Knights of the Essenic Order
Ritual of the Second Degree


The Senior Vigilante repairs to the reception room and conducts the candidate into the preparation room, removes his upper garments, then places a white robe around him, (the white robe is gathered back to expose the left breast), a chain is now placed twice around the body, now conducts the candidate to the door entering the hall, two raps are given on the door, the door is at once opened when the Senior Vigilante advances with the candidate until halted by the Councillors, who are dressed in black robes and black cowls. A line has been formed by the Brother Knights, the candidate is halted at a table, in front of him stands the Excellent Senator. The hoodwink is now removed from his eyes.
Knight Senior Vigilante, I see that you are accompanied by a friend; what us his desire?
To be promoted to the full association with the victorious rulers of Israel.
Are you his sponsor?
Yea, Verily.
My friend, after Mattathias had slain the idolaters at the altar of sacrifice in the city of Modin, and in the presence of the Macedonian persecutors of Israel, he and all his sons fled into the mountains and left all that they ever had in the city of Maccabees. To them in the secret places at the wilderness, in due season, came many others, because affliction was sore upon them, among them a company of the Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order, who were then the mighty men of Irsrael, and who were devoted to the Law. Thus secure in their inaccessible retreats did Mattathias organize with a covenant of salt, that valiant army of liberation, which was soon to recover the law out of the hands of the Gentiles, and out of the hands of kings. Amid the grand solitude of Lebanon, which were vocal with the memories of the heroes of the aforetime, suffering welded that concourse into disciplined compactness. Patriotism and devotion to the law gave zest to the hardest fare, the running brooks slaked their thirst, and the fruits and roots of the wilderness satisfied their hunger. Out of this stern probation came at last a disciplined host crying the old war cry of the children of Israel. Endowed with Adonaiís blessing, the contest of that host under its skillful leader was utterly resistless. The nation was redeemed and temple cleansed from all defilement. Then again rang throughout Judea the aforetime song of Miram, "Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and the rider hath he thrown into the sea." In devout commemoration of Mattathias the liberator, and of the sufferings heroically sustained by our ancient patriots in the wilderness, let us eat of this bread, drink of this water, and with this salt make a covenant that shall never be broken. They all eat of the bread, drink of the water, and taste the salt, after which they repeat the

Covenant of Salt

This covenant of Salt I make before Adonai and these witnessing Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order. Let it be to me and my seed after me. May the bread strengthen us. May the water cheer us. And may the salt preserve us all and singular, while we perform good deeds on behalf of Adonai, our country and our fellow men. Amen and amen. The salt that we have eaten together shall be a perpetual pledge of friendship between us as Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order, and as true men. Evermore let us feel that we are one s-n every purpose and every performance that will honor Adonai, benefit our country and our fellow men.
Excellent Senator returns to his station, strikes once, the members quickly seat themselves. The Senior Vigilante replaces hoodwink on candidate and begins his mystic journey around the Altar, the sacred bell or gavel strikes at intervals as the Sarcedos reads from PSALMS XLVII, all except 5th and 6th verses. He reads deliberately and pauses a moment at the end of each verse, when the sacred bell or gavel is struck. The Senior Vigilante takes care to time his steps that the circuit with the candidate will be complete when he reaches the station of the Junior Seneschal. He faces the candidate to the Junior Seneschal, who steps down and says: My friend, I set this emblem on thy forehead, and thus seal all thy energies to the service of Adonai, of thy country, and of thy fellow man. May this episode ever remind you of duty and of eternal life. Go forward; be faithful and fear not. The Senior Vigilante now conducts the candidate slowly to the station of the Senior Seneschal and halts, the Senior Seneschal rises to his feet and steps down, handing the candidate an hour glass. The hoodwink is now removed from the candidateís eyes.
This is the symbol of the life of man, flowing rapidly and soon ending, for as the days of man are swifter than a weaverís shuttle; like unto the sands in the hour glass, let this emblem remind us of the importance of consecrating every moment to duty. My friend, dost thou believe that duty doing commends men to the favor of Adonai.
I do.
Thou art right; let this belief cause thee to strike boldly in his service, and in that of thy country, and thy fellow man: Go forward. The candidate is again hoodwinked, and now advances slowly to the Altar. The Excellent Senator calls up the members, who form a circle around the Altar, the Excellent Senator in the center.
My friend, you will now kneel at our Holy Altar, place your right hand on the Book of the Law, your left hand loosely over your month; you will speak your name in full and follow me.


In the name of the omnipresent and adorable Adonai, and in the presence of these witnessing Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order, solemnly, and sincerely declare and vow, that so long as life lasts, whether apart from the Ancient Essenic Order or remaining within it, I will evermore keep and conceal the signs, words, handgrasps, mysteries or secrets, business or plans of this Order from any person whatsoever, except from a duly and truly annointed Knight of the Ancient Essenic Order, or a lawful Senate of the same, and even from him or them until after examination or lawful information I shall have found him or them duly and truly entitled to receive the same. And if I should, in any manner whatsoever, fail to heed and keep the vow which I have now vowed, may my tongue evermore be silent, may my right hand lose its cunning. Amen and amen.
In testimony of your voluntary assumption of these vows, and of your solemn determination to observe and keep the same, salute now the Book of the Law twice. The Sarcedos now advances and places both hands on the candidateís head and offers this following


Omnipresent and adorable Adonai, Thou who art Supreme Ruler of the Supreme Senate of Heaven, Thou clement and compassionate One, incline thine ear to listen to the solemn vows of this, our newly admitted friend now kneeling before thee. We beseech thee to so direct, sanctify, and govern his thoughts, words and actions, that he may evermore keep inviolate his vows, and thus become thy faithful son, a brave lover of his country, and a helpful servator of the Ancient Essenic Order. Amen and amen.
Deus Vult; Deus Vult.
EX SEN., orders the chain removed from the candidateís body and the hoodwink from his eyes, and he rises to his feet:
My friend, you observe before you on our Holy Altar, the Book of the law, the Sword and the Trowel, as in the first section of this degree; the promises of the Book of the Law have been fulfilled Adonaiís people are again free, and again the smoke of sacrifice ascends from the Altar. Still keep thou the Law, Let the sword still be near your hands and with the trowel work manfully on the walls of the city. You will now be conducted to the preparation room by the Senior Vigilante.
The Excellent Senator instructs the candidate as to his preparation for advancement, then returns to his station, strikes once, the Brother Knights are all quickly seated, the Senior Vigilante retires with the candidate to the preparation room.