United Ancient Order of Druids

This order was founded in 1833 in England as a fraternal benefit society. Its roots were in the Ancient Order of Druids, founded some decades earlier.
From England the order spread in the nineteenth century to the United States and Australia and in 1872 the first lodge on the European mainland was founded in Berlin. In Germany the Deutschen Druiden-Orden was founded several years later.
From Germany the Order spread over Europe, especially Scandinavia and Switzerland.
In 2002 three Dutchmen, who had become members of the German lodge Schwarzer Diamant (black diamond) three years earlier were allowed to form the first Dutch lodge. This lodge, Integrity, met every fortnight in the buildings of the Amsterdam freemasons. Membership of this Dutch lodge consisted mainly of people with a Surinam background. On July 1st 2004 this lodge was already dissolved and brought back to informal meetings under the name 'Druid-Table'.
In Surinam itself two lodges were founded between 1996 and 1998, with the support of the American order.
Outside Europe the order is hardly active any more. The order in Australia and New Zealand are nowadays regular insurance corporations. In Europe membership is a couple of thousand.

The U.A.O.D. is only open to men. In the past there was a female auxiliary, but it is questionable whether it still exists. German Druids are working on a new female order, the so-called Birgitta-lodges.
The order has seven degrees, the first three are Ovate (knowledge), Bard (feelings) and Druid (decision). Thereafter there are four degrees of deepening: the Chapter degree, Ring degree, Elders degree and Knights degree.

The initiation rituals are very loosely based on the ancient druidic myths. That is the only connection to druidism.

Ancient Order of Druids - Primitive Degree Ritual   
Ancient Order of Druids - Royal Arch Degree Ritual     
UAOD - Initiation Ritual   
UAOD - Royal Arch Chapter Ritual