Delta Lambda Phi
Initiation Ritual


Pledge Induction Ritual

The Pledge Induction Ritual is the pledge’s first experience with the National Fraternity’s and the Brotherhood’s ceremonial aspects. This Ritual acquaints the pledge candidate with National Fraternity history, shares its founding principles and officially welcomes him as part of Delta Lambda Phi.
Ritual Notes
Roles: The ideal Pledge Induction Ritual team comprises seven Brothers. Five Brothers are readers; the sixth Brother serves as a candle bearer; and the seventh Brother portrays the Guardian but does not speak.
Attire: The readers and candle bearer should wear uniform semi-formal attire. The Guardian wears a black robe. Brothers attending the Ritual should wear semi-formal attire. Pledge candidates should wear semi-formal attire.
Location: The Ritual may be held in any location in which the Ritual team is able to perform a private, meaningful ceremony, such as an open field or a closed room.
Ritual Materials
The necessary materials for performing the Pledge Induction Ritual include:
- A table
- A yellow tablecloth
- A small green napkin or square as a centerpiece
- Ten candleholders
- Six tall yellow candles (indicated as Y on the diagram below)
- Three white candles (indicated as W on the diagram below)
- One large green candle
- Chapter Registry with pen
- Stand-up Greek letters in green (cardboard or banner)
- One black robe
Ritual Setting
The Ritual table is arranged as shown in Figure 1 below. The only candle lighted at the Ritual’s start is the large green candle held by the candle bearer. The Pledgemaster leads the pledges into the Ritual site and arranges them in a semi-circle in front of the Ritual table. Brothers should stand behind the pledge candidates. (Brothers conducting or observing the Ritual should be in place before the pledge candidates enter.) The Ritual begins after the Pledgemaster has arranged the pledge candidates.
Ritual Text
Lead Reader: Those accepting the invitation for pledgeship shall present themselves.
You stand at a moment in history—the history of yourself and of this Chapter. Everyone who has passed through this Chapter began his journey towards Brotherhood with this initial step. Before you begin your journey, you must understand our heritage. To understand our heritage we recount in the story of our founding. I urge you to commit this tale to memory for a greater understanding of its worth.
The candle bearer slowly lights the three white candles in the center of the table.
Reader Five: It came to pass in October 1986 that fate cast our Founder, Vernon Strickland, into a Washington , DC , social gathering—an event destined to go down in history. Three elderly gentlemen also attended this function. These men were wizened by time and saddened by their pasts. These three men were gay.
Reader Four: The memories they related our Founder were happy and joyous, yet tinged with pain, hardship and grief. Their youth was a time of secret meetings and harsh punishments. They were forced to choose between living a role dictated by society or living as an outcast.
The changes that have occurred in their lifetime are revolutionary. As young men, they longed to freely associate with other gay men in a social and professional settings as we do today. They regretted the lost opportunities to establish lifelong associations with men who understood the problems of being gay in a non-gay world. They were envious of all the options available today.
Reader Two: Our Founder pointed out, however, that our community’s needs were still unfulfilled. Most groups the men described were established for political or religious purposes, had loose memberships or were transitory in nature.
Even then, there was not an organization for the young gay, bisexual, or progressive man, regardless of sexual orientation, who was willing to participate in an opportunity to grow as an individual, to establish bonds with other like-minded men and to play a role in setting an agenda for our future. These ideals would became the framework for our Founder’s fraternal organization.
Reader One: Of the four men, only the Founder had been a fraternity member during his college years, and only he fully realized the value of the fraternal experience. That same night, he resolved to assemble confident, unbiased men, free of the prejudice often associated with sexual orientation, with the objective of creating an alternative college fraternity open to all who would commit to its non-discrimination policy.
On April 10, 1987, he proudly welcomed the first pledge class into full Brotherhood.
Lead Reader: Your pledge period is a time of observation. It is a time for you to become acquainted with us, and for us to evaluate you. There is no doubt some of you may not finish your period of training. However, Delta Lambda Phi is a friend to all, and I ask you to call upon us, regardless of circumstance, as you would like others to call on you.
Your pledge period affords the opportunity for personal growth. This Chapter has invited you to enter into the pledge program believing that you possess the potential to contribute towards the goals of our Brotherhood.
The candle bearer lights the three yellow candles on the left.
Reader Four: At one time or another, as human beings, we all need to experience a sense of purpose and belonging.
We all know the countless men who fill the bars, whose faces become familiar, but whose names always escape us. These nameless men are like you and me, and like thousands of others located down the street and across the country.
The candle bearer lights the three yellow candles on the right.
Reader Five: All too frequently, sexual minorities have been regimented to certain roles in our society. Rarely are they perceived to be the senator, businessman, or Olympic athlete. By our actions we must demonstrate that a gay, bisexual, or progressive man can assume any social role—whether it carries great prominence or simple self-satisfaction.
Lead Reader: In recognition of our goals, the Brotherhood adheres to this principle: To enhance the quality of life among gay, bisexual, and progressive men by providing dignified and purposeful social, service and recreational activities.
Reader One: You must take on the responsibility of pledging freely.
Reader Two: You will be taught the Lambda way.
Lead Reader: If anyone wishes to decline entry into the pledge program of Delta Lambda Phi, speak now.
The Lead Reader briefly pauses.
Then raise your right hand and repeat after me: I, “Give your full name, one at a time, starting from your left”
You may lower your hands. The road to Brotherhood may be difficult, but it is a path that all here have traveled before you.
To guide you during the pledge period, you will be provided with a Big Brother. … Name of Pledge your Big Brother shall be… Name of Big Brother.
On behalf of the … Greek Letter Name Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity, I formally welcome you as pledges.
Neophyte Ritual
The Neophyte Ritual celebrates the pledge’s successful completion of the pledge process and its requirements. Neophyte status is complementary to the pledge process and allows for additional guidance by Paedagogeus prior to the pledge’s initiation.
Ritual Notes
Roles: The ideal Neophyte Ritual team comprises three Brothers, all of whom are readers. The lead reader portrays Paedagogeus.
Attire: Paedagogeus wears a white robe; other readers wear green robes. All readers should wear a uniform, collared shirt (i.e., turtlenecks) or a shirt and tie. Brothers attending should wear semi-formal attire. Pledge candidates wear semi-formal attire.
Location: The Ritual is held in a large, darkened room. Two smaller rooms should available.
Conversation in the smaller rooms should not be audible in the larger room.
Ritual Materials
The necessary ritual materials include:
- A table
- A green tablecloth
- Two large green candles
- One large gold candle
- A small white candle or lighting wick
- Two green robes
- One white robe
Ritual Setting
During the Neophyte Ritual, pledges are seated in the main room in the shape of a Lambda (λ). Readers stand at the open end of the lambda, forming a Delta (Δ). An unlit gold candle is placed in the center of a small table, covered by a green cloth; a small white candle (or lighting wick) is placed to its side. Each reader holds a lighted green candle. Brothers or neophytes observing the Neophyte Ritual are seated in an arc around the Delta formation.
Before the Ritual’s start, the pledges assemble at the appointed time outside the door to the main room. The readers, holding candles, present themselves to the pledges.
Ritual Text
Paedagogeus: Are all pledges present and prepared for examination?
If all pledges are present, Paedagogeus continues.
Then let us proceed.
Paedagogeus and the Readers lead the pledges to their seats in the main room and seat themselves at the base of the Lambda formation.
Paedagogeus: Pledges, over the past several weeks, you have traveled a great distance in search of a treasure. When you started your journey, it may not have been clear what that treasure was nor where it might be found. However, you put your faith and trust in others who had reaped the profits of this great treasure long before you.
Reader 1: You may have been skeptical at first; but, as the weeks passed, your vision of this great treasure became increasingly clear. Suddenly, when you least expected it, the treasure was upon you.
Paedagogeus: I call upon your pledge class president to light the gold candle before us that represents your pledge period.
Pledge class president rises, and Paedagogeus presents him with the wick or small candle lit from the large green candle he holds. President lights the gold candle and returns to his seat.
Reader 2: For centuries, the Centaur has possessed a great knowledge. Your journey has taken you over many miles, across broad and often troubled waters, and has brought you to the shores of your destination.
Reader 1: Now, you stand solemnly before the Centaur. His knowledge is yours to receive. Are you prepared to learn his great lesson?
Paedagogeus: If so, answer “I am.”
Pledges: I am.
Paedagogeus: Very well. Before you may learn the lesson of the Centaur, however, you must answer weighty questions. Are you prepared to give the correct answers? If so, answer “I am.”
Pledges: I am.
Paedagogeus: Very well, then.
Readers, to the first pledge, and each one thereafter: Pledge, please accompany me.
The Readers lead each pledge one at a time into another room to administer the test. The other pledges remain in the main room, seated and silent with Paedagogeus.
Readers: Pledge, as part of your journey you were required to learn the Greek alphabet. Recite the Greek Alphabet.
Pledge recites the Greek alphabet.
Pledge, during your pledge period, you have been taught the sacred symbols adorning the Crest of the Delta Lambda Phi. As I guide you through the symbols of the Crest, describe the meaning of each.
As the Reader calls out the symbol, Pledge provides the meanings.
Stars: (first three chapters)
Helmet: (Knighthood)
Open Visor: (non-secret society)
Phi Groupings: (majority viewpoint and minority viewpoint)
Lambda: (gay liberation movement)
Inverse Triangle: (persecution of gays by the Nazis and their continued persecution today)
Lamp: (enlightenment and ancient justice)
Scales: (the delicate balance between justice and social equity)
Shaking Hands: (friendship)
Once the pledge has provided the meanings: Pledge, you have prepared well. Return with me to meditate.
When all the pledges have answered
Reader 2: Through your pledge journey, you have transformed from a group of … Number of pledges in class individuals to a group of one—with … Number of pledges in class men working together for the betterment of the group.
Paedagogeus: Brothers, is it your opinion that the … Greek Letter Name of pledge class pledge class of the … Chapter’s Greek letter designation Chapter has acquired the knowledge necessary to declare them Neophytes?
Readers: Yes, Paedagogeus, they have.
Paedagogeus: Have they completed all tasks and projects successfully?
Readers: Yes, Paedagogeus. They have.
Paedagogeus: Do they know, one and all, the meaning of the symbols represented on our Crest? Do they know the Greek alphabet?
Readers: Yes, Paedagogeus, they do.
Paedagogeus: Then I grant them permission to learn the great lesson of the Centaur—the answer to the question: what is the great treasure of life?
Paedagogeus and Readers. together (loudly): THE GREAT TREASURE OF LIFE IS THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN.
Paedagogeus, rhetorically: Yet did they not already know this in their hearts? Having journeyed together and learned together about the Brotherhood as pledges, the great treasure of life was clear and present—and theirs for the taking.
Reader 1: You have successfully completed your pledge period. To become Brothers, however, you must continue building the Brotherhood through your perseverance and dedication.
Paedagogeus: Only then will you be able to cross the final barrier into Brotherhood and learn the secret meaning of our letters—the central truth of our Brotherhood. If you accept this task, behold the light of Brotherhood as it is held before you.
Readers stand with candles in the center of the pledges.
Paedagogeus: Contemplate what you have learned, what Brotherhood means to you, and what you will do to ensure that the … Chapter’s Greek Letter Designation Chapter enhances the full Brotherhood of Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity.
Once you have completed your reflection, remove your pledge pin and surrender it to the Brother before you.
Readers, after each pledge has surrendered his pin: Paedagogeus, I declare this pledge a neophyte.
Paedagogeus: So be it.
Once all have surrendered their pins, Readers returns to his seat.
Reader 2: Your pledge period is now complete.
Paedagogeus and Readers lean forward and blow out the gold candle together.
Paedagogeus: Gentlemen, you have prepared well. You are now Neophytes. You have learned the lessons of the Brotherhood and have discovered the great treasure of life. Now you must go forth to prepare yourselves for the final test.
Reader 1: We wish you well in the bond of Brotherhood that you will soon share.
Initiation Ritual
No moment conveys more significance than a neophyte’s entry into Brotherhood. Careful attention must be given to this Ritual’s details to ensure a truly meaningful ceremony.
Ritual Notes
Roles: The ideal Initiation Ritual team comprises seven Brothers. Four Brothers are readers; two Brothers serve as candle bearers; and the final Brother portrays the Guardian and is the  lead reader. If two candle bearers are not available, one candle bearer will suffice.
Attire: Two readers wear yellow robes; two wear green robes. The candle bearer(s) wear white robes. The Guardian, of course, wears a black robe. Other Brothers and pledges should be dressed appropriately for the situation; in some instances, this may be shirts and ties; in other cases, parkas may be the standard.
Location: The Initiation Ritual should be held in a secluded location, where the Guardian can meet and test the neophytes without disclosing the actual Ritual site.
Ritual Materials
The necessary ritual materials include:
- A table
- Nine Candles: 3 green tapers; 4 small yellow; 2 large white
- Nine candle holders
- Framed prints of the Crest and the Centaur
- A green tablecloth
- A small yellow napkin or square as a centerpiece
- Stand-up Greek Letters in gold (cardboard or banner)
- Seven initiation robes: 1 black; 2 green; 2 gold; and 2 white
After passing the Guardian’s test, the Guardian leads the neophytes to the Ritual site, where the Brotherhood and initiation team are waiting.
Ritual Setting
The Ritual table should be located as far from the site entrance as possible. The only candles lighted at the Ritual’s start are the white candles held by the candle bearers. The Guardian leads the neophytes into the Ritual site. Brothers should be in single-file rows on either side of the table, creating an open area where the neophytes stand. (Brothers conducting or observing the Ritual should be in place before the neophytes enter.)
The neophytes should stand in a semi-circle in front of the chapter registry when the Guardian leads them in. (Big Brothers should assist in forming the semi-circle.
The Ritual begins outside the actual Ritual site and continues once the Guardian has led the neophytes to the Ritual site and taken his place among the readers.
Ritual Text
Outside the Ritual site, the Guardian greets the neophytes.
Guardian, with head and face covered: Why have you come here tonight?
Neophytes: “We are Neophytes seeking Brotherhood”
Guardian: Have you met the requirements of Brotherhood?
Neophytes: “Yes”
Guardian: Have you brought the tribute as required by the traditions of the … Chapter’s Greek Letter Designation Chapter?
Neophytes: “Yes”
Guardian: Present the tribute.
The neophytes drop the tribute items at the Guardian’s feet and/or give verbal responses to questions that constituted the Neophytes’ Journey.
Guardian, regardless of the Neophyte responses or whether the tribute is indeed correct: You have failed to correctly assess two of your tasks. You may have one minute to discern the error.
An appropriately long pause.
All those who have come before you have successfully completed the Neophytes Journey. You were given an additional opportunity to complete your tasks, and still you have failed. However, I will make a bargain with you. I will initiate three of you. I offer the pledge officers the opportunity to leave your fellow neophytes behind and enter the sanctuary of Brotherhood. Do you agree to my offer?
If the neophytes were properly trained they will insist on being initiated as a group.
Neophytes: “No, we will not leave the side of our fellow neophytes”
Guardian, lifting his hood: Welcome, my Brothers. You have passed your final test. There is no place in the bonds of Delta Lambda Phi for selfish pride. A true Brother will never forsake his fellows for his individual interest. Let us proceed to the ritual site.
The Guardian leads the neophytes to the Ritual site. Each Big Brother greets his Little Brother, and the neophytes form a semi-circle around the Ritual table with their Big Brothers standing behind them.
Guardian: When you entered this place, you signified your willingness to cooperate with your fellows. All those gathered here share in the common experience of the Neophyte’s Journey. The Brotherhood may travel in many directions, but it always follows the same path.
Green No. 2: On April 10, 1987, our Founder proudly welcomed the first pledge class into this Brotherhood.
Tonight history is repeated as we stand ready to accept the … Greek Letter Name of pledge class Class of the … Chapter’s Greek Letter Designation Chapter, in the City of … Name of City, as the future leaders of Delta Lambda Phi.
Guardian: Your period of training often focused on procedures and symbols. Yet, the Brotherhood exists for reasons beyond mere social events or community service. Each of us must resolve to keep alive, in his own character, the principles reflected in our symbols. Let us recall the meaning of our Crest.
Yellow No. 5: Our Crest symbolizes the experiences of the Lambda Man, the history of the Fraternity and the purposes of the Brotherhood.
A candle bearer lights a yellow candle near the picture of the Crest. Yellow No. 5 continues reading the explanation of the Crest’s symbols.
Yellow No. 5: The Helmet represents our code of Honor.
The open visor indicates that Delta Lambda Phi is a non-secret society.
The mantling represents the Fraternity’s use of parliamentary procedure to maintain order.
The scales represent the delicate balance of social equity and the distribution of justice.
The group of three Phi’s, located on the scale, represent the majority viewpoint, while the pair of Phi’s represents the minority viewpoint.
The lower case Greek lambda represents the gay rights movement.
The inverse triangle represents the persecution of homosexuals by the Nazis and their continued persecution today.
The shaking hands represents friendship and understanding. The hands are placed as a link between the lambda and the inverse triangle in order to represent transition.
The dividing border represents an unclosed division with the past.
The burning lamp represents enlightenment and ancient justice.
The three stars represent the first three Delta Lambda Phi Chapters. The Washington , DC Chapter is represented by the star at the top.
A candle bearer lights the second yellow candle near the Crest; the second candle bearer lights a yellow candle located near the Centaur print.
Yellow No. 4: The Centaur reflects the Fraternity’s masculine nature. While both the ancient and Lambda versions depict a muscular, half-man/half-horse figure, the Lambda Centaur is unique in that he is clean-shaven with short hair and resembles a young man. Ancient Greek art forms presented the Centaur as a long-haired, bearded creature with shaggy hair covering most of his body.
The straining, extended hand of the Lambda Centaur, as he reaches for those experiences just beyond his grasp, re-emphasizes the enduring strength of the Lambda Man.
The Fraternity Centaur is modeled after Cheiron, the tutor of Hercules and Achilles. Cheiron was able to control his bestial nature and was the only immortal Centaur. Cheiron also had an enduring, passionate marriage. The Lambda Centaur, like Cheiron, is strong and masculine, but his behavior is tempered by his intellect and good-hearted nature.
The Lambda Centaur works hard and plays hard. He never begins disputes and doesn’t hesitate to end one. A gentleman, a man’s man, a friend upon which you can depend—this is our Centaur.
The candle bearer lights the second candle located near the Centaur print.
Guardian: After reviewing the truths with which you are already familiar, it is time for you to learn the guiding principle that gave rise to our symbols. Before entering your pledge period, you were asked to cast aside selfishness and ill-will, and to adopt friendliness and cooperation as your standard of conduct. Our Brotherhood shall be judged by the conduct of its membership.
The Big Brother of each Neophyte will affirm final sponsorship by the following proclamation.
Big Brother: I, …Big Brother’s Name, sponsor … Little Brother’s Name.
Guardian: Delta Lambda Phi is a Greek name that carries our secret guiding principle.
It cannot be found in our Bylaws or handbooks; nevertheless, from it flow our purposes, our symbols and our traditions.
You have earned a right to share in its meaning.
As each letter is recited, a green candle is lit.
Green No. 1: Justice means equality, freedom of choice and the ability to succeed or fail. It is an opportunity to achieve one’s desires. Social justice requires neither special rights nor privileges, but merely ensures the ability to express one’s desires.
Justice is symbolized on our Crest by the scales and the burning lamp. The face of the Centaur, as he looks towards the sky, also symbolizes the perpetual search for justice.
Green No. 2: Friendship means acceptance, willingness of association and the confidence to depend on others. A personality that is friendless inevitably becomes twisted. Our society requires interaction with others, and we must be prepared to participate in it. The shaking hands on our Crest and the extended hand of the Centaur are symbols of friendship.
Together, we combine these two concepts as a means to our ends—Justice obtained by Friendship.
If we are ever to obtain true acceptance, then we must strive to become friends to all. While justice obtained by friendship, rather than by confrontation, may not be the most immediate means of attaining our goals, but it will surely be the most enduring.
Guardian: The acquisition of knowledge removes the safety of innocence. Having shared our guiding principle with you, you now bear a role in its execution.
Now, all Brothers together:
Yellow No. 4: You have also earned the right to know the Fraternity handshake. Each Big Brother should instruct his Little Brother.
The index and middle fingers are extended over the wrist in the shape of a capital lambda. The other fingers are placed together beneath the wrist.
This traditional handshake reminds the Brother of our collective past.
Yellow No. 5: The Fraternity hand signal consists of placing the index and middle finger of your right hand in a “V” figure and placing it on your left palm upsidedown.
This signifies our vision of the future.
Guardian: Now raise your right hand in the solemn oath of the Fraternity and repeat after me:
You may lower your hands as I welcome you as Brothers of Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity.
New Brothers, I invite you to place your signature upon our Fraternity rolls and upon your pledge class paddle and to share in the knowledge of our Fraternity handshake and hand signal with your fellow Brothers.
Our Brotherhood shall be judged by our conduct. As we leave the Ritual site,
Lamp of Truth Ritual
The Lamp of Truth Ritual is designed to give expression to thoughts heretofore unsaid. Although the Ritual is most commonly used only for resolution of chapter/Brother disputes, it can offer a period of reflection on the Brotherhood’s achievements, as well as a time for celebration of special events. In this respect, it is recommended that the Ritual be used in conjunction with the celebration of a Brother’s graduation or departure from the chapter, or in observance of an upcoming chapter event, such as rush or Founder’s Day. Ideally, the Lamp of Truth Ritual should be performed at least twice a year.
Ritual Notes
Roles: The Lamp of Truth Ritual team comprises two Brothers: the sergeant-at-arms and the fellowship chairman. The sergeant-at-arms represents the chapter’s legal order; the fellowship chairman, the Chapter’s social order.
Attire: No special attired is required for the performance of the Ritual.
Location: The Ritual should be held in a location such that the candle used is the only light source.
Ritual Materials
The necessary ritual materials include:
- One or more large green candles
- A Lamp of Truth (a candleholder or candelabrum, selected by the Chapter, used exclusively for the Lamp of Truth Ritual)
Ritual Setting
The chapter president begins the Ritual by relinquishing the presidential gavel, in full view of the chapter Brotherhood, to the sergeant-at-arms. The sergeant-at-arms extinguishes any source of light, and the fellowship chairman lights the Lamp of Truth. Once the Lamp is lit, the fellowship chairman passes the Lamp to the sergeant-at-arms. Once the sergeant-at-arms accepts the Lamp of Truth, he puts aside the presidential gavel, signifying the suspension of normal rules of order.
Ritual Text
Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA): DEE-kay lang-khano-MEN-nay fee-LEE-uh.
SAA: Everyone gathered here has traveled the Neophyte’s Journey. Our united wills and energy delivered us from the void of anonymity into the sanctuary of Brotherhood. Since that time, the Guardian has gathered unto himself the gales of a thousand whispers. The moment of his return is at hand.
SAA hands the Lamp of Truth to the FC.
FC: Our only defense is the Lamp of Truth. Its single flame shall lead us back to the night Paedagogeus walked.
SAA: Who calls for the Lamp of Truth and on what grounds?
Brother(s): I, … name of Brother, of the … Greek Letter Name pledge class called for the Lamp of Truth on the following grounds: … state reason.
If more than one Brother has requested the Ritual, or if several Brothers wish to place an issue before the Chapter, then each Brother states his reason in turn alphabetically. The
Brother requesting the Lamp of Truth should be instructed to pass the Lamp to his right upon completing his speech. The Lamp proceeds around the room, always being passed to the right. Each Brother may speak his mind on the issue(s) while holding the Lamp. If he has nothing to say, he passes the Lamp to the next Brother. Absolutely no one can speak out of turn. The Chapter officers, usually in ascending order (treasurer, secretary, vice president, president) are the last to speak. Once all Brothers have had the opportunity to speak, the SAA reclaims the Lamp.
SAA: May we never again give the Guardian more than his undeserved tribute.
May he never again approach us at the portal through which we passed.
May the Lamp of Truth hereafter shine in the hearts of the Brotherhood.
SAA blows out the Lamp of Truth, turns on the lights and returns the gavel to the President.
Formal Meeting Opening and Closing Rituals
The chapter meeting is the ideal vehicle for disseminating information and motivating Brother.
It provides an opportunity to develop better friendships and plan future activities. Good meetings are staged, and you stage them. The chapter should utilize the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to conduct chapter meetings to ensure that meetings proceed in a fair, orderly and effective manner.
Ritual Notes
Roles: The Opening and Closing Rituals are conducted by the chapter president or other presiding officer.
Attire: No special attire is required for the performance of the Ritual.
Location: This Ritual requires no special location. However, as most chapter meetings deal with confidential information, a private location is suggested.
Ritual Materials
No particular materials are required to perform the Rituals.
Ritual Setting
The Opening Ritual should be done with a gavel sound, indicating the start of the chapter meeting (or special session). After the Opening Ritual, any Brother wishing to present a matter of old or new business should rise; the presiding officer should note his presence. Guests should be introduced following any Brothers bringing business before the Brotherhood.
Ritual Text
The formal Opening Ritual is:
The … date of meeting meeting of the … Chapter Greek Letter Designation Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi will now come to order.
By gathering today, we honor our founding purposes:
- To promote dignified and purposeful social, service and recreational activities for progressive men irrespective of sexual orientation.
- To lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society.
- To present a strong and positive image which respects the diversity of all individuals, irrespective of sexual orientation.
All those having business before the Brotherhood will now make their presence known.
The formal Closing Ritual is:

The … date of meeting meeting of the … Chapter Greek Letter Designation Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi is now adjourned.
Let us go forth and make our presence known. Followed by the Fraternity song.