Knights of the Essenic Order
Ritual of the Third Degree


The candidate having passed an examination in open Senate, found proficient, is now prepared by the Senior Vigilante in the preparation room in the following manner: viz. The upper garments are now removed to expose the upper half of the body, a blue silk robe is placed around the candidate, reaching from the throat to the instep, buttoned at the throat and gathered back to expose the left breast. A silk cord is placed three times around the waist, this cord has the three colors of the Order, Green, White and Blue. A chain is also placed three times around the waist, a staff in the right hand and a cap on his head. He is now hoodwinked. The Senior Vigilante now conducts the candidate to the door, giving three distinct raps with the hilt of his sword on the door, opens the door and advances in hall until halted by Councillors.
My friend, what is your desire?
Prompted by Senior Vigilante:
To be wrought into the Knighthood of the Ancient Essenic Order.
Who is his sponsor?
He has none, Brother Knight.
Remove his hoodwink and let him answer for himself.
Excellent Senator, I object to the advancement of this man.
State your objections. Each one of the Councillors, commencing with the 6th Councillor, each in turn offering objections and producing evidence accusing the candidate of all manner of things, and demanding answers. The Brother Knights leave their seats and the utmost confusion prevails. When this has been carried on as far as deemed best, any Knight may draw his sword upon the Altar and exclaim: Excellent Senator. Upon this exclamation all should remain quiet in the position at the time. The Brother Knight who has exclaimed will continue in the following manner: Remembering my vows as a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order, and on this sword which is significant of honor, and symbolizes the golden sword of Judas Maccabbeus, I vouch my firm belief in the truthfulness of this man and I demand, here upon this Altar, that he be entitled to all the privileges and benefits to be derived from membership in this Order. That he is truly worthy that supreme endowment, I will maintain, body f or body, against all opposers. In testimony whereof, here is my gauge. Behold I offer it Casting his gauntlet at the feet of the Seneschal. And may Adonai defend the right.
Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order, are you all satisfied ?
Yea, verily.
The candidate is now hoodwinked. The Brother Knights all take their seats quietly, and the Senior Vigilante conducts the candidate twice around the hall, halting him in or near the vestibule of the Senate Chamber, and at an Altar (places to represent the desert near the Red Sea), the hall partly darkened, or entirely darkened if incense burns. The hoodwink is removed from the candidate, he is requested to be seated on the Altar, together with the Senior Vigilante, when the following is said to him:
Let us rest ourselves at this representation. It is formed of seven rough stones, such were the earlier altars erected in Judea by the prophets, and such likewise were the altars at which worshipped our ancestral brethren in their habitations in the desert; at whose altars tradition tells us that John the baptiser and Thomas Dittynius, and even our Saviour himself offered prayer. On the top of thus symbolic altar is a pot of incense. The symbolism of the rough stones is of great antiquity and is expressive of strength, fortitude and faith. The Redeemer alluded to this aforetime symbolism when he said to Peter, "On this rock I will build my church." The hewn stone was considered emblematic of falsehood, the rough stone of right and truth; hence the command of Adonai to Moses "And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone, for if thou lift a tool upon it thou hast polluted it." This altar is composed of seven stones to remind us that the number seven is a sacred number in all religions, Jewish, Gentile and Christian, The sacredness of the number seven dates in the old dispensation from the institution of the Sabbath, which it is a duty of a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order to revere and observe, both because Adonai commands it and because it gives man one day in seven as a day of physical rest from secular labor. These stones are arranged in the form of a triangle to remind us that in all ancient religions, and from thence adopted into the faith, the triangle was an emblem of the Creator, The great and sacred name of Adonai was considered too holy to be spoken by the people and
was represented in the written language by a YOD within a triangle. The perfumed incense in the vase symbolizes our vows, which if vowed in purity of soul, ascend above the sphere of human passion to the All Father My friend, strengthened by thus instructions let us go forward on our journey. Replaces the hoodwink, changing his course and retracing the steps he conducts the candidate once and a half around the hall, conducting the candidate to the Altar, advancing from the station of the Senior Seneschal.
My friend, you will kneel at our Holy Altar on both knees, place the palm of your right hand under the Book of the Law, your thumb above, and place your left hand on your left breast, and in this position vow your vows. The Senior Vigilante directs the candidate now to obey, the Excellent Senator calls up the Senate and goes down to the Altar, a circle is formed by the Knights enclosing all the officers, which are properly grouped around the Altar.


I, Ö, in the presence of the omnipresent and adorable Adonai, and of these witnessing Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order assembled in this hall or Senate Chamber, erected to Adonai and dedicated to St. John the Baptiser, do voluntarily and sincerely promise and vow, renewing my former vows and agreeing to these additions, that so long as life lasts, whether apart from the Ancient Essenic Order or remaining within it, I will keep and in nowise expose in any manner whatsoever, the signs, passwords, handgrasps, mysteries or secrets, business or plans, of this order, to any human being whatsoever, unless it be a duly and truly annointed Knight of the ancient Essenic Order, or to a lawful Senate of the same, and never to him or them until after examination or lawful information, I shall have found him or them to be duly and truly qualified to receive the same.
Furthermore: I solemnly promise and vow that I will ever respectfully heed and duly obey all signs and citations given me by a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order, or sent me by a Senate thereof, of which I may be a member, or by the Supreme or Grand Senate under whose jurisdiction I may be.
Furthermor, I sincerely promise and vow that I will respectfully heed and duly obey the statutes, rules and regulations of the Supreme or Grand Senate under whose jurisdiction I am, so far as they shall accord with the land marks of this Ancient Essenic Order, and so far as they be not subversive to the laws of my country.
Furthermore, I sincerely promise and vow that so far as Adonai gives me help, I will, with compassionate heart and open hand, relieve distress wherever I may find it, more especially regarding the need of members of this Order, their widows and orphans.
Furthermore, I solemnly promise and vow that I will not knowingly wrong or defraud a Brother of this Order on his business or in his purse, or suffer others to defraud him thus, if it be in my power to prevent it.
Furthermore, I sincerely promise and vow that I will duly and truly heed and obey the By-Laws. Rules and Regulations of the Senate of the Ancient Essenic Order of which I shall be a member, provided they do not conflict with the statutes of the Supreme or Grand Senate. That I will honor and obey in all lawful things the duly installed officers, Grand and Subordinate, who may bear rule over me. That I will earnestly devote myself to the advancement of the interests and influence of the Ancient Essenic Order so far as my ability will permit.
Furthermore, I sincerely promise and vow that I will not injure a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order in his character, or in the honor of his wife, or his daughter, his mother or his sister, nor suffer another to do the same, if it be in my power to prevent it.
Furthermore, I sincerely promise and vow that I will assist with my purse, my hands, my influence and my voice, all lawfully annointed Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order, their widows and orphans whenever it be required of me, so far as my circumstances will permit, and their needs demand.
All this I sincerely promise and vow on this Holy Bible, and in the name of the omnipresent and adorable Adonai. And if I in any manner whatsoever, do not duly and truly observe and keep these solemn vows, may my heart be transfixed by the arrows of an avenging conscience, and may my name be rendered infamous throughout the jurisdiction of the Ancient Essenic Order. Amen and amen.
In testimony of your voluntary assumption of these vows, and of your solemn determination to keep the same, you will now salute the Holy Bible thrice.
The Excellent Senator, after the salute of the Biblse, returns to his station and strikes once. The Sarcedos advances, places both hands on the head of the candidate and offers this benediction.



Omnipresent and adorable Adonai, Thou who art the Supreme Ruler of the Supreme Senate of Heaven, Thou clement and compassionate One, incline thine ear to listen to the solemn vows of this newly admitted member now kneeling humbly before thee. We beseech thee to so direct, sanctify, and govern his thoughts, words and actions, as that he may evermore keep inviolate his vows, and thus become thy faithful son, a Knightly defender of Unity, Toleration and Charity, and a helpful conservator of the Ancient Essenic Order Amen and amen.
Deus Vult; Deus Vult.
EX SEN. returns to his Altar:
Knight Senior Vigilante, this our newly made member has become a free man; therefore remove his chain. Senior Vigilante obeys. My friend, sing praises unto Adonaiís name forever, that thou mayest
daily perform thy vows. These vows have made thee free.
Brother Knights, charge! They obey, each one brings his sword hilt firmly against left breast and drops blade horizontally, directing sword point towards candidateís left breast.
Knight Senior Vigilante, Truth is the body of Adonai, and light is his shadow; uncover our friendís eyes, that whereas he was blind he may see the light, and guided by the Truth may evermore walk in that shadow. Candidate rises to his feet. My friend, be reminded by these swords now menacing thy defenceless breast of the legion of the Golden Sword of Judas Maccabbeus, and know thou, that while the sword of a Knight is given him to defend a brother and the right, it is also to be sternly employed to repel all who are traitors to the Ancient Essenic Order. Excellent Senator returns to his station and strikes once.
Brother Knights, to your posts; March! Brother Knights all resume their stations and seat. Senior Vigilante and candidate remaining at the Altar. The Excellent Senator now returns to the Altar.
My friend, you observe on our Altar this Holy Bible, the Sword and the Trowel as on the preceeding sections. Let Adonaiís word be a lamp unto thy fee1 and a light unto thy path, so shall he incline thine heart to perform his statutes even unto the end; ever keep near the one hand the sword of the right, with which to repel all the doers of evil, and on the other hand grasp the trowel of Unity, with which to spread the cement of good deeds That alone is the cement which can compact the Ancient Essenic Order to stand as a sunlit tower against the assault of civil and religious intolerances, as a tower whose walls shall be called salvation, and whose gates praise. Excellent Senator now returns to his station, seats himself and strikes once. The Altar has been arranged in front of his station, a pot of oil and Altar Sword has been placed thereon. The Senior Vigilante now approaches with the candidate to the station of the Excellent Senator, he halts the candidate to the side and left of this Altar and in front of the Excellent Senator.
My friend, standing at this Altar, upon the top of which you discover a pot of oil and an Altar Sword, placed here for the purpose of annointing and regularly making you a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order, you are now required to take upon yourself the vow of making. Imitate me, lift up your right hand, say I, repeat your name in full and after me this vow.

Vow of Making

In the name of the omnipresent and adorable Adonai and in the presence of these duly annointed Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order, do solemnly vow that I will never rise in arms against my country, or engage in conspiracies against her welfare, but on the contrary will expose and defeat all such conspiracies, if it be in my power so to do.
Furthermore: I solemnly vow that I will more especially honor my Brothers, the Knights of the Ancienit Essenic Order, and will recognize no other distinction among them than that of merit, that must be illuminated by some faithful service on behalf of the Ancient Essenic Order.
Furthermore: I solemnly vow that I will render homage to a dead Brotherís memory by attendance at his obsequies, if it be in my power so to do. All this I solemnly vow in the name of Adonai, with a full determination to observe and keep this vow and all my other vows until life shall end. Amen and amen.
EX SEN. calls up Senate:
Brother Knights, listen to the words of the Psalmist. Sarcedos reads 1st, 2nd and 3rd verses of CXLI Psalm, at the close of which all the Brothers and Officers respond: Deus Vult. Deus Vult. Excellent Senator seats Senate.
EX SEN.: My friend, the zealous student of our storied and ancient Order will note five epochs in its strange, eventful history:
1st. That in which it was founded by the Knights of the Temple at Jerusalem, with the approval of Solomon, and subsequently to the dispersion of the craftsmen, by whom that magnificent structure was built.
2nd. That of the building of the second Temple under the auspices of the princely Zerrebbabel, during which episode he compacted the Rite into a national order, calling its members the Chasidim, and constituting them instructors in the law in the synagogues and Kehilas of the land, and the teachers of the youths in the schools.
3rd. That of the holy war led by Judas Macceabbeus, when the Law was recovered from the hands of Gentiles and from the hands of Kings, with the potent assistance of the patriots of our Order, who were then called the Kassideans.
4th., That of the dawn of the Christian dispensation, when John the Baptiser, the forerunner of the Messiah, came from houses of our Order in the desert and flashed like a warning meteor throughout Judea, championed by our ancestral brothers, who were then called the Essenes; and
5th. That of the first crusaders, when the venerable and charitable Girrard, the Prior of the historic hospital of St. John at Jerusalem, appears in our annals. This noble Brother, who in ministering to the distressed made no distinction between Christian and Gentile, was the founder of that best of the Christian Order of Knighthood, this- Knight Hospitallers. He received from the few remaining communities of Essenes, who occupied Mount Lebanon, a knowledge of our Order. These communities were then variously called Knights of the dawn, and Palastine, Knight Solitares. Girrardís admission to their mysteries gave him information out of which he evolves the Order of Hospitallers, and many of the Solitares united in its development. These five Historic characters, that is to say, Solomon, Zerrebbabel, Judas Maccabbeus, John the Baptiser and Girrard, are held in veneration among us as patrons of the Ancient Essenic Order. They were phenomenal men, men of wonderful intellectual force, and of vast executive capacity.
SEN. VIG. Hands Altar Sword and vessel of oil to the Excellent Senator, and places candidateís hands on Altar.
EX SEN. dips the tip of the Altar Sword in the oil:
In remembrance of these exalted patrons of the Ancient Essenic Order, and especially in honor of the charitable and venerable Girrard, I consecrate you by this, Touching with point of sword right and left upper eyelids successively And this, Annointing lip with tip of sword And this, Annointing hands And this, Annointing left breast To the service of Adonai, of your country, of your fellowman, and of the Ancient Essenic Order. May the omnipresent and adorable One endow your eyes with keenness to perceive the beauties of Unity. May he touch your lips with a live coal from off the Altar of Toleration. May he prompt you to employ your hands in good works. May he teach your heart to beat responsive evermore to the pleadings of blessed Charity. Amen and amen.
Deus Vult; Deus Vult.
Let us hearken to what the scripture sayeth.
SAR reads Exodus XII, 1st to 14th verses inclusive.
EX SEN. steps down and takes candidate by the arm and starts out on a march (marching music at this time). The members drop into ranks by twos as the Excellent Senator passes them, when all are in marching order they march to the upper room or table. This table should be arranged to accommodate all the members present. All are seated and engaged in their supper or banquet. After having concluded their supper, at a signal of the Excellent Senator, all arise to their feet. A plate of bread cubes have been prepared, is now passed to each individual member, all taking it and holding it in their hands. A glass of wine is also placed in front of each of the members.
My friend, with staff in hand and girt about as if to begin a journey, you have approached the banqueting table in the manner and form observed by our ancestral brothers, when they gathered together at the annual commemoration of one of the most solemn and significant of festivals Let us eat of this bread,
and drink of this pure wine from the cup of blessing, and thus symbolize your passing over from the ranks of the profane to be wrought into a Knighthood with the Ancient Essenic Order. And my friend, as we thus commemorate that feast of our ancestral brothers, which was established by Divine law as a memorial of the creation of the old dispensation of terrorism out of which in the fullness of time came Christ, the Counsellor, and his new dispensation of Unity, Toleration and Charity. As thus we celebrate your passing over to be blended with the Ancient Essenic Order, we all pledge ourselves to you and you to us, that with Adonaiís help we will all evermore be loyal to the demands of hospitality and fraternity. Amen and amen.
Deus Vult, Dens Vult.
EX SEN. pours a little wine from the cup of blessing into the palm of his hand and says:
As the blood of the Pascal Lamb was sprinkled on the Altar as an act of faith and obedience, so I sprinkle yen with this pure wine from the cup of blessing, and seal you to the reasonable service of the Ancient Essenic Order. The Excellent Senator now refills his cup with wine and goes to the incense censer: Brother Knights, this pure wine I pour out upon this incense as a libation to time memory of departed Brother Knights, forgetting their faults, whatever they may have been, be it our duty to emulate their virtues, and to so order our goings and comings that our end may be in peace. The Excellent Senator proceeds to his station. All the Brothers are seated by the Excellent Senator, except the Senior Vigilante and the candidate. The candidate is now conducted to the preparation room, where he resumes his clothing, is then returned to the hall, advances the station of the Excellent Senator and halts. The Excellent senator hands the Senior Vigilante a girdle or belt, attached to which is a scabbard, and directs him to place it around the candidate.
My friend, this girdle with which I invest you, has from time immemorial in our Order been the symbol of equality, obedience and chastity. Its color is blue and signifies, in the language of the Ancient Essenic Order, Truth and Unity. Whenever you wear this girdle my friend, be re-minded that the virtues it symbolizes should rule your spirit evermore. This sword with which 1 now invest you is significant of honor. It symbolizes the legendary Golden Sword of Judas Maccabbeus, which was only to be drawn in support and defense of right and law. It hath two edges, which teach us to defend the poor against the rich, the weak against the strong. Its hilt is a cross, the symbol of redemption and preservation, and reminds us that as Christ died on the cross to redeem and preserve mankind, even so a member of this Order is bound to honor the hallowed cross above all other symbols, and to maintain and support its lessons and its followers. Take, it my friend, return it to its scabbard with the silent vow never to draw it in any other cause than that which represents the symbolic teachings of itself, its blade and its hilt.
Excellent Senator instructs Senior Vigilante to buckle on the spurs:
These spurs with which I now invest you have been honorably won by you. They are symbolic of self sacrifice and promptitude of action. Heed their silent monitions. See to it that no deed of yours hereafter shall be so full of evil as to force us who are your sponsors in your Knightly baptismal making, to require your degredation from the exalted rank you have this night achieved. The Sarcedos now advances from his station, takes the Covenant Ring from the Excellent Senator and places it upon the little finger of the right hand of the candidate.
My friend, with this ring I thee wed to the Ancient Essenic Order. It is a symbol of power and dignity. He whom virtue joins together let not the satan of evil passions ever put asunder. Whenever you look upon this symbolic ring, be reminded that this circle is the peculiar emblem of Adonai. Whose incommunicable name is engraven thereon, and whose eyes behold and whose eyelids try the children of men. Promise us that as soon as possible, that you will procure and evermore wear the Covenant Ring of this Order. In testimony of the solemn compact you have this night entered into, you are to cause to be engraved on the inner side of the Covenant Ring this motto, which is your motto through life, "Virtus, Millia. Scuta," also your name, the date that you were made a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order, the name, number and location of your Senate, together with your residence. And you are to so provide that at your death this Covenant Ring shall pass only to your widow, your eldest son, or to some beloved Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order. The Sarcedos now returns to his station, the Excellent Senator calls up the Senate and says:
By virtue of my authority as the lineal representative of the immortal patrons of our Order, I make you Repeating name of candidate in full a Knight at the Ancient Essenic Order. May Adonai grant you grace evermore to follow the doctrines of John the Baptist, and to emulate his holy life as best you can, to the end that after his example you may constantly speak the truth, boldly rebuke vice, and patiently suffer for the truthís sake. Amen and amen.
Dens Vult; Deus Vult.
The Excellent Senator now seats the Senate, a chair is provided for the newly made candidate, who takes his seat in front of the Excellent Senatorís station, the Senior Vigilante taking his seat at his regular station.
Brother Knight, you are now entitled to receive from me the passwords of this Order, together with an explanation as to how they are used. They are Ö. The signs of the Order are Ö in number and are used as follows: Ö
My dear Brother, I congratulate you, and as the word signifies, share with you the pleasure you must feel s-n having been received into this old and Ancient Order. As a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order you are entitled to wear upon your breast any or all of the distinctive recognition Jewels of this Order. You should never be without some one of these jewels. The one distinctive jewel which I would especially mention is a bangle or button, upon which you will find done in enamel in the three colors of the Order, K A E O. This bangle or button is suspended from a plain gold crescent. Attached to the right horn of this crescent is a five pointed star; the star, in the hieroglyphical language of the ancient mysteries, denoted God.
The Bible, tinctured as is the Old Testament with the occult learning of the Egyptians, also sanctions this signification of the emblem. When the prophet Baalam predicted a star should rise out of Jacob, and a sceptre out of Israel, he referred to the Messiah, whose benignant sway was destined to become universal. The points of the star allude to the five patrons of our Order, namely Solomon, Zerrebbabel, Judas Maccabbeus, John the Baptist and Girrard. They also allude to the when you were regularly anointed as a member of this Order. The crescent was an emblem of a Knightly Order founded in 1464 by Reno, duke of Angon. Its objects were those of similar religious military orders of the middle ages. That is to say, the honor of God and of women, the defense of true faith and the doings of noble deeds.
An old signification of the crescent was progress and success. So this decoration worn by a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order symbolizes the success which in our Order will assuredly fellow intelligent determination to progress therein, provided that determination is not self seeking ambition, but rather a manly desire to spend and be spent in a service which we love. Wear thou this jewel, not simply as a decoration, but as a reminder of solemn vows, and so highly resolved to put its symbolism into earnest deeds. I will new invest you with a sign additional to these received by you. It is called the "Hail of Suffering and Distress." It is only to be used by a Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order when in eminently deadly peril or within a Senate for the purpose of instruction. It is given thus: Ö. The sign alone suffices if used by day, if used by night it is to be accompanied by the following cry: Ö, thrice uttered very loudly. When seen or heard by you, remember that the vows which dedicated your hands to the service of the oppressed bind you to answer efficiently at once, regardless of the danger you may incur in so doing. Brother Knight, you have heard many allusions to the history and traditions of our Order, and from what has heretofore been communicated to you, doubtless you have become convinced that its claim to legitimacy and clearly tracable descent from remote ages to the renascence at the living present is founded in season as well as in fact. A brief and more connected outline of that descent is now your due, and is accorded to you to the end that you may have have a reason to give for the faith that is in you.
The Ancient Essenic Order is a memory of the legendary past, which in these latter days has sprung like a white plumed and Holy Phoenix from the ashes of manís unaccountable neglect to take its predestined place in the affairs of the world, The Order, according to authentic tradition, was founded by the Chasidim, called also the Knights of the Temple at Jerusalem, and because they especially devoted themselves to the service of keeping the porches and approaches of that Holy erection in a state of repair. The Chasidim arose subsequently to the completion of the Temple, and had the approval of King Solomon, the builder of the renowned edifice, whose foundations and superstructure were of a character which constituted it the marvel of the centuries. Gradually under the stimulus of the organization ideas of that time, they became compacted into a society having beautiful forms and ceremonies, alike in the construction of the mysteries of the heathen nations surrounding Judea, but unlike them in details, for these latter were shapen and governed by an abiding faith in Adonai.
The Chasidim soon added to them vowed duty as Temple repairers, the even nobler one of teachers, and soon were commissioned by the King as statutory instructors of the youth in the Kehilas of Israel. Long after the death of their Kingly patron, the Coronic civil pertubations to which Judaa was subjected, interferred with and partially ended their mission as teachers, while the destruction of the Temple of Solomon severed their connection therewith. The majority became the children of captivity and the home organization dwindled in numbers and waned in influence, but was still maintained by a faithful few. After the return of the Jews from their Babylonish captivity certain innovations were made by the Chasidim in the direction of Toleration. The keystone in the arch of virtue inculcated by our Order. Hence resulted a succession of miner Rites or Orders having the same initiations and forms, and bound together by kindred vows, which took the name of Zadekim. This Order was based upon a mere rigid interpretation of law and duty than that which time, circumstances and experience had forced the mere enlightened Chasidim to teach and maintain. The Zadekim always remained second in number and influence to the Chasidim, and generations later they themselves split into several fragmentary sects, the more prominent of which was the Sadduces. From the Zadekim directly proceeded the Essenes, which alone retained the ancient Chasidim initiations, and at last absorbed the Kassideans, the connecting link between them and the Chasidim. Out of the Kassideans came the Rabinists, the Talmadist and the Cabalistic sects, which abandoned the old time initiatory ceremoties, even while proclaiming their descent from the Chasidim. A noted revival of the Chasidim occurred under the princely Zerrebbabel, at the time of the building of the second Temple, in which historic enterprise our ancestral Brother Knights rendered efficient help. Later on they assumed, for reasons unknown to us, the name of Kassidean, still retaining with more or less care the peculiar features of the Order, and always maintaining, amid the anarchy and desolation of Israel, rallying places for those who yet remained true to their religion, to liberty and to law. Later on we see them appear as stalwart supporters of their Brother Knight, the valiant Mattathias; when he inaugurated that wonderful revolt against tyranny, which has been succinctly outlined in all the old ancient histories of the world. True to the principles of the Order they were reverent of Adonai and his commands. The teachers of patriotism as an impelling sentiment, and were the active and efficient helpers of the opposed and heavy hearted. They rendered Mattathias and subsequently his noble associate sons valorous aid, which aforetime their ancestors, the Chasidims, had given the princely Zerrebbabel. They shared the fortunes, good and ill, of the army of liberation, and were prominent in the council of the recreated nation, soon after the great Judas Maccabbeus had finally rescued the city and Temple out of the hands of infidels and the hands of Kings, and recognized civil government. Another and unexplained change occurred in their association, and the Kassideans became merged into the Rite of the Essenes. The history of this Order, which was a lineal descendant of the ancestral Chasidim, time will not permit me to outline. You will find that history gives an elaborate description of its methods and objects in various books of reference, especially in the works of Josephus, Philo, Eusebius and Pliny, to the study thereof I invoke your attention. See to it my Brother Knight, that you thoroughly inform yourself therein, for only thus can you achieve that station among us, which it is the right and duty of every Knight of this far descended and beautiful institution to seek, to the end that he may pay the vows that he has vowed and increase the influence and enlarge the boundaries of the Ancient Essenic Order.
My Brother. it only remains for you new to sign our Constitution and By-Laws, which you will find upon the Secretaryís desk, and take your seat among us as a member of Ö Senate No. Ö
The Excellent Senator will call the Senate from labor for a few moments, that they may welcome individually and collectively their newly made brother.