Omega Gamma Delta
Initiation Ritual


Ceremony of Initiation
The performance of the ritual of Initiation into the Fraternity composcs a veiy important procedure. The significance of this presentation constitutes the first serious impression that the candidate receives in his Fraternal experiences. It should never be undertaken by any chapter without rehearsal.
Where possible, and a few hours of practice will suffice, the entire procedure should be committed to the memory of the officers who are to participate. In this way, the performers will be able to look squarely into the eyes of the Candidate and honestly convince the newcomer of the sincerity of Omega and its ritual. If poorly done, the ritual of Initiation resolves itself into a mockery; and this might easily provide a negative reaction in the new member.
Every Omegaman owes to his Fraternity the service of a careful and planned ceremony of initiation. If it should be that the Brothers who are performing the ceremony are not well rehearsed in the ritual, then the candidates should be hoodwinked or blindfolded. The hoodwinks or blindfolds should be removed only after the Oath, at which time the Master-of-Ceremonies will explain the symbols of the Fraternity. The hoodwinks should not be replaced, but the candidates should remain unblinded until the end of the ritual, in this case.
Let it be impressed, however, that the preferred method is to eliminate the hoodwink or blindfold.
The paraphernalia necessary for this ceremony are as follows:
Three black gowns for Princeps, Master of Ceremonies and Escort
The Fraternity Shield.
A human skull.
Three gold stars on black background.
A tree (having three roots and several branches).
The Holy Bible.
The Official Badge.
When the paraphernalia are assembled—
The Candidate or his Escort (escort is needed for each candidate, preferably the member who sponsors the newcomer) will rap three times on the door of the meeting-room.
Master of Ceremonies: Who comes here?'
Escort: Mr. …, who has been regularly elected a member of our Order, and who now desires to receive the full rights and benefits, who comes in the same manner as all others who have passed before him.
Master of Ceremonies to Candidates: Do you truthfully state that your desire to join our Order was not prompted by selfish motives, personal gain, nor an effort to seek membership in an exclusive Body?
Candidate: I do.
Master of Ceremonies: Wait until the Princeps has been informed of your request and his answer returned.
Master of Ceremonies to Princeps: Mr. …, who has been regularly elected a member of our Order, and who has answered the required questions in a satisfactory way, now desires admission to our inner chamber.
Princeps to Master of Ceremonies: Admit him and escort him before me.
Princeps to Candidate: As you stand before me, your first official appearance in this Body, you appear to be a clean, upright man, and as such you are worthy to receive the mysteries of Omega Gamma Delta. I therefore command you to stand before the four Preceptors of our Fraternity and fear no danger.
Master of Ceremonies conducts them before the four points who are standing together in the following numerical order from right to left.
First Point to Candidate: As one who is seeking Brotherhood, let it be impressed upon you that the first point of our Fraternity embraces the virtues of Comradeship and Fidelity.
Fraternal comradeship requires that you regard your fellow-members with patient understanding of their faults, with loyal assistance in time of need, and with persevering determination to be helpful always.
Fidelity is that quality of Brotherhood that charges you with the will to display hearty allegiance to all persons, Omegamen and otherwise, to whom you are bound in affection, in honor, or in voluntary obligation.
Remember that this first point of Omega is the cardinal principle of our Fraternity. You will now pass to the second point of our order.
Second Point to Candidate: The second point of our Fraternity symbolizes Reverence and Love of Parents.
Reverence embodies that emotion of profound respect and veneration which every Omegaman must feel towards God and Life. An Omegaman must be reverent towards himself by displaying at all times that respect which a man must possess for his own body and mind, in order that through the acts of his body and the thoughts of his mind, he will pay homage to his creator, Almighty God.
Love of Parents involves that circumspect behaviour with which all men are sacredly obliged to conduct themselves, so that they will bring pride and joy to their Mothers and Fathers. You will now pass to the third point of our order.
Third Point to Candidate: The third point of the Fraternity comprises Patriotism and Cleanliving.
The quality of Patriotism obligates one to place the welfare of the Country and fellowcitizen above the selfish needs and wishes of one individual, and Clean-living is that regimen of life that enables a man to keep himself at all times in the best and most useful condition of physical, spiritual, and mental readiness and service.
You will now pass to the fourth point of our order.
Fourth Point to Candidate: The three precepts of Omega. Gamma Delta have been presented to you, and you now stand ready to be informed in the fourth point of the Order. This point is the Oath of Obligation.
If you believe that you are unreservedly willing to pledge your allegiance to the ideals of this Organization, as you have just learned them, then make known your acceptance by saying, "I am."
You will now kneel on your left knee, place your left hand upon the Bible, raise your right hand to God, and repeat the Oath of Omega Gamma Delta. If there be several candidates, only the first will place his hand on the Bible, the others will kneel in a line behind and place
their hands (left) on the shoulder of the one in front.
Master of Ceremonies prepares candidate to take Oath.
Princeps administers Oath: I, … Candidate gives full name, / do solemnly swear to keep sacred / the Fraternity of Omega Gamma Delta, / forwarding its purposes and its welfare, / and devoting my energy to its advancement / and to the advancement of its individual members.
I promise that it shall be my constant ambition / to find and persuade desirable candidates / to join us / so far as it meets the desires of this Fraternity.
I covenant that in all my acts in life / I shall strive to do credit to Omega Gamma Delta, / so that all my deeds might procure / the respect of all men, / for my Fraternity as for myself.
Furthermore, I do promise and swear / that I will not permit / the misuse of the emblem of our Order / by a Brother or by any other individual.
To all this I do pledge myself willingly and unreservedly, / binding myself under no less penalty / than the sacrifice of the privileges of this Order, / so help me God.
Master of Ceremonies to Candidate: These are the symbols upon which this Fraternity began and upon which all its ritual is based:
FIRST: The skull represents Brotherhood unto Death.
SECOND: The three stars symbolize the founders of the Fraternity—Brothers Percy Edrop, Arthur Edrop, and Walter Dohm.
THIRD: The tree embodies the entire organization—the three roots as the founders; the trunk as the Grand Chapter; and the branches as the individual chapters spread over the United States .
FOURTH: The Badge of the Fraternity: This pin portrays, in the twenty pearls on its border, the number of chapters which the designers hoped to establish, although the growth of the Fraternity has far exceeded the expectations of the designers; the four rubies depict Honesty (which is trustworthiness), Fortitude (which is perseverance in spite of obstacles and discouragement), Faith (which is 'belief in the righteousness of life), and Courage (which is mental, physical, and spiritual power-to-perform).
All these insignia are emblazoned upon the shield of Omega, which is the Escutcheon of the Fraternity, and which portrays, also, the Grip of the Order.
Master of Ceremonies reconducts candidate to Princeps.
Princeps to Candidate: Since you have met the requirements of the Fraternity, and since you have received its ritual, I now extend to you my right hand, and with it you receive the Grip of the Order, and the Passwords, which are …, and which are translated into the slogan, "Now is the time to do good deeds."
Master of Ceremonies recites the Omega Prayer: O Lord, our heavenly Father, the high and mighty Princeps of the Universe, who dost from Thy Throne behold all dwellers upon the earth, most heartily we beseech Thee, with Thy favor to bless our Grand Officers and Chapters of Omega Gamma Delta; and to replenish them with the grace of the Eternal Chapter, that finally after this life they may enjoy everlasting life and felicity through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
Princeps to Candidate: You are now fully received into Omega Gamma Delta. Be seated, and thereby join into the fellowship of your new Brothers.
Master of Ceremonies conducts new Brother to a chair.
Princeps should give some suitable address welcoming the new Brother (s) into the Fraternity.