Future Farmers of America
Honorary Degree Ceremony


President: It is always an honor to recognize our valued FFA Alumni and Supporters with the Honorary FFA Degree. The purpose of this ceremony is to recognize, from time to time, the efforts of others made on our behalf. Mr./Mdm. Secretary, please read the section of the national constitution which provides for the Honorary FFA Degree. (Reads Article VI,
Section G.)
Honorary FFA Degree—farmers, school superintendents, principals, members of boards of education, chapter advisors, teachers, staff members in agricultural education, business people and others who are helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA and who have rendered outstanding service, may be elected to receive an honorary FFA degree by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting or convention.
Mr./Mdm. Secretary, will you introduce those who are to receive this honor?
Mr./Mdm. President, members and guests, I am pleased to read the following names: … Secretary reads the names of the recipient(s).
Will the officers take their places beside me? Will the ushers please present the candidates?
To explain why the honor is being conferred, the secretary gives a summary of what each candidate has done.
I welcome you as friends of the FFA. It is my privilege as sentinel to extend to each of you the symbolic handclasp of friendship and brotherhood.
As reporter, I am pleased to inform you that the FFA is a national youth organization whose purpose is to develop agricultural leaders. Congratulations on this honor.
Your contribution as a useful citizen in our democracy serves as an example for our members to follow. As treasurer, I thank you for your service to our organization.
The FFA needs counsel and guidance from recognized leaders. It is my pleasure as secretary to add your names to our roll of honorary FFA degree recipients.
Vice President:
As vice president, I thank you for all that you have provided to the FFA. I would inform you that our members learn to appreciate the dignity of labor. Without labor, neither knowledge nor wisdom can accomplish much.
On behalf of every member, I wish to say we are proud to have you as honorary FFA degree recipients. May this recognition prove valuable to all. I impress upon you that we look to you for counsel and guidance. It is because of the great respect we have for you that you have been elected to receive the honorary FFA degree. May we always cooperate for the benefit of all. I now confer upon you the honorary FFA degree and adult membership from the … FFA (chapter, association, etc.) and present you with this as recognition of this extreme honor.