Nu Rho Psi
Induction Ritual


These instructions are presented as a guideline for Nu RhoPsi Chapter induction ceremonies. While flexibility and different degrees of formality may be appropriate, the following order of ceremonies and instructions are offered to assist local chapters in carrying out this essential ritual. It is always appropriate to invite Nu RhoPsi Alumni Members, Honorary Members and National Board members to these proceedings. It is left to the discretion of the faculty adviser and chapter to decide whether the ceremony will be open to the institution’s community or if it will be by invitation only. If they are Nu Rho Psi members, faculty, deans, department heads and other administrative officers should be reminded to wear Nu Rho Psi insignia and, possibly, academic attire to enhance the solemnity of the ceremony. Members, especially officers, should wear their insignia.
Provision for music at the entrance and exit or a suitable musical interlude might be made. The institution’s song and/or an appropriate anthem might be sung.
The initiates present should be seated in a central place. Chapter officers are also to have prominent places. Honorary inductees and the student inductees should be seated where they can be seen and where they can move conveniently about and to the dais area. The faculty should be seated near the candidates.
General Instructions
The objective is to make the ceremony as impressive as possible for the inductees and guests. Chapter officers are urged to retain the essentials but are free to add elements that will enhance the ceremony.
The presiding officer, other officials and guests sitting at the dais shall be selected by the chapter and may distribute the speaking parts of the ceremony as appropriate. Variety and interest are added to the ceremony when a number of active members(student, alumni, National Council and honorary) participate as well. When a National Council member is a guest of honor, he or she shall be the presiding officer.
Introductory remarks, History of Nu Rho Psi, and an explanation of goals
Members of Nu Rho Psi, candidates for initiation, and friends: We are here today for the purpose of initiating new members into Nu Rho Psi, the national Neuroscience honor society. Nu Rho Psi was founded in 2006 under the auspice of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience and through the joint efforts of faculty and students atBaldwin-Wallace College, BaylorUniversity and JohnsHopkinsUniversity. There are currently … chapters of this rapidly growing society.
The aims of Nu Rho Psi are to: (1) encourage professional interest and excellence in scholarship, particularly in neuroscience; (2) award recognition to students who have achieved such excellence in scholarship; (3) advance the discipline of neuroscience; (4) encourage intellectual and social interaction between students, faculty, and professionals in neuroscience and related fields; (5) promote career development in neuroscience and related fields; (6) increase public awareness of neuroscience and its benefits for the individual and society; and (7) encourage service to the community.
Scholarship is the most important qualification for membership in Nu Rho Psi. This reflects the primarily intellectual purpose of science and higher education more generally. But a high grade point average alone does not demonstrate true scholarship, nor does the mastery of information and specialized knowledge. Nu Rho Psi membership recognizes interdisciplinary scholarship and acknowledges those persons as scholars who possess a depth of comprehension and a breadth of knowledge about the nervous system. Nu Rho Psi honors those students who have a passion for knowledge, the world of ideas, and critical analysis. The true scholar realizes that education and knowledge are lifelong pursuits, and the true scholar never loses contact with the world of reality beyond the library or the laboratory. Knowledge should not exist in a vacuum; it should be shared to ennoble the world in which we live. Through a balanced integration of experiences, the scholar advances in both knowledge and wisdom in a way that benefits our community at large.
Introduction of Candidates
It is desirable that each candidate be identified as clearly as possible. This may be accomplished by clearly announcing each name and something about his/her accomplishments before the ceremony. This may be supplemented by nametags, which will identify candidates to the faculty and guests attending the ceremony and/or by publication of names in the induction program. If candidates are not present, their names may be read after all present are introduced.
Description of the Nu Rho Psi symbols
Nu Rho Psi is the only nationally-recognized honor society in the area of brain research. The study of the brain is one of the noblest of academic pursuits because a deep and true understanding of the principles by which the brain works contributes directly to the quality of our lives and the well-being of future generations. You have demonstrated, both by your interest in and commitment to this interdisciplinary study and by your high scholastic achievement, that you have the potential to excel as a neuroscientist and so deserve the honor of membership in Nu Rho Psi. With this special honor comes the special obligation to advance the goals of the society which you have just heard.
The Greek letters of our honor society, “ΝΡΨ”, designate the study of neuroscience – the interdisciplinary science that engages our members in the study of the Nervous System and is the unifying focus of this honor society. The Greek letter Nu (Ν, ν) stands for the noun Nous, meaning “Mind”. The letter Rho(Ρ, ρ) stands for the verb Ρueaoai, meaning, “to cure”. The letter Psi (Ψ, ψ) stands for the noun Psyche, meaning “life”.
Our lives will benefit from the study of the brain and mind with the ultimate goals of providing treatments and cures for the psychological and neurological disorders that plague humankind. The advancement of knowledge about the brain is the best hope we have for achieving this goal.
Presentation of Insignia and Certificates
You have earned membership in this illustrious society by attaining high standards of scholarship not only in the interdisciplinary study of neuroscience but also in your overall academic work as well, in accordance with the rigorous criteria set forth in the national constitution of Nu Rho Psi and the by-laws of … chapter. This honor can be obtained in only one way. It cannot be bought nor can it be had as a gift. It must be earned by faithful, earnest toil, by serious application to studies, and persistent application in scholastic work. Your success in college has brought you this recognition. Congratulations!
Your eligibility for membership in Nu Rho Psi has been affirmed by … (name of Chapter Advisor) and the National Board. You are duly invited to lifetime membership in both the national organization of Nu Rho Psi and this … (name of chapter) chapter. By accepting this honor you signify your acceptance of and commitment to the ideals of high scholarship, integrity, and citizenship embodied in the goals, bylaws and constitution of Nu Rho Psi. Please come forward as I call your name.
Each initiate is called by name and steps forward and receives his/her insignia and membership certificate from the Chapter Advisor, Department Chair, Chapter President, or other designated official, with appropriate words of congratulation. Each initiate faces the audience and signs a log book which is a permanent historical record of the induction. This book is maintained by the chapter in perpetuity.
Remarks of the Chapter President or invited speaker
The remarks will be brief (10 minutes or less) and will address some topic relative to the study of the brain and the significance of this work.
Remarks by School President, Faculty Advisor, or Guest Speaker (optional)
These remarks should be very brief (5 minutes or less) and will emphasize the significance of the honor just bestowed.
Announcements: Reception/Banquet and any other appropriate closing
New inductees may form a reception line where they may be greeted by well wishers. Alternatively, a reception with appropriate refreshments may follow the ceremony. If resources allow it, a banquet may follow the ceremony.