was voted upon and, having received the unanimous approval of all active members, was duly pledged and by wearing our pledge pin has shown her willingness and desire to become a member of this Fraternity. She now awaits further instructions.
High Priestess speaks to Candidate: ..., I wish to impress upon you the seriousness of the step you are about to take. Joining our Fraternity means lifelong friendship and loyalty to those who are now members and to those who may become members. You have been asked to join this Order with the unanimous consent of all active members of this Chapter, but if for any reason you do not wish to proceed into membership, it is not too late to withdraw now before you take the Oath. Hearing all this do you still wish to become a member of PHI DELTA DELTA?
Answer: I do.
High Priestess: Do you pledge faithfully to keep the Oath and secrets of this Order and never to reveal that which has taken place or will take place to-night?
Answer: I do.
High Priestess: I now present to you, Chaplain, this Candidate, who is ready to take the Oath of this Fraternity. .
Chaplain: Kneel; place your right hand on the Bible and repeat after me the following:
I, …, in the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses, do solemnly swear never to reveal the Oath or any of the signs, passwords or secrets of this Order. From this day I shall strive to have the stars of LOVE, LOYALTY, TRUTH, JUSTICE and WISDOM, the guiding stars of this Fraternity, direct my life.
I promise to seek the influence of LOVE so that sympathy and understanding may radiate
to others from me;  
To be loyal to all members of PHI DELTA DELTA through sickness or health, sorrow or joy, and whatever change my heart may know, to feel that the insignia of our Fraternity seals my lips to destructive criticism and binds my life to LOYALTY and helpfulness forever;
To broaden my character by living in TRUTH and reflecting its radiance in the world of business, society and home;
To strive so to live that all I say or do be truly just;
To reflect the light of WISDOM so that all my deeds may be free from hypocrisy and tempered with understanding;
So to keep these vows that the lights from our Sacred Stars may converge in me and create the warm glow of LOVE, steady fires of LOYALTY, the white light of TRUTH, beacons of JUSTICE and the clear beam of WISDOM'S ray, thus proclaiming the ideals of our Fraternity.
To all this I make a solemn oath.
Will you now rise?
Chaplain now turns to High Priestess and says: I now present to you, High Priestess, ..., who, by taking unto herself this Oath has become entitled to know the meaning of PHI DELTA DELTA and to receive the signs and passes of the Order.
High Priestess: The three Greek letters on the official Fraternity pin stand for ...; literal meaning, 'We receive light as a gift'; esoteric meaning, 'For the bounty of knowledge we look to the Father of Light'.
The five points on the Fraternity pin stand for our five Sacred Stars; LOVE, LOYALTY, TRUTH, JUSTICE and WISDOM.
Each Officer gives a message prom a star.
Chancellor: The Star of LOVE is the Morning Star of Life. Its rays light the way to success and deflect the sting of failure. LOVE is a many-sided sacrifice; it means thoughtfulness for others, gentleness, strength, patience and faithfulness.
Chaplain: LOYALTY is the seal of unity. It binds us one to the other as links in an endless chain. May we by foregoing personal desires so forge each link that this chain may withstand all strain and endure forever.
High Priestess: TRUTH is the desire of ages. It has been fixed in the Heavens through generations and by its pure white light has dispersed the shadows of ignorance and superstition.
May we have the courage to face· fearlessly the calm, unchanging radiance of this Star,
Priestess: The Star of JUSTICE is at the zenith of the Heavens. Its clear beam is the shaft upon which hang the scales wherein are balanced all influences. May we stand mute before this balance and learn not to condemn until every influence has been weighed.
Registrar: WISDOM is the Evening Star of Life. Its rays dispel uncertainty and give us knowledge and understanding. May we, by casting away all pretense, self-seeking and discontent, find freedom under the guidance of this Star:
High Priestess: From out of the darkness have risen the Stars of Light. May you be so guided by them that your character shall reflect the ideals of this Fraternity.
Our International Password is …, the Chapter Password is ….
Our colors are old rose and violet; our jewel, pearl; our flowers. roses and violets; our symbolic number, five.
Our Coat of Arms is composed of the head of Athena, our Patron Goddess, surrounded by the five Sacred Stars.
The Shield, divided into three parts, contains the Scales of Justice, balancing Truth and
Power; the Lamp of Knowledge; and the Open Book, on the first page of which is written 'Phos' meaning Light or Knowledge and on the second page, the Greek word 'Nomos' meaning Law. Below the book is the date 1911, when PHI DELTA DELTA first organized.
The Wreath of Oak Leaves stands for Strength and on the Scroll is written PHI DELTA DELTA in Greek.
The Great Seal contains the head of Athena and the five Sacred Stars.
You have heard the precepts of our Order, you know what impulse actuates our bond. I call upon you now to take the obligation which establishes your membership in PHI DELTA DELTA.
Priestess: Raise your right hand and repeat after me:
Before God and these witnesses I make this declaration. The tenets of this Order are good.
I subscribe to them willingly. I make these precepts my own. I shall strive at all times to be worthy. Into my hands the law is placed, a trust. I so accept it. To be just and to be wise in its administration shall be my constant aim. To these ends I take the teachings of this Order for my guide. And if a day should come when I am tempted to degrade our high profession, then will I recall this hour, this oath, and in the memory hereof, recharge myself with new determination' .
After all candidates have been initiated, High Priestess says: I now ask all members present to join hands and form a circle and to repeat after me the following pledge:
We, as members of PHI DELTA DELTA, pledge ourselves to uphold its ideals and to make our Fraternity an ennobling influence in the legal profession and throughout the world.
Pins and corsage bouquets are now presented to new members, High Priestess placing each pin and showing each new member the Fraternity handclasp, then presenting the bouquets of roses and violets. The old members then welcome the new and the initiation is brought to a close by all joining hands, forming a circle and singing the PHI DELTA DELTA-song.
It is then customary to have a banquet at which some member gives the PHI DELTA DELTA toast.