Ancient Order of Agur
Initiation Ritual of the Trine First Degree the Degree of Friendship



W. C.:
Takes station, which is situated at the inner end of the cave, saying: Officers, you will
assume your stations; brethren you will be seated.
Brother Vare, has the entrance to the cave been closed and sealed?
Vare retires to outer cave and returns with watch.
Worthy chief, the cave is closed and sealed and the watch is present.
W. C.:
Brethren, we are about to open this meeting in the degree of Equality. All those not entitled to sit with us will please retire to the outer cave.
Brother Guide, you will now gather the Password.
Guide takes Password.
Worthy Chief, I find all present entitled to remain at this gathering.
W. C., gives * * *, Brethren arise:
Brethren, you will exhibit the sign of Equality. *. Brethren
resume their seats.
W. C.:
Brother Watch, what are your duties?
To guard the entrance to the outer cave against the approach of enemies or eavesdroppers and to admit none without the semi-annual Password, and see that the Brethren are clothed in the regalia of their rank.
W. C.:
Bro. Watch you will assume your station.
Watch retires.
W. C.:
Bro. Sub-Chief, what are your duties?
S. C.:
To act in conjunction with you in the performance of your duties, and to officiate for you in in your absence.
W. C.:
Bro. Keeper of the Scroll, what are your duties?
K. of S.:
To keep an accurate account of all transactions in the cave.
W. C.:
Bro. Toll Taker, what are your duties?
T. T.:
To receive all moneys and receipt for the same, and to see that they are used where they will do the most good, as directed by the Trinity.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, what are your duties?
To gather the password, direct the stranger and obey your commands.
W. C.:
Bro. Vare, what are your duties?
To guard the entrance to the inner cave and receive the password of the degree in which we are working.
W. C.:
Brothers, it is incumbent upon me to preside at this gathering, and it is my duty to judge impartially of every transaction. I hope to perform that duty with equal justice to all, and I hope and shall expect each one of you to so guard your words as to promote Friendship, Education and Equality.
Bro. Guide, you will assist me in lighting the Light of Reason, that it may symbolize our actions at this gathering. Guide lights light. May it ever burn bright to dispel the clouds of superstition, and light the way until all mankind shall unite in one common brotherhood to the glory of God and the redemption of all mankind.


W. C.:
Bro. Keeper of the Scroll, are there any strangers in waiting?
K. of S.:
There are, Worthy Chief. Reads the names.
W. C.:
Bro. Toll Taker, has the toll been taken?
T. T.:
It has, Worthy Chief.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, prepare the Cave for the reception.
Guide makes necessary arrangements.
Worthy Chief, the Cave is in readiness.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, you will retire and prepare the stranger.
In the 1st degree the S. C. retires with guide to administer pledge.


I do solemnly promise and vow that I will never reveal in any manner that which may be revealed to me in this order. And should I disregard this promise I hope that I may be h i s c b a g m a m a m j.
Guide with cand. h...d with b... on b... enters Cave and stops.
Vare slams door d... b... and says:
Your retreat is now cut off; you can never turn back.
Guide conducts cand. to dark corner of Cave, raises hoodwink, and retires, leaving cand. alone. After cand. has stood a moment brothers will approach one at a time and scrutinize him suspiciously, then retire in full view of him and converse with gestures regarding him, showing great friendship among themselves, then going about their several occupations, representing different callings. Guide comes near cand. Two members (designated) seize cand. and Guide and hurry them to the W. C. and say:
We have found a stranger hiding in a dark corner of the Cave. We know not bis purpose, whether it be good or evil, and we bring him to you, as we know not what else to do with him.
W. C., fiercely:
By what right have you entered our Cave?
We were wandering in the world alone seeking fraternity, and we were informed that it could be found by entering this Cave.
W. C.:
Y - E - S, your purpose is commendable, but before you proceed (meditatively) it will be necessary for you to take an obligation of secrecy and sincerity. Are you willing to take such an obligation?
Cand. must answer in the affirmative.
W. C.:
Kneel upon your right knee and place your right band upon this firm rock of friendship and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine.


I, , in the presence of Almighty God and all the works of nature, do solemnly promise and vow upon this sacred rock whereon I lean, whose friendly support I ever need, that I will never reveal in any manner or through any medium whatsoever any of the secrets, signs, grips; or passwords of this order, only and except as authorized by the lawful authorities of this order, and then only to such as by a just and lawful right shall be entitled to receive them, and then in the manner prescribed; moreover i e b t w t b o t o i w d h a c a i w a a a t i a t c o l a s b t i a.
T a o t i d s p a v t d a h d.
a i I f t d t i h t t r s d o m h f t f e o m o.
Br'n in concert:
So shall it be.
Guide assists cand. to rise.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, you will conduct the brother to the S. C. for his examination and approval.
Guide lowers hoodwink and conducts candidate around Cave and enters wedge.
T. T.:
Lays hand on Cand.'s shoulder, saying: Stand, hold presumptuous mortal, stand; know you not that, burdened as you are, you cannot pass this way?
Wherefore not, the W. C. has sent us to the S. C. for his approval?
T. T.:
You say the W. C. has sent you to the S. C.?
It is true that he did.
T. T.:
The W. C. is wise and very shrewd; but no man is so perfect that he sees all. You must unburden yourself of all hatred and envy before you can proceed. Are you willing to cast off these burdens?
Cand. answers. Guide removes burden.
T. T.:
You may now proceed on your way.
Guide and Cand. proceed to S. C.
S. C. stops Cand. suddenly:
Do you have any hatred for any member of this order?
Cand. ans.

Do you envy any member of this order in any way whatsoever?
Cand. ans.
S. C. grasps Cand's right hand and places left hand upon Cand' s shoulder and says:
Then truly I can greet you in friendship; thou art twice blessed who has no hatred or envy. Bro. Guide, conduct our friend to the W. C. and tell him that I commend the brother for final instructions. Guide conducts cand. to W. C.
Worthy Chief, behold our return with the S. C.'s approval and recommendation for final instruction.
W. C.:
My Brother, I greet you with the secret grip of this degree. I will now instruct you in the secret work of this degree.
1st, g o h c. p o t d i d s,-. c t r h r a i i t a s, o s o w h b h o.
I will now instruct you in working into a lodge open in this degree. g o k o o p a t b a e t t o c, but any alarm will be attended to; T w w r t w, Y w t g h t s-a p w w i- - -
A t t i e t t C, g K S K V o t w, y w g y n a 1 o 1, V r s t S C w w d h t a y i c. y w t g t P W o t d w i T V w a y, y w a t t c o t C a a t W C w t s o t d.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, conduct the brother to the K. of. S and there let him place his name.
Guide conducts cand. to K. of S. After signing Scroll, conducts him to a seat among the brethren.
W. C.:
I will now declare a few minutes recess.
W. C. gives *:
Brethren; you will now come to order. Gives ***. we are about to close in the
degree of Friendship and open in the degree of Equality. Brothet Guide, are you satisfied that all present are entitled to remain?
Guide conducts all those who have not received the degree of Equality to the outer chamber of the Cave.
Worthy Chief, I find all present entitled to remain.
W. C.:
-Brethren, you will advance the sign of the degree of Equality. *. We are now open for
business under the regular rules of the order.


W. C.:
Brethren, are there any stones in the cave that have not been turned over tonight?
If you are satisfied, let us put everything under this rock and leave it here, and carry away nothing that has transpired here.
So be it as thou sayest.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, you will assist me in putting out our light for this meeting. Guide blows out light. As this light ceases to burn, so should our acts here remain in darkness to the outside world.
W. C.:
Brethren, your presence has been most welcome, and I hope that you will all be at the Cave on our next regular night. You are now at liberty to depart. *.