Alpha Beta Gamma
Initiation Ritual


All members of Alpha Beta Gamma, including Honorary Members are initiated into our society utilizing this initiation ritual. Chapters may not alter this ritual without permission of the Executive Committee.
Most chapters have a formal ceremony for this initiation, which includes either a formal lunch or dinner as part of the ceremony.
The ritual requires the assistance of the Chapter Adviser and Chapter President. Other officers of the chapter and college faculty and administrators may participate in the ceremony. Usually the college president is present and participates in some manner.
The room should contain some flowers and red, white and gold candles which are mentioned or used in the ceremony.
The official diplomas are usually distributed after the student is initiated. A citation of achievement is usually read for each honorary member.
Initiates are assembled outside the room and lined up in alphabetical order. The Chapter President leads the initiates into the room. The officers of the society wear the official graduation stoles. The officers may also wear the officers' medallions. The Chapter Adviser wears the Adviser's stole. The President of the college may wear also wear an Adviser's stole since all college presidents are eligible for Honorary Membership.
Call to Order:
The (insert Chapter name) Initiation Ceremony will now proceed. On behalf of the society of Alpha Beta Gamma, I welcome you to witness and participate in our initiation ceremony.
(name of officer or adviser) will acquaint you with our society.
Alpha Beta Gamma is an international business honor society established in 1970 to recognize and encourage scholarship among college students in business curricula at community, junior and technical colleges. The society has over 35,000 members from 140 member colleges.
To achieve this goal, Alpha Beta Gamma provides an opportunity for the development of leadership and service, an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals, lively fellowship for business scholars and the stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. The lives of members, chapter advisers and supportive administrators have been enriched by the Alpha Beta Gamma experience.
Alpha Beta Gamma exists to recognize the superior student in business programs.
Select the purpose depending on your type of chapter affiliation - honorific, academic/honorific, academic/honorific/social.

The purpose(s) of our chapter is (are):
To Recognize academic excellence
To provide ancillary educational experiences
To serve the college and community
To enrich the social and cultural life of our members
It is my pleasure to introduce the prospective initiates of the Insert Chapter Name chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma.
I present these prospective members who are enrolled in business curricula and who have met the rigid academic standards for acceptance.
These candidates have proved their worthiness by their excellent academic work and their sincere interest in the advancement of business studies.
Names are called out alphabetically and students approach the center of the room in order where chairs are waiting for them.
When all the names are called out, proceed:

Before we continue the formal initiation, there are pertinent questions which we must ask you. These questions are designed to remind you of your obligations as members of Alpha Beta Gamma. Your willingness to assume these obligations will be indicated by the affirmative response "I do."
Do you subscribe to the high ideals of scholarship, leadership and cooperation of Alpha Beta Gamma?
Response from initiates:
I do.
Do you have an appreciation of the worthiness and distinction of studying business as well as an appreciation for the opportunities of service in your profession?
Response from initiates:
I do.
Do you agree to contribute wholeheartedly to the advancement of business?
Response from initiates:
I do.
Do you agree to help Alpha Beta Gamma, your college and your community as your ability to do so permits?
Response from initiates:
I do.
Your responses have been satisfactory and I am pleased to recommend you to our Chapter President for formal induction.
President of the Chapter:
The ideals of Alpha Beta Gamma will now be explained in more detail since you are ready for initiation.
The first ideal of our society is Scholarship. Scholarship is acquired knowledge and skill. Knowledge and wisdom are humankind's most prized possessions. What you have learned well can never be taken away from you. Knowledge is represented in our organization by the Greek letter ALPHA, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Knowledge and wisdom are primary for Alpha Beta Gammans.
The word Alpha also means "The beginning." Thus, as initiates you are beginning a new phase of your educational and professional careers as members of an honor society.
In astronomy, a subject in which the ancient Greeks were very deeply involved, the word alpha was used to represent the brightest star in the heavens. You, as prospective members of Alpha Beta Gamma are the brightest stars of the business programs at this college.
Like the brightest star, you are expected to radiate and share your knowledge and brilliance with others just as the brightest star is used to navigate on the high seas. To symbolize your brilliance, we will now light the gold candle.
The Gold Candle is lit.

The second ideal of Alpha Beta Gamma is Leadership. To all honor students falls the responsibility of broadening and improving business studies and programs at our college. Earnest leaders are ever true to themselves, to their principles and to their profession of business.
We will now light the red candle which represents leadership.
The Red Candle is lit.

Let the flame of this red candle symbolize your leadership towards a stronger and more permanent light of wisdom and leadership.
Cooperation, or unity of purpose and team effort is the third Alpha Beta Gamma ideal. Cooperation is the product when we unselfishly serve others with sincerity.
We now light the white candle which symbolizes cooperation since it holds within its flame all the beautiful colors of the spectra representing unity of purpose.
The White Candle is now lit.

Through cooperation we draw our lives into our society and our society's needs into our lives.
May the glow from these three candles keep you ever mindful of the high ideals of scholarship, leadership and cooperation.
Will the candidates please stand and repeat the Alpha Beta Gamma Pledge.
Copies of the pledge could be waiting on the chairs before initiates enter, or, initiates could follow as the pledge is read to them.

I pledge myself (pause) to uphold the high purpose (pause) of this society to which I have been elected (pause) striving in every way (pause) to make its standards and ideals those of my life.
Congratulations, I now declare you full and responsible members of Alpha Beta Gamma. It is with genuine pleasure that we receive you into the full fellowship.
Our Society emblem is engraved on your diplomas. Use it with pride, treasure it, and wear it with dignity. Our key is the symbol of our society.
Will you please step forward as your name is called. At the table, please take an unlighted candle from the table and symbolically light it. Select the candle which represents the ideal of Alpha Beta Gamma which will be your principle ideal.
If scholarship will be your primary ideal, select the gold candle.
If Leadership will be your primary ideal, select the red candle.
If Cooperation will be your primary ideal, select the white candle.
Initiates light and then gently blowout their candles before returning to their chairs. Diplomas could be given to them at this time.

Remember, our ideals are of little value separately. They are links in the chain of life. When these ideals are linked together, the ideals of Alpha Beta Gamma are realized.
Leadership must be based on sound and thorough scholarship or the leadership will be void;
Leadership cannot achieve its height without cooperation.
Thus, scholarship, leadership and cooperation merge into a threefold obligation of Alpha Beta Gammans.
We would like the new members of our society to read in unison the Preamble of the constitution of Alpha Beta Gamma as your first official act as members of our society.
Copies of the preamble should have been provided to initiates, or placed on their chair before they enter.

Thank You and Welcome to Alpha Beta Gamma.
Now, College President, or Adviser will like to present the charge:
This charge or an original charge can be used.

On behalf of the faculty of the business division, I charge each of you to continue the standards of excellence you have set for yourselves.
Be a credit to our chapter, to our college, to your family and your community. Serve our nation well!
Start Applause.