Alpha Sigma Phi
Initiation Ritual


Opening the chapter
The HSP takes his place and, using the gavel, cells the chapter to order. The HSP remains standing. All other members and officers are seated.
HSP: The Society will please come to order. Honored Custodian, secure the doors. The officers and brotherhood will take their respective positions.
HSP: The coat-of-arms of Alpha Sigma Phi explains well the manner in which we come together. Brother officers, what does it signify?
Each officer rises when it is his turn to speak and remains standing.
HJP: The crest is emblematic of our high ideals which, like the Phoenix , will ever rise again even if temporarily cast down or overthrown.
HP: There is silver, representing sincerity in life, its beauty and permanence reminding us of the heritage we hold from our older brothers and that we each have an obligation to Alpha Sigma Phi for life.
HS: The field of gold holds an open book and our five principles of conduct and character: Silence ... charity ... purity ... honor ... and patriotism.
HCS: A Greek column, minus a capital, represents the Pinnacle of Fame which, with character gained in Alpha Sigma Phi and with the support of our brothers, we may seek to ascend.
HA: The ancient lamp of learning reminds us of the literary purpose of our Society and our obligation to ever seek knowledge.
HE: The laurel wreath of victory is emblematic of the Mystic Circle which holds us for life, a circle guarded by truth, high ethics and the confidences of our brothers.
HR: The ribbon reminds us of the date, December 6, 1845, when Alpha Sigma Phi was founded and bears our open motto: "The cause is hidden, the results well known" -which we are expected to exemplify in our lives.
HSP gives three distinct raps of the gavel. All rise. The following song is sung by all members.
A brotherhood imperial
And joys not immaterial,
Will follow rites mysterical
In Alpha Sigma Phi.
Chorus: There's no association
In all this mighty nation,
That's an approximation
To Alpha Sigma Phi
To Alpha Sigma Phi 
To Alpha Sigma Phi.
So shout the jovial chorus,
Here tutors cannot bore us,
Nor college studies floor us,
In Alpha Sigma Phi.
Chorus: There's no association
In all this mighty nation,
That's an approximation
To Alpha Sigma Phi! 
HM: By command of the Honored Senior Pater, I declare this meeting duly open for the transaction of all business that may lawfully be brought before this chapter of the Fraternity.
After the HM speaks, the HSP gives one distinct rap of the gavel. All can then be seated. If not a formal meeting, the HC may bring in the pledges.
Scene 1 – The Meditation
Equipment: Candle and holder for each room.
-Candles for brothers accompanying the HM.
-Passports for each candidate.
- Sacred Package for each candidate.
Robes: HM in white, hood up.
-Two brothers in black, hoods up.
Settings: Candidates have been told earlier the time they are to appear in coat and tie and how to gain admission.
-Each candidate should be placed in a separate room if possible and should be in silent meditation.
-The candidate can be seated at a table or desk which should be entirely cleared.
-There should be a single lighted candle so the candidate can see well enough to read the prayer.
-The candidate is left in meditation for 10 to 30 minutes. The chapter quarters must be absolutely quiet during this period.
Sacred Package: A special scroll available from National Headquarters. The scroll should be rolled and tied with cardinal and stone ribbon. If the chapter desires, the scroll may be inserted into a small box. The box is then wrapped in white paper and tied with cardinal and stone ribbons.
The scroll is later given to the new brother as a special and very personal keepsake of his initiation. On the scroll appears:
-Founding date of the Fraternity: December 6, 1845.
-The initial letters: Alpha, Sigma and Phi.
-The five hieroglyphics representing the five cardinal virtues.
-The name of the candidate, the date he pledged and the date of his initiation.
-Officers of the chapter.
-Name of the candidate's sponsor: Alumnus who proposed his name, his big brother, or a special friend in the Fraternity.
-Names of the members present at the initiation. All brothers present should sign the scroll indicating that they are witnesses and participants in the experience. Scrolls may be signed while the candidates are in meditation.
Note: When candidates are left alone -even in a group -they should be checked by a brother at intervals. An emergency situation may arise and a candidate, in new circumstances and under the period of silence, may not know how to react. Brothers should know what to do should a candidate become overly excited or nervous.
When all is ready, the HM should assemble the brothers, distribute the scrolls for all to sign. The HM addresses the brotherhood:
HM: Brothers, you are asked to sign the sacred packages of our brothers-to-be. By so doing, you record your participation as a witness to this initiation and confinn that with the new brother, you are reaffirming your vows to Alpha Sigma Phi.
The first scene to be presented is The Meditation. The man who is to become our brother is about to begin his journey. He is given a passport that he can use to continue after he has meditated about the lifetime decision he is about to make. He is also given a sacred package that symbolizes the mystery of our brotherhood and by the names listed there symbolizes that bond for life that brothers offer ... that the ideals of Alpha Srgma Phi are given meaning through the lives of our brothers.
The HM and two brothers depart to present the scene to each candidate.
The HM enters the room, flanked by two brothers. They stand in front of the candidate, the HM in the center. The brother on the left carries a lighted candle in his left hand and in his right hand the sacred package. The brother to the right of the HM carries a lighted candle in his nght hand and in his left hand, the passport. After a few moments of complete silence, the HM speaks {rom memory:
HM: Candidate, kneel before me.
Candidate, you are about to undertake a fateful journey during which you will pass through the veil which separates the outer world from the Mystic Circle of Alpha Sigma Phi. In order that you may be known to those who guard the path which you will follow, I give into your hands a passport which will admit you in due time within our sacred walls.
Brother hands candidate the passport.
Guard it well, for without it, you cannot proceed. The prayer you perceive thereon must be committed to memory before you start your journey.
I also give into your hands a sacred package. Brother hands candidate the sacred package, It contains a token of our brotherhood, which symbolizes the trust and confidence reposed in you by those who have taken the journey before you.
You may now rise and prepare yourself for further instructions.
All depart, leaving the candidate in complete silence. If necessary, the HM or a brother may signal that the candidate can resume his seat. The candidate should be given long enough to memorize the prayer before the start of Scene II. Allow 15 minutes. Keep time between other scenes as brief as possible.
Scene II – The Examination
Setting: The HSP sits at a table at one end of the room which has been draped in dark fabric to the floor, giving the appearance of a draped chair.
-A low-burning, flickering flambeau sits on the altar.
-The HSP sits in a draped chair that is elevated slightly so he looms up in the darkness.
-To the HSP's left is a draped table large enough to hold the special Pinnacle candle holder. 
-The HJP sits at a table at the opposite end of the room from the altar. There is one candle on the table. No other light in the room.
-Brothers gather at the back of the room, in front of the HJP's table. Complete silence mustbe maintained.
-The five brothers who are to read the virtues are positioned around the room. The five who carry the candles are lined up in Front of the brotherhood and immediately behind where the candidates will stand. The brother who is to gather passports has been alerted.
When all is ready, the HM addresses the brotherhood:
HM: Brothers, we are about to present The Examination. In this scene the candidate first encounters our secrets. He is examined to determine if he properly prepared himself dur ing his meditation. The symbolism of darkness and light reflects his going from ignorance into knowledge about our Society as he learns our virtues and is challenged by the symbolic presentation 'of the Pinnacle of Fame. He is reminded that he will be taking vows for a lifetime. And he acquires a sponsor who speaks in all our behalf, vouching for his worthiness. The drama of the scene underlines that membership is shared only after serious, careful consideration by all concerned.
Listen carefully to the presentation of the five virtues as you reaffirm your vows to Alpha Sigma Phi.
The HM blindfolds the candidates. He then leads them to the outer door in single file, each man with his right hand on the shoulder of the man in front of him. The candidate at the head of the line has his hand on the HM's shoulder.
HM gives five slow knocks.
HC gives three slow knocks
HM gives one knock.
The candidates are led to a place in front of the altar. They should not be too close for maximum effect. They are lined up shoulder-to-shoulder, facing the altar. As candidates kneel and rise, the HM and a nearby brother should be alert to any candidate heoinq difficulty and assist if needed by a steadying hand at the elbow.  The HM speaks from behind the candidates.
HM: Kneel and recite your prayer.
At conclusion of prayer:
All Brothers: Amen
HM: Rise.
Working from behind the candidates, the HM removes the blindfolds. Another .brother in a black robe, hood up, can assist. There is a long pause before the HSP speaks.
HSP: What mortal enters these sacred walls and disturbs the spirits of night in their wonted revelries?
HM: Oh High and Mighty Mufti, tis a candidate seeking to learn the mysteries of our sacred brotherhood.
HSP: Who vouches for the candidate?
There should be a 30 second period of complete silence before the Mogul of Darkness answers.
HM: Oh High and Mighty Mufti, I do.
HSP: Produce your passport.
A member in black robe, hood up, collects the passports from the candidates and places them on the allar in front of the High and Mighty Mufti . .. then returns to his place behind the candidates.
HSP: High Mogul of Darkness, take this to the High Mogul of Light and have him translate and return by you the message which I perceive bears the mystic symbols of our brotherhood, convincing me that he is legally possesed of the same and is anxious to know its hidden meaning.
The High Mogul of Darkness advances with a slow and heavy tread across the room and collects the passports. He then takes the passports, and walking with the same slow and heavy tread, goes past the candidates and to the back of the  room out of sight of the candidates where the HJP sits. He then speaks in a low and deep voice.
HM: Oh, Venerable Mogul of Light, a debased mortal presents himself within the outer wall to seek admission to our Mystic Circle . Offering a passport executed in the secret language of our brotherhood, he anxiously awaits your interpretation of its hidden meaning. Be kind enough to grant the wish.
HJP: 'Tis well. Let this my answer be given in due form. This passport certifies that the candidate has been duly elected by secret vote to be initiated into the Mystic Circle .
HSP: Your passport is right. Have you your Sacred Package?
High Mogul of Darkness, place it on the altar.
The HM comes forward with slow and heauy tread, collects the packages from the candidates and places them on the altar in front of the High and Mighty Mufti.
HJP: The Sacred Package is a scroll upon which is inscribed: First, the date never to be forgotten ─ December 6, 1845, marking the date on which our first brothers assembled to form the Mystic Circle of Alpha Sigma Phi;
Second, the initial letters of our secret motto concerning which you will receive instructions at a later time; and,
Third, the hieroglyphics representing the five cardinal virtues or attributes of character which assist each brother to ascend the Pinnacle of Fame. Concerning the latter you will shortly be instructed.
HSP: High Mogul of Light, the sacred package is given into your keeping.
The HM comes forward, gathers the sacred packages and takes them to the HJP.
HSP: I ask that you deposit the same in the archives as evidence that the candidate before us has been instructed concerning them.
A door can be closed or other device used to create the sound of the packages being deposited and locked away.
HJP: Candidate, you have passed through preliminary examinations. Be self-possessed and unafraid. On your action here depends your entrance into a brotherhood whose light brightens the pathway of but a chosen few.
After you have entered here and taken upon yourself the solemn obligations of Alpha Sigma Phi, you cannot there after absolve yourself from them. All who are here have been subjected to similar tests and are bound together by the same vows and obligations you are about to assume; therefore consider well and let your actions and words be witnessed by those in whose presence you now stand.
The hope, desire, and purpose of our Society and those who are responsible for its operation is to help our brothers acquire those attributes of character which will assist them to ascend the Pinnacle of Fame. The challenge of Alpha Sigma Phi is the call to an appreciation of man's noblest virtues. The challenge is beautifully expressed in these words:
"Brothers, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. "
The five virtues that lead one toward the Pinnacle of Fame are represented to us by the five knocks that were given by your sponsor as he requested permission to bring you with in these sacred walls.
HJP gives five raps of the gavel.
As each virtue is read from different parts of the room, a brother in black robe with hood up, walks to front of the room. He lights the candle he carries from the flambeau and places it in the special Pinnacle candle holder. The candles are placed from bottom to top. After the brother has placed his candle, he returns to his previous spot behind the candidates. Ave different brothers place the candles.
Brother #1: The first of the five virtues is SILENCE. You must maintain silence regarding the secrets of Alpha Sigma Phi, and when admitted to our brotherhood you must maintain silence regarding the mutual confidences of your brothers in the Mystic Circle .
Brother #2: The second virtue is CHARITY. You will not reach the fullest development in life without being mindful of those less fortunate than yourself. May this virtue teach you that your character will be enriched as you are privileged to extend a . helping hand to others as you journey through life.
Brother #3: The third virtue is PURITY. Purity must prevail in thought, speech and deed. It demands a life of consecration to a supreme and lofty purpose, a life of devotion in which all that is vicious and tawdry will be dispelled.
Brother #4: The fourth virtue is HONOR. Honor is its own reward. Without it, we accomplish nothing. With it, all things are possible within the scope of human endeavor.
Brother #5: The fifth virtue is PATRIOTISM. It indicates that one cannot progress far in life without a patriotic devotion to those principles which have made this nation the land of justice, freedom and opportunity.
HJP: May the tenets of the Pinnacle of Fame: Silence ... Charity … Purity ... Honor … and Patriotism each become a firm attribute of your character and if they thus become a part of you, they will contribute in a large measure to your attaining the Pinnacle of Fame in life, of which, may you be richly deserving.
HSP: You will now be conducted to the place from which you came, there to await further orders and instructions.
HM blindfolds the candidates and then leads them from the room.
Scene III – The Obligation
Setting: -A coffin in the center of an inner room. Inside the coffin, a "body".
-On the coffin, a Bible open to Psalm 133, skull and crossbones.
-A veil -a length of cloth - held by two brothers at the entrance to the inner room.
-At the head of the coffin, but far enough away to allow the formation of the Mystic Circle, is the elevated throne, draped in dark fabric, for the HJP. HJP holds a strong red light or pen light inside his robe.
-HSP stationed outside of the inner room to read. All brothers ready to march into inner room and form Mystic Circle; brother in lead carrying a lighted candle.
When all is in readiness and all the members are sure of their roles, the HM addresses them:
HM: Brothers, we are about to present The Obligation. Our brother-to-be has penetrated the outer wall of our secrets. Now he seeks the mysteries of the inner walls. In this scene you are all asked to affirm your selection of this man and your continued support of him as a brother.
Much of this scene with its symbolism of death may seem morbid. One must consider that when Alpha Sigma Phi was founded, life expectancy was much shorter. Men lived with a greater awareness of the reality of death. It was important to affirm something that could last forever: brotherhood. The scene reminds us of our own mortality. Confronted with that, we can reflect on what in life is truly important ─ true friends and true values. This scene teaches that Alpha Sigma Phi is a genuine celebration of life.
The candidate is brought to the entrance of the outer room blindfolded.
HM gives five knocks.
HC gives three knocks.
HM knocks once.
HM: You stand at the entrance of Alpha Sigma Phi. Behind the silent doors of membership and brotherhood there are legions of loyal and-true brothers who wait to welcome you. You are still at liberty to proceed or depart.
What is your pleasure?
After the question has been answered in the affirmative, the candidate is conducted to the outside of the inner room. The HM should, if there are multiple candidetes in a line, remove the hand of each candidate from the shoulder of the man in front of him. Make sure there is enough space between each man for kneeling. The HM and other brothers should be alert to any candidate needing the help of a steadying hand at the elbow when they try to kneel and rise while blindfolded.
HM: Around you are those who have passed through similar trials. To prepare yourself for further progress, kneel and meditate while the brothers chant a prayer.
All chant: Mid the deep hush that o'er the earth is creeping,
Father I come to Thee.
With humbleness of heart I bow entreating,
Be merciful to me, be merciful to me.
There should be a pause of intense silence lasting about ten seconds. Then the HM touches the candidate on the shoulder as a signal to rise. The room remains in silence until it is almost painful. Then the HSP speaks in distinct and dramatic tones.
HSP: Mortal, thou seekest to penetrate behind the veil that only a chosen few can pass.
The HM pushes the candidate forward through the veil being held by two brothers so it brushes across the candidate's face. Brothers holding the veil may need to help it move across the candidate's face. Brothers should be on the other side to catch the candidate after he passes through the veil and then position him properly away from the entrance and facing the coffin and the HSP.
Once all candidates are in place, brothers station themselves behind each candidate to quickly remove the blindfolds in unison when the next words are spoken. The HJP turns on his light a brief moment after the blindfolds are removed.
HSP: In darkness, thou mayest find light.
HJP turns on light.
HSP: And beyond the grave thou mayest find knowledge. The grim tyrant, Death, ever follows in our footsteps and claims us for his own when time cuts the brittle thread of life. Here, indeed, is his empire, where now he sits in state. mocking at the relics of human glory.
Thus man passes away! His name perishes from record and recollection! His history is as a tale that is told! Even his very monument becomes a ruin!
Oh Spirit, wait upon our would-be brother as he takes his fateful step that shall link him in the Mystic Circle of Alpha Sigma Phi for life.
The HJP remains silent and motionless upon his throne. He allows the silence £0 become intense before speaking.
HJP: What mortal this who breaks the midnight gloom that hovers over our mysteries? Why this intrusion in forbidden paths?
HM: 'Tis he who seeks to penetrate the Mystic Circle that surrounds our brotherhood and be united in indissoluble bonds with hearts that ever cherish Truth … Wisdom ... and Brotherly Love.
HJP: Will he honor us as we would honor him?
HM: He will.
HSP: Candidate. Are you willing to take an obligation from which no act of yours can ever absolve you?
Candidate: I am.
HSP: Brothers, are you willing to accept this candidate as a brother in Alpha Sigma Phi?
All, in chorus: We are.
HSP: Candidate. You will now advance to the side of the coffin before you, kneel, place your left hand upon the skull, the symbol of mortality, reposing upon the open Bible, the symbol of immortality.
Brothers, the candidate is in position to take the obligation. Form the Mystic Circle about him.
At this direction, the processional already formed in the outer room moves forward with slow and measured tread. The leader carries a single lighted candle, and after the Circle is formed, the leader shall light the flambeau on the coffin with his candle and extinguish the candle. As soon as this is done and the Mystic Circle is formed, the HSP proceeds.
HSP: Candidate. Raise your right hand and repeat after me the Obligation.
I, and repeat your full name / of my own free will and accord / do most solemnly and sincerely / promise and swear / upon my honor as a gentleman / and within the presence of this brotherhood / never to divulge / or cause to be divulged / by words, / signs, / looks, / writings, / or in any other manner, / anything pertaining to the secrets of this Fraternity.
That I will obey its rules and regulations / and seek to ever promote / the welfare and harmony of its brothers. / And furthermore, I promise and declare / that I will give good counsel / to a brother in Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity / and guard his confidences as / would my own; / and that I will ever cherish / Truth, / Wisdom, / and Brotherly Love.
And I furthermore promise and swear / that I will / to the extent of my opportunity and ability / in whatsoever position in life I may be placed / lend aid and assistance to, / and support the cause of, / a brother in this Fraternity.
That I will to the end of life / cherish the friendships / that I shall form within its sacred walls; / that I will not bring  herein / the ambitions / jealousies, / and conflicts of the out side world; / that I will ever cherish, / respect, / honor and obey / the teachings and principles of Alpha Sigma Phi; / to all of which I give my unqualified consent, / So help me  God. Amen.
Lower your hands to your side.
The brothers break the circle of hands and kneel. There should be a pause of about ten seconds after which the "Solemn Oath" is sung by the entire brotherhood.
Once more the solemn oath
Comes trembling through these Halls;
A child of truth and friendship both
Is born within these walls.
Before our Sigma's throne
'Tis sworn to love her best:
Nor e'er should ought save death alone
From one this blessing wrest.
We share our mutual woes
Our mutual burdens bear;
And often for each other flows
The sympathizing tear.
Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Sigma Phi;
These oaths sworn be'fore kindred minds
The change of time defy.
There should be several seconds of silence following the song. Then the HSP speaks.
HSP: The oath which still trembles on your lips is of no light import.
May it ever tremble there as a guide to you in life that you  are under a responsibiltiy to this Fraternity, its members, and yourself, to live an upright life with honor to the community in which you make your home, your Alma Mater which claims you as a son, and this Fraternity which claims you as a brother. Guard well the mysteries of our Order, remember your Obligation, and observe the principles and teachings you have received.
The brothers rise and step back. The candidate is left kneeling for a few seconds in silence, then is blindfolded and led back to the holding room.
Scene IV – The Charge
When all is in readiness, the HM groups the brothers as indicated in the diagram and then addresses them.
HM: Brothers. We now present The Charge. This is the core of our teachings, so it is appropriately presented by members of the Prudential Committee. In this scene, our brother-to-be learns the traditions of how a member of this Fraternity conducts his life and his relationships with others. He learns that the Fraternity is judged by his actions. He learns how to put into practice what he has been taught. And he is reminded that his bonds to his brothers and his Fraternity are for life. Let The Charge to our brother-to-be serve as a period of self-reflection on how each of us practices brotherhood.
The HM brings the candidate. blindfolded, to the outer door.
HM gives five slow knocks
HC gives three slow knocks
HM knocks once.
The HM enters, leads candidates to a position in front of all the brothers and in a row facing the three tables. He speaks from behind the candidates.
HM: I now present you to members of the Prudential Committee for further instructions.
HM removes blindfolds.
HE: Having suffered the same trials and moved within the Circle of this brotherhood in the same shadows as those who have traveled this way before, you are charged with your responsibility as a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.
You are truly our brother, not by mere accident of birth or blood, but because of free choice of selection, you have bound yourself to us by a sacred oath of loyalty and secrecy. Let the dignity of this bond be with you always, leading you to help where help is needed, and to render fraternal aid to those less fortunate.
In following this way, silence was one of the first qualities exemplified. This was to teach you that our Fraternity and its interests are not proper subjects for your discourse with the outside world. Its name, achievements, purposes, and objects are not secret, but its business, ritualistic work and the mutual confidence of its brothers are highly so.
Another quality taught was obedience. With it, our rules and regulations can be enforced and our Society can prosper within itself and before the world. It becomes your duty to adhere to the Constitutional authority within the chapter and the Fraternity and in so doing to exemplify the virtues and teachings learned here.
Prudential member-at-large: You were given a sacred package and admonished to guard it as you would your life. This was to teach you caution, a quality most valuable in our journey through life. Courage is vital, but when accompanied by caution, it directs us to higher planes and broader accomplishment.
In an earlier scene of your initiation you learned the attributes of character that will assist you to ascend the Pinnacle of Fame. Our Pinnacle does not suggest wealth or notoriety but rather fulfillment. Achievement is the measure of our faith and loyalty, Founded upon the rock of character, and with the talents developed by training and education within the Fraternity, a man moves to those higher levels in the service of his fellows.
You are to recognize and treat as brothers all who may assemble within these Sacred Walls. We expect you at all times to conduct yourself as a gentleman. This is particularly true regarding your actions in the society of the outside world, for if you should act in any unbecoming manner, other people will force your Fraternity into unpleasant and unjust prominence and judge your brothers-as like yourself.
You are at liberty to worship God according to the dictates of your own conscience, and in your own way and form. Let differences of politics and religion between yourself and other members of the Fraternity cause no dissension and consider them academic in your discussions with each other.
Prudential member-at-large: You will soon be recognized as a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. As a member of this Fraternity you have the right to expect that every brother will so conduct himself that you will have no cause to be ashamed of your connection with him through this Fraternity, and you will not fail to conduct yourself less carefully.
The badge which will be presented to you and which you will hereafter wear will receive no higher esteem from those outside than the measure of honor it receives from you.
Through it all you have passed the tests of manhood, and we have become completely bound, one unto the other, by insoluble ties. Our brotherhood bestows honor and influence on you and expects you to reflect honor and influence on it.
The Obligation which you have taken is not to be lightly considered, it binds you to us as a brother all through life. It means not alone the friendship of the present, but from this moment until that instant when you and we are gathered to our Fathers in that silent sleep of death, we are under a mutual obligation of friendship to each other.
For life, your duty to us and ours to you are constantly reciprocal. To visit the sick, administer to their wants, to guard the confidence of a brother as you would your own, and to assist a needy brother if you can, are all part of the Obligation you assume.
Uphold this brotherhood and the principles and characteristics upon which it was founded, and by so doing you thereby confer upon it and upon yourself, the reflection of honorable living, good citizenship and the light of learning.
The HM replaces the blindfolds. Then the HE speaks.
HE: You will now conduct the brother-to the place from which I he came and there prepare him for final instructions.
Scene V – The Presentation
When all is ready, the HM assembles the brotherhood. The brothers line up on the sides of the room in roster number sequence. The lowest roster number is the first man to the left of the HSP. If there is room and adequate folding chairs or benches are available, the brothers may sit, facing the center of the room. The roster number sequence should continue around the room so the highest roster number is the last man to the HSP's right. Alumni or guests of other chapters are given the first chairs to the HSP's left.
HM: Brothers. We come now to The Presentation. Our brother-to-be is now, following The Charge, a brother. This scene is one of celebration, of joy. We welcome him with joyous singing. We now invest our brother with our symbols, signs and instruct him in our heritage and traditions. The cycle is complete ... from meditation to examination to obligation to charge ... now our brotherhood celebrates!
The HM leads the candidate to the outer door without blindfolds.
HM gives five slow knocks
HC gives three slow knocks
HM knocks once.
The HM enters, leading the candidates. They should be in roster number sequence.
They follow without hands on shoulder. As soon as the candidates are into the room, the HSP gives one knock ofhis gavel. AU members rise.and immediately begin singing. The HM leads the candidates between the rows of brothers to the table at the end of the room where the HSP, HJP and HC wait. He lines the cendidates up in sequence shoulder to shoulder facing the table. The new brother who will be the first to sign the roster book should be standing to the far left of the HSP.
All singing:  There's no association in all this mighty nation
That's an approximation to Alpha Sigma Phi
To Alpha Sigma Phi, to Alpha Sigma Phi
There's no association in all this mighty nation
That's an approximation to Alpha Sigma Phi
To Alpha Sigma Phi, to Alpha Sigma Phi
There's no association in all this mighty nation
That's an approximation to Alpha Sigma Phil
At the conclusion of the singing, the HSP strikes his gavel once and all sit.
HM: I now have the pleasure of presenting you to the Honored Senior Pater for further instructions.
HSP: I am pleased to welcome you within these walls. We have chosen you from among many to make you our friend, and from among our friends to make you our brother.
The chaplain will now offer a prayer.
HC: Let us pray.
Gracious and mighty God, in Thy infinite wisdom and love, Thou didst ordain brotherhood as the spirit and way of abundant living. We earnestly pray that the brotherhood we foster within these sacred walls may ever deserve Thy sanction and Thy favor. Save our comradeship from triviality, selfishness, pride and shame. Make us worthy of the ideals and traditions of the Fraternity we love and serve. Amen.
HSP: To prepare yourself for further progress it will be necessary for me to administer to you our final oath. Raise your right hand and repeat after me the following obligation:
I, and give your full name / do most solemnly and sincerely / promise and swear / upon my honor / and within the circle of this brotherhood / that I will not be guilty / of unseemly conduct / within the walls of this Fraternity / nor will I permit the same by others / if within my power to prevent.
And I furthermore promise and swear / that I will respect / the authority / of the governing bodies of this Fraternity / and of this institution / and to the extent of my opportunity and ability / will assist them in their efforts / to develop men of strong character. / In keeping with this ethical code and purpose / I shall endeavor / by my influence and deeds / to prevent within my chapter / all conduct prohibited by my Fraternity or this institution / and all dishonorable behavior.
These affirmations I make / with the understanding and conviction / that to be a member of Alpha Sigma Phi / is to be, in every good sense, / a gentleman. / So help me God. /  Amen.
Please lower your hand.
You will now be acquainted with all the mysterious signs and tokens of our order and invested with our insignia. Will the Honored Junior Pater explain the coat of arms.
During the explanations of the coat-at-arms and the badge, the HM may step forward and point to the symbols or sections being explained. He may use his hand. a pointer or a sword.
HJP: The coat-of-arms of the Fraternity was designed with several ends in view. In addition to its heraldic value as a distinctive sign manual by which its possessor is identified with the Fraternity, it contains representations of many of its teachings, principles and ideals and is a constant reminder of them to the wearer.
The crest is emblematic of our high ideals which, like the phoenix, will ever rise again even if temporarily cast down or overthrown.
The shield has emblazoned on it our mystic language, our history as an institution, and our standards of life as men.
The dexter chief and sinister base are fields of argent or silver, the metal used by Homeric Greeks to represent sincerity in life, and symbolic of deeds well performed and worthy of being perpetuated in memory. To us, the beauty and permanence of those quarters bear witness to the loyalty and leadership of our older brothers who pass on to us so rich a heritage.
The sable band dexter is indicative of secrecy and emblematic of the character of our brotherhood. Upon its face you perceive three golden stairs, each representative of a word of our secret motto.
The sinister chief quarter is a field of gold on which reposes the open book bearing on its pages our five principles of conduct and character, and supporting the pen, all emblematic of our position among men and of the literary purpose of our Society.
Upon the dexter base quarter we trace the graceful lines of the Greek column, minus a capital and seeming to lose itself in infinite space. This is the mystic representation of the Pinnacle of Fame whose unmeasureable heights indicate that he who would scale them must depend on his character, learning and ability for the full measure of success.
At its base, the ancient lamp of learning throws out its burning rays, reminding us that we should reflect the light of our Alma Mater and be instruments for transmitting her wisdom and valuable knowledge to those with whom we mingle in life.
Reclining at the base of the column, we find the laurel wreath of victory, the reward of efforts well expended and wisely directed. Likewise, it is also emblematic of the Mystic Circle into which you are now being admitted and from which you can never escape, a circle where Truth guides the relationships among its members and dictates the ethics they shall observe, where Wisdom guides the intellect and through collective effort seeks to help each other perform his part in the uplift of the human race, and where Brotherly Love sweetens college life, furnishing us with golden memories even after time and change have carried us far away.
Under its base, the graceful ribbon reminds us of the date, December 6, 1845, when Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University, and also bears the words of our open motto, "Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima" -The Cause is Hidden, The Results Well Known -all of which you are expected by your life and in your contacts with others to exemplify.
Honored Senior Pater, I now present the brother to you for further instruction.
HSP: This is the badge by which you will hereafter be known as a member of this Fraternity. The gold border which surrounds it is an emblem of the bright bond of friendship which must ever unite the members of this Fraternity.
The black enamel signifies the impenetrable veil of secrecy with which her every private act is shrouded.
The pen and book are emblematic of the highly literary and useful character of our Fraternity as an educational force in the lives of her members.
The five hieroglyphics upon the pages of the open book are mystic symbols of the principles of our order, namely: Silence ... Charity ... Purity ... Honor ... and Patriotism ... attributes of character that will assist you to ascend the Pinnacle of Fame in life.
Silence must ever surround our secrets.
Charity towards our fellows, and especially for their weaknesses and natural imperfections, is worthy of our
best emulation.
Purity of thought and life cannot but reflect honor and the character possessed by one who practices it.
Honor needs no commendation. It is its own reward. Without it we accomplish nothing, with it all things are within the scope of human possibility.
Patriotism, that virtue which makes heroes of all men, and which makes national institutions a power for the upbuilding of the human race. is the fire that warms the blood when the hearthstone is in danger. It is the mainstay of the citizen and soldier, the social force that preserves, for posterity, the glories of the past and the privileges of the present.
Read the following line with distinction and fervor.
Upon these principles of manhood and these standards of conduct our Fraternity firmly rests.
Beneath the book, upon the shield, you perceive the three Greek letters, Α Σ Φ carved in gold and golden in their meaning. They are the initial letters of our secret motto, Greek words never to be spoken or written except within the wall of this Fraternity.
The words are: Alathace, Sophia, Philadelphos, and signify: Truth, Wisdom and Brotherly Love.
You will wear this badge on vest, shirt or sweater, on the left side over the heart. No member, undergraduate or alumnus, shall permit his badge to be worn by a woman except she be his betrothed or his wife. Never in times of stress or adversity must you dispose of this badge, and upon your death you shall bequeath it to the Fraternity.
The HC, HSP and HJP rise. With the HC leading the way, they go to the front of the table and move down the row of candidates, moving from right to left. The HC removes pledge pins. The HSP pins on The Badges. The HJP pins on the talisman roses. They then return to their seats.
Note: The Badges should be placed on the table in the proper sequence. The Badges should already have their clasps open and inserted through short lengths of cardinal and stone ribbons. The clasps remain open to facilitate their placement. The badges are placed on the shirt over the heart, never on coat lapel. The talisman boutonniere is pinned on the coat lapel.
HSP: I have presented to you the colors of the Fraternity, cardinal and stone. These are to be worn with your badge for three days after your initiation to assist you in more fully establishing in your heart and soul forever the vows which you have given to the Fraternity today.
You have been presented the flower of Alpha Sigma Phi. The talisman rose, traditional emblem of endless life, symbolizes the continuing vitality and heritage of our Fraternity. It shall be used at all ceremonials as a token of Alpha Sigma Phi's abiding influence and strength.
Honored Marshal, you will now conduct the Brother to the Honored Scribe, there to sign the roster book, signifying his commitment to the Constitution and by-laws of this Fraternity as well as the Constitution and by-laws of this chapter and its charter.
The HM conducts the Candidates to the HS table at the opposite end of the room. Candidates should be in proper roster number sequence. In addition to the roster book, copies of the chapter and National Fratemity’s Constitution and by-laws should be on the table. The roster book should already have the candidate’s name, roster number and date typed in with a line for signing.
HM: Honored Scribe, by direction of the Honored Senior Pater, I present this brother who wishes to sign the proper documents to become officially enrolled as a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.
HS: Honored Marshal, your request shall be obeyed.
In signing these documents, you affirm your dedication to truth .•. wisdom ••• brotherly love ••. to our stand for high scholarship, building of character and responsible social development. You pledge your support of the Fraternity now and throughout your life. You affirm your willingness to perpetuate friendships by personally offering others the chance to join our brotherhood and you pledge your support for a strong national Fraternity that shares its brotherhood coast to coast.
The HS hands the brother a black ink pen and indicates where he is to sign. He gives the new member his membership card. He indicates that the shingle displayed on the table may be picked up later.
The HM (assisted by other brothers if there are a number of candidates), moves each new brother after signing back to the table at the front of the room. He lines them up in roster number sequence, single file, one behind the other, facing the table. When all new brothers have joined the line, the HS speaks.
HS: Honored Marshal, please inform the Honored Senior Pater that the documents have been properly signed.
HM: Honored Senior Pater, I wish to inform you that your orders have been obeyed, and that the documents are properly signed.
HSP: Tis well. Brothers, form the Mystic-Circle about us.
The HSP moves from behind the table. The brothers on each side of the room stand and move in to form the Mystic Circle . The HM, HJP, HC. HS take their appropriate places in the Circle. The HSP is left alone within the Circle which has closed in about him and the new brothers. He speaks from memory.
HSP: By virtue of the authority vested in me as Honored Senior Pater of this chapter, I declare you a duly initiated member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity and entitled to all its rights and privileges. In token of my friendship, esteem and brotherly love, I extend to you the right hand of fellowship and with it the grip of the Fraternity.
The HSP demonstrates the grip to each brother. He explains that the grip should be used with caution other than in the chapter room. He explains how the grip is given to a brother when there may be outsiders present. He shows how the grip begins as a regular handshake. He indicates placement of younger and older brother's hands.
After the HSP has demonstrated the grip to the first new brother, he introduces the first initiate to the first brother in the Circle, saying: "Brother …; Brother …, using the initiate's name last. That brother then introduces the initiate to the brother on his left and the initiate continues around the Circle in this manner,
the HSP shows the next initiate the grip and repeats the introduction process, until all new initiates are introduced to every brother. After being introduced to the last brother in the Circle, the initiate takes his place in the Circle to the right of the HSP. The Mystic Circle is reformed and properly broken with the singing of "Farewell Ye Walls ":
Farewell, ye walls of Sigma Phi!
Farewell, ye walls of Sigma Phi!!
Farewell, ye walls of Sigma Phi!!!
Farewell, ye walls of Sigma Phi!!!!
The HC should assist the HM in securing all ritual equipment properly before leaving for any planned celebration. The next day all material should be checked, cleaned, correctly wrapped, boxed and packaged and then stored. A List of new supplies needed should be made at this time so all is in readiness for the next initiation.
The HM holds a meeting with all new initiates within three days of initiation to allow them to read copies of the ritual and to discuss the meanings and symbolism of the various scenes and objects. If the chapter has a ritual team, the entire group should take part in the discussion meeting. The chapter’s advisor(s), if an initiated brother, should be invited to take part. Any brother who wishes to attend is welcomed.