Initiation Ritual for the Fifth Portal


The Story of Light

Each of the world's great religious founders, those who left to mankind a spiritual heritage, a system, doctrines or a code of living by which man could commune with the God within, was a beacon of Divine Light in a dark and saddened world of humanity. Their lives were shining examples of the truths they expounded. The reason bitterness oftentimes exists between the present-day exponents of these great religious movements is that they in their own lives and conduct do not, as their predecessors did, exemplify their religious principles. It is intriguing and inspiring to read The Story of Light, the beginning and evolution of the great religious movements, the construction of broad roads upon which man hopes to reach a closer understanding of his God. It is most befitting that with each initiation int ended to evolve your consciousness you be given a brief biography of these religious founders, these eminent personages.


Moses was born during the period when the Pharaoh had commanded that all the male children of Hebrews be thrown into the Nile. Moses was the son of Jochebed and Levite Amram. The mother concealed the child nearly three months and, not being able to conceal him any longer, set him adrift in an ark of bulrushes. The daughter of the Pharaoh, when preparing to bathe in the Nile, found him and adopted him, naming him Moses; and he was raised as the son of an Egyptian princess. When grown, Moses went to see how his people were faring, and upon finding an Egyptian brutally mistreating a Hebrew, he slew the Egyptian. The deed became known and he fled for his life to the Sinaitic peninsula. He sojourned there for forty years in the humble occupation of a shepherd. He married and had a son.
On his way to Mount Horeb one day he noticed a bush burning without being consumed. A voice spoke from the bush and, behold, it was YHWH. The voice bade him to return to Egypt and free his brethren from bondage. It was with difficulty that Moses persuaded the Pharaoh to free the Hebrews. Finally, after the Egyptians had been visited with ten plagues, through the agency of Moses, and the Pharaoh's first-born had been slain, the Hebrews were urged to leave Egypt. On the great trek out of Egypt they were fin ally pursued by the Egyptians who repented freeing them and who intended slaying them. But YHWH divided the waters of the Red Sea, let the Hebrews pass through safely, and drowned the Egyptians when they attempted to follow. At Mount Sinai YHWH welcomed Moses, talking to him and presenting him with the Ten Commandments. Moses became the great spiritual adviser, prophet, and military leader of the Hebrews, and was the instrument which created the Israelitish nation. He died at the age of 120.

Fratres and Sorores, Greetings!
We have been pleased to receive numerous comments indicating a favorable acceptance of the introduction of initiations between the postulant Degrees of the studies. These are the same initiations that are given in our temples, the only variation being that they are adapted for your sanctum use. This permits you to have the same private passwords and signs as the temple initiates. The monographs, of course, have always been the same as those given in the temples.
Your studies and future lessons which are sent to you regularly will not be held up awaiting a report on this initiation. In fact, if you never conduct this initiation it will have no particular bearing upon the lessons that you will receive, but it is to your own advantage, as explained previously, to perform these initiations. Enter into the spirit of them as they symbolize in an allegorical way the truths to be conveyed in future monographs. If you scan them indifferently you miss much of importance that goes to make up the spiritual phase of the work of the Order.
DO NOT HOLD UP YOUR LESSONS until you can perform this ritual.
If you cannot perform it at once in its regular order, lay it aside and go ahead with the regular lessons, but as soon as possible do perform it.
Use only the enclosed report blank in writing the brief report of your initiation and send it to the Department of Instruction.



This is a diagram to assist you in the proper performance of the initiation. You will note that it has the usual direction arrows and figures indicating the positions you will assume during the initiation.


You will light the candles on your altar as indicated in the diagram, and have additional illumination in the room sufficient to read by. It is advisable also, if you can, to have incense burning for the reason stated in the earlier initiations.


When you have made preparations for the Sacred Ceremony, you will retire to the West of your sanctum and be seated in the chair you have provided for that purpose. (See diagram)
Hourly, during the day, you are obliged to dwell in the atmosphere of the mundane, subject only to material impressions or vibrations. The consciousness of your brain predominates; you live in a world of your physical senses. This is because only the material world is made known to you through these objective faculties. You have little time for introspection; that is, to be with yourself, your inner consciousness. The demands of the physical expression of life compel us to seek a livelihood in the material sphere of activity.
Our thoughts are all based on external impressions received and registered during the course of our duties. But the fullness of life is not merely to live--to exist. You must recall from your earlier studies of the Second, Third, and Fourth Degrees that the psychic or spiritual self must be permitted an opportunity for expression, as it is the REAL YOU. Thus, relax in the chair and try to throw off, as it were, the numerous impressions and recollections that arise in your outer consciousness, your brain consciousness. Await an inner urge to proceed, an inspiration that you feel and KNOW is the voice of your psychic self; then with that assurance continue
with this ritual.
(Read, not aloud)
Respected candidate, you will kindly arise and face the East, and give me the Fourth Degree password.
Candidate: Arise and stand erect, facing the East (see diagram), and say the Fourth Degree password softly. You will recall that it was given in the Fourth Degree Initiation.
If you cannot recall it you must review your Fourth Degree Initiation and secure the word before advancing into the Fifth Degree. After speaking the Fourth Degree password you will again be seated.
(Read, not aloud)
Respected guardian, do you assure me that the candidate present is worthy of initiation?
Candidate: (This answer must be the dictation of your conscience, which you recall is your Guardian of the Sanctum. Do you feel that you are in the proper mental attitude for the reception of the revelations about to be made? Are you sincere and earnest in taking part in this ritual, or merely indifferent? If you are humble and desirous of advancing spiritually, then you will answer in the affirmative.)
The candidate is duly prepared and worthy of further initiation.
(Read, not aloud)
This convocation I shall now open with prayer. God of our hearts, suspend in our minds, in this hour, all worldly thoughts, and remove those barriers which prevent us from at tuning our soul personality with the great Cosmic Consciousness. Humble us in love and service, inspire our minds with goodness, understanding, and equality. Sanctify our work of this evening that it may be productive of glorious goodness to man and to the profound glory of Thine infinite purposes. So Mote It Be!
(Read, not aloud)
Master continues:
Beloved candidate, you are here tonight for the sublime purpose of passing into the Fifth Degree. Upon your entrance into the various Degrees you are directed through certain ceremonial processes that your passage from one chamber to another, one Degree to another, IN GOD'S HOLY TEMPLE may be fittingly celebrated and symbolical of your induction into the higher mysteries and properly appreciated. Such celebrations are and inner circles of the endless rings of paths to power. I now direct that you shall pass through the Initiation of the Fifth Degree by symbolizing your journey to the portal of the Fifth Chamber. Pay careful attention to the instructions I give now.
(Read, not aloud)
Beloved candidate, arise and take three steps toward the Shekinah and face the East; then make the Sign of the Cross.
Candidate: Arise and walk three steps toward the Shekinah, then stop and stand erect, looking ahead. Make the Sign of the Cross as you have been previously instructed. (Look at your diagram; you will proceed from the position of figure 1 to figure 2.)
(Read, not aloud)
You will now turn at an angle and proceed to the North of the sanctum. Then standing there erect, facing the North, make the Sign of the Cross. You will then continue by way of the East to the South of your sanctum, where, facing the South, you will again make the Sign of the Cross. Then you will turn and approach the West, and facing the West make the Sign of the Cross. You will repeat this four times-making five circuits in all-then retire to your seat in the West.
Candidate: This is not difficult of performance. Look at your diagram showing the direction arrow from figure 2 to figure 3; this brings you to the North of the sanctum. Follow the arrow to figure 4; then while in the South make the Sign of the Cross and then continue to figure 5. Repeat this four more times and then be seated in your chair.
(Read, not aloud)
Beloved candidate, you have just completed your journey around the sanctum, symbolically representing your five passages to the five chambers. You were told at that time that in each Degree or Chamber you would receive the meaning for the letters of the SACRED WORD.
In the Fourth Degree you were told the first letter is M and that this letter represents MATHRA, the mother influence, the protecting and maturing influence of mind and body. The second letter of the word which is given to you tonight is A. It represents the password for this Degree which will be given to you later.
Its meaning is life-giving vibrations from the Heavens.
These two letters M and A when united form a strong, vitalizing power. They constitute the first syllable of the LOST WORD, and may be used to strengthen the weak, and heal the sick. You are to remember this syllable ALWAYS SECRETLY--when you want to send forth vitalizing vibrations or protecting influences.
(Read, not aloud)
Master continues:
In order that you may understand and realize the POWER of these two letters when united, I now direct that you follow these instructions: Say aloud, softly, the letter M, drawing out the sound for a moment so that it sounds like Mmmm. Then say the letter A, drawing out the sound for a moment so it sounds like Ahhh. Now unite the two letters M and A. Repeat this at least ten times.
Candidate: Carefully follow the Master's instructions above and you will notice the strange vibrations which seem to charge the room with soothing energy.
Read, not aloud)
Now that you have experienced the effect of the letters thus united we shall try the syllable. Say MA, pronounced broadly and softly like MAH, holding the syllable until it weakens and gradually fades out of hearing. Do this several times until you feel the effect of the sound vibrations. You will now arise and face the East.
Candidate: Arise, stand erect, and face the East of your sanctum.
(Read, not aloud)
Now turn to the East in the place where you stand, facing this Altar. You have pronounced the syllable which is a KEY to the sacred principles of this Degree.
In the lessons of this Degree you are to study the known laws from the times of the ancients to the present time regarding the natural forces of the universe. The sounding of this syllable has opened the portal of this chamber of the Fifth Degree, and I now declare you duly initiated into the Fifth Degree.
(Read, not aloud)
Master continues:
Beloved candidate, before proceeding further it will be necessary for you to take the solemn oath of the Fifth Degree. You will say softly the following:
(Candidates will say the following out loud, but in a soft voice)
Appreciating the honor that has been bestowed upon me by admission into the Fifth Degree of the A.M.O.R.C., I freely admit my gratitude to the Order, its Officers, and members, and hereby make the following oath, conscious of its significance and import.
As an Adeptus Junior and Member of the Fifth Degree, I offer five minutes of my time every day to the purposes of the Order, as directed by the Master within; I likewise offer to my Fratres and Sorores of this Degree, in this or any other legitimate body of the Order, such time and service as I may be called upon by urgent necessity to give them in the advancement of this Degree's work.
Furthermore, as an Adeptus Junior and in preparation for such work as will make me a duly qualified Adeptus Major, I promise to study faithfully the philosophy of this Degree, to ponder over it, review and analyze it, and in my humble way contribute to the light which it sheds upon the profound problems of life in all its expressions.
I likewise renew my allegiance to the purpose of the Order and shall do my utmost to live as is befitting an Adept of the Order Rosae Crucis.
(Read, not aloud)
Master continues:
I shall now invest you with the sign and password of this Degree. (The sign is made by facing a Frater or Soror, placing your left hand upon your right shoulder and the right hand upon the left shoulder, and looking into the opposite's eyes.) This is the sign of Greeting of Junior Adeptus. By the initiation into the Fifth Degree, you receive the title of ADEPTUS JUNIOR. This is not a secret title, nor is the Sign of Greeting a secret sign, though it should not be made too public.
(Read, not aloud)
The secret password of the Fifth Degree begins, as has been previously stated, with the second letter of the LOST WORD. That letter is A, and the password is ASTRO.
In the name of Rosae Crucis, and before the Sign of the Cross, I close this convocation in the bonds of Love, Peace, Fellowship, and Secrecy.
Now turn to Page One for instructions for making your brief report.

The design in the center of the triangle, in the lower left-hand corner of each page of the monographs of this Degree, is an Egyptian hieroglyphic character for the word Ab. To the ancient Egyptians it meant heart and was used also to represent the fountain of life and conscience. Our mystical interpretation of it is the same today. It is the symbol of the Rosicrucian Fifth Temple Degree.


The Words of the Illumined

Many Are the Vistas That Are Revealed to Him
Who Has Attained the Mountain Top
The worldly lives of those recognized as the fathers of our religions are, in most instances, merely a matter of chronological record, but their personal illumination is best determined from the truth which flowed from their mouths, for it is that, and that alone, which elevates them above all men. Below are brought to you some beautiful reflections of the great avatar whose biography has been given you in the forepart of this manuscript.
Who fed thee in the wilderness with manna, which thy fathers knew not, that he might humble thee, and that he might prove thee, to do thee good at the latter end;
And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth.
But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.
And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the Lord thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you this day, that ye shall surely perish.