Ancient Free Gardeners of Scotland
Rose of England Lodge
Installation Ritual


Installation of a Master
Bro. First Conductor Collects Worthy Master Designate and takes him before the Installing Master.
Installing Master:
Worthy and respected Brother, you are appointed to preside over this Lodge of Free Gardeners, as you will in a great measure be responsible for the conduct of the Brethren over whom you preside, it is your duty to set before them examples of morality and virtue, to instill those sentiments into their hearts which will cause them to become an honour to the Order, and a bright example of moral rectitude to all around them. The prosperity of the Order depends much upon your own conduct and exertions. We therefore hope that nothing will be wanting on your part to promote the honour and secure the interest of the Order, and so lead your flock in the paths of virtue.
The Installing Master, then taking him by the hand, shall say:
I now lead you to that seat of honour which your Lodge has appointed you, hoping that Justice, Love and Charity will always be your unerring guide. Such of your flock as may by unforeseen events be plunged into adversity, give them your friendly counsel, advice and assistance. It is also your duty to reward the virtues of your Brethren with a liberal hand, and reprove their failings with charity. You are never to award penalties or punishments for the sake of revenge, but with a view to reform the errors of the aggressors. Nevertheless, you must strictly adhere to the established Rules of the Order, and enforce a prompt obedience to its laws, and never allow (if in your power to prevent) any encroachments or alterations to he made in its ancient landmarks, but to preserve them free and entire. May you he faithful to the trust with which you are honoured, and happy in presiding over this the ‘Rose and Bluebell Lodge’ of Ancient Free Gardeners.
Installation of the Deputy Master

Installing Master:
Worthy and respected Brother you are now appointed by the Brothers of your Lodge to preside as the Deputy Master for the ensuing Six Months. It will he your duty to assist the Worthy Master in the discharge of his duty, be it remembered that the prosperity of the Lodge depends much on your attention and conduct. It now becomes your duty, not only to set before them examples of strict morality but to enforce a due observance of them, ever considering that example is before precept ; and may charity, that universal principle of benevolence which embraces the wants of all mankind, be a feature in you which cannot he hid.
Installation of the Secretary

Installing Master:
Respected Brother. You are chosen by the Brothers of the Lodge to fill a most important office, your duty will be to keep a just and impartial account between each Brother and the Lodge. And so long as you act in accordance with principles of faithfulness and justice, it will secure to your own bosom the pleasing consolation of having done your duty; it will also secure to you the friendship and esteem of year Brethren, for whom you have undertaken so arduous a task. Installation of Other Officers
The Worthy Master names the Brother, who comes before the Worthy Master.
The Worthy Master Invests the Brother with suitable words.
First Conductor.
Second Conductor.
Inside Tyler.
Outside Tyler.

Closing the Lodge

Worthy Master:
Brothers, be upstanding, and assist us in Closing the Lodge.
Worthy Deputy, what demands our next care?
Deputy Master:
To close the Lodge in peace, harmony, and friendship.
Worthy Master:
Officers and Brothers, I thank you for your kind support this day, and for your attention to the interests of this Institution. I now proceed to close the Lodge until further notice when we shall be happy to see as many Officers and Brethren, as well as Visiting Officers and Brethren, as can make it convenient to attend; and may benevolence and brotherly love ever actuate our minds, and every moral and social virtue cement us to each other.
I declare this Lodge Duly Closed.
Knocks Three Times
Deputy Master:
So it is.

Knocks Three Times