Equitable Aid Union

The Equitable Aid Union of America was a typical fraternal benefit security founded in 1879 in Columbus, Pennsylvania. Four of the founders were freemasons.

It permitted the formation of subordinate Unions, as its lodges were called, north of 36 30 north latitude in the United States and the Dominion of Canada. It sought to bring men and women into its Union to promote benevolence, charity, social and mental culture, to care for the sick and needy, to aid one another in the help to seek employment, and to assist each other in business. It also insured members for accidents resulting in physical disability and death.

Eligibility to membership extended to candidates from 15 to 55 years of age.

Although it had 30,000 member in 1896, it failed in the great recession of the late 1890s and went into receivership in 1897.

Initiation Ritual