Alpha Sigma Tau
Initiation Ritual

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Members, standing, while initiate is being led up the aisle, seated when initiate reaches altar, repeat Philippians until initiate reaches altar.
Philippians, 8th verse, 4th chapter:
Whatsoever things are true
Whatsoever things are honest
Whatsoever things are just
Whatsoever things are pure
Whatsoever things are lovely
Whatsoever things are of good report,
If there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,
Think on these things.
Charplain: Proverbs, Chapter 31, Verses 10-31 inclusive OR shorter version verses 10-13, 20, and 25-31.
President: , name of candidate, you will now answer the following five questions, the first of which applies to yourself, the second to the sorority, the third to the college, the fourth to the alumnae organization, and the last to the service of mankind.
1. Do you promise to try at all times to be true to yourself and to cultivate those characteristics essential to a vital, well-rounded personality?
2. Do you promise to be true always to the purpose and ideals or the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, to uphold its regulations, and to guard its secrets?
3. Do you promise to be loyal to the ideals of the college, to observe its standards of scholarship to the best of your ability?
4. Do you promise to continue your interest in the Sorority through the alumnae organization after you leave college?
5. Do you promise to strive earnestly to contribute your share to the progress of mankind?
Then you may repeat after me, "I, , do hereby solemnly promise to defend, uphold, and abide by the Constitutions of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority."
By the power vested in me as president of the chapter of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, I hereby pronounce you a member of the Sorority as soon as you have signed the Ritual Book.
The Initiate shall be conducted to the Treasurer to receive her seal, yellow rose, and badge.
President: As a member of Alpha Sigma tau you are entitled to know its secrets.
Recording Secretary: The handshake be understood to be a clasp of the hands with the pressure by the thumb of one hand upon the knuckle of the ring finger, given and received simultaneously. Demonstrate.
The whistle is , the reply is .
The knock is *   *   ***. Demonstrate.
Motto: Let us be slow to make friends, but having once made them let us pray that neither life, death, misunderstanding, distance, nor doubt may come between us to vex our peace.
The meaning of the pin pointing to the pin: The shape is the breastplate of womanliness;
The.four points beginning at the top: Charity, Humility, Self-sacrifice and Aggressiveness.
The pearls, purity.
6. On the shield the candle signifies service pointing to shield
the crown signifies victory
the book signifies open-mindedness
the anchor signifies fidelity
the stars signifies loveliness
7. The meaning of Alpha Sigma Tau All Sisters together
8. The password is Affection, Sincerity, Truth.
The Candidate signs the Ritual Book and is then conducted to her place at the end of the line.
President: You are now full members of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, and to you we extend a hearty and sincere welcome. Heretofore you have not met with the serious side of sorority life. The duties will be new to you, but we are sure the aims are not new. We are striving to develop that which is best in each one of us and bring about close ties of friendship. Our password conveys the best meaning of our aim Affection, Sincerity, Truth.
In taking our initiation vows, we understand that we assume certain duties. We are working for the good of the sorority and in doing that we are working for our own good. Before we undertake to do anything, we should consider first what effect it will have on the sorority; for in college, we are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for every other member and for the good name of all.
When in perplexity or trouble, our advisers are always ready and anxious to help us.
In conclusion, we express the hope that you may receive as much from these fraternal ties as we have. Next year, when many of us have joined the large body of alumnae, we hope and can wish nothing better than that you will receive as many worthy girls as we have. May we henceforth all be bound together by the cords of friendship that strengthen with the year. May the honor roll of our chapters contain a long list of worthy members welcomed into the bonds of sisterhood.
Members repeat plea - 1st Peter, Chapter III Verses 8- 12 (All Stand): Let us all be likeminded, compassionate, loving as sisters, tender-hearted, humble-minded; not rendering evil for evil, but contrariwise blessing. For he that would love life and see good days, let him refrain his lips that they speak no guile; let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it.
Members repeat Creed: As a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, I believe in the permanence and loveliness of its ideals.
I believe in the values of friendship and fidelity to purpose.
I believe in the fulfillment of self, and will strive to contribute my share to the progress of mankind.
I believe in cultivating beauty of spirit and graciousness of living in all my contacts with others.
I believe that faithfulness to these ideals will help me to live joyously and valiantly.
Chaplain: Almighty Father, our Creator and Peserver, we invoke Thy blessing upon this chapter and upon the entire sisterhood. Especially do we ask Thy blessing upon these dear sisters who have so recently taken their vows of sisterhood. May we all be faithful to the ideals of our beloved sorority. Heavenly Father, give us strength to attain these ideals. May Alpha Sigma Tau represent the sentiment of our hearts and the practices of our lives. Help us to live Thy law of love which bids us "to do unto others as we would they should do unto us."
ALL SING Sorority Hymn.