Alpha Gamma Sigma
Initiation Ritual


Pledge Supervisor, blindfolds the candidates and arranges them: Follow me, prospective sons of Alpha Gamma Sigma, you are about to enter a new world.
They approach the door of outer chamber. Pledge Supervisor gives secret rap on door.
Warden: Brothers of Alpha Gamma Sigma, an alarm at the door.
Members, in unison: See who comes.
Warden: Who comes?
Pledge Supervisor: Candidates for admission in our fraternity, having finished the pledge period, seek advancement.
Warden: Do you vouch for them?
Pledge Supervisor: I do, I recommend … names for membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma. Initiates are marched in and stopped before Warden.
Warden: Our fraternity welcomes you, but in order to qualify for membership in our fraternal family it is necessary that each candidate understands certain responsibilities that our beloved order requires of all members. The advancement of this organization depends on what you are willing to give. Therefore, at this time four responsibilities, expected of all loyal members, will be explained and you will be put through four tests to try you.
Over the rocky pathways you are now to travel to prepare yourself for admittance into our fraternal family, you will be met with difficulties, some you may think insurmountable. Courage will be necessary, courage coupled with the determination to succeed. Should the load become unbearable to you and you are willing to admit defeat, you will be permitted to turn back. Cowards and weaklings are afraid of our requirements because the fraternity obligations stand for the things that if followed will make real men out of you. I, the Warden, am speaking to you. Let my words be well heard. Are you willing to proceed? If so, answer 'I am: " Candidates are brought before the speakers for the explanatory messages and tests.
Member No. 1: Hard work is the formula that spells success. Real as a fraternity man or in one's life occupation is not won overnight. It is nearly always the result of years of training and much self sacrifice to gain your end.
Remember that it is your duty to strive for physical fitnesss, for keenness in competition, and for steadiness in coordination. Right living, good habits, and an understanding of health will carry you a long way at times when the future appears gloomy.
Physical well being is the visible of life, a force that is in you. that gives strength for work, zest for play, and quietude for repose, that resists and overcomes the enemies of body and mind. Without it the richest man becomes poor, possessing it the poorest man becomes the owner of a priceless thing. Therefore, cooperators, ever keep in mind your physical responsibility to Alpha Gamma Sigma.
Are you willing to follow life’s easy path, or are you a toiler, determined to struggle for the
perpetuation of the fraternity's, ideals and a successful life?
You answer by repeating after me: 'I promise to toil for the betterment of this fraternity, and will strive to the utmost to make a worthwhile contribution to the field of agriculture.
Member No. 2: Now that you understand your physical responsibility to our sacred group, my job is to emphasize your social relationship to this order. Sociability is one of the four pillars on which the welfare of our fraternity rests. Sociability is expressed in friendship. It is friendship that teaches people how to show their best nature to others. As we go through life this fraternal obligation becomes more treasured. We can show our view by quoting this verse, ‘Men may nod to thousands; they may speak to hundreds; they may commune with tens; thrice lucky is the man who at sixty can count three real friends.’ Well did Emerson say of friendship.
'A day for toil, an hour for sport,
But for a friend a life's too short.’
Here is a question for you to answer: Are friends cheap, easily attained or are they the products of long years of loyal service and the bearing of many burdens?
You answer by repeating after me: “I believe friends are precious, and as a fraternity man, I plan to cultivate the friendship of my brothers and am willing to sacrifice in order to obtain the good will of others.”
Member No. 3: A fraternity like any organization needs a loyal group of supporters who
are willing to give of their time and money for the advancement of the order. I am to represent to you our economic responsibility. As you well realize, the work of our society requires money, but I want you to understand that to give unstintingly of your time is a nobler asset There are offices to fill, meetings to attend, a house to look after, and other things that demand your attention.
Are you willing to give a reasonable amount of your time and money for the advancement of your fraternity.
The answer is: 'I am.' Remember your economic obligation.
Member No.4: At last I have been summoned to appear before you. I represent the pillar that has a steadying influence on the fraternity. I stand for your moral duty to our order.
They who desire long life dare not sidestep morality for it is the gateway of peace of all who would grow old. Happy memories of following the so-called straight and narrow path satisfies the souls of those hair has turned gray.
Wgat are the admirable virtues in a fraternity man?
The answer you will repeat after me: ‘It is only through vitalizing the ideals of honesty, truth, temperance, chastity, and loving one’s brother that our fraternity will come into the respect that it deserves.
Reassemble candidates, march back to Warden.
Warden: Well done, fellow workers in the field of agriculture, your faith, courage, and devotion have been high, and as reward you are now to become acquainted with the purpose, aims, and standards of the fraternity of Alpha Gamma Sigma. Ouw worthy president greets you.
President administers oath. Have candidates raise right hand while taking oath: Repeat after me: I, name, do solemnly promise and swear, that I will be governed by the constitution and by-laws of Alpha Gamma Sigma; will defend its policies and will not for any cause, reveal its secrets to a non-member. I furthermore promise to aid a brother if he needs aid for any justifiable cause and will not harm a member in any way if I am conscious of it. I will do all in my power to promote the welfare of the fraternity and will conduct myself in an honourable manner at all times.
Remove blindfolds from candidates as they face emblem from a distance. Lights turned out except for glowing emblem. Pledge supervisor leads candidates to the front of the platform with president, vice-president, pledge supervisor, and chaplain preceding. The candidates are seated on chairs in front of the platform facing the emblem. The honorary four wear black togas. President and vice-president to left of emblem with pledge supervisor and chaplain to right on the platform.
Chaplain: Let us bow our heads in prayer: Almighty Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and Giver of all good, we return our heartfelt thanks for the privilege of being associated together in this fraternity. Help us O God, to be obedient, truthful, and kind in our daily tasks. Grant us wisdom and integrity in all the undertakings of this order, that our work may be good and acceptable in thy sight. We beseech Thee to bless the officers and members of this fraternal family of ours, and all interested in advancing the interests of the professional agriculturist, and grant them prosperity. All this we humbly ask in thy Holy name. Amen.
President: At this time it becomes my pleasure as president of the … Chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity to explain to you the symbols of our order. A few moments ago you assumed four responsibilities of duties that we expect from all members.
These responsibilities are symbolized in the four rubies of our pin. President points to jewels starting with the one to the right, with a suitable pointer as he explains its significance.
Upon the first jewel we build our physical obligation, which is characterized by hard work and is the foundation fro the progress of our order.
The second jewel is emblematic of sociability. The cultivation of friendship and the love of one’s brother exemplifies your social responsibility.
Let the third jewel be a reminder of your economic duty.
The fourth jewel, keeping watch over the others, is the star that glows for the perpetuation of Morality.
You know that your chief obligations to Alpha Gamma Sigma are built around the four major jewels. The purpose of every fraternity man should be to magnify the ideals of his fraternity, to make them something more than mere sentiment, to amplify them more fully in his own daily life, and to impress them more forcefully upon the undergraduates which whom he may come in contact. It is only through the vitalizing of its ideals that the fraternity will come into the respect that it deserves.
Experience has shown that an ideal fraternity man has certain outstanding qualifications, and that many of these attributes are represented in the duties of the officers of this organization. Points to opals. Each opal is symbolic of a desirable attribute, and these are the ideals you are to strive for.
President, taking the opals in clockwise order, points to first jewel: This jewel represented by the pledge supervisor represents sacrifice.
Pledge Supervisor: As our Pledge Supervisor it is my duty to honor sacrifice.
In biblical times, sacrifice was an offering to God for the purpose of communion, thanksgiving, or the atonement of sins. The sacrifice of Christ on the cross, and the innocent for the guilty was the fulfilment of former sacrifices.
He who perseveres to the end is the one who will reach the goal. Men sometimes rebel at me but they have no great destiny without me. Be willing to sacrifice your personal views at all times for the will of the majority.
President, pointing to second jewel: Our second jewel represented by the Chaplain represents obedience.
Chaplain: I, the Chaplain, will emphasize obedience which is knit into the very fiber of this organization. I have in my hand a sharp but invisible sword that I use to taunt all brothers who insist in living only for themselves. During this school year it will be my duty to persuade members to uphold the standards our fraternity supports. As little children our parents first showed us the pathway that God made for human happiness, the road to obedience.
President, pointing to third jewel: The jewel of scholarship is represented by our Scholarship Chairman.
Scholarship Chairman: This is a jewel that we must all strive for. A clean strong mind in a healthy body is an achievement of which any man can well be proud. To have a mind is inheritance; to have a developed mind is an achievement.
We have no right to deprive the world of any good we are capable of doing with the talent given us. You have come to the university primarily to study; you have come to prepare yourself to pay your debt to society for all the means which have so generously been placed at your disposal. Scholarship is one of the requirements for membership in this organization. You have labored so far diligently, but the end has not yet come. More work will be necessary. After you leave the university and bravely face the battle of life, your success will be determined by the thoroughness with which you have prepared yourself.
President, pointing to the fourth jewel: The fourth jewel, that of fellowship is represented by the Fellowship Chairman.
Fellowship Chairman: Good fellowship is the moving cause, which brought this organization into being. Many come to great institutions of learning, with its incomparable opportunities for mental contact with individuals from every walk of life. You have already been told the importance of sacrifice, obedience, and scholarship; however, do not lose sight of the social side of life which is one of the broader aspects of education.
All through life you are going to be influenced by your fellow men, and they in turn will be influenced by you. Your success in life will be measured largely by the extent to which you can exert a good influence over your associates. Your ability in this is determined by your poise, and the way in which you bring your individuality to bear upon your fellow men.
I am the teacher who would point out to you the most effective manner to reach the goal of a forceful and a controlling personality. Think deeply of these thought which I leave with you.
President, pointing to fifth jewel: The athletic jewel is represented by the Athletic Chairman.
Athletic Chairman: Athletics represent that phase of your life that when neglected, destroys all. This may appear negligible to you at all times in your youthful days; but as you grow older it is athletics that will keep you fit to face the battles of life.
Remember, that your body is a temple placed upon earth by the Living God and it is your duty to keep that temple a clean and wholesome place in which the soul may live.
In keeping yourself physically fit, above all, remember to always play clean and fair. Let us hope that you will never be accused of playing foul; play the game for the game’s sake and not for the glory to be obtained.
President, pointing to sixth jewel: The sixth jewel is represented by the Chairman of Activities.
Chairman of Activities: This jewel represent activities. I, chairman of that committee, urge you to be active in the many campus organizations and get that experience in leadership that will be helpful in later years. One of the functions of the college of agriculture is to train young men for leadership; likewise our fraternity strives to promote rural leadership. Your participation in activities will help you and give our fraternity prestige.
President, pointing to seventh jewel: Pay heed to the Treasurer who will instruct you on the merits of honesty.
Treasurer-Commissary: Remember me, dear brothers, as the expounder of honesty. The treasurer must be fair and straightforward in conduct and dependable and free from deception of fraud. To him are intrusted the financial duties of the fraternity.
Look, do not the rays from this jewel lighten the path before you to the goals that the father of our country so well expressed, ‘I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.’
President, pointing to eighth jewel: The eighth jewel is represented by the Secretary.
Secretary: Self-reliance is the ability of relying on one’s own powers for judgment. It is that confidence in yourself which tells you that you can and will do a thing. Cultivate your power to carry out your own ideals as the fraternity relies on each member to carry its ideals. Insist on yourself, never imitate. Great men are not made by copying after others, but by having confidence in themselves to rely on their judgement and by having the initiative to proceed.
Emerson says: ‘It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easyin solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness in the independence of solitude.’
No difference how great one’s wisdom or power, without self-reliance he cannot advance. The secret of success is the constancy of purpose represented by our precious jewel, self-reliance.
President, pointing to ninth jewel: The jewel of preparedness as stressed by our Vice-President.
Vide-President: My office is that of emergency. Should the President for any reason be unable to take his place, I am prepared to fill the office. In all your dealing through life be ever prepared to fill a higher office.
Follow the motto of Lincoln : ‘If I prepare, my time will come.’ Let this fraternity be to you a place of preparation for life. While you are here you will find many opportunities to help your brothers who are likewise preparing. Aim to be of service to those who are around you, and you will gain their respect and admiration. Again let me say: ‘Be prepared.’
You will now receive the reward offered by our President.
President: I crystallize the will of the majority into the form of definite action. Points to tenth jewel. Remember me as the advocator of cooperation, the tenth jewel.
You have been instructed by the officers of the order and the heads of the various committees. Each has a place and a particular place in your life.
You will now be instructed as to the meaning of Alpha Gamma Sigma.
Meaning of Alpha Gamma Sigma
A member steps into the circle and facing the candidate reads the meaning of Alpha Gamma Sigma:  You have heard what our fraternity stand for; its ideals; the duties of the various officers and committees. As you are now a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity, it is your privilege to know what the Greek letters, Alpha, Gamma, and Sigma stand for.
When the founders of this fraternity were thinking about a name, they decided that there were two things to consider. First, a combination of Greek letters that would have some meaning to the members which would continuously remind them of our organization. Second, this combination must not be unwisely as to prohibit its every day use. With these ideals in mind, Alpha Gamma Sigma was chosen. And you, as new members, are now to learn the meaning of the name of our fraternity.
The letter ‘Alpha’ is the first letter of the Greek word, meaning ‘all of you’, in English. ‘Gamma’ is the first letter of the Greek word, which means in English ‘farmer.’ The letter ‘Sigma’ is the first letter of the Greek word, which means ‘work together’ in English. Taking the translation all together, we how have ‘Work together all you farmers,’ or ‘cooperate.’
At this time the attendants will replace the pledge pin with the active pin of the fraternity.
President: You will now be instructed in the secret grip, rap, motto, and password of our fraternity.
President steps down from platform and gives secret grip, rap, motto, and password.
President: As good members of Alpha Gamma Sigma you will guard well the secrets of this fraternity so that you may become loyal members of this order and be ever untiring in your efforts to promote its welfare. For it is now your fraternity, as well as your brothers or any of your alumni.
As President of … chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity I welcome you into our order. I want to congratulate you.
Congratulations are in order.