Alpha Kappa Pi
Initiation Ritual

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Opening Ceremony
President: Attention: Brother Sentinel, secure the entrance and see that all present are worthy.
Sentinel sees that all of the doors are closed and all present are worthy: Brother President, all are worthy.
President, addressing the Vice-President: Are you a knight?
Vice-President: I am, Prove me.
President: How will you be proved?
Vice-President: By my Honor.
President: Why by your Honor?
Vice-President: Because I hold my Honor more precious than my life.
All Brothers: So vows each Knight among us.
President: Let us renew our Knightly Honor. Brother Chaplain, display the Emblem of all Wisdom and the Sustainer of True Honor─The Holy Bible. The Bible is opened on the Chaplain's table.
All knights rise and remain standing during prayer.
Chaplain, praying: God of our Fathers and Founders, who hath implanted in our hearts the desire to live always in the Spirit of Honor and Brotherly Kindness, we beseech Thee, that our meeting thus begun in order may be conducted with profit and closed in the Understanding of True Fraternalism. Guide us and inspire us that we may be faithful to our Knightly Vows and thus be enabled to live and die in Honor. Amen.
President, rapping once: The meeting of the … Chapter will come to order.
All knights take their seats.
The only light in the room is that which is furnished by the candles at the various stations.
President: Brother Sentinel, see to it that the entrance is properly guarded; that no strangers may gain admittance to our Conclave. Is it secure?
Sentinel: It is, Brother President.
President: Are you satisfied that all present are members of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity and that no strangers have found their way into our midst, unknown to us?
Sentinel : I am.
President: Brothers, we are assembled in Conclave that we may display the loyalty that we bear to Alpha Kappa Pi, our Fraternity; that we may unfold our ideals to the candidate (candidates) seeking admission to the ranks of Alpha Kappa Pi; and that we, her older sons, may recall to mind the teachings of our Order and the obligations we owe Her.
We shall proceed with the ceremony.
Brother Marshal, who is (are) the pledge brother (brothers) ready to be admitted into our Order?
MarshaI: Brother President, Pledge (pledges) … awaits (await) to be admitted.
President: If there are no objections I will receive Pledge (Pledges) ….
Marshal then retires and gives the alarm by rapping on the door in the proper manner.
Sentinel: opens the door after the raps and exclaims: Who causes the alarm?
Marshal, just outside the door with the candidates: A worthy Pledge (Worthy Pledges) who desires (desire) to learn more of the teachings and precepts of the Alpha Kappa. Pi Fraternity.
President: Let him (them) appear in honor and friendship .
Sentinel, opens the door wide and repeats: Let him (them) enter in honor and friendship.
Marshal leads the candidate (candidates) to the Vice-President’s Station and then says: Brother Vice-President, I present Mr. (Messrs.) who desires (desire) to give his (their) full allegiance to Alpha Kappa Pi, and who has (have) been vouched for to be a worthy man (worthy men), and having the character of a gentleman (gentlemen).
Vice-President: Neophite (Neophites), you stand at the entrance of Alpha Kappa. Pi. Behind the silent door, of membership and brotherhood there are legions of loyal and true brothers who wait to welcome you. Neophite (Neophites), before proceeding further, you must give us your word of honor. Are you willing of your own accord to do this, if so say, " I am."
Neophite: I am.
Vice-President: You will raise your right hand to your forehead in military salute and place your left hand over your heart and repeat after me: "I, a Neophite─at the altar of Alpha Kappa Pi─do hereby promise─on my word of honor─in the presence of this chapter─of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity─never─so long as I may live─to divulge─to admit─or to acknowledge─by word of mouth─by sign─by writing─or many manner─of my own free will─or against my desires─any─
or all─of what I may see─hear or learn─of the fraternal workings─actions─or meanings─of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity─until death seal my tongue─I further pledge─never to harm a brother by slander─to consider his honor as my own─and to keep sacred─that which he may tell me─in the confidence of Brotherhood.
You may lower your hands.
Neophite (Neophites), you have pledged on your word of honor to remain true. Should you desire not to become a member, you are at liberty to depart unmolested. If you desire to become a member say, "to continue," or if you wish to depart say, "to depart." What is your pleasure?
Neophite: To Continue. (To depart ).
President: Worthy brothers of Alpha Kappa Pi.
All Brothers, rising: Brother President .
President: Shall we accept him (them) on his (their) promise?
All Brothers, still standing: Let him (them) be admitted.
Vice-President: You have chosen a course from which there is no retraction. Brother Marshal, you will conduct the Neophite (Neophites) to the Secretary's Station.
All knights are seated as Neophite (Neophites) arrive at Secretary's Station.
Secretary: Neophite (Neop hites), you are now emerging from darkness into the light of true Brotherhood. Brother Marshal, you will remove the bandage (bandages) from the eyes of the Neophite (Neophites).
Marshal does as directed.
Secretary: I will now explain to you the meaning of our badge. It is the symbol of honor and the emblem of enduring Brotherhood.
As Knights of Old had their emblems and heralds to represent their ideals, so we, Knights of this era have our badge to symbolize our beliefs. To the profane eye, it is but a bit of gold fashioned in the shape of a seven pointed star, but, to us who know, it is emblematic of our precepts.
The badge, is symbolic of the pure eternal light of the Heavens. Likened unto it is the pure radiance of true Brotherhoodthe Fraternal Spirit.
The seven points of the badge rep resent the seven precepts of our order:
The top point is emblematic of the first and foremost precept: To bind all of the members with ties of true and lasting Brotherhood.
Then progressing in a clockwise direction, we approach the second point: To govern every act by a high sense of honor.
The third point, To assist and to encourage each other by every honorable means in our power.
The fourth: To further the plans for guidance and unity in action.
The fifth: To Instill a love for, and loyalty to, Alma Mater.
The Sixth: To inculcate the principles of Charity, Justice and Brotherly Love.
The last, but not least: To impress in the heart and mind of every brother the sentiment that : Once a member of Alpha Kappa Pi, always an Alpha Kappa Pi.
To recapitulate: The emblem means:─
True and lasting Brotherhood
Service to one another
Loyalty to Alma Mater
Charity─Justice─Brotherly Love
Once a member of Alpha Kappa Pi, always an Alpha Kappa Pi.
Neophite (Neophites) you will raise your right hand and place your left hand over your heart and repeat after me:
I, …, give full name do hereby agree─and take mysacred oath,─and do solemnly swear─that I, ─at this moment, ─do take this badge, ─and with it─do I also take this vow, ─knowing of its noble historyand all for which it stands─for True and lasting Brotherhood─for Honor─for Service to one another, ─for Loyalty to Alma Mater, ─for Co-operation─for Charity─Justice─Brotherly Love─and for Once a member of Alpha Kappa PI, always an Alpha
Kappa Pi. To make of this badge─my membership insignia─to revere it and protect it─as the symbol of my vows,─never in times of stress to sell─never in adversity to part with, ─never in vain glory to display─but always in humble piety and faith─to posess and honor─through this life, ─and, at last─upon my death─to bequeath─as by the law of primogeniture─this badge─to the Grand Chapter─of my fraternity─Alpha Kappa Pi. All of this I swear─as God is my witness─and God is my judge. Quitely: You may lower your hands.
Take this badge and wear it always as a growing distinction to yourself and your Fraternity. Secretary hands badge to each Neophite.
The Marshal now removes the pledge button and pins on the left breast of each Neophite, directly over his heart, the badge which the Neophite has received from the secretary.
Secretary, when pin is in place:
More precious than rubies the promise we keep.
The oath that we've sworn and kept to it.
If we learn to keep faith wit h ourselves, all the steep
Thorny paths of this world, if we knew it,
Can not harm, but ennoble, the Brother, who
Has done what he promised himself he would do.
You will now proceed on your journey. Brother Marshal, you will conduct the Neophite (Neophites) to the Chaplain's Station.
All Knights stand while the candidate is (candidates are) led to the Chaplain's Station.
Chaplain: Behold! Who comes here?
Marshal: A Neophite (Neophites) seeking the full light of Brotherhood.
Chaplain: Worthy is your cause. The throne of Alpha Kappa Pi is in each brother's heart; her sceptre in each brother's hand. Her paths point in the way of Manly Endeavor, while her offerings are those of Truth and Fidelity. Within her communion, Honor and Brotherhood Eternal are ever exalted.
Brother Marshal, you will now conduct the Neophite (Neophites) to the President's Station where he (they) will learn still further the teachings of our order.
Marshal does as directed.
All Knights are seated as Neophite (Neophites ) reaches (reach) President's Station.
President, Neophites now before him. Neophite (Neophites), we have heard your prayers to become one of us and we have also marked the answer you have given of your sincere Intention to prove a worthy and inspiring brother among us. It is now my privilege to endow you with our teachings.
First: we place upon you our token, the colors of the Fraternity, Dartmouth green and white.
President hands colors to Marshal who pins a small band of fraternity ribbon on the shirt of each Neophite just below the Pin.
President: This is to be worn for three days after your initiation and is to assist you in more fully establishing in your heart .lad soul the vows that you have given to your Fraternity today. Should you be late at the meeting and you desire to enter, you will give 8 raps on the door in this fashion. President gives the rap, in proper form. These raps, green in the order made known to you, will not only gain entrance for you into the meeting chamber of the Fraternity, but they represent the letters composing the Password of the Fraternity, ‘Remember’. State the password and then spell the password, giving the rap, in the proper order as you mention each letter. On gaining entrance to the meeting, you are to face the President, raise your hand in military salute, remain in this position until the President returns the salute, and then quietly find your place in the Fraternity circle. If, for any reason you desire to leave the room before the meeting is adjourned, the same procedure is to be observed.
I now present to you the flower of the Fraternity. It is the yellow tea rose and is symbolic of the fragrance and the purity of a life that is lived in honor and fair dealings with our fellow men. Hands rose to Marshal.
Marshall places a rose on the shirt of each Neophite beside the pin.
President: Among Knits, from time immemorial, there has been some certain grip or form of hand clasp known only to the members of the brotherhood . In Alpha Kappa Pi, the form is carelessly placing the thumb the second knuckle of the hand of the brother in greeting, and
pressing quickly three times. This grip corresponds to the words in the motto of our Fraternity: Elipidus Xi Pidus, being interpreted as Truth and Fidelity.
Marshal or President gives the grip to each Neophite.
In visiting another chapter of the Fraternity, and desiring to take part in the life of the chapter, you will have besides the knock and the salute to prove your membership into Alpha Kappa. Pi, the Password ‘Remember’. This word whispered into the ear of the Sentinel will give full proof of your rights and privileges.
The Marshal whispers the word into the ear of each Neophyte.
Neophite (Neophites), having heard and answered all of our questions with satisfaction, we still demand further proof of your fidelity toward us. Neophite (Neophites), you will now be taken to the Vice-President’s Station, who will instruct you further and invest you with the insignia of our Fraternity.
Marshal conducts neophyte (Neophites) to Vice-President’s Station.
Vice-President: You see before you our Coat of Arms.
In the Sinister Chief a sheaf of wheat, symbolizing staff of life and united effort.
In the Dexter Chief a pyramid, symbolizing silence and enduring friendship.
In the Dexter Base a book─the Bible─symbolizing wisdom and knowledge, teaching you that from the truth there in revealed must come the strength and will-power to make you strong to recall and keep all your vows made to our Fraternity.
In the Sinister Base are Crossed Swords, symbolizing concord and harmony, reminding you that zeal unsleeping must guard the welfare of our Fraternity, and that evil unrelenting must pursue all traitors to our Fraternity interests.
The Crest, a helmet, symbol of Knightly Honor, rests on a wreath of six twists. Each twist corresponding to a letter in our motto.
State motto and then spell each word forming the motto and point to a twist for each letter.
Mounted on the helmet is an arm holding a javelin, symbolizing power.
Dost thou receive this badge and Coat of Arms, humbly resolving to be ever a true knight, a loyal member of Alpha Kappa Pi and a faithful co-worker with thy Brothers? If so, answer, "Yes."
Neophite: Yes.
Vice-President: You will conduct the Neophite (Neophites) to the Treasurer's Station.
Marshal does as directed.
Treasurer: Worthy Neophite (Neophites) the twelve burning tapers, you see before you, correspond in number to the twelve disciples of our Savior while on earth. One of them fell by transgression and sin and betrayed his Lord and Master. The tapers and the light they shed are
also emblematic of our Fraternity. As a constant admonition to you ever to persevere in the paths of truth and fidelity toward your Fraternity you are required to extinguish one of the candles.
Marshal hands each Neophite the candle snuffer with which he snuffs one candle.
Treasurer: Worthy Neophite (Neophites) may you ever bear in mind that he who fails to contribute his efforts for the upbuilding of his chapter dims, not only the effectiveness of his chapter, but that of the whole Fraternity. He who basely violates his most solemn oaths and
obligations is worthy of no better fate than that. Treasurer solemnly points to snuffed candle.
Marshal removes the green and white cloth which covers a human skull resting on the Bible.
Treasurer: You see before you the symbol of Mortality resting upon the symbol or Divinity, a human skull resting upon the Holy Bible, which is to teach you that a faithful reliance upon the truth, herein revealed will afford you consolation in the gloomy hour of death and insure you inevitable happiness in the world to come.
How striking is the emblem of Mortality. Once it was animate like ourselves, but now it has ceased to act and to think. All its energies are extinct, and the powers of life have ceased their operations. To such a state, Treasurer looks over all present Sir Knights, are we all hastening; therefore, let us gratefully improve this present opportunity, so that when our frail bodies, like this memento, shall become cold and inanimate, our disembodied spirits will soar aloft to the blessed region of light and life eternal.
You will now be conducted to the Chaplain’s Station to take your final vows.
Marshal conducts Neophite (neophytes) to Chaplain’s Station.
All Knights will rise and remain standing while the Chaplain leads the prayer and gives the
Chaplain: Let us pray-Almighty God, who hast called us, Thy young and learned Knights, to become disciples of loyalty, chivalry, and service; bless and prosper us as we assemble at this Conclave, and help us to so conduct ourselves in an orderly, attentive, and obedient manner at this and all other Conclaves. That we may be fitted for service of Thy Blessed Kingdom in this world, may be enriched with the virtues of Christian knighthood and may finally attain, in company with the brave, the true and the good of all ages, to a life of higher service and an estate of endless felicity. Amen.
You will join me in taking five libations, which being done we will receive you as a Knight among our members.
Chaplain pours a glass of water from a pitcher for each Neophite handing it to the Marshal who in turn hands it to the Neophite, and then pours one for himself. He then speaks slowly and with dignity, allowing time for the Neophite to repeat the words after him.
You will speak when I speak and drink when I drink.
First Libation To the glory─of the Supreme Creator─of the Universe─under whose widsom─we have the power─to enjoy true Fraternalism. Drink.
Second Libation To the fundamental principles─and the ancient customs─of our Fraternity─ ALPHA KAPPA PI. Drink.
Third Libation To the memory─of the Noble Founders of our Fraternity─Alpha Kappa Pi. Drink.
Fourth Libation To the Seven Pointed Star─the emblem of true and lasting Brotherhood. Drink.
Fifth Libation Neophite (Neophites) the fifth or last libation is called the sealed obligation, for it is to seal all your former oaths and obligations made to Our Fraternity. This libation is taken in a very solemn manner, and is emblematic of the bitter cup of death, of which we must all sooner or later partake. You will kneel on both knees facing the altar. Place your left hand on the Bible, the emblem of immortality, take the cup of pure water in your right hand and repeat after me: the words of the fifth and last libation.
This pure water─I take from this cup─in testimony of my belief─in the mortality of the body─and the immortality of the soul. And with my left hand─resting on the symbol of Immortality and divinity─and this emblem of purity─in my right hand─I do most
solemnly and sincerily─promise and swear─by all that is sacred and holy─and on my word of honor─as a true Knight and gemleman─that I will forever─conceal and never reveal─any of the secret arts,─parts or points─appertaining to the mysteries─of the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Pi─SO HELP ME GOD! Drink.
All Brothers in unison: So help me God.
Marshal replaces glasses on table.
Chaplain: You may rise. Brother Marshal you will conduct the Neophite (Neophitcs) to the President's Station where he (they) will receive his (their) knighthood.
Marshal conducts the Neophite (Neophites) to the President's Station.
All Knights are seated as Neophite reaches (Neophites reach) the President's Station.
President: Neophite (Neophites), you are a stranger (strangers) no longer, for the last door has been opened to you. You are now in full possession of the secret workings of Alpha Kappa Pi, which have been handed down from our founders and those who follow them. But, what would be more than that, if it were possible, you have, to the fullest degree, our brotherly confidence and belief. We have chosen you from among many to make our friend (friends). And from among our friends we have chosen you to make you our brother (brothers).
We have entrusted you with the hidden meanings of Alpha Kappa Pi, because we feel that you are worthy of the trust, and that we shall never regret admitting you to our Order. Guard with zealous care the confidence we have reposed in you, and by every action try to show your appreciation. As a reminder of your promise, given by your own free will before this chapter, and witnessed by the brothers, I will repeat your oath.
"I, a Neophite, at the altar of Alpha Kappa Pi, do hereby promise on my word of honor, in the presence of this chapter of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity, never so long as I may live, to divulge, to admit, Or to acknowledge, by word of mouth, by sign, by writing, or in any manner of my own free will, or against my desire, any, or all, of what I may see, hear or learn of the fraternal workings, act ions or meanings of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity, until death seal my tongue. I further pledge never to harm a brother by slander, to consider his honor as my own, and to keep sacred that which he may tell me in the confidence of Brotherhood.
Neophite, kneel on your left knee and place your right hand over your heart.
All Knights rise and remain standing to the end of ritual.
President: To the Glory of The Supreme Creator of the Universe, in the name and under the guidance of the Founders, and the Grand Officers of our Fraternity, I dub thee Knight touches the candidate on the shoulder as he dubs him knight. If more than one candidate, he touches each of them in turn and hail thee Brother, and pronounce you a member of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity. Rise Sir … use Neophite’s first name. You are a Neophite (Neophites) no longer, but a brother (brothers) in the everlasting bonds of Alpha Kappa Pi.
By the power vested in Alpha Kappa Pi, by her founder, assigned to me by the Executive Council, an delegated to me by our chapter, I pronounce you a member (members) of the Alpha Kappa Pi Fraternity, in testimony whereof I present you with this certificate. Present new Brother (Brothers) with his shingle (their shingles).
Brothers, as true Fraternity Brothers, it behooves us at this time to remember and renew the solemn vows taken upon ourselves in this Fraternity. Therefore, I bid you to examine yourselves and to recall them that they may be fresh in your minds.
All Brothers: Hail to our Honored President.
President: What is our Watchword?
All Brothers: Remember.
President: What is our Motto:
All Brothers: Truth and Fidelity
President: What is our Oath?
All Brothers, with right hand raised: I pledge and promise never to reveal, but always to conceal every art and part of our Beloved Fraternity. On my Honor.
President: Brother … the Big Brother or the sponsor of the Neophite should be given this privilege, Will you extend the welcome of the Chapter to Brother … former Neophite’s name.
Brother Selected extends in his own words rthe welcome of the Brothers of the Chapter, the pleasures of having him with them as a Brother and any other remarks he may see fit to make.
New Brother, having been notified previously should reply with a few remarks.
President: Brothers, greet your Brother (Brothers)
The members of the Chapter and visiting Brothers should advance at this point and greet new Brothers with the proper grip and a remark such as: “Glad to have you as a Brother”, “Glad to welcome you into our Fraternity”, “Happy to have you with us,” etc. It is suggested that the trite saying “Congratulations” be not used.
Closing Ceremony
President: Brother Chaplain, take care of the Sacred Emblem. Chaplain closes the Bible. Brother Secretary, have the minutes been properly recorded, and all reports and requests adequately at tended to?
Secretary: They have, Brother President.
President: Brother Treasurer, have all fees and dues due this chapter to the general fraternity or to the chapter treasury been paid, and all approved bill, been remitted?
Treasurer makes summary report.
President: Brothers, if we have no further business to transact, we will proceed to the close. Brother Vice-President, why did you become an Alpha Kappa Pi?
Vice-President: That I may know the pleasures of True Fraternalism and seek to live and die in Honor.
President: It is well. Brother Chaplain, you will dismiss the chapter.
Chaplain: And now may the Peace and Love of the Creator of the Universe abide with all of our Brothers here and elsewhere, and may Honor ever unite us.
President hits the table with the gavel as a signal that the meeting is adjourned.
All knights should advance and give the grip to the President.