Dit rituaal is een amerikaanse vertaling van het franse rituaal, zoals dat halverwege de negentiende eeuw gebruikt werd..

Decorations, Clothing, etc. The hangings are red and green. There are seven lights of which three are East, two South and two West. The throne is reached by five steps, above which is the transparency of a dove. Upon the Altar, which is covered with green, are three flambeaux containing wax candles. There is also a mallet, an olive branch and a Bible. Near the Altar is a cup containing a Dove with a written scroll attached to its neck. The Tableau represents: 1. The Ark of Noah on Mount: Ararat. 2. A Dove with an Olive branch flying towards the Ark, at the foot of the mountain and the edge of the water where the verdure commences, amphibious animals are seen sporting. The insignia of “Father Noah” is a red and green ribbon worn on the baldric, to which is suspended a trowel and the Jewel. The Apron is white, doubled and bordered with green taffeta; upon the lapel is a dove with an olive branch in its beak. In the middle of the Apron is a mountain emerged in green water. The Jewel is a Silver dove, with an olive branch in its beak. The Ill. Gd. Master represents Father Noah.” The Senior Warden only ranks as “Dear Eldest Son,” the Brothers and Sisters he calls “his children.” All thee and thou each other.





Ill. Gd. Mistress, knocks 3 - 3; 3 – 3: My children, assist me to open this Council, Illustrious Sister Grand Warden, has the raven returned?

Sis. Gd. War.: He has not, Illustrious Grand Mistress.

Ill. Gd. Master: The waters appear to be subsiding, but how shall we know in this mist which rises from the waters, whether any portion of land has emerged from the deluge. I will call into Council the whole of my children for which purpose I declare this a duly opened Council, competent for business. (Knocks 3 - 3; 3 - 3 -1.)





The Aspirant wears the insignia or a Gd. Elect Lady, and is conducted by the Mis. of Cerem. to the door of the Council, where she gives the battery of the Degree.

Sis. Gd. War.: What dost thou require?

Mis. of Cerem.: I bring with me Sister ... who has jealously labored in the degree of Grand Elect Lady, and has made such progress as she trusts will induce our Illustrious Grand Mistress to raise her to the rank of a Lady of the Dove.

Sis. Gd. War.: You are no doubt aware, my dear Sister, that all candidates for this Degree must give proof that they are of noble connections. Is our Sister vouched for as one of noble birth.

Mis. of Cerem.: She is not, Sister Grand Warden, but she has the claim of the far higher nobility accorded only to those who are pre-eminent for virtue, education, and practical benevolence, and she has already taken high rank as a Grand Elect Lady. I shall report to the Illustrious Grand Mistress, and thou shall learn the result. Closes wicket and reports to Sen. Gd. Warden who again reports to Ill. Gd. Mistress.

Ill. Gd. Mistress.: We acknowledge the claims adduced, let the Sister be admitted. Done, and she is placed between the columns. My dear Sister, your arrival is most opportune, for we are anxiously expecting to have news of the release of one of the members of this Council who has been wrongfully imprisoned by the tyrannical Philip le Del, and we have decided that upon the Sister who shall first convey to us the news of the happy release of our beloved Sister, we will confer whatever boon it may be in our power to bestow. You will now travel, pray and watch, in silence for our approaching messenger of good tidings.

Aspirant passes round the room and on the West. Then the Ill. Gd. Mistress inquires: Are there any tidings?

To which the Mis. of Cerem. for Aspirant replies: Alas! There are no tidings.

Aspirant passes a second and third time with the same colloquy.

Ill. Gd. Mis.: Alas! Alas! I fear that our Sister is doomed by the ruthless monster, proceed again in search of tidings, and let us hope for the best. Aspirant is led to the Altar by the Mis. of Cerem. by whose direction she takes the dove from the cap and notices the written scroll attached to its neck.

Mis. of Cerem. for Aspirant: Tidings! Tidings! Tidings! Here is a dove to whose neck is attached a written scroll. This is doubtless the promised message.

Ill. Gd. Mis., reads Scroll: Our Sister has been released from prison, restored to all her former privileges, and as a reward for her sufferings she has been promised an advance in rank, which we will extend to her Masonic prerogatives, as well as the agent who conveyed to us the news. All 3 - 3, 3 - 3, 1.

Ill. Gd. Mis.: My dear Sister, we acknowledge the service you have rendered and in accordance with our promise we are now prepared to grant you any boon that it is in our power to bestow.

Aspirant, prompted: I ask as the greatest reward that you can confer upon me, to be admitted a member of this Council of Ladies of the Dove.

Ill. Gd. Mis.: What say you, Sisters, shall we grant this request?

All rise and say: Welcome.

Ill. Gd. Mis.: I have great pleasure in confirming the unanimous consent of our Council. You will deliver our faithful messenger to an attendant who will supply it with food, and then set it at liberty to rejoin its mate. Dove handed to Sister. Before we can admit you to closer communion it is necessary you should give us your solemn promise to carefully conceal our secrets. You will kneel on the steps on the Altar, place both hands on the Holy Book, repeat your name and surname and say after me: I, ..., do solemnly promise never improperly to reveal anything connected with this Council of Knights and Ladies of the Dove, and that I shall consider myself ever bound to help and succour any member of this Degree who may require assistance. So may the Most High help me in my utmost need.

Kisses book thrice, all say: Amen, Amen, Amen.

Ill. Gd. Mis.: It is now my privilege to confer upon you the greatest boon that it is in our power to bestow. By virtue of the power invested in me as Grand Mistress of this Council, I make, create, and constitute you now and forever a Lady of the Dove. Strikes her thrice on head with sword. Rise, Lady of the Dove, as Sister of the 8° of the Masonry of Adoption. Aspirant rises. I present you as a Mark of your new rank with this Apron and Sash. Also with this Jewel, a Dove with an Olive Branch, which teaches that you should ever be a messenger of peace to your Brothers and Sisters. Lastly, I entrust you with the forms by which Knights and Ladies of this Degree recognize each other in need. Secrets explained. You may now take your seat and listen to the





Q.: Are you a Lady of the Dove?

A.: I have been delighted.

Q.: Why?

A.: Because nothing else is so fine.

Q.: What mark of merit had you to give?

A.: That of prudence and watchfulness.

Q.: In what does it consist?

A.: Let me comprehend you better.

Q.: Why?

A.: Because it is necessary.

Q.: What do you wish to comprehend?

A.: A sign.

Q.: What have you seen?

A.: I have beheld a Dove bearing an Olive Branch.

Q.: Whence came the message?

A.: From Court.

Q.: What: news did the message bring?

A.: That Sister Baroness von Reiter was restored to her rank, after suffering imprisonment from the King and Courtiers for a false accusation.

Q.: What canst thou tell me of this bird?

A.: When Noah found that the Raven which he sent forth did not return, he dispatched a Dove, which readily returned to the Ark with an Olive Branch in its mouth. It is therefore considered an emblem of Hope and Peace and the Messenger of Man. It is also noted for its conjugal attachment and typifies the sweetness with which we ought to listen to lessons of virtue.

Q.: Give me the sign? (Done.)

Q.: What is it intended to represent?

A.: It is formed so as to represent: the wings of a Dove.

Reply: Let us, my children, keep green in our memory the Message of the Dove, and never fail to send it forth upon errands of benevolence and mercy.





Ill. Gd. Mis., knocks 5 - 3, 3 - 3, 1: My children, assist me to close this Council. Illustrious Sister Grand Warden, what is the hour?

Sis. Gd. War.: The hour is calm and serene, it is the time when the Messenger of Hope has brought news of the freedom of the captive.

Ill. Gd. Mis.: Then, my children, let us be content with such a signal blessing, close this Council, and retire to our homes, there to meditate on the gifts of the Most High to his erring creatures. Knocks 3 - 3, 3 - 3, 1; which is repeated by Sis. Gd. Warden.