Beta Alpha Psi
Initiation Ritual For Honorary Members


President: Beta Alpha Psi is a scholastic and professional fraternity dedicated to the advancement of the accounting profession. To improve our profession, we must set our standard high. Accordingly, the purpose of Beta Alpha Psi and this Chapter are:
to instill a desire for self-improvement,
to foster high moral and ethical standards,
to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence,
to cultivate a sense of responsibility and service,
to promote the collegiate study of professional accountancy, and
to provide for its members opportunities to associate with practicing accountants.
Honorary membership in Beta Alpha Psi is recognition of your professional accomplishments, your contribution to the field of accountancy, and your support of Beta Alpha Psi and Accounting Education. Membership acknowledges your capacity for professional service and imposes upon you the obligation to continue your support of the goals and purposes of the fraternity.
Our vice president, (name), will now discuss some of the qualities necessary for a successful professional career which you have demonstrated.
Vice President:
Through your practice in the field of accounting, you have displayed your competence in the technical aspects of the profession. Honesty and intellectual integrity are the foundation upon which the accounting profession is built. You have exemplified the personal and professional qualities necessary for a successful professional career, qualities such as: loyal service, respect for confidence, professional bearing, responsible behavior, due regard for personal appearance, and the ability to communicate with others. We have reviewed your record of past accomplishments and service, and we judge you worthy of honorary membership in our Fraternity.
Our corresponding secretary, (name), will now explain the importance of three personal
attributes to the well-being of the accounting profession.
Corresponding Secretary: You have shown that you recognize the importance of:
First, maintaining you intellectual curiosity throughout you career
Second, striving to maintain a high standard of personal responsibility.
Because of the nature of the work of an accountant, he or she must be a person of integrity, conducting himself or herself with honor in all situations.
Third, cultivating a genuine tolerance of the attitudes, opinions, and characteristics of others.
If we practice the attributes of intellectual curiosity, responsibility, and tolerance, we will exemplify the ideals for which our Fraternity stands, and which are fundamental for the well-being of the accounting profession.
Our Recording Secretary, (name), will now explain the meaning of the Fraternity's emblem.
Recording Secretary: The emblem of the Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity denotes the promise of the accounting profession. The rising sun signifies the profession as one rising ever higher among economic activities. The crossed keys symbolize knowledge of accounting as a means of opening the doors of the financial world.
The letters Beta, Alpha, and Psi denote Scholarship, Social Responsibility, and Practicality, respectively.
Our Treasurer, (name), will now administer the pledge of membership.
Treasurer: Having become acquainted with the purposes and responsibilities of membership in Beta Alpha Psi, will you accept them? If so, answer, "I will."
Candidates: I will.
Treasurer: Please raise your right hand and repeat the membership pledge after me, using your name where I use mine. (Pause at the diagonals so that the candidates may repeat.)
"I, (full name), / do solemnly promise / that I will abide by the National Constitution and Chapter Bylaws I of Beta Alpha Psi I to the best of my ability!
I further promise to maintain / the highest moral and professional standing / and always to foster the ideals / and purposes of Beta Alpha Psi."
President: On behalf of Beta Alpha Psi, we welcome you into the Fraternity.