Order of The Builders


This order was founded in 1921 as a fraternal organization of young men between the ages of eleven and twenty-one, organized into chapters and under the supervision of volunteer members of the Masonic fraternity, fathers, and majority members who act as an Advisory Council.

The ritual of the order is symbolic and direct. It teaches the binding force of friendship and fraternal association; it broadens the principles of morality and right living; it impresses the necessity of duty to parents and respect for authority; it guides the youth into the building of character; it inculcates the spirit of patriotism.

The object of the Order of The Builders is to promote, the mental, moral, physical, and spiritual development of its' members. To develop their activities in all that relates to individual duty to God and parents. To promote civic, state, and national betterment, by the defense of civil, religious, political, and intellectual liberty, and to provide by means of fraternal association a relationship through which to develop activities aiming for the mutual advancement of those coming within the range of it's purpose and plans.

The organization is for young who are the sons, brothers, grandsons, or nephews of members of regularly constituted Masonic Lodges and their immediate or closest boyhood companions.
Master Masons may become Associate Members and be a part of the chapterís Advisory Council of Master Masons. The associate members from the Advisory Council of Master Masons and five elected members to the Executive Council, work with the chapter. Other Master Masons along with Non-Masonic fathers or male-guardians of the young men, may attend a meeting of the Order of The Builders after taking a pledge.

There are two degrees in the ritual of the Order, the Apprentice Degree and the Builders Degree. Both degrees teach lessons about the principles of democracy, Patriotism, and the ideals of Freemasonry.
Builder degrees are serious matters and are performed with dignity.
There is no rough stuff or harassment. Just a dignified informative ceremony typical of the organization.