Supreme Union of Ethiopia
Initiation Ritual of the Second Degree of Growth


Altar, stations, etc., draped in red.
Loyal Princess: Loyal Priest, you may retire with the Loyal Guide and prepare the candidates to receive the second degree.
Red veil or hoodwinked.
Gives three raps.
Loyal Guardian:
Who dares to enter while we are thus engaged?
Loyal Priest:
Members of the first degree desiring higher honors.
Loyal Guardian:
Loyal Princess, members of the first degree seeking higher honors.
Loyal Princess:
Admit them without further question.
Prior, the hall has been prepared, lights lowered, etc. Secrets of initiation. Halt in front of altar.
Loyal Guardian:
Loyal Prophet, I present these candidates to you for obligation.
Loyal Prophet:
You will repeat your full name and repeat after me:
I, , in the presence of Al mighty God and these witnesses around, do most solemnly declare that I will never communicate any of the secrets of this degree to any person outside of this Province. I further promise to duly respect all officers according to their respective duties and commands, and will do all in my power to promote the growth of this Province, as is much the meaning of this degree. I further promise to aid a member to the extent of my ability without injury to myself or family. All of which I solemnly promise, so help me God.
Loyal Prophet:
Rise and kiss the Holy Bible.
Loyal Guide, conduct the candidate to our Loyal Priest for further instruction.
Loyal Guide:
Loyal Priest, it is the order of the Loyal Prophet that these candidates be conducted to your station, having been obligated in the second degree.
Loyal Priest:
Candidates, I heartily greet you upon your advancement in the second degree. May you ever remember that your obligation was solemn. It was heard in heaven. May it bind you to us forever. In going through the beauties of this degree, allow me to impress upon you the display of growth in nature. The vegetables, the mineral, and the animal, and the animal kingdoms all enjoy their periods of growth. It is the hope of growth of increase in every walk of life that encourage man in his battle from the cradle to the grave. The largest oaks, the most scholly person, and some of our wealthiest men all had a small beginning. So it is with our noble order. Once upon a time we had our beginning, but you and others becoming a link in the great chain of Unity, there will be a continual growth so long a man lives. You will be conducted to the Loyal Prince for final instruction,
Loyal Prince:
As members, I am pleased to greet you and will instruct you in the signs and passwords of the second degree. In wishing to enter the Province while in session, you will make an alarm at the outer door. When answered and informed that the Province is working in the second degree, you will whisper one half of the degree password, which is Men; you will then be answered by the Loyal Sentinel with the other half, which is Elek; this will admit you into the ante-room. You will regale and give three raps; when answered by the Loyal Guardian with the same three raps, you will whisper your name and the whole password, Menelek. Advance to the altar, give the salutation sign for second degree, right hand over the heart, then on the Holy Bible.
When answered by the Loyal Princess with a bow, you are permitted to be seated.
Recognition sign: press the forehead with the right hand, then quickly displace it.
Answer, grasp hands: I greet you.
Stranger: I have sought thee.
Warning sign and distress sign are the same in all three degrees.
Second degree grip is: with the first finger of the right hand press between the knuckles of the third and fourth fingers.