Degree of Anona
Ritual of Adoption


Procedure for Adoption
Anona Membership Degree

Wickiup shall be arranged for the adoption ceremony with the 13 stumps arranged in the upper part of the hall between the Anona stump and center, placing the stumps in a half circle leaving a space at the front for the Mona to step down and advance to the center where the candidates twigs are arranged. A small stump may be used with an altar candle, canned. or electric light to simulate the fire.
The adoption ceremony will take place under the order of business —— "Adoption" ——.
Anona announces adoption and says:
The Degree team will retire and prepare for adoption.
The team will retire in an orderly manner to the ante room to dress in robes.
White fingertip jackets of suitable material with fringe trimming. No figures or color. The stump chiefs should take part in the ceremony and wear robes, the same as the Oracles. The Oracles are represented by stumps approximately 30 inches in height, 7 inches in diameter. May be wired electrically with a recessed bulb to give the illusion of fire when lit.
Team will enter and take positions at each Oracle Stump and chiefs assume stations, marching single.
The hall is darkened and the everlasting fire is extinguished.
A small twig is attached to each stump to present to the candidate for her fire.


Adoption Ceremony

Mishinewa, you will retire and present the paleface for adoption.
Mishinewa retires to the outer wicket with the paleface, she re-enters with the paleface, carrying lighted candle stopping to rebrighten the everlasting fire.
As you enter the portals of our fraternal world, all is in darkness. But as you trail through the Oracles of Reason, the spirit of fraternalism will burn ever brighter. It is our desire to light a kindred spirit of everlasting fire in your heart for God, for home and for country, through our fraternity. Advance to center floor.
Mishinewa you will proceed with the paleface to gather the twigs from the Oracles of Reason for our friends fraternal fire.
We will now approach the first Oracle.
Oracle of … I present the paleface for the twig of …. Same procedure for each Oracle.
As I pass this twig of Unity to you for your fire, I ask you to listen well to the song made by the wings and throats of a flock of geese; a poetry of motion, moving as a giant bird. Your ears tell you of only one voice. Always their movement across the sky is as one huge bird.
I pass this twig of Freedom to you for your fire.
It is representative of our freedom which we hold lightly in our hands and yet enjoy Its privileges daily as we do the air we breathe. It will fan the flame of your fire to a brighter color and warmth. We are instituted and permitted to exist as an organization to promote a deeper understanding and love for home and country. Our Great Council of the United States Constitution preamble states "We hold as sacred truth that all men are created equally free, and with the right to enjoy and defend their liberties and to pursue their own happiness.
As I pass this twig of strength to you for your fire, I ask you to see the waste of strength and power as the lightning runs across the sky. That same strength when properly guided, placed inside a little globe to light our world; It provides transportation and helps us every day in many ways.
This twig is representative of that peace on earth with good will towards all men; a peace in likeness to the placid waters of the lake, calm in all, its beauty.
This twig is representative of the joy of giving and sharing; that charity which needs not be sought1 waits not for want to plead, but seeks the duty —nay— prevents the need.
As I pass this twig of loyalty to you for your fire, I counsel you to remember that your loyalty must be as sturdy and steadfast as the old oak tree.
The twig of education represents the search for a clearer understanding through the senses. To see the rainbow hues of nature’s garden; to feel the warmth of the sun or cut of the wind; to hear the melody of the birds; to taste the tangy sweet flavor of sun ripened fruit, to smell the scented perfume of an orange grove in full bloom as the sun in all its splendor disappears beyond the mountains.
Place this twig of hope on your fire for without the longevity of hope, your fire will wither and die an the leaves when the fall comes. Spring always brings the melting snows to reveal the green grass sprouting beneath; it brings the first warm sun to bare trees so the buds will appear with a mantle of blossoms, later to produce the fruit as if by magic. Hope with faith in our future, must be certain; as sure as the coming of spring with its sunshine and flowers, and an abundance of all growing things.
I am the representative of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, which is as old as the human race. I present this twig to you, to add to your fire, to make the flame bright and shining for all the world to see. This warmth of love, such as another for her child or a dog for its master, will make the fire burn sparkling and clear.
This twig of courage is like a rock in the middle of a rushing stream, which never moves from its intended place no matter how much water pours over or around it. In like manner must you place courage on your fire to make the flame burn more evenly in the wind.
This twig of friendship will insure your fire’s everlasting embers. It is the warmth of hand-in-hand companionship through work or play that will reach you through sickness and sorrow, or happiness and health down through the years.
Place this twig of patriotism on your fire for everlasting strength. As the warriors of the ancient tribes fought for conquest and the protection of their homes and families, so should you fight a moral battle against envy, malice, oppression, or other evils that would disturb the harmony of our country. The bonds of amity which binds us and our country together, though of wonderful strength against outside influence, are weak and brittle against internal discord.
This twig of tolerance is one of the most important part of your fire, because of the smokeless flame it provides. As we accept the seasons, the heat, the cold, the sun and the rains; as we accept the land, the mountains, rivers and plains; so we must accept our fellow man, the strong and the weak, any race or creed.
The candidate led by the Mishinewa places each twig as received, on the candidate fire. After placing the thirteen, Mishinewa addresses the Anona thus:
Anona, we have completed the building of our fire.
Mishinewa, you will conduct our new sister to the Wacunda, to receive our pledge of honor.
Mishinewa, leads the Candidate/or candidates to the Wacunda station.
As you entered our Wickiup under the guidance of our Mishinewa you successfully received the twigs from the 13 Oracles of Reason. We believe these 13 stumps represent the 13 colonies at the beginning of our United States and are the reason for our very existence both as a citizen of the United States and as a person. We ask in the name of the Great Council of the United States, Improved Order of Redmen, and the Degree of Pocahontas, that you live under their influence for good guidance to a better fraternal life. Will you accept the Pledge of Honor.
Place your hand over your heart and repeat after me the following: I will take into my heart and hand, the lessons you have taught me, my lips are sealed, to the paleface world, may I successfully achieve, respect and admiration, of those, whose life I touch, because of these, lessons in reason.
Mishinewa will lead candidate to center floor.
Anona, we now have done.
Anona steps down from her stump with candle, lights it from the fire at her stump and proceeds to the center of the floor.
Before accepting you to final membership, I will explain to you the procedure for entering and retiring from the WicKiup, while the council fire is burning. Mishinewa, you will demonstrate.
Mishinewa extinguishes her light and proceeds as the Anona speaks to demonstrate the procedure.
You will approach the wicket and give three * * * spaced raps. The Wica will ask "Who disturbs our council?" You will reply "Pocahontas is my sister." Wica will ask your name and the number of your council and the Universal password of the term ... meaning …. This password is changed every Great Sun by the Great Incohonee of the Great Council of the United States, You will enter the Wickiup stopping at the everlasting fire, where the flag of our country is displayed, salute the flag with a military salute, thence to the Minewa stump. Place the right hand over the heart giving the Anona permanent password, which is "Freedom’s Fire Burns". Minewa will answer "Steady".
You will then take your seat around the Council room. If you desire to retire before the council fire is quenched, you will advance to the center of the floor, give a courteous nod of the head to the Mona, give the same sign and salutation to the Minewa as you did upon entering, salute the flag and retire. With this torch you will add the spark of life to your fraternal fire in the Degree of Anona.
Anona hands candidate torch - candidate lights her fire - if there is more than one candidate each individually lights fire.
Anona returns to her stump.
Mishinewa, you will introduce the new sister/or sisters, to the membership. 3 spaced raps * * * to call up the members, hail lights rebrightened.
Members of Anona Council No. ..., I present our new sister/or sisters.
After introduction Anona gives 1 rap to seat members.
This completes the ceremony of adoption. The team will retire.
Mishinewa leads the team oft the floor diagonally across the floor from the Wacunda side of the hall. Wacunda in line directly behind the Mishinewa, then Tolerance etc. Anona steps between the 6th and 7th Oracle. The Minewa following the Oracle of Unit.