Supreme Union of Ethiopia
Initiation Ritual of the Third Degree of Assistance


Altar, stations, etc., in white.
Loyal Princess:
Loyal Priest, take the Loyal Guide and such other assistance as you need and prepare the candidates you find to receive the highest degree in the gift of this Province.
During their absence the hall is prepared, lights turned off, etc., for initiation. An alarm is heard, the Loyal Guardian opens the door, they advance.
Loyal Princess, Sing: "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" etc.
They halt in front of the altar. Lights are turned on.
Loyal Prophet:
Friends, you have been obligated into the first and second degree, and have now come to the highest in the gift of this Province, but after all I can but say to you it is better to not make a vow than make and break it. You make it to your God, and to Him you must give account.
Escorts, remove the hood-wink. Candidates, kneel on your right knee, place your hands together and raise them toward heaven. I, …, do solemnly declare and affirm that I will not reveal the secrets of this degree to any one in the known world unless it be a Sir Knight or Daughter of this degree.
I further promise that I will respect and give all due honors to officers in their respective stations, and will do all in my power to protect and defend a Sir Knight or Daughter of Ethiopia. All of which I do solemnly promise, so help me God.
Candidates will rise.
Loyal Priest:
Candidates, you have come through darkness and bloodshed; you are now reaching the light – the period of Assistance. You will soon be in a position to stop and lend a hand to your less fortunate sister or brother, who is struggling in the path you have trodden. We would have you know that the Degree of Assistance is the highest in the gift of our Province, because, when we look about us we find every gift of creation, assists the other
some way. In the Union of Ethiopia, or that great chain of Unity one must assist the other. Your actions tonight tell us you are asking to become links in this chain. You are saying, accept me, and I will make the band stronger. This we expect of you. We point you to our emblem. We intend to add links to this chain until we belt the globe – every drop of Ethiopian blood will have united. Then will princess come out of Egypt, and Ethiopia will stretch out her hand to God. You will be conducted to the Loyal Princess' station for final instruction.
Sings: "I've Reached the Land of Corn and Wine," etc.
Loyal Princess:
As full members, I am pleased to greet you, and will proceed with the grips, signs, etc., of the third degree.
Wishing to enter while in session, make an alarm at the outer door· when answered by Loyal Sentinel, give the semi-annual password; in the ante-room regale. Give the Ethiopian rap: two slow raps, then two quick, sharp and distinct raps.
When answered by Loyal Guardian by the same, whisper the semi-annual password, …, and the degree password Abyssinia. Advance to altar and give salutation sign, place and displace the right hand over the heart twice.
When answered by one, you are seated.
Recognition sign: place the right palm on the forehead and quickly displace it. Answer the same sign with the left hand.
Stranger: As I was passing. Answer: I recognized you.
Grip of third degree: with the first finger of the right hand press between the knuckles of the fourt. and fifth fingers.
Grand Honors: hands meet above head and wave backward three times.
Supreme Honors: hands come from sides, meet above head three times.

Interrogation Test

Q. What of Ethiopia?
A. Ethiopia is the home of our forefathers, now called Ab.
Q. Who was its first ruler?
A. Menelek.
Q. Who are now your leaders?
A. Kings, Crowned Princess, Princesses and Consuls.
Q. What do they rule?
A. The great Union Domains, Provinces and Territories.
Q. Whom do you seek?
A. All who desire to become a true Sir Knight or Daughter of Ethiopia.
Q. What are your principles?
A. Unity, Growth and Assistance.