Benevolent Protective Herd of Buffaloes of America
Ritual of the Second or Prairie Degree


E.R.: The members will rise while my Assistant opens the lodge in the Second or Prairie Degree.
By the desire of the Exalted Ruler, I declare this lodge opened in the second or Prairie Degree, for the purpose of conferring its honor.
I declare it so opened
Conductor retires to prepare the candidates. When ready, gives two raps upon the door, after
first blindfolding the candidate,
Who comes there?
Brothers of the Degree of Secrecy, who wish to be initiated into the mysteries of the Prairie Degree.
Admit them.
Whereupon all lights are turned out. The Conductor enters with the candidates and proceeds around the room twice, stopping before the Past Exalted Ruler, who on this occasion is to be known as Big Buffalo, with a mask of hemlet en his head that resembles a buffalo, with a black robe or gown on and two candles lighted, one on each side, upon a stand provided for that special purpose. As the Conductor approaches him he says:
This is the venerable Big Buffalo. He seems to be chute old and feeble; yet he always has something good to communicate. Hear what he has to say.
Strangers I hope you will not deem me imprudent in the few thoughts I have to communicate. I was once young and fleet as most young Buffaloes are; but those days have passed away, and with them the buoyancy of youth has fled, and new, as you see, I am old and infirm. The snows and frosts of many winters have left their marks upon me. The visions of the past are to me like a dream that has no reality. I have proved the sayings of the wise man, that youth and childhood are vanity, and also that it is unwise to hope and expect pleasure here that cannot be realized. Be content, therefore, with that state in which a kind Providence has seen fit to place you, and hope for no more than a first reward for a virtuous and diligent course of life. Live not for yourself only, but live to do good to others as you would have them do unto you. Then shall your peace be as a river, and your righteous acts like an overflowing stream.
I will new conduct you to the Exalted Ruler for further instructions in this degree.
While the Conductor is leading the candidate to the E.R., the P.E.R. reads as follows:
Have mercy on the poor and regard their sufferings. Watch for opportunities of doing good, and when presented do it with a cheerful heart and willing mind.
A faithful man shall abound with blessings, but he that maketh haste to be rich shall be innocent To have respect of persons is not good, for God is no respecter of persons. Let thy heart be, so shall thy ways place Him. We feel, my brothers, that we are building upon a firm foundation, and that the cause must ultimately succeed. It is so clearly connected within the religious principles that nothing can succeed to overthrow it. Now that you have been safely herded and corralled, I will say further, that there are three Signs to this degree: the Countersign, Grip and Pass Word.
THE COUNTERSIGN is given thus: Extend the right arm off straight from the shoulder, with the left dropped down to the side.
The GRIP is a grasp of the two little fingers.
The WORD is PRAIRIE. It is to be lettered, as in the first degree, and given only in the same way and under the same circumstances.
I declare you fully initiated in the Second or Prairie Degree.

Test in the Second Degree

QUESTION: Where have you been?
ANSWER: To learn wisdom
QUESTION: In what way?
ANSWER: By example and precept
QUESTION: Who was your teacher?
ANSWER: The Big Buffalo.
QUESTION: By what laws are you governed?
ANSWER: Friendship, Love and Union.
Salute the chair and retire to the ante-room. The members will rise while my Assistant closes the lodge in this degree.
By the desire of the Exalted Ruler I declare this lodge closed in the Second or Prairie Degree.
I declare it so closed.