Order of Artus

This order was founded in 1915 by John R. Commons, University of Wisconsin and Frank Taussig, Harvard University through the union of the economics societies of their Universities. The intent of the society was the encouragement of a closer academic and social relationship between honor students and faculty on an informal basis, facilitating the exchange of information and views.

In the 1930s Artus became an honorary society, membership being limited to those men who, as majors in the field of Economics, have maintained a certain minimum standard both in that field and in their college work as a whole.

It later changed its name to Omicron Delta Gamma (ΟΔΓ) as one of the many Greek letter societies. In 1963 it merged with another honor society, Omichron Chi Epsilon to Omicron Delta Epsilon. At the time of their merger both societies had 28 chapters. Omicron Delta Gamma's 14 chapters were primarily in the Midwestern and Pacific states while the 14 chapters of Omicron Chi Epsilon were concentrated at Colleges and Universities along the Eastern Seaboard and in Texas.

Ritual of the Order of Artus