Lambda Alpha – Los Angeles Chapter
Initiation Ritual


Candidates lined up alphabetically on left side of room, table with keys and certificates laid out.
Installing Officer: Guide, who are the candidates?
Guide: The candidates for admission into our fraternity of Lambda Alpha are: ….
Installing Officer: Do these candidates know the ideals for which Lambda Alpha stands?
Guide: These candidates have come here with a known interest in land economics, and are aware of the ideals for which our Fraternity stands.
Installing Officer: Will our Historian briefly review the origin of Lambda Alpha for the candidates?
Historian: The name of our fraternity, Lambda Alpha, represents the two Greek words logos agroikos, meaning "learning of land" or the science of land utilization.
Lambda Alpha was organized as a land economics Fraternity in the fall of 1930 at Northwestern University , it was formed by men who had come under the influence of Professor Richard T. Ely, widely hailed as the father of land economics, it is fitting that the first chapter organized in Chicago was named "Ely Chapter" in his honor.
Originally an undergraduate fraternity whose members wished to pursue their interest in land economics beyond the classroom, the organization was soon broadened into an honorary professional Fraternity whose members were chosen from the community at large. Selection was based on some outstanding contribution in the field of land economics and real estate, either theoretical or applied.
The Los Angeles chapter was chartered in 1955 by Brother Edward L. Johnson who was the Fraternity's first initiate in 1931, Brothers Fred E. Case and the late Otar M. Aamodt. In 1964 the Los Angeles Chapter sponsored the Golden Gate Chapter in San Francisco and in 1978 the San Diego Chapter.
What is the Fraternity's concept of land economics? Probably two of the Fraternity's more distinguished Brothers, Homer Hoyt and Arthur Weimer, define land economics best as dealing with the social organization for the utilization of land resources in the attainment of the objectives that the community as a whole sets for itself.
Installing Officer: Will our Scribe briefly state the purpose and activities of Lambda Alpha for the candidates?
Scribe: Lambda Alpha is designed to bring together, in a common bond of fellowship, persons of stature, accomplishment, and responsibility, engaged in various aspects of land economics. Included are individuals who have done outstanding work in architecture, engineering, appraisal, construction, planning, mortgage-lending, development, marketing, and other phases of land use.
We seek to promote a higher degree of association between the theory and the practice of our work. We seek to raise ethical standards in all aspects of land utilization, and to raise the standards of scholastic endeavor in this field. The Fraternity endeavors to bring into a bond of fellowship those from the private, public and academic sectors to help foster mutual understanding and respect.
We encourage cooperation between members for their mutual enlightenment. We seek the welfare of our community in all things relating to land use, knowing well our responsibility in utilizing our land─one of our most basic resources.
We meet from time to time at dinners, luncheons, and other activities, at which we discuss our own particular problems, the problems of the group, and those of the community. By means of both discussion and research, we try to be of assistance in solving those problems,
Installing Officer: Guide, will the candidates before us be an asset in furthering the purposes and activities of Lambda Alpha? Do they meet the standards for membership?
Guide: Their activities, their character, and their achievements have all been carefully examined. They have been approved by our members. They desire to share in the Association and friendships we enjoy, and to cooperate in the work we do.
Installing Officer: What have these persons done to deserve membership in Lambda Alpha?
Guide, please read their citations.
Guide: As I call your name please step forward.
Citations are read.
Installing Officer: Candidates, your accomplishments make you worthy for membership in Lambda Alpha. You have heard the purposes and ideals of our Fraternity. Is it still your desire to affiliate with us? If so, answer by saying, "I do."
Candidates, please raise your right hand and repeat after me:
"I pledge myself to perform all the duties and obligations/imposed by the International Fraternity of Lambda Alpha/so far as they do not conflict with my personal sense of rightness./ I further pledge that I will strive/ to exemplify through my own conduct/ the ideals and principles of Lambda Alpha/ as well as to support the programs of my Chapter/ and that I will unselfishly strive/ to perpetuate the ideals and principles of this fraternity./
Installing Officer: You may lower your hands, I congratulate you.
You are now “brothers” in our honorary land economics fraternity. You have each been formally elected to membership because of your notable achievements and contributions to one of the fields allied to land economics.
President … and Past President … will now present each of you with your citation award and the gold key of Lambda Alpha.
Call the names individually, and congratulate each person as he or she receives his or her citation and key.
President's closing remarks: I Greet and welcome each of you as a “Brother” in Lambda Alpha:
Would each of you, your spouse and/or guest, please join with us in a reception in the card room, which is to our right at the end of the hall.