Alpha Pi Mu
Initiation Ritual


Setting and General Initiation Instructions
The ceremony of initiation will be conducted by four active members who assume the roles of Alpha, Pi, Mu and Gamma. The President of a chapter shall ordinarily take the part of Alpha. He/she will designate the members he/she desires to enact the other roles. If other members are especially qualified by virtue of good voices, dramatic ability, or other talents, the President may properly appoint them to any of the roles.
The initiation ceremony should be held in the university chapel, if possible. The room to be used for the initiation ceremony should be arranged with a long table at one end. The table should be covered with a dark cloth material draped over the front so the feet of those behind the table are not visible to the audience. In front of the table, nine chairs should be placed in a slightly semi-circular arrangement facing the audience. These nine chairs represent the founding members of Alpha Pi Mu (see the sketch on page v). To the left side of the table and at right angles to it, chairs should be arranged in one or more rows for the honorary, faculty, and alumni candidates. Seating of the active membership initiates should be arranged so that they face the nine chairs and can readily be seen by Alpha, Pi and Mu. All active members and other guests (faculty and family of initiates) should be seated facing the table, but behind the initiates. This initiation is not open to other non-member students because they might be future candidates.
The four members conducting the initiation should be garbed in cap and gown. Alpha, Pi and Mu sit behind the table, Alpha occupying the center chair with Pi to the right and Mu to the left. In an installation ceremony, the leader of the installation team should be seated to the far left of Mu. Gamma sits at the right end of the table, opposite the seating for honorary, faculty and alumni candidates.
It is best if the candidates do not enter the initiation room before the beginning of the ceremony. A few verbal instructions by Gamma before bringing the candidates to their places should help to eliminate any confusion. For example, Gamma may say, “Candidates should stand until asked to be seated” and “Candidates should state their names after Alpha starts the pledge, ‘I, ( your name ).’”
Shadow boxes of the three Greek letters, Alpha, Pi and Mu, made according to standard prints, should stand on the long table facing the active membership initiates. Each shadow box should be illuminated at the beginning of each member's part as indicated during the initiation ceremony. It is desirable to have a large model of the Alpha Pi Mu key illuminated during the entire ceremony. The model key may (1) hang on the wall above Alpha or (2) stand on the left side of the table. Other decorations appropriate to Alpha Pi Mu may also be used.
On the table directly in front of, and between the Alpha and Mu shadow boxes, the chapter's roll book should be placed. This book should be a fine leather-bound volume which is kept as a source book of the chapter's members and history. A small spotlight should be used to illuminate the book during the entire ceremony. The book is closed, but an index ribbon is placed at the spot where the initiates' names will be recorded. It is opened and signed as stated in the ceremony. A desk-set black ink pen stands behind the roll book.
The lighting in the room should be subdued to enhance the general effect. It need not be so dark that Gamma has difficulty in reading the initiates' names, but it should approach that level. It is very important that Gamma learn the correct pronunciation of the initiates' names.
The initiation may be followed by whatever further ceremony or social event a chapter may desire. This activity should take place elsewhere, rather than in the initiation room. If the initiation room must be used for other activities, aside from the welcoming of new members following the ceremony, Alpha, Pi, Mu and Gamma should immediately disrobe and place the robes over the shadow boxes and other ritual equipment, except for the illuminated key and chapter roll book. The chapter roll book may be reopened for the inspection of members and guests.
A typed copy of the initiation report, one copy of the membership card for each candidate and the national society initiation fees must be submitted to the national office six weeks prior to the initiation date.
All parts of the ceremony should be read slowly, clearly and distinctly.
It is strongly urged that the complete ceremony of initiation be practiced at least once by the conductors prior to the initiation. It is further suggested that one of the active members act the part of the candidates and constructively criticize the conductors' performances as to fluency, diction, pitch, loudness, impressiveness, speed, and general effect. The ceremony should be conducted so that it creates a lasting feeling on the part of the initiates that they, personally, are being honored and, at the same time, that this honor requires a rededication to the ideals enumerated by the conductors.
Ceremony of Initiation
After the active members and their guests have seated themselves and Alpha has determined that everyone is ready, the lights of the room should be dimmed to the extent necessary to provide a solemn atmosphere. The shadow boxes should be dark and Alpha will secure attention and say:
ALPHA: Members of Alpha Pi Mu, let us begin our … number initiation ceremony of the … name  chapter at … name of college or university . Pause. Brother/sister gamma, will you please present the candidates.
GAMMA: Brother/sister Alpha, I present these candidates for initiation as active members into the … name chapter of Alpha Pi Mu: Each name should be read slowly with a noticeable pause between names.
ALPHA: Have they fulfilled all the requirements for their initiation?
GAMMA: They have, brother/sister Alpha.
ALPHA: The candidates will please be seated.
Gamma dims the lights if further darkening of the room is desired. Lighting at this point should be such that only the roll book, the key and the speaker are emphasized. The Alpha light is turned on.
ALPHA: We have heard by what name you are known. Now let us consider by what traits you are known. Ponder each trait and look inside yourself: scholarship, leadership, sociability, ethicality and widespread interests. It is because you possess these and many other desirable traits that you are here at this moment. Alpha Pi Mu extends you a warm welcome. Soon you will learn the significance of our name and the demands our organization places on its members. You will learn how Alpha Pi Mu can aid you in the further development of those desirable qualities of mind and character for which you are already known. Even as you, by joining with us, can further enhance the worth of our organization and help it toward the more complete achievement of its mission. Pause three seconds.
ALPHA: Brother/sister Pi will now tell you the history and some of the ideals of our organization. (The Pi light is turned on.)
PI: A just honor was needed for those persons studying in industrial engineering who have demonstrated ability, shown initiative and possess admirable character. an organization was needed to act as a stimulus to those who have the interest, sincerity and ability to drive forward to greater achievement in scholarship and leadership. An organization was also needed to provide a common ground on which those outstanding men and women could exchange ideas, lead and advise the future members of the organization. This organization was called alpha pi mu. The founding of this organization was the result of the efforts of nine Georgia tech students. By the founding of Alpha Pi Mu, the profession of industrial engineering was to gain additional recognition. In the interest of tradition, these nine chairs have been placed before you. They are symbolic of the many discussions by this original group of nine students. The Georgia tech chapter of Alpha Pi Mu was chartered and recognized by the university on january 25, 1949. Immediately after the charter was granted, James T. French was elected the first president. This is fitting, for were it not for the initial and continuing inspiration he gave to the nucleus of Alpha Pi Mu, the organization might never have been founded nor prospered. The national charter for Alpha Pi Mu incorporated was granted by the state of Georgia on march 17, 1949. This was the final step in establishing Alpha Pi Mu, both in name and legal status, as the only national honor society of industrial engineering. In february 1952, Alpha Pi Mu became the first associate member of the association of college honor societies and attained full membership in february 1959. The first national convention was held at the Ohio State University in march 1950. There are at present … number chapters of Alpha Pi Mu. It was on … month, day, year that a charter was granted to this chapter at … name of college or university. The entire profession of industrial engineering recognizes the members of Alpha Pi Mu as being leaders in their fields.
ALPHA: Brother/sister Mu will now inform you of the principles and ideals upon which Alpha Pi Mu was founded. The Mu light is turned on.
MU: Successful industrial engineers are leaders, demonstrating sound judgment and the ability to work effectively with all types of individuals. Through the exercise of these talents, they are instrumental in the coordination of personnel, money, materials, equipment, methods and integrated processes. in addition, they must possess that integrity necessary for engineers in any field to discharge their duties. These qualities are developed during youth and then become more evident in the individual throughout his/her entire life. in your college activities you have demonstrated traits evidencing these qualities. By your scholarship, your ability to get along with others, and your daily actions, you have shown that you are attempting to further develop these qualities of character and personality. Growth of these qualities is necessary if success is to follow in your professional career. Only by continually
expanding and developing, can you achieve the goals of which you are capable.
ALPHA: As you have manifested the qualities necessary for the attainment of these traits in your academic career, carry forth these ideals and principles with an awareness of the complex problems of industrial engineering into your professional careers. Pause three seconds. Historically, the three major phases of industrial engineering are administration, production, and methods –– the words from which our name, Alpha Pi Mu, is derived. In our key, they are symbolized by the three sides of the triangle, comprising the outline of our profession. The triangle is superimposed upon a cogwheel. Since the time of the industrial revolution, the cogwheel has been a symbol of the engineering  profession, the profession traditionally concerned with supplying the wants of mankind. With the ever-increasing store of human knowledge, specialization was necessary and engineers also specialized. Industrial engineering is concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of men, materials and equipment. it draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences, together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design, to specify, predict and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems. The key thus shows the triangle of our specialty superimposed upon the firm base of human knowledge. The cogwheel is also an outward symbol of our motto, the greek phrase: e' – pe – ray' – te on – thro – pe' – ti – tos. This phrase is translated as, “humble service to humanity is the goal of the true engineer.” remember this motto. Pause two seconds. Humble service to humanity is the goal of the true engineer. Pause two seconds.
MU: Steadfast adherence to this ideal will enable you to achieve the aims and goals of Alpha Pi Mu.
ALPHA, pause two seconds: The candidates for active membership will now stand. Wait for quiet. Raise your right hand and repeat this pledge after me: I, please state your name, having heard and understood the purposes and tenets of Alpha Pi Mu, do solemnly pledge, always to respect and promote the aims and ideals of this society.
Please be seated. Wait for quiet. I will repeat the pledge which you have just taken.
I, state your name, having heard and understood the purposes and tenets of Alpha Pi Mu, do solemnly pledge, always to respect and promote the aims and ideals of this society.
ALPHA: Will the candidate(s) for honorary / faculty / alumni membership please stand. Pause for quiet. You have heard the principles of our society and the responsibilities incumbent upon its members. Do you, as honorary / faculty / alumni member(s), pledge to uphold these principles and accept these responsibilities? If so, signify by saying yes. Pause. Please be seated. Pause for quiet. Alpha will repeat the above paragraph for Faculty members and then Alumni Members.
ALPHA: With this pledge you become one of us, a member of Alpha Pi Mu. Remember, your life and your acts will bear witness to the honor of the engineering profession. The engineer is responsible both to the profession and to society. The two are inseparable. Engineering has been a primary contributor to the ever-increasing utilization of our natural wealth and, through production, for our present abundant life. As engineers we may well be proud of these accomplishments. but, we must always strive to design systems that reflect a responsible attitude, and constantly seek methods to eliminate undesirable side-effects. Above all, maintain your hunger for accomplishment and your thirst for truth. Conduct your work and your life honestly, justly, and with an inquiring mind, so as to reflect credit upon yourselves, upon your profession, and upon Alpha Pi Mu, both as students and as alumni. Pause three seconds. One thing yet remains to be done. Your names must be entered in our chapter book to confirm the pledge you have just taken. Brother/sister Gamma will open the book.
Gamma should open the book to the appropriate page and arrange the light and pen for the convenience of the initiates. Before the first initiate signs the book, Alpha, Pi and Mu should come to the front of the table with the certificates and keys.
ALPHA: We will ask the honorary  / faculty / alumni initiate(s) to stand and sign first. Brother/sister Gamma will assist you.
Gamma leads the honorary, faculty and alumni initiates in front of the nine chairs and conducts the first initiate to the book and steps back while the initiate signs the book. Meanwhile, Mu hands the first initiate's certificate to Alpha. As each new member completes signing, ALPHA says: Brother/sister … name, I welcome you to honorary / faculty / alumni membership in Alpha Pi Mu.
Alpha hands the membership certificate to the initiate with the left hand while shaking hands with the right hand. Alpha guides the initiate to Pi who presents the key and a second handshake. During this time, Gamma is securing the signature of the next initiate. Pi directs the first initiate toward the initiate's seat and returns to make a key presentation to the next initiate. The above paragraph will be repeated for each honorary, faculty and alumni member.  
ALPHA: We will now ask our new active members to stand and sign.
Gamma leads the active initiates in front of the nine chairs and conducts the first initiate to the book and steps back while the initiate signs the book. Meanwhile, Mu hands the first initiate's certificate to Alpha. As each new member completes signing, Alpha says:
Brother/sister … name, I welcome you to full active membership in Alpha Pi Mu.
Alpha hands the membership certificate to the initiate with the left hand while shaking hands with the right hand. Alpha guides the initiate to Pi who presents the key and a second handshake. During this time, Gamma is securing the signature of the next initiate. Pi directs the first initiate toward the initiate's seat and returns to make a key presentation to the next initiate. The above paragraph will be repeated for each active initiate. Brother/sister Gamma, have all new members entered their names in our chapter book?
GAMMA: They have, Brother/sister Alpha.
ALPHA: Then, let the book be closed.
GAMMA, closes the Book: It is closed, Brother/sister Alpha.
ALPHA: Please be seated.
(Gamma places the closed book so that the light again falls on it, smoothes the index ribbon, removes the pen and takes his/her place at the end of the table.
As the book is closed and contains within it the names of those who are the honored members of this society, so let our minds close upon and contain the truths, ideals and aspirations we have just heard here. But as the book may always be opened to receive the names of new worthy members, so let our minds always be receptive to new truths and greater understanding. Pause three seconds.
Members of Alpha Pi Mu, we have competed the … number initiation ceremony of the … name chapter of … name of college or university. it is our custom that each active member greet and welcome each new member before leaving.
The room lights are brightened and Mu and Gamma begin the general welcome of the new members.