Delta Tau Alpha
Initiation Ceremony


The ceremony has been designed as a guide, rather than an absolute model for local chapters to adapt to their unique situation and traditions in initiating new members Setting:
Candidates for initiation are seated in an ante-room with one member serving as guide who will escort the candidates to the door of the initiation room, and if desired, one or more members will escort the candidates through the initiation ceremony.
The initiation room should be large enough to allow comfortable seating space for all members, advisors, and candidates for membership. In addition, there should be room for six (6) stations for candidate instruction. Each station should be labeled with the chapter officer’s position and the qualities represented as per the following section.
The stations are indicated on the room diagram. Yellow chrysanthemums are
placed at each station together with a candle or lighted which is lighted before the
ceremony starts. It is suggested that the containers for the chrysanthemums be painted.
The emblem may be attached.
Station #1: Entrance Door, Reporter.
Station #2: Scholarship, Faculty Advisor(s).
Station #3: High Ethics and Character, Treasurer.
Station #4: Service and Cooperation, Secretary.
Station #5: Leadership, Vice-President.
Station #6: Profession of Agriculture, President.
The Guide seated with the candidates will arise and accompany the candidates to the door of the initiation room.
The Guide knocks on the door of the initiation room. The Reporter opens the door.
Reporter: Who knocks at the door?
Guide: I knock to seek admission of … number candidates who have been investigated and found to be qualified for membership as stated in the National By-Laws of the honor Society of Delta Tau Alpha.
Reporter: Enter with the candidates and have them as a group face the six stations of light.
Guide and candidates enter and the door is closed.
Ladies and gentlemen, this ritual is designed to impress upon you in a quiet and dignified manner the objectives of the Honor Society of Delta Tau Alpha. These objectives are Scholarship, High Ethics, Character, Service, Cooperation, Leadership, and the Promotion of the Profession of Agriculture. Now will all of you, in unison, please repeat after me:
‘I (repeat your full name) desire to be further initiated into the honor Society of Delta Tau Alpha.’
Thanks you. Now listen to the words of our advisor on scholarship.
Advisor: Remember, that your scholarship must be of benefit to man for it to merit admiration. It is your duty to use the knowledge you obtain to the best advantage for yourself and for the benefit of society.
As you go about your studies, remember that a scholar must take application of his or her knowledge to obtain the true value. Strive to develop yourself in other desirable character traits as well as obtaining knowledge. You need to be able to associate with and work with people. Now our treasurer will speak to you on the ethics of character.
Treasurer: Two objectives of Delta Tau Alpha are to promote high standards of character and ethics among its members and to encourage these same high standards in the agricultural professions. These are notable and highly desirable traits, but we sometimes have difficulty describing these objectives. Let us strive for the qualities of moral vigor and firmness, especially as acquired through self-discipline. There are certain principles that you as a member of this organization should work toward. These are honesty, strength of character, unselfishness, friendliness, and humility. These principles should be the guiding light in your development. Now our secretary has some advice on service and cooperation.
Secretary: There may be doubt in your mind as to the value of the service and cooperation in this work of mechanized independence. You seek your fortune in Agriculture. This is clearly shown by your presence before this society and your enrollment at … college or university. As you seek out the virtues of knowledge and understanding, do not depend entirely upon knowledge alone because it has neither heart nor soul. Exchange your ideas with your fellow students and instructors. Always be willing to help a person when they seek your advice. While these years of study and preparation are achieving their purpose, bear in mint that only by helping and receiving help can the tree of life grow with unceasing riches. The virtues of leadership will now be discussed by our vice-president.
Vice-President: You possess the traits o f a leader. This is shown by your previous record. But these traits will not bring forth the well-molded figure of a leader unless they are careful cultivated by a strong, determined mind. It will benefit you to remember that in order for you to become a leader among men you must have:
1) an unreserved belief in the importance of agriculture to the nation:
2) a large vision of the work to be done,
3) indomitable courage to stand for that which is right;
4) grim determination to see that the task is completed;
5) a contagious enthusiasm that inspires local leadership,
6) unquenchable optimism in spite of all discouragements,
7) infinite tact in overcoming obstacles,
8) endless good nature in the face of all trials,
9) the ability to lose gracefully and to rebound after each defeat, and
10) a saving sense of humor when nothing else will meet the situation.
Set your sights on these attributes and yield to no one, and the rewards of a leader will be yours. Please listen carefully to our president’s concluding remarks.
President: It is imperative that we strive to grow. Indifferent, effortless people do not grow. Three of the aspects of growth for one who is engaged in agriculture are the learning principles and practices of agriculture, the development of an ability to further the goals of agriculture, and the development of high personal and social qualities. We must make a special effort to improve ourselves while becoming skilled in directing the learning process of others. We must recognize the importance of goals and the value of planning definitely for our achievement of these goals.
Ladies and gentlemen let us remember that the great objectives of our organization are the duties of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, High Ethics, Cooperation, Service, and a cultivation of the responsibilities we owe to our chosen professions. Strive to apply these attributes which will lead to the advancement of agriculture for the benefit of mankind.
The President, Officers and those present congratulate the candidates with a firm handshake and welcomes them to Delta Tau Alpha.